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ARNDT, Allen L - Plymouth, WI 71-73 mail
*** SN in OL Div as lookout on 04 level. Frieds were Larry "Reb" Montgomery, Steve Joers, Steve Amble & Greg Erickson

ASSELIN, Ed - Eau Claire, WI 70-72 mail
*** IC2, E Division

CAMMACK, Robert L - Hayward, WI 67-69 mail
*** Cpl - USMC Originally a loader in 5" gun mount and assistant to Admirals Moore and Bringle
^^^ Today at 52 I am disabled with Parkinson's and Spinal Cervical Muscular Dystonia. I founded a national organization for disable in 1986 called "Fishing Has No Boundries" which places disabled persons on the water in many states

DEGUIRE, Bruce - Kenosha, WI 69-70 mail
*** AK3 - Aviation Storekeeper
^^^ Married to Sandra. Oldest son was born at Yokosuka Naval Hosp 1970

DEPAOLA, Ross - Madison, WI, 71-73, mail
*** RM3 - CR Div, Com7Flt, multiple jobs in radio shack
^^^ Married with a 19 year old daughter. Own my own energy consulting business

DRUECKE, Dennis L - Juneau, WI 68-73 mail
*** BT3 - B Division, Fwd Fireroom and oil lab. Buds were Jim Crowder and Jim Rice
^^^ Retired as BTCS in '88. Now QC and Parts manager for Chevy/Olds Dealer. Daughter Jackie is attending Law School

ETRINGER, Ken - Green Bay, WI 77-79 mail
*** Marine Detatchment - One of the last 6 marines aboard during DECOM at San Diego 15 Dec 79.
^^^ Retired USMC as 1st Sgt after 23 years.

GELMI, Joe - Sturtevant, WI 61-66 mail
*** BM2

GREVE, Gary D. - Waunakee, WI 61-63 mail
*** JO3 - Ship's Journalist, published the Cherokee Strip, a daily at-sea newspaper for the crew.

HAGMANN, Neil - Park Falls, WI 69-70 #1267 mail
*** CYN3 - I was attached to Com7thFlt assigned to the CR Div. I was a CRT Operator in comm. I enjoyed working with the Message Processing Distribution System very much. My best buddy was CYN3 Jim Carey. He was also in CR Div as a TTY Operator. We spent all 4 of our years in the Navy together. We both had been with ComNavAirPac staff prior to being assigned to the OK City.
^^^ I have been retired for a little over a year and a half. I was my hometown's City Clerk-Treasurer for 37 years. I also officiated high school sports (baseball, softball, and basketball) for 34 years. I now spend alot of my leisure time golfing.

HAZELTINE, John - Elkhorn, WI 61-62 mail
*** RM3 - Radio Room #2

HAVLIK, Joseph L - Hillsboro, WI 67-69 #1091 mail
*** HM2 - Spent over a year aboard while in San Diego and another in Yokosuka

KLARICH, James "Jim" - Oregon, WI 68-70 #1346 mail
*** CTO2 - N2 Div (Spooks; I still won't tell people what I did. A CT never did! - Best Friends were Jesse Weber, Larry Friend, Chief Tom Haines. ^^^ I found this site while doing research for a book that I'm writing about my four years in the navy and almost two years aboard the OK City. Retired after 30 years with AT&T and 10 years with a local bank. Writing books. Adjutant and member of the Honor Guard for our VFW (We do walk thru's and fire M-1 volleys at Veterans funerals) I feel that it is a privilege and I'm honored to serve in this capacity.

LUCHT, Jerry - Wausau, WI 73-75 mail
*** BT3 - Foreward Fireroom
^^^ Ten years in Navy, got out in '81 as BT1. Married 25 years with 2 children. Now working as a Shift Leader in Power Plant for Wisconsin Public Service Corp.

MAJSTOROVIC, John Robert - Franklin, WI 65-67 #1175 mail
*** LCpl USMC - Spent first few months with the wonderful Brigg security. Running through the halls at full speed during missisle security alarms. After 3 months, I became orderly / security for Com7Flt.
^^^ I am retired after spending 33 years in the construction field. I am married to Joanne and we have 2 sons, and 7 grandchildren.

MANN, Charles A - Horicon, WI 64-64 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt, berthed in CR Division. Best bud was Bill Evans
^^^ Working as customer service rep for sheet metal manufacturer. I have 2 married daughters and 3 grandchildren

MASTROBUONI, Ron "bones" - Chippewa Falls, WI 69-71 #1322 mail
*** LI2 - I was an LI2 and worked in the print shop under Chief Al Ness. I ran the night crew and printed the newsletter every day. We also printed the ships magazine "The Sooner." I also played 3rd base for the ships baseball team.
^^^ After owning my own printing business in Calif. for 20 + years I am now retired and live in Chippewa Falls, WI with my wife of 38 years my son and my 4 year old Grandaughter. Till today Chief Ness & I still send each other Christmas cards.

McMANAMA, Kerry "Mac" -Kenosha, WI 76-78 mail
*** FTM2 - Fire Control Computer Tech for TALOS missile system.

MILLER, Scott A - West Bend, WI 75-77 mail
*** SA - 1st & 4th Divisions. Operated and maintained motor whaleboats and launches
^^^ Work as a fabricator making residential and commercial skylights. Divorced and live with my 16 y/o daughter. Also have a 20 y/o son

MUELLER, Bill - Sheboygan, WI, 1967-71
*** FTM1 - Mostly FM Division with 6 mos. in X Division as MMA
^^^ Married 29 yrs. Received degrees in Electronics and Computers and now work for Kohler Co. as project analyst.

PARKER, Mark - Mukwonago, WI 72-74 mail
*** SN - Radioman

PROULX, Michael - Wales, WI 60-61 mail
*** RMSN - OR Division - went to precomm school
^^^ Still in touch with some of the crew from OR div

RETSLAFF, James - Waupaca WI 68-71 #1297 mail
*** MMFN - I worked in the forward engine room. I reported aboard in late Aug 1968 or early Sep 1968. I went back to the states for basic propulsion engineering school in the summer of 1969 After school I returned to the ship until the summer of 1971 when my duty station was changed to the USS Lang in Long Beach.

ROSEMA, Gary - Waukesha, WI 70-73 #1355 mail
*** OS3 OI Division, Rotated through Radars, Radio Nets, Bridge, NavPlots, PRC25, & Olongapo City.
^^^ Working for the Risk Control Group of a large insurance company. Married with 2 dogs and no kids. Hobbies reduced to 3: motorcycles, guitars and tennis.

RUSCIN, T.J. - Eau Claire, WI 77-79
*** BT - Foreward Fire Room, Engine Room

SAINT MARIE - Steven - Whitefish Bay, WI 76-79 sstem123@aol.com
*** EN3 - A Division

SCHOMMER, Cliff - Neenah, WI 71-74 mail
*** YNSN - 7flt Staff, Fleet Admin Office, Radio Room and Flag Ops.
^^^ Now shift supervisor in a Paper Converting Company.

SMITH, Barry - Spooner, WI 63-64 mail
*** ETR3 - OE Division - ECM & Radar gear.
^^^ Retired after 30 yrs with IBM; now have a Real Estate appraisal company in northern WI.

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