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ANDRESEN, John - Marysville, WA 78-79 mail
*** ET1 - Com7Flt Staff - LPO CE Div
^^^ Ret as CWO3
### My personal website

BEAM, John C. - Bothell, WA 63-68, mail
*** EM1 - Electric Shop, but probably worked in every space on board.

BELL, William - Poulsbo, WA 77-Decom mail
*** PO1 - LPO 3rd Division

BLIX, Dennis - Cathlamet, WA 70-72 mail
*** B Division, Foreward Fire Room

CALHEIM, M.D. (Cal) - Silverdale, WA 64-67 mail
*** PN2 CO's 1ja talker.

CARINI, Ray - Maple Valley, WA 68-72 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Division, Maincomm, Radio 2 and Test Equipment Calibration Lab.
^^^ Now work for Boeing in Kent, WA. Married an Aussie named Carol

CARPENTER, Don - Bremerton, WA 66-74
*** MM1 - After engine room - did it all from bilge cleaning to POIC. I remember Mike Foster, PC Smith, Geno Scrivani, Rocky Shore, TJ faulkner, Tommy Sowell, Marty Martinez, Bret Workman & Brian Reeves
^^^ Now work for a large Insurance Co supervising Boiler Inspectors and loss control reps

CLEETON, Larry T. - Sammamish, WA 66-70 #1371 mail
*** SF2 - R Div - aboard ship I did sheet metal work, damage control and plumbing.
^^^ For 17 years I was a sheet metal worker; went back to school, became an mechanical designer and designed mechanical systems for large buildings. I retired in May 2014.

COURY, Gary - Kent, WA 1965 #1238 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Got out in '68 and spent time in So Cal hanging out with Bud Manter, Gary Thompson, Jack Walton and John McGann till I moved to Seattle in '76 and opened a Mexican restaurant in honor of Bone Ortiz and Boo Boo Luna. Sold the restaurant in '86 and did a Peace Corps stint in Ghana, West Africa, after which I went back to grad school and have spent the last ten years doing relief work in Bosnia, Kosovo, Nigeria, Montenegro, West Darfur, Liberia and am now living and working in the West Bank/Gaza Strip. Doing well, except that I have reached that stage of senility where the only thing that I am passionate about is the Pittsburgh STEELERS. The motley crew mentioned above and I get together every few years and would love to hear from some of the other guys that were so close for so long.

DAVIS, George R. - Bangor, WA 76-78 #1286 mail
*** QM3

DIRKS, Darren - Ephrata, WA 79-80 mail
*** MM3 - A-Div, Main Evaps until decom. Xferred to Fwd Engine Room

DOWTY, Frank - Monroe, WA 63-66 mail
*** FTM1 - AN/SPG 49 radars and Talos computer system.
^^^ Went aboard in 63 + was on an exercise when JFK was killed. When the ship returned to the States, I was the driver that stayed in Japan

DENNIS, L.M. - WA 73-76 mail
*** MS3 - S2/S5 Div

FARWELL, Jim - Auburn, WA, 69-73 mail
*** QM2 - Com7Flt Flag Allowance on staff of three different Admirals
^^^ Now a programmer and analyst for Boeing. Married 28 years to Yoko, a Japanese nurse, whom I met while on the Okie. 3 kids Sage, Don and Laura

FELT, (Cap'n) Joe - Seattle, WA 74-75 mail
*** Captain - 7th Fleet Staff

FITZGERALD, Tim - Roy, WA 68-71 mail
*** RD3 - Stood watches in CIC

FLAHERTY, William "Bill" - Bremerton, WA 70-73 mail
*** MM1 - Aft Engine Rm with Ignacio, "Pappy" Booth, T.J. Faulkner + all the rest
^^^ Retired as CWO3 in 1993

GALLANT, Terry - Port Orchard, WA 73-77 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Division - UHF Radio, Nav Electronics

GORE, Robert M - Kennewick, WA 64-65 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt. Bset buddies were Gary Page + Richard Taylor, both RMs
^^^ Working as a Pipefitter/Welder since 1968

GRAY, George P. - Sumner, WA 78-80 mail
*** HT1 - R Division / ERO1 (Carpenter Shop) LPO, Retired 93 as HTCS(SW)

GREGORY, Don - Kelso, WA, 66-68, mail
*** RMSN - Ship's Company
^^^ Now Mayor of Kelso. Married with 2 sons and grandchildren

GRINDLE, Robert Owen "Boomer" - Everett, WA 76-78 #1118 mail
*** MU2 - I was a Trumpet instrumentalist (3806) attached to the COMSEVENTHFLT Band
^^^ Divorced with 2 adult children. I work for USPS, my daughter is with Comcast and my son attends Daytona Beach College in Florida and lives with his mom. He will graduate this December with multiple degrees

HADDENHAM, Wayne - Puyallup, WA 75-77 #1222 mail
*** BTFN - B Div Fwd Fire Rm - it was a blast
^^^ Work at Boeing for past 30 yrs. Ret from Naval Reserve after 23 yrs as BT1

HANSEN, Gordon A - Federal Way, WA 66-68 #1320 mail
*** MMFN - I was a Machinist Mate in engineering, working mainly in the Steam-Heat shop and Evaporators.
^^^ I'm a retired tax accountant from The Boeing Company. I've been blessed with 4 great children and 10 grand-children. I remember, so years ago, seeing the OK City in Bremington shipyard after she was retired. I was visiting the USS Missouri, and the OK City was docked across the pier from her. I was so surprised to see her, and shocked about all the memories that came back to me. I could even remember, at the time, where many of the hatchways led to from the main deck.

HASKETT, Joseph D - Camano Island, WA 63-65 #1159 mail
*** FTM2 - T3 Div - I was detached to USS Columbus CG-12 in Sep 65
^^^ Semi-retired from Boeing Aircraft, married for 39 yrs, living on a Small Island in Puget Sound abt 45 miles north of Seattle, Wa. Enjoying retirement and traveling

HEILI, Robert B. - Port Orchard, WA 70-76 mail
*** ET1 - Beacon Keeper (TACAN Tech), UHF/VHF, Crypto.

HENSIEK, Leroy - Puyallup, WA 70-73&75-78
*** FTG1 - FG Division, Retired Navy
^^^ Managing VFW Post 2224, Puyallup, WA Phone (253) 841-9934 / 6362

HONSTAIN, Vern - Selton, WA 60-61 #1160 mail
*** MM3 - A Div I/C/O steam heat & hydration - buddies were Dave Woods, Dave Kelly & Ray LaVasseur - I left the ship in Dec, 61 as I didn't have enough time to make west pac cruise
^^^ I retired from truck driving three years ago and I love it

HOPKINS, Chris - Port Orchard, WA 71-75 mail
*** SH1 - 3rd Division, all aspects of ship's service including barber
^^^ Now a salvage diver + truck driver. Married 27 years, 3 kids, 5 grandchildren. Met my wife in Tokyo; changed rate to MA in '88

HUGHES, Charles B - Pualip, WA 44-46 #1167 mail
*** FN - Forward Fire Room
^^^ Rode the Oklahoma City from Philadelphia back to San Francisco

JACOBS, Jim "Generator Jake" - Edmonds, WA 77-79 mail
*** MMFN - M-Div, Fore and Aft Generators (SSTG's)

JUDAH, Buff - Lynnwood, WA 71-72 mail
*** CTR3 - Com7Flt / part of the NAVSECGRUDET, known as the "spooks"
^^^ Now going back to college to become a history teacher (we saw some!) Have wonderful wife, 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls), and 3 grandchildren. Life is good.

KELLEY, Bob - Elk, WA 67-70 #01021 mail
*** ETCS - OE Division - Retired in 1973 as ETCM
^^^ I am retired from gainful employment and currently live with my wife in a little rural community about 20 miles north of Spokane, WA.

KELLOGG, Jim - Port Orchard, WA 76-78 mail
*** QM2 - QM Gang
^^^ Now Lt Commander

KISSINGER, Kerry - Federal Way, WA 70-74 mail
*** YNC - Com7Flt

KNOWLTON, Charlie - Puyallup, WA, 70-74 & 76-79, mail
*** GMCS - 2 Tours, worked Mt 51 both times

LITTLE, Clint - Everett, WA 76-78 mail
*** IC3

LUDLAM, Vincent O. - Everett, WA 68-72 mail
+++ Deceased - Died 8 JUL 2011
*** RM1 - LPO CR Div, Comm watch supv, ret as RMCS.
^^^ Now aircraft mechanic at Goodrich Aerospace

MAROON, Peter M - Seattle, WA 76-79 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Div/ AN-SPW2 Radar. Transferred to USS Dahlgren (DDG-43) and completed tour with rank of FTM1 - best bud was Harrison V (Witt) Whittington
^^^ Now with Boeing as Antenna Analyst

MOORE, Gary - Arlington, WA 76-78 mail
*** LCPL - USMC Quaeters Supv for brig. Jim Sukeena where are you?
^^^ Married with 2 grown boys, 19 & 22. Snowboarding, Jet Skiing, Mountain Biking and Camping

OTTEN, Robert F. - Silverdale, WA 77-79 mail
*** GMG1 - 6"47 Turret Captain and LPO. Now LDO Lt.CDR, AOIC of Naval Weapons Station, Port Hadlock, WA.

PEREGRIN, Richard - Olympia, WA 64-66 mail
*** IV2/RM2 - Ships Company Radioman. Retired from WA State as Detective with 26 years service. Remained in the Navy & CG reserve as Special Agent for 21 yrs.
^^^ Married with two grown daughters. Own a private polygraph business

PEREGRIN, Ron - Sequim, WA 64-66 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division
^^^ Became a Fish & Wildlife Off for Wash State + ret as Detective. Have been a Reserve Special Agent with CGIS for 22 yrs, now a Resident Agent in Port Angeles, WA, with the rank of IVC. I retired from USCG in 2007 and am now serving as the Undersheriff for Clallam County Sheriff's Office in Port Angeles, WA.

RAWLING, Dean - Everett, WA 76-78 mail
*** ENSN

RENVILLE, Tim, Bremerton, WA 74-76 mail
*** BM2 - 3rd & 4th Divisions, coxswain 7th Fleet barge

ROGERS, Alton - Marysville, WA 71-73 mail
*** CPO - Com7Flt Staff Logistics, Now retired in Marysville, Washington with over 46 years service in Navy military & Navy civil service.
^^^ My wife and I are retired and living where our son-in-law is a police officer, so we can be near our three grandchildren.

SCHMIDT, Tom - Bremerton, WA 64-65 mail
*** ETR1 - Radar Group Leader, OE Division - Retired as CPO
^^^ Working in Antenna shop at NSB, Bangor, WA. Have 2 grown daughters + a step-son to brighten my life. No grandkids yet. Like any good sailor I miss the sea.

SCHULTZ, Dennis L - Spokane, WA 69-71 mail
*** CS2 - CPO cook then Starboard Watch Captain.
^^^ Disabled Firefighter (China Lake, CA). I build computer systems as a hobby.

SHEPPARD, Geof - Tacoma, WA 73-75 #01065 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div
^^^ I am now a commercial sign installer

SIMON, Steve - Belfair, WA 76-79 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division (Com7Flt), Communications & Facilities Control Watch Supervisor
^^^ Retired as ITCM(SW) 01 Feb 03

SONJU, Scott D - Washougal, WA 74-77 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div
^^^ Now Chief Prosecutor, City of Vancouver, WA. Married 18 yrs, one daughter age 9. Stay busy running 8/10/15K runs, riding horses, skiing and taking my daughter to whatever she has going on

THOMPSON, Brian - Seattle, WA 74-76 #1319 mail
*** LCPL USMC - I served in MarDet on the Okieboat when it was a flagship. I shipped aboard with Troxel, Miller and Portman, who later took me to the Yokosuka base redneck bar and got me so drunk I passed out in the head, so they left me there and went back to the boat. Thanks guys! I still can't drink whiskey to this day. My buddies were Duane Grey (the Ozark biker), Fred Browne (RIP), Mark Jeppertinger (RIP), Mark Zenk (To whom I gave the nickname "Cumbubble" for no good reason), Moose Miller, Scott and Alvarado (I'm sewing up my knockwurst, Sir!). I also often hit the beach with Elmer Whitten (who I went skinny-dipping with and have pictures to prove it), Rector (again, pictures) and Gaudio (pictures!). What an awesome time that was (except for the drudgery and misery)!
^^^ I worked for 20 years in publishing, doing freelance illustration and comics on the side. Lived in NY and LA, now settled in Seattle. Currently working on another round of graphic novels. I'm married to my second wife and have no offspring.

WIJERS, Eduard C. - Silverdale, WA 78-79 mail
*** MM2 - A Division, EM05 Evaps - Retired 5/99 as MMCS(SW) - Now a Marine Machinery Mech at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

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