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ALLEN, Duke - Norfolk, VA 78-79 #1242 mail
*** LT(LDO) -3-M Coordinator - Shared stateroom with LT Dick Landick
^^^ Retired as LCDR in 1983. Worked as a contractor for over 20 years and am now retired, living in Norfolk, VA. Wife, Carolee, passed away in November 2005.

BACHMAN, Lawrence J. - Monroe, VA 74-76 mail
*** FTGC - Leading Chief of FG Division - Retired as CWO4.
^^^ Currently Deputy Sheriff in Lynchburg, VA and Firearms instructor at Central VA Criminal Justice Academy. Wife Chiyoko and I live in Blue Ridge Mts of Amherst Co. - All our children are grown and we have 2 grandsons.

BRADFORD, Lee - Virginia Beach, VA 71 mail
*** YN3
^^^ Retired Cdr. SC USNR, now GS11 MILPERS Officer - FISC Norfolk

BROADWATER, Wayne W. - Bristow, VA 67-69 mail
*** GMCM - Left ship to complete 30 years service as Chief Recruiter of Washington District. Retired 02 Feb 72.
^^^ Founded equipment rental business which I sold after 25 yrs. Now Chairman of Cardinal Nat'l Bank of Manassas.

BROWN, Z.K. - Jonesville, VA 69-70 mail
*** CS3 - Ship's Cook

CARSON, Claude R. - Hampton, VA 44-46 PLANKOWNERmail
*** EM3 - E Division

CARTER, Duane - Virginia Beach, VA 78-Decom #01042 mail
*** RM3 - Crossed over from USS Midway. Retired from NCTAMSPAC Honolulu Hi in Nov 2003 as ITCS(SW)
^^^ Now job hunting in VA

CLARK, Ray W. - Stafford, VA 71-72 mail
*** Lieutenant, JG - Comm Watch Officer

CLAYTON, Al - Newport News, VA 78-79 mail
*** SM3 - Crossed the deck to the Blue Ridge prior to Decom. Served along with my brother Dave, SM3, (77-79).
^^^ Still on active duty - now Navigation LCPO on USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

COLLINS, Eugene - Virginia Beach, VA 71-74 mail
*** SK2 - S1 Division
^^^ Semi-retired now with my Japanese wife of 33 years

DEWOODY, Ralph C. - Virginia Beach, VA 67-68 send mail
*** FM2 - GM Division

FERNANDEZ, Freudian - Virginia Beach, VA 77-79
*** PO3 - S-3 Division

FULMER, John R. - Ashburn, VA 70-73 mail
*** RM2 - 7 Flt Staff

GILBERTI, Riccardo - Stafford, VA 00-03 #1302 mail
*** MMCM(SS) - Quite possibly the best and hardest sea duty that I ever had. I was the EDMC (known as the Bull Nuke)
^^^ Today I am the Command Master Chief for NAVAL REACOTRS. Married with 2 children (the son will start as a junior at Virginia Tech and the daughter is a senior in HS). Originally I was born and raised in Cento Italy and Italian is still the language that we speak primarily at home.

GRESHAMER, David K - Newport News, VA 72-73 mail
*** CT3 - Com7Flt, N2 Division
^^^ Married for the second time around. I have a son and a daughter and a granddaughter.. I retired from the City of Newport News and now work as an inspector for James City County. I guess Ill never get to fully retire. My time on the Okie Boat was great experience that Ill never forget. Served with some great guys, Officer and enlisted. I was able to complete my degress thanks to GI Bill

HAGDORN, Jerry - Virginia Beach, VA 91-92 mail *** ET3 - SSN-723 was my first boat in the navy, and of all the ships I've ever been on since she had the tightest, hardest working crew.
^^^ Married 14yr with 2 kids. Now LCPO of Training Technologies Dept at Training Support Center Hampton Roads (TSC-HR).

HARRISON, Doug - Fairfax, VA 77-79 mail
*** CDR - CIC Officer, then Weapons Officer of the decommissioning crew

HEDELUND, Richard D. - VA 72-75 #1305 mail
*** CWO3 - Ships Elctronics Material Officer
^^^ Currently a PORT ENGINEER for COMNAVSURFLANT. Will retire 9/2010.

HOLDSWORTH, Rick - Virginia Beach, VA, 78-79, mail
*** MU1 - Seventh Fleet Band

HUNT, Charles I - Roanoke, VA 68-70 #01069 mail
*** CPL - Mardet USMC
^^^ Today I'm a 100% disabled vet with lung cancer due to agent orange

JAMIESON, Bill - Alexandria, VA, 61-65, mail
*** MM2 M-Division, Main Control.

JONES, Leo - Newport News, VA 78-79 #01031 mail
*** SKSN - It was a wondrous time for an 19 year old kid, so far from home for the first time in his life. It was frightening and exhilarating seeing the wonderful ports that I now only visit in my memories. She was the best ship in my 26 yr naval career
^^^ I am planning my retirement from the Navy and am going to work for EG&G, installing and removing sonar systems from submarines

KLOCINSKI, Robert - Fredricksburg, VA 78-80 #1236 mail
*** RM3 - Worked in message center for COM7FLT. Okie was my first ship and I had a great experience. Retired as ITC(SW).
^^^ Married with 3 daughters. Work and reside in Washington, DC area.

KORZENDORFER, Conrad - Manassas, VA, 44-46, PLANKOWNER, mail
*** PO3 - S Division, Ship's Laundry

LANDICK, Dick - Virginia Beach, VA 77-79 mail
*** LT(LDO) - Admin Department Head - X-Div, Capt's Off, Personnel Off, 3M, PAO & CCTV
^^^ Retired as Cdr(LDO) - last duty station was Norfolk. Spouse was very ill and chose to retire after 34 yrs. Fully retired in VaBeach, VA, spouse recovered and we both enjoy riding our Harley's when weather permits

LANE, Benjamin Charles - Stafford, VA 64-66 mail
*** YN2 - Weapons Dept Yeoman assigned to FG division. Later, Captain's Office Yeoman. Retired as LCDR in '91
^^^ My wife and I have lived in Stafford 21 years. Presently work for Dept of the Army in Alexandria, VA.

LITTLE, Mark A - Norfolk, VA 99-Present mail
*** ETC(SS) - Assistant Navigator

LOW, George R - Virginia Beach, VA 60-67mail
*** BM1 - 3rd Division - friends included chief Story, BM2 Krines and BM2 Hackler
^^^ Retired as BMC in '71. Then became a police officer for Old Dominion U in Norfolk. Retired from police work in '91

LUSK, Jeffrey W. - Floyd, VA 87-90 #1273 mail
*** TM1(SS) - I am on the plank owner plaque as TMSN Jeffrey W. Lusk. I served on the SSN 723 in the Torpedoman Division with Chief Pearson as the TMC from Oct 1987 thru Dec 1990. Was on the pre-commissioning crew, Participated in all the initial certifications all the way thru nuclear weapons certification. Went on all of the sea trials including the "60 degree down and still around" incident. I got my dolphins here and received 3 Battle E's on her. Upon leaving the OK City I was stationed at the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station where I served in the Facility maintenance department and became the Facility Manager upon making the rank of TM1/SS prior to finishing my shore duty. In 1993 I went on to serve as the LPO of the Torpedoman Division on the USS Cincinnati SSN 693 and left for the Med the day after reporting to her. Just when I thought I had it made, my Chief was, oh yes, TMCS Pearson. Unbelievable. Halfway thru the Med run I got sick and was medivac'd to Naples. Due to my medical condition I was separated from the SSN 693 and was finally honorably discharged in May 1995. My runnin buddies were TM3/SS John Bigelow, SK3/SS Ed Winsininski and MM2/SS Glen Stone
^^^ I am now Disabled 100% and live in Floyd, Virginia. If you have any questions for me, please call me at 540-745-5875(H) or 540-392-8475(C)

LYZOHUB, Brian Edward - Virginia Beach, VA 78-Decommail
*** MMFN - Eng Dept, Main Control, Engine Room 1 and finished up in A Div working on A/C
^^^ Now MMC and Force Equal Opportunity Advisor for SUBLANT in Norfolk. Planning on retiring in '02

MACK, Dennis - Stafford, VA 70-75mail
*** YN1 - Com7Flt, Flag Administrative Unit; transferred to BUPERS in Oct. 75.
^^^ Now work for US Army (Civil Svce) as Treasurer of DeWitt Army Community Hospital at Ft. Belvoir, VA. My wife Haruyo and I have 3 sons: Terry, Scott and Dale

McDANIEL, Rodney B - Arlington, VA 78-79 mail
*** Captain - Commanding Officer - last CO before decom
^^^ Retired from Navy in '85 to join the White House National Security Council. Retired from government service in '87 to become a consultant on nat'l security issues. I mainly do war games now with the Science Applications International Corp

MITCHELL, James P - Alexandria, VA #1279 77-79 mail
*** LT - Com7Flt - Assistant Public Affairs Officer; worked under Commander Tom Turman, then Commander George Vercessi; When I reported, VADM Robert Baldwin was C7F; he was relieved by VADM Sylvester R. Foley in June 1978 (at sea between Freemantle, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia)
^^^ Retired in October 1997 from Navy as captain after serving as Navy Deputy Chief of Information; have served in a variety of federal appointed positions and private firms/non-profits.

MORGAN, William E - Virginia Beach, VA 73-77 mail
*** BM3 First Division
^^^ Now retired CWO4

MOSTOLLER, Thomas - Haymarket, VA 91-95 #1172 mail
*** MM2(ss) - Was an A-Ganger by trade who probably spent too much time smoking and joking with TJ, Speight and Burchette.
^^^ My home of record is Haymarket, VA, but I currently reside in Iraq working for the DOS. Will be moving to Frankfurt, Germany next year. I got married in 2004 and have two great stepsons and beautiful daughter.

NOBLE, Donald - Williamsburg, VA, 67-68, mail
*** LT - Electrical Officer
^^^ Retired USN in '83, retired Newport News Shipbuilding as Sr Engineer in '95. New career as a grandfather is the best job yet!

OXFORD, Jerry W - Norfolk, VA 73-75 #01071 mail
*** BM3

POELLNITZ, Carl David - Norfolk, VA 96-02 mail
*** ET2 - Worked as a Nav ET; qualified ESM to support Comm Div. Best buds were ET2s New, Owens and Alley
^^^ Help the boat win the 2000 Battle E and enjoyed helping junior sailors in areas I struggled in

RICE, Clive E. - Roanoke, VA 64-65dolace@roanoke.infi.net
*** PC2 - Postal Clerk
^^^ Retired as DPC in '81. Married Betty (Phillips) in 1977. Enjoy Civil War history.

SARGENT, Bradford D - Virginia Beach, VA 96-97 #1261 mail
*** ETCM(SS) - COB: Took her to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME for DMP. Medical condition that lead to my retirement in 1999 saw me transferred before getting underway out of yards.
^^^ Married to my beautiful wife of 29 years, Mary Cay. Three children: Robin Married and expecting our first grandchild in March 2009; John Graduated from College Of William & Mary. Currently at Navy OCS, going to Intel school following commissioning; Mary J Student at ODU.
Work as Military Affairs representative for USAA. Yes, if you have heard the rumors they are true. Anyone who ever retired from military service is now eligible for USAA.

SCHAEFER, Steve - Sterling, VA 72-73 #01046 mail
*** FTM3 - Talos Missile Tech (the new Smithsonian Air & Space Museum has a Talos Missile on display)
^^^ Currently doing software development for major defense contractor

SCHENK, John M. - Norfolk, VA 76-79 mail
*** RM1 - CR Division
^^^ Retired USN on '90 as RMCS (AW/SW). Civil Service Comm at CMIO Norfolk as GS-9. One son Joe is AF Capt stationed at Pentagon. Heavily involved with American Legion

SCHMIDTKA, Lyle - Chesapeake, VA 70-74 mail
*** FTG1 - Proformed every task in FG Division.
^^^ Now an Engineer for LockHeed and still married to Atsuko my Japanese bride of 28 years. We have 2 children and 1 grandchild. Thanks for the memories.

SHEFFIELD, Jim - Fairfax, VA, 68-72, jschefield@cox.rr.com
*** FTM1 - Talos Missile System
^^^ Now an Engineer for Raytheon supporting Navy's AEGIS System, MK111 Computer

SHRACK, John - Boydton, VA 62-63 mail
*** MT3 - Missile Division
^^^ Retired Industrial Arts teacher (31 years Middle School) My wife Carolyn are working on many new projects at our new house on Lake Gaston, VA and NC

SMITH, Daniel A. - Suffolk, VA 76-79 mail
*** EW2 - OI Division
^^^ I now teach C4I systems for the the Navy

SPROUSE, George A "Red" - Richmond, VA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail to son Tim Sprouse
*** BMSN - Seaman 1st Class - 1st Div
^^^ 84 years young and looking forward to the reunion

STRAMA, John - Virginia Beach, VA 76-78 mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt Staff - buddies were Dave Buckman, Jack Hunnicutt and others
^^^ Retired from USNR in '95. Married 21 years and have two daughters in college. Work for Northrop Grumman which bought Litton PRC. Been with PRC since 1990

THIELEN, Pete - Hampton, VA 89-92 #1103 mail
*** MCPO - I had the honor and pleasure to serve on OKC 1989-1992 under Capts Holloway & Polefrone and with one of the best submarine crews of my career. I hope all OKC crewmembers who read this note know how much their submarine camaraderie truly rewarded this Sailor. A special thanks to the XO, CDR Hopfinger and COB Cal Foster, for mentoring and forwarding my career and Commodore Holloway for selecting me as his Master Chief after OKC
^^^ Married Robin in 1982. Robin is stuck with me retired from sea duty and our son Pete, Jr is in his first year of college.

THURNEYSEN, Jon S. - Vienna, VA 64-66 send mail
*** Commander - CIC Officer. Retired from Navy in 1978.
^^^ Retired from various jobs as civilian mathematical analyst in 1999. Have four grown children scattered about the U.S.

VOELKER, Rodney A. - Virginia Beach, VA 62-65 mail
*** EM1 - E Division LPO, ran rewind shop, tool shop and battery locker. Crossed the deck to the Providence and stayed in WesPac until 11/69

WILEY, John W. - Newport News, VA 73-79 #1306 mail
*** EM1 - Some of the best times of my life occurred aboard the Okie Boat.
^^^ Retired in 1992 and teaching today.

WILSON, Charles L. - New Church, VA 72-75 mail
*** OS2 - OI and OW Divisions

WINGO, R.K. - Gainesville, VA Precom-62 mail
*** Supply Officer

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