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AHLBERG, Jon A - San Marcos, TX 76-77 mail
*** CTO3
^^^ Best skedding buds were Jack Hunnicutt, Strama, Jeff Smith, Shonta, et al. Currently Assoc Dir of the Int'l Office at Southwest Texas State Univ and happily married to a beautiful Taiwanese, Kuei-Chin, with our beautiful daughter, Lanna

ASHWORTH, Charles "Charlie" W - Baytown, TX 72-75 #1170 mail
*** MS3 - S2 Div - Was a cook for the crew and chiefs mess - buddies were Robert J. Taylor and John P. Neff
^^^ Medically disabled-waiting on a double lung transplant with help from wife and family doing pretty good. Have two daughters, one grandson, and one son-in-law, with youngest daughter who graduated from Texas A&M University.

AYALA, Richard H. - Weslaco, TX 66-68 mail
*** YN2 - X Div, ship's office with Capt David Bagley.
^^^ After Navy, spent 5 years as Texas State Trooper & 25 with US Border Patrol, retired '99. My wife Helen is an RN, we have a son & daughter. I now own a PI business in Texas

BAILEY, James G - Carrollton, TX 69-72 mail
*** YNCM - Captain's Office under CWOs Nededog & Williams
^^^ Xferred to Fleet Res in '76 and fully ret from civilian jobs in '97. Still miss the feeling of the ship under my feet on occasion

BEATTY, Roger - Houston, TX, 67-70 mail
*** SN - B-Div, Fwd Fireroom

BLANCHAT, Gary - Conroe, TX 65-67 mail
*** SFSN - R Div
^^^ Originally from Wichita, KS

BRAMHALL, Tommy C - Ducanville, TX 64-66 mail
*** FM - B Div

BRODERICK, Robert E Jr - Corpus Christi, TX 86-87 mail
*** ETC(SS) - I was on the Pre-Commissioning crew of the USS OKLAHOMA CITY (SSN-723) at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Newport News, VA. Reported 8/86 as an ET1/SS. Made ETC/SS 9/87 and, as was the norm, transferred out, 12/87, to another boat, USS HAMMERHEAD (SSN-663), as a new CPO
^^^ Ret USN in 4/95. My wife Marilyn and I have retired to the Gulf Coast; Corpus Christi, TX.

BRUMFIELD, Tommy R. - Corpus Christi, TX 61-64 mail
*** SFM3 - R Div
^^^ Retired as MACS - work for DOD Police

BUTLER, Patrick - Graham, TX 67-68 No E-mail
*** RDSN - OI Div

CASHIN, Joseph W. - Mabank, TX 62-64 mail
*** Lt Cdr (Ret) - E Div Officer

CHAVEZ, Enrique F - Spring, TX 95-97 #1158 mail
*** FTCS(SS) - reported onboard just after the Oklahoma City bombing. I was in school in Groton, CT scheduled to come to the OKC. I was the Weapons Department Leading Chief. I guess Bubba Smith QMC was my buddy during the time on the OKC.
^^^ I work for Baker Hughes in the Houston Technology Center in Houston, Texas. I am the supervisor in charge of 19 assemblers and electronic technicians testing circuit boards. My hometown is El Paso, Texas

CLARK, James Jeffery (J.J. or Jeff) - Round Rock, TX 78-79 mail
*** MASN - Supply Division, crew's mess and then wardroom. Best bud was Rick "Hollywood" Thompson, MU3 - 7th Fleet Band
^^^ Presently working as a Residential Consultant for an Architectural Firm in Austin. Married and have 1 daughter that is 21 and a Junior at Texas A & M University. Retired from the Navy Reserves after 22 years as a MA1

COLVARD, John Michael - Tomball, TX 1995 #1113 mail or mail
^^^ Currently work as a supervisor for EV1 Servers, webhosting company. Unmarried

CROWLEY, Paul - Port Arthur, TX 78-79 mail
*** GM (Talos Missle House)

CRUNK, Kenneth - Seguin, TX 61-63 #01043 mail
*** SHL3 - S3 Div - Laundry, barber shop, ship's store - buddies were Vasquez, Irvin, Lazard
^^^ Ret Civil Service 37 years at Randolph AFB TX. Supervisor Supply Div. Now Master Barber shop in Seguin

DANIEL, William M. (Mike) - Lytle, TX 75-77 mail
*** DS2 - CE Division

DAVIS, Clyde - Granbury, TX 60-62 mail
*** SN - OL Division - Capt's & Officers duty driver
^^^ Best buddy was H.R.Kenney (would love to hear from him). Licensed Plummer for 30 years now retired. My wife & I have 6 children, 8 grandchildren. Love to hunt and fish

DOUGLAS, Frank L - El Paso, TX 69-75 #1162 mail
*** RM2 - Messenger to supervisor, CR Division. Could have gone my whole career with the guys in MainComm
^^^ Retired from NCTAMS EASTPAC Wahiawa, HI. Returned to hometown of El Paso Texas. Married my girlfriend “Made in Japan”, have 3 grown boys. Now working for El Paso F.D. as a 911 Fire / Medical dispatcher

EIDSON, Thomas - Crosby, TX 71-74 #1233 Daughter Jenny's Mail
*** USMC
^^^ Now a Diesel Mechanic for Central Frieght Lines

ELLIS, Lee - Plano, TX 60-63 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Got my Aerospace Engineering degree at UT Austin in '70 and have been working as a consulting engineer since then. Now doing forensic engineering for Rimkus

FARIAS, Jose - San Antonio, TX 71-74 #1155 mail
*** RM3 - Fleet Flashnet operator also TAD to Com7flt in Crypto - "They were all my best buds!!" They know who they are!!
^^^ I live on a small farm, semi-retired, raising exotic birds after too many years in the landscape/nursery business as a Horticulturist. Married 30+ yrs: son 30 & daughter 15 -- one granddaughter just born in '05

FLORA, Arno - Corpus Christi, TX 66-69 #1272 mail
*** EM3 - Was working in electric shop when ran aground in 1969, received a PANIC call from forward generator watch ( Butch). Ended up at aft generators and the MM and I hand jacked the governors up to get control of cycles on the "2" generators still running, had about 1.5 % of rated load on each generator. After that we shed load to get them down to the rated load.
^^^ After getting out worked at a power plant for 10 years and then 29+ years in a petro chemical plant as an operator. Now looking foward to retirement in 2-4 years. Have been happily married to the same gal for 39 years , have a son (38) who just got married in November and a daughter that is married and is the mother of my only grand daughter, who just turned 10 in January.

FOWLER, Joey E - Trinity, TX 61-64 mail
*** GMM3 - Worked in Missile House; best bud was Joe Robinson
^^^ Now waste water operator for Trinity River Auth & self employed for past 20 yrs as mold / die engraver

FOY, Michael T. - Dickinson, TX 68-74 mail

FRY, Havard Robert - Texas 65-70 mail
*** HM1 - Had a wonderful time - did the radio show Country At CLGM-5.
^^^ Getting ready to retire and travel; very happy with my new bride of 7 years

FRY, William P. - Angleton, TX 64-67 mail

GARRETT, Larry D - Amarillo, TX 62-94 mail
*** SK3 - S1 Div
^^^ Wife Brenda & I have a 34 y/o step-son

GATES, Bill - Garland, TX 64 mail
*** CT2 - Com7Flt staff, Xferred from Prov in 64. Was Watch Supervisor during the Maddox-Turner Joy Incident.
^^^ Took early retirement from major semi-conductor firm. Married with a wonderful wife and daughter; I have become the ultimate couch potato

GATLIN, Billy D. - Sachse, TX 71-73 mail
*** BMSN - 1st Division
^^^ Now an Engineering Design Tech with large firm in Dallas; married with 4 sons ages 18-26

GENTRY, Edward W Jr - Natalia, TX 59-63 #1127 mail
*** GMG3 - Served with and looking for Calvin Murphy, Dallas Good and Guadalupe Gaitan. Award for good conduct and (E) for Excellence, (Guns).

GILLIAM, Kenneth M. - Jones Creek, TX 85-89 #1173 PLANKOWNER mail or mail
*** MMC(ss)Ret - I remember the very demanding time aboard trying to be part of a team to deliver the best submarine we could to the fleet. As the Auxiliary Division's LCPO the demands were great and the time spent was long. But that goes with Fast Attack tough and SSN --- Saturdays Sundays and Nights. Long Black and never come back. I miss my time on the boats, but most of all I miss the class of people we worked with. I will never be a good civilian, most of them are not very bright.
^^^ I work for Atlantic Scaffolding Co. as the SW Region Equipment Manager, where I plan and organize the equipage of scaffold material for chemical and petroliem plant outages.

GRANT, David C - Kingwood, TX 71-73 mail or mail
*** JO3 - X Div - ran the radio & TV station CLGM-5
^^^ Now Asst. General Counsel for Enron Corp

GRIPON, Ron - Livingston, TX 78-79 mail
*** CWO2 - Ship's Electronics Officer - Retired Nov, 92 as W4 after 30 years

HARMON, Charles "Chuck" - Austin, TX, 73-77 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division

HAWKINS, David "Hawkeye" - Ft Worth, TX, (60-63)
*** MM3

HAWKINS, Jerry - Ft Worth, TX 61-63
*** BTFA

HAYES, Jim - Port Neches, TX 65-66 mail
*** FTG3 - Worked in Plot 5 & 6 and then mk25 radar on director 51 (where I was the day the LIFE magazine photo cover was taken)

HASSELBRING, Kris - Houston, TX 73-75 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div Radio Shack
^^^ Retired from AT&T. Carpet and wood salesman for Jack's Carpet. Married to El Salvadorian.

HERVIG, Gary - Houston, TX 78-79 mail
*** IC2 - E Div
^^^ Now in Technical Service for Oil Industry

HEWELL, Chuck - Sugar Land, TX 78-79 mail
*** Lt(jg), A-Div Officer

HOLLEMAN, Lynn D - Pearland, TX 70-72 mail
*** RD2
^^^ Retired as OSCS(SW) in '89. Currently a member of the Pearland P.D.

HUTSON, Billy - Irving, TX 70-71 mail
*** L/Cpl, USMC - Captain & Admiral's Orderly; Missile Security

JOHNSON, Steven C "Doc" - San Antonio, TX 69-70 mail
*** HM2 - In charge of Sick Bay Lab and Pharmacy. OK City was best of 30 yr Navy career. Great crew, great friends, good chow, interesting job, great liberty (especially in Manila), gunline ops were always exciting. A picture of the ship still hangs in my bedroom!
^^^ I am a full line Independent Insurance Agent/Safety Consultant/Alternative Health Products Rep. - Wife, Sally, and I love to fish in Rockport, TX and gamble(most anywhere)

JONES, Charles - Lytle, TX 63-67 mail
*** EM3 - Bets Buddy was Tom Myers - we still make contact on a regular basis
^^^ I have been an appliance repairman for the last 25 ytears

KELLER, Larry - Fulton, TX 68-69 mail
*** MM2 - Generator Gang

KING, Steve - Lake Dallas, TX 68-70 #01083 mail
*** BT3 -Aft fireroom and oil shack - Buds were Beardsley, Bear & Drueke.We all became shellbacks together and crossed twice
^^^ Into off road racing 4X4s and have been racing drag boats with SDBA for past 18 yrs. Divorced with a wonderful daughter Lindsey

KRANZ, James - Longview, TX 73-75 No E-Mail
*** MMFN - A Gang, Evaps, Refers, Machine Shop, etc.
^^^ Now Mtce Supv/Ops Mgr at Gregg County Airport. Married 26 years with a 20 yr old daughter

LAMSON, T.C. "Tom" - Hockley, TX 68-70 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division, Radio Central. Watch stander in Facilities Control (radio-1). Worked DC patch panel, receivers & crypto.
^^^ Historian for the USS Oklahoma City Association & always interested in hearing from any former shipmates

LEWIS, Don - Mathis, TX 75-76 #1190 mail
*** AECS - was 1st det cpo and only designated aircrewman for blackbeard one for first 8 1/2 months of our existence. Was quite a hassle forming the det. Being the only airdale chief on the OKC, I was given quiet a time by my fellow chiefs in the mess. I donated the HC1 det 6 plaque and possibly the patch that is being offered.
^^^ Retired in 1980

LINDBLOM, Ron - Allen, TX 78-79 mail
*** ICSN - E Division, transferred to USS Blue Ridge in '79, got out in '91.
^^^ Evening Manager at Grocery Store, have 5 kids;4 boys and a girl, married Suzann in '91.

MAGNUSSON, Joe - Flower Mound, TX 72-73 mail
*** EM2 - Motor Rewind and Lightins Shops
^^^ Work for GTE with 2 grown daughters. See my web page for more details: Joe Magnusson's Page

MAHAN, Bob - Round Rock, TX 69-70 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Div, Radio Central, 7th Flt Staff assigned to ship's crew

MANSFIELD, Monty - Bayou Vista, TX 68-71 mail
*** EM2 - Ship's Company

MATHIS, Mike - New Braunfels, TX 67-71 mail
*** RD3 - OI Division, Surface SPA-10 Radar Terminal
^^^ Work for Oasis Pipeline Co. as Control Tech. Married 22 years to my 5th grade sweetheart

McCASLIN, William - N Richland Hills, TX 71-74 mail
*** HT3 - R Division, Pipe Shop
^^^ Retired USN after 24 yrs. Now self-employed horologist (clocksmith) repairing and selling antique clocks with my wife. Three children and five grandchildren

McCULLOUGH, B.F. - Midland, TX 64-67
*** BM2 - 2nd Division

McFANN, Roger - Benbrook, TX 72-75 mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt Operations Office - best friend was John Bell also of OPS
^^^ Now Command Master Chief at Commander, Naval Res Readiness Command South in Ft Worth. 3 wonderful children; oldest is a Corpsman in New Orleans

MILLER, Joseph Norman "Joe" - Lubbock, TX 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** WT2 - Water tender in the Oil Gang - B Division - Best buddy was J.J. Long from Philly
^^^ Retired 2001 due to Lung Problems. Been a plumber since 1936

MONTGOMERY, Greg - Austin, TX 74-76 #1340 mail
*** RMSN - CR Div Com7Flt
^^^ Marketing Manager - Married, two daughters

MORROW, Ralph - Keller, TX 71-76 mail
*** HT2
^^^ Married to the lovely Linda. We have 25 acres and raise cattle. We are in the process of building our dream home. Work for Parker Hanninfin Straoflex a mfgr of motion devices

MOSTUE, Bob - Spicewood, TX 63-65 mail
*** RM2 - OI Division
^^^ Was a fireman in Santa Barbara + now a commercial helo pilot in the Gulf of Mexico

MURPHY, J.M. "Mike" - Amarillo, TX 63-65 mail
*** RMSN

MYERS, Tym - San Antonio, TX 72-73 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div, Maincom, buddied were Dave Keller & Bobby Day
^^^ Captain for American Airlines; Wife, Kit, of 27 years, daughter in college; Hometown is San Francisco, moved to SA 12 years ago

NEWKIRK, Jack - Aledo, TX 73-75 #1103 mail
*** SHSN - Started in 2 Div then to S3 in Supply. Best buddies were Jerry Orr + Al Covault. They were like brothers to me.
^^^ Today my wife & I own a small used car lot in Granbury Tx. My wife has 2 children + we have 6 grandkids

OWEN, Tim - Krugerville, TX 73-74 #546 mail
*** RM3 - As a Radioman, I learned a lot in communication. Had a lot of fun with the guys I worked with. Going through these name on the “Look for Shipmates”, I found a lot of names that I have forgotten.
^^^ I work for Frontier Communications at the Network Operations Center at DFW Airport. I now live in Northern Texas with my wife from Canada. Married for 22 years. My home town is Reno Nevada. Have ridden Dirt bikes. Still ride a Street bike. Play racing on the xbox360. I have a ton of pictures and slides that I took while onboard ship. I would like to post them.

PARKS, W.S. - Streetman, TX 71-73 #01029 mail
*** RM2 - CR Div
^^^ Production technician for Chevron/Texaco - 1980 to present - Married, son & daughter - wife a Dental Hygienist, daughter an RN, Son an MM3 aboard the JFK in Jaxsonville FL

PATRICK, Ronald - Grand Prairie, TX 75-76 mail
*** BT - Best friend was Craig Wilhite
^^^ Married w/ 2 sons, have worked for local utility co. for 23 yrs

PFRANGER, Del - San Angelo, TX 75-80 #100 mail
*** Lieutenant - MPDS, Radio & Asst Staff Comm Officer. Ship's Company from 75-78

PIEPER, J.W. - Dallas, TX 60-63 mail
*** Lieutenant JG - OL Div, Air Control and Asst. CIC Officer and OD underway.
^^^ Have been a banker for 30 years in Texas and am in the process of retiring to the Texas Hill Country for golf and fishing.

PREFUME, Tim - China Spring, TX 76-79 #1180 mail
*** GMGSN - I was they guy always in trouble that wanted only to get out of the Navy...which I did, 20 years later!
^^^ Married to (Yuko) for 28 years. Have a daughter who is married and an Attorney in Dallas, a son who is a Retail Store Manager, another son whos is in outside sales, and a 17 yo daughter in HS

RASOR, Doug - Dallas, TX 69-72 #1125 mail
*** RD2 - OW Div - Did “Electronic Warefare” Data collection. Had LOTS of great friends; probably was closest to Dennis Jerke (OW Div), Benny Baker (OW), Keith Schmeding (OW) Jim Jenkins (RM), Dennis Buteau (RM) and Howard Swindle (RM)
^^^ VP Marketing for Texas Instruments (Semiconductor Division), Still married to my childhood sweetie (lived with me in Yokusuka), One son (born in Yokosuka), three grandkids

REASONS, Charles - Crowley, TX 70-72 #1199 mail
*** CPL - Marine Guard Detatchment under Capt J.D. Chase and V. Adm Mack

RECTOR, D. - Plano, TX, 75-77 mail
*** Lance Corporal - Marine Detachment
^^^ Presently retiring from US Navy after 20 years service and moving to Plano from New Orleans

REYNOLDS, Joseph D. - Spring, TX 69-71 mail
*** YN3 - Engineering Log Room, Xferred to Fleet Reserve in '92 as YNCS.
^^^ I am currently a Navy Junior ROTC instructor at Spring High School, Spring Texas, just N of Houston. Met my wife Merle in Manilla while on the Okie. We have 4 children & 2 grandchildren

RHYNE, Allie - Georgetown, TX 66-68 mail
*** GMM3 - Ultimately retired as a Major in the Marine Corps
^^^ Lived in Tulsa, OK for 12 yrs until Cathy & I retired for goo. We live in Sun City, TX where we golf, travel, spoil the grandkids and just have fun

ROGERS, Olice Ray "Newbreed" - Rio Vista, TX 68-71 mail
*** EM2

SANDIDGE, Glen - San Antonio, TX 75-76 mail
*** MUCS - Com7Flt Staff, Seventh Fleet Band.

SALES, Tom - San Antonio, TX 64-66, mail
*** BMSN

SHEFFIELD, Jim - Bastrop, TX 75-78 mail
*** LtJg - CR, CD Division Officer, CMS Custodian for Ship's Company and Flag Staff

SMITH, Danny E. - San Angelo, TX 69-71 mail
*** GM3 - 5" and 6" Guns, duty in the Armory

SMITH, T.L. - Katy, TX 76-78 mail
*** Corporal - USMC Detatchment, Missile Security, Brig Rat, Capt's Orderly, Cpl & Sgt of the guard
^^^ Followed my father + grandfather into police work in Houston. Son Austin, who graduates HS this year want to join the Naval Service

SNODGRASS, Scot - Houston, TX 96-98 mail
*** ET3 Navigation

SWINDLE, Howard - Granbury, TX 71-72 mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Now a journalist for the Dallas Morning News and moonlight writing books. have 1 daughter and two sons

TAYLOR, Larry M. - Cypress, TX 67-70
*** FT2 - FG Division

VASQUEZ, John - Copperas Cove, TX 63-61 mail
*** SH3 - Ship's Barber - S3 Div, laundry and then to crew's barber shop then staff barber
^^^ Now Civil Service in Fort Hood, TX will retire in 2 years; love to vacation in the beaches of Mexico

VILLARD, Robert - Laredo, TX 65-66 mail
*** MU2 - Com7Flt Band, Tenor Sax

VILLARRIAL, Oscar - Robinson, TX 76-79 mail
*** MM3 - Main Evaps, Steam Heat Shop
^^^ Currently working for AAFES as Dist. Tech. for last 13 years. Wife Mika and I have 3 grown children & 3 grand children

VILLONI, Don - Grapevine, TX 68-72 #1126 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Div

WATSON, Donald W. - Houston, TX 65-68 #1300 mail
*** MM3 - Worked and stood watch duty ln the aft engine room and on the aft boiler room generators.
^^^ I did most of my running with C. A. Mitchell. I am presently working ( 6-1/2 years )for Harris County in the building maintenance dept. I spent 34 years in a chemical plant, 8 years as a unit operator, 13 years as a journeyman pipefitter and 13 years as a maintenance supervisor. I am married with 3 children, 8 grand children and 1 great grand child. I plan on retiring in August of 2011.

WILSON, Bobby - Midland, TX 61-64 mail
*** MM2 - A Div - Evaps, Steam + Hydraulics. Best Buddy was Fernando Lugo
^^^ Now a widower, I was an ironworker for 27 yrs. Work for a steel fabrication co. I have 3 sons, 5 grandchildren, 3 stepchildren, 7 stepgrandchildren + 6 stepgreatgrandchildren

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