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BADDERS, C.D. - Brighton, TN 79mail
*** CPO - MAA Force and Decom Crew - Retired 1988 as MACS

BENTON, Leroy - Memphis TN 63-66mail
*** PN1 - Personnel Office

BENTZ, David L. - McMinnville, TN 76-77 mail
*** FT1 - Aft Missile House
^^^ Retired from the Navy and retired from the Army

CALHOUN, Jack R. - Chattanooga, TN 44-45mail
*** Lieutenant JG - E-Division Electrical Officer, one of the first 3 crewmen assigned to the CL-91
^^^ Retired - Senior VP, General Physics Corp

CHARBENEAU, Denis R - Memphis, TN 69-73send mail
*** RM3 - CRT Operator, Maincom
^^^ To all the guys I served with: "we made it!"

DAVIDSON, Robert H - Memphis, TN 60-62 #1369mail
*** 1st SGT USMC - Marine Detachment
^^^ retired Realtor-Home Builder

FERELL, Ronald - Smithville, TN 69 mail
*** RM - Com7Flt
^^^ I have worked for the local telephone company for 31 years

GLEAVES, Roy Douglas "Doug" Jr. Nashville, TN 72-74 mail

HALTOM, John - Trenton, TN 65-67mail
*** ADJ3 - HC-1 Detatchment 7, Helo Crew

HARDY, Joel C - Mt Juliet, TN 74-76 mail
*** HTFN - R Division - Best buddy was Phillip J Perkins
^^^ Cruise to Australia was a great time. Played on ship's fast pitch softball team

HAYES, James - Woodbury, TN 72-74 mail
*** HM3 - Black Sheep of OKC Sick Bay 72-74. Looking for buddies Jack Smith, WC Barnes, Glen Elliott, Yasana and Mochizuki
^^^ Married 26 yrs, 3 children, 3 grandchildren. Registered Nurse and part owner of a rural hospital in Tennessee (www.stonesriverhospital.com) and live on a 41 acre farm in the foothills

HENNESSEE, James - Tennessee 1979 mail
*** PFC - USMC - Served until Blue Ridge took over
^^^ Married, with 4 kids, and own a jewelry store

KILDAY, Joseph H - Greenville, TN 74-76 send mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt
^^^ Married - Now a Quality Assurance Engineer in the Automotive Supplier business

KREUTNER, Steve - Millington, TN 76-79 send mail
*** Lieutenant, JG - OI Division Officer
^^^ Still on active duty, now Captain assigned to Naval Personnel Command.
Plan on retiring this fall and moving to Seattle

LOGAN, Noel Robert C "Bobby" - Cleveland, TN 61-62 #1246 mail
*** BT3 - I have great memories of the Oklahoma City! I came to the Oklahoma City from the USS Preston DD 795, after being busted from BT3 by a BT1 who had transferred from the OK City, to the Preston. I don't recall his name?, but there were two first class petty officers who were transferred from the OK City to the Preston simultaneously, and the other's last name was Driver. Driver was a good guy. After I was busted, with four months left in my enlistment I was then transferred to the OK City. It turned out the first class who busted me had been quite unpopular aboard the OK City, and when I came aboard many B Division sailors looked me up in R&O and greeted me. As it turned out I got involuntarily extended six months due to the Berlin Crisis which gave me time to make one more westpac cruise. I had enrolled and been accepted to start college in CA upon my discharge, and tried to get the extension reversed, but to no avail. I was initially assigned to the forward fireroom, and soon, thanks to friends in the oil shack who learned of my previous experience as Oil King aboard the Preston, got me transferred to the oil shack.

^^^ I retired in 1996 after serving 30 years with the Teamsters Union as truck driver, job steward, organizer, business agent, president of Teamsters Local #515, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Director of Teamsters Joint Council #87, with jurisdiction over Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Two years following my retirement I lost my wife of 40 years and lifelong sweetheart to a fatal and unexpected heart attack. We had just celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary. We had been raised on the same old Georgia dirt road and neither of us had any memories that didn't include the other. Presently I live out in the country near Chattanooga, on 35 acres. I'm blessed with three children, seven grandchildren, and four, soon to be five, great grand children. I'm writing my first novel. I ride a Harley, and with son, cousins and friends enjoy annual road trips. I enjoy world travel and have visited many foreign countries. I have fond memories of my friends aboard the Oklahoma City, and would love to hear from any and all!

LOPATE, Mitch - Nashville, TN 78-79 mail
*** YN - Com7Flt War Plans and then Public Affairs. Crossed to the Blue Ridge in 79

MARTIN, James M (Mike) - Castalian Springs, TN 88-92 PLANKOWNER #1275 mail
*** RM2(SS) - had a lot of great times while onboard the USS OKCity - made (2) Med Runs and every sea trial imaginable. What an experience - have lost touch with every one. Bob Lucenti (ET2) was my best friend while serving.
^^^ Work in sales for tw telecom (formerly Time Warner) in Nashville, TN

MILLS, Robert - Newbern, TN 74-76rammills@ecsis.net
*** BT3 - Aft Fire Room

MOORE, John L - Millington, TN 44-45 #1101 mail
*** FN - Engine room
*** Welder at Int'l Harvester for 32 yrs retiring in 80. Widower with 2 adult children, 3 grandchildren + 5 great-grandchildren with another due in June. I now enjoy growing vegetables and raising catfish

MOORE, William R - Nashville, TN 60-63 mail
*** EMSN - OE Division, Electric Shop - Best buddy was William Huff
^^^ Now a bricklayer, married with 4 kids. Any old division mates please contact me

NEELY, John - Madison, TN 76-78 mail
*** RMSN - CR Division, Com7Flt Staff.

NEWPORT, Gary - Memphis, TN #527 mail
*** OS3
^^^ After 22 years with IBM I have moved over to working for ServiceMaster Corporation. Very active in the Vietnam Veterans organization and held position of State Secretary for 5 years and brought them to the online world. Someday I will post pictures of Yokosuka. Was there in 2009. NIMMO, Christopher P - Hendersonville, TN 95-97 #1114 mail
*** ETSN(SS) - I was one of the first 14NOs for the new rate combining Forward Navigation ET (ET, QM, IC). I served at squadron 8 in Norfolk, working radio after sub school, then met the boat in Italy January 1996. Earned my Dolphins in March of 97. Served under Commanders Snead & Cooke
^^^ Today I'm an ops mgr & database administrator at 1st Tenn Bank. I work in downtown Nashville, still have a love for all things submarine and miss the ocean

SHORE, Danny J. - Paris, TN 60-64 mail
*** SM1 - OL Division, which was later combined into OS Div. - Retired in March '88 as SMC
^^^ Settled down in Paris. Enjoy the lake and lots of fishing. I guess I can't get away from the water. Now site manager for Security Group at a food service distributor.

SOWELL, Tommy - Nashville, TN 62-66/68-76 mail
*** BT1
^^^ Living in Tenn and loving every minute

STEGALL, James - Maryville, TN 66-68 mail
*** FTC - Made Chief the day I was transferred to the Topeka
^^^ Retired as FTCS in '76. Work in civilian life as Quality Control Manager until a heartattack forced me to re-retire

STONE, Glenn "Stoner" - Mt. Juliet, TN 86-89 PLANKOWNER mail
*** MS2 - One of the first cooks on the boat (while it was still under construction at Newport News)
^^^ Married with 4 kids and now work as a dispatcher. Check out my web site at: Navy Cook

TURNER, John T - Clifton, TN 63-66 #1338 mail
*** BT2 Served 1963-66, oil king AFT boiler rm. Brick mason for 45 yrs. Now own hardware store in Clifton, Tn. Love to hear from old friends and shipmates.

VAN DAMME, Richard - Bartlett, TN 62-63mail
*** HN3 - Medical Dept

WHEELER, David - Joelton, TN 65-66mail
*** SN - 2nd Division

WILSON, Lowell W - Gatlinburg, TN 68-70 mail
*** DC3 - R Div - worked in carpenter shop and damage control. Best buddies were Vernon, Matthews and Hanson
^^^ I am a minister and a builder. Married to Linda for 32 yrs. We have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. I am a member of American Legion Post 202 in Gatlinburg

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