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South Carolina

BROWNING, Randy - Columbia, SC 87-90 95-95 #1274 mail
*** YNC(SS)Junior Yeoman 1st tour and Leading Yeoman 2nd tour
^^^ Today I am an HR Consultant with Paychex, Inc. and work with various clients around the state of SC.

BUTLER, Frank A - Charleston, SC 60-64 mail
*** FTMC - Was the first person in charge of the AN/SPG-49, Dir 5 later on to the Chicago and Long Beach. Made Senior and Master Chief and then LDO Commussion
^^^ Retired after 21 as LtCdr. Went to college and Law School and practiced law for a while - got bored and went sailing with wife for 12 years on a 32' sailboat

COOK, Dan - Fort Mill, SC 67-68 #1111 mail
*** CYN3 - 7th Flt Staff, crossed the deck to the Prov - then to Navsuppact Saigon where I served at Nha Be, Dong Tam, and ATSB Phouc Xuyen in support of the river boats. I operated a 60mm and 81mm mortar putting out H and I fire on the river. I pretty much ran with Ben Finley
^^^ I have been employed with the 3M company for 25 years. Married 35 yrs with 3 grown children who selected military careers. For my midlife crisis, I took flying lessons and earned my private pilots license last May

COX, Robert L - Charleston, SC 76-79 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division, Teletype Repair
^^^ After Navy, got BA Degree at USC, then Masters in Accounting. After six years in accounting, had a profound religious experience and call to the ministry. Got Masters in Divinity at Duke and now serve a United Methodist Pastor

DAY, Bobby - Easley, SC 72-73 #1163 mail
*** RM3 - worked in Main Comm, CR div office, shared a house with Tym Myers and Dave Keller outside of Yokosuka
^^^ Married 31 years, 1 son 21 still in college. Worked for Fluor Corporation for 29 years, Dir of Office Services, still play with radio as a ham operator (Wa4HSJ)

KELLEY, Michael L - Aiken, SC 92-94 #1257mail
*** ET1(SS) - Reactor Controls Division. Fondly recall my time on the OK City. During the time of CDR Polefrone. My chief was ETC(SS) John Thomas. Great experience I will never forget. Buds were: Wisecup, Wark, Grant, Gerard, Pflibsen, Sorrensen, Mathis. I know there were more but names elude me.
^^^ Today I am an operations manager for Hubbell Power Systems and have been with the company for 12 years. I have a wife (20 yrs) and two kids. My son starts college this year and my daughter is a Junior in HS.

MAASTRICHT, William H. - Charleston, SC 70-72 mail
*** Lt. Commander - Dental Department.
^^^ Enjoying retired life!

PALMER, Robert "Bob" - Boiling Springs, SC 44-45 PLANKOWNER {DECEASED} mail
*** CSSN - Messcook seaman then Baker striker. Missed the shakedown due to scarlet fever. One of my buddies was Dick Perry
^^^ Originally from L.I. NY, I moved to SC after retirement from the Postal Service. Divorced with 2 children and one grandchild. Bob died on December 12, 2003

WINBURN, Michael - Hartsville, SC 76-77 mail
*** CTO3 - Crypto, Seventh Fleet Staff

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