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BARNHART, John - Sunbury, PA 75-77 mail
*** MM3

BARONE, David F - York, PA 68-70 #1347 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division. Served as asst. watch supervisor and traffic checker under RMCS Paul Dillon. Good friends with CYN3 Bill Johnstone and RM3 Tom Lamson.
^^^ Separated from active duty in July of 1970. Attended college on the GI Bill. Retired from a 33 year career with the US Forest Service in 2006. Retired as an RMC from the USNR in January of 1998. Met my wife Chris in college. Son Daniel and family live in Sterling, VA; daughter Vicky and family live in Raleigh, NC. One granddaughter and two grandsons. Enjoy visiting grandchildren; two three year olds and one newborn. Vacation with entire family every year on the Outer Banks of NC. Live adjacent to a county park rail trail and walk for exersice 5 miles in the morning and 5 miles in the afternoon, weather permitting. Enjoy reading and visiting historical sites with my wife.

BRONOWICZ, Ed Jr - Pittsburgh, PA 75-77 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Division - Worked in the 5" Mount with Chas Knowlton, Zoe Carr, George Matula, Heavy Hardy, Dozo Adams, etc. Would like to hear from all shipmates from 1975 to 1977. Great times, great memories. Chas Knowlton is my hero!!
^^^ Married 23 years (Diane), two kids Brittany and Garan, she's a teacher/ he's in college. Retired from the USPS after 34 years of employment. Residing in Pittsburgh, PA (hometown).

CASHER, Norman "Tim" - Duncansville, PA 70-72 mail
*** RD3 - OI Division - Shaved, shined and shellbacked all in one day. Lived off base with Scott Frank and Carl Bauers.
^^^ 25 Years at VA Medical Center in Altoona, PA. Married with three daughters

CLARK, Raymond P Sr - Middletown, PA 64-66 mail
*** CTR2 - Com7Flt Staff, worked on the upper level in SUPRAD, later crossed the deck to the Providence. Retired in '88 as CTRC
^^^ Presently working as a supervisor in the computer support division for the Rite Aid Corporation and own a coin dealership on the side with my son called Clarks Coins

CORNMAN, A. "Butch" - Pittsburg, PA 68-71 mail
*** EM2 - Worked in power gand doing motor rewind. I was on the Forward Switchboard when we ran aground
^^^Now a product manager and sales supervisor for an Allen-Bradley distributor. Married 30 years with 2 sons

DAHL, Read - Pottstown, PA 77-79 mail
*** SN - 2nd Division

FERRARA, Allen - Yardley, PA 44-45 PLANKOWNER

GARDOCKI, POhilip - Royersford, PA 77-79 mail
*** FTM2 - AN/SPG 49A Directors 5 & 6
^^^ Married with one child. Occupations include CatScan/Magnetic Resonance Engineer and currently a .NET computer programmer

GEARY, Robert L - PA 75-77 mail

GEORGE, William O. - Spring Grove, PA 75-77 mail
*** 3rd & 4th Divisions. Served as ship's coxswain for the 40' utility boat. Now BMC, USNR, retired Sept,2000
^^^ Married with 2 daughters; Industrial Mechanic for Hanover Foods (past 20 years)

HAAS, Harry - Narvon, PA 62 mail
*** CTR2 - Com7Flt - xferred to CLG6
^^^ Retired as CTRC in 75. Entered Law Enforcement & made Chief of Police in '80. Retired in '95. Found I had spinal cancer in Sept 00. Itís been a hard battle but I'm happy to say I have the upper hand & the outlook is good

HALL, James E - York, PA 75-78 mail
*** RM1 7 Fleet Staff - Retired RMCS in 7/86.

IRWIN, Hugh - Harrisburg, PA 74-76 mail
*** HM3 - Medical Dept, laboratory tech
^^^ Stayed in Reserves and made Warrant then Commissioned. Will retire in Dec '02 as an O-4

JOHNSON, Armando - Pottstown, PA 94-97 mail
*** MM1(SS) - nuclear machinist mate
^^^ Now a Nuclear Engineer for Exelon Nuclear

JOHNSON, Harry J. - Perkiomenville, PA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SN - Gunner's Mate - 6th Division

KELLER, David B "Kid" - Lancaster, PA 71-74 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div, Com7Flt
^^^ Married with 3 grown kids, 3 grandkids, with 1 on the way. Still working as a Union Electrician (IBEW L.U. 743). Hoping to hear from any and all shipmates.

KLEIMENHAGEN, William F - Southhampton, PA 1969 mail
*** CRA- Combat Rescue Airman, Helicopter Combat Support, Squadron 7 (HC-7), DET 101 - I was the Admirals aircrewman flying in a UH2 Seasprite. We steamed from Danang to Korea after the EC-121 shootdown.

LIPPENCOTT, David - York Haven, PA 67-72 mail
*** FTM3 - GM Division, Talos Missile House
^^^ Work for Defense Information Systems Agcy (e-mail at work:David_Lippincott@mech.disa.mil

MAGILL, Roger - Kennett Square, PA 71-74 mail
*** QM3 - 7th Flt Command Center, Asst Fleet Scheduler

McELWAIN, Oren Jr. - Freeport, PA 78-80 mail
*** ET2 - CE Division - worked for GS-7 Jack Files on SSC-6 Satcom...very privledged group.

MOORE, Maurice E. - Allentown, PA PLANKOWNER
*** SM

OAKES, Joseph - Moon Township, PA 77-79 mail
*** MUC - Com7Flt Band
^^^ Now District Loss Prevention Supvr, Wal-Mart

PETERSEN, Alfred M - Clearville, PA 44-46 #01054 PLANKOWNERmail
*** SN - Deck hand, 1st Div - My best buddy was Henry Wilson Bailey
^^^ I am happily retired in the mountains of western Pa. (Bedford county)

RADER, Bryan - Fayetteville, PA 64-67 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Division, repaired radio and navigation equipment.
^^^ Married Tomoko (Aramaki) Rader in January, 1966. Retired January, 1986 as ETCM.

RICHARDSON, Joe - Jermyn, PA 86-90 #1151 PLANKOWNERmail
*** MM2/SS now CM - 10yr broken service and deploying in '06 as a Navy Seebee, points unknown. Apparently no one showed a-gang where the computer connects to the wall sockets. Holy rusted metal, god bless that hull if it still sinks and floats right. Hey to Stern, Riggs, Herminio Hernandez, Palmerton, Randy Browning & Stoner, steer clear of plankowners selling real estate. My little sis Mrs Dennis just certified as a reactor operator, all aft types be aware and take care.
^^^ I am currently working for Lockheed/Dayzim as an electronics supervisor at Tobyhanna, Pa, divorced, living with my son, Shane, 13

ROGERS, Jeff - Pittsburg, PA 72-73 mail
*** SN - OL Division
^^^ Retired E9 in 95. Married to Ken Schrader's sister, who also retired from the Navy. My father and another brother-in law also retired from USN. Now retired from UPS - don't want to over-do it in my old age

STENBERG, Carl - Tiona, PA 73-75 #01079 mail
*** EM3 - Best 2yrs ever - E div - Stood watches in the fore + aft engine and boiler rooms. Made a lot of friends while hugging the fresh air supply vents. In 2004 I spent one weekend aboard USS Little Rock with my Boy Scouts of Troop 14 of Russell Pa. Brought back a lot of old memories. Would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Buffalo, Niagara Falls area.
^^^ Now maintenance manager at Blair Corp, Irvine PA

STODDART, Wayne "Bear" - Boothwyn, PA 68-74 mail
*** BT2 - Forward Fireroom
^^^ Now a boiler operator for Boeing Helicopter. Divorced with a 25 y/o son still in school and living at home

TRAGLIA, James - Pittston, PA 68-72 mail
*** GMM3 - Talos Missile House
^^^ Married with three children

YASSO, George F. - Hellertown, PA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SN - Turret #2

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