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ALLEN, Timothy L - Newport, OR 67-71 #01027 mail
*** EN3

BROWN, David H. - Salem, OR 78-79mail
*** HM3 - Sick Call and Flight Quarters
^^^ Retired in 1994. Now work for Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oregon. Wife died in 1997 and I have a 20 year old son.

DONNELLY, Richard "Painless" - Coos Bay, OR 73-76mail
*** HM1 - Sick Bay.

ELMORE, Harold - Sweet Home, OR 67-68 #1308 mail
*** MM3 - Went aboard while ship was in dry dock -Hunters Point, Calif. - Went to San Diego, Calif. - Was a great Ship to be on, was with a great bunch of guys in M Div. - Replaced floor on Mess Deck while in Dry Dock - Worked in FWD Engine Rm after that.
^^^ Moved from Iowa to Oregon in 1987

EVANS, Ken - Bend, OR 73-75mail
*** SN - OL Division and Sail Locker
^^^ Currently Sr. Programmer Analyst at Orcom Solutions (www.orcom.com). Married with 2 boys ages 8 & 10. We relocated from So Cal in '94.

FISHER, James - Portland, OR 68-69 #1239 mail
*** HMSN - Started as mess cook for Terlaji in Chief's Mess x 4 mos, then went to Sick Bay as striker for Doc Tasto, Fry, Havlik, Fong, Jury etc. Did a nightly radio show on CLGM-5 for BB Moore. You guys changed my life, whether you know it or not, and I want to thank you for it. I owe you all a lot. Honorable Discharge 72 as HM2, 3 tours in C.G. Reserve in Portland, OR.
^^^ Graduated from college. Worked as a volunteer counselor at local Vet Center for eleven years. Have two boys, one girl plus two step sons and best of all, three wonderful grandchildren. Currently work at a tour company selling travel to Europe, planning to retire, travel and write in just a few years. Hobby is writing fiction.

GASSOWAY, Dan - Portland, OR 71-73 mail
*** FTGSN - FG Division - I enjoyed the liberty ports. I loved skin diving in Grande Island during the day and then going animal in Olongapo at night. I equally enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the sea as well as the insanity of the typhoons. There was plenty to dislike, but I am grateful that has faded and the joys have grown larger. I am still in contact with many friends from that time, including Bob Britton, Jerry Rodgers, Greg Laedlein, Mark Pelnar, Ed Marcheleta, Daryl Streeter, to name a few.
^^^ I have had three heart attacks, two before I was 50, have died six times during them. Am healthier now than ever (well, ALMOST!). I am going to Marylhurst University, majoring in Human Studies. Currently talent scout for a music distribution company. I'm looking for Bob Reynolds, Bob McGraw and Terry Conway; any leads out there?

GILBERT, James - Roseburg, OR 64-66 #1356 mail
*** IC3 - My job was to take care of the ships communications system. Sound powered phones, ships public address system, ships service telephones gyro compasses and a host of other systems. My best friend, at least for a short time was Burt Morgan. We had many good times and visited a lot of ports that other ships never got to see because we were the flagship of commander of the seventh fleet. I am especially interested in hearing from any sailors who onboard the ship in Sept. 1964 when we did a long tour in the Tonkin Gulf.
^^^ I am currently a retired mailman living in southern Oregon, Roseburg and love it here. I enjoy travel fishing and the fact that I am still standing, breathing, and still alive. I would enjoy hearing from any of my CLG5 shipmates.

GRIFFITH, Richard Allen - Enterprise, OR 71-75 #1278mail
*** SR - It was good times as well as bad times, certainly not the love boat when combat or GQ was in force off North Vietnam. Got a combat ribbon and lost part of my index finger thanks being a micro-second slow once in loading those six- inch guns. I can still see the rings of fire when I close my eyes. Do it again, yes, if it meant keeping my country safe, but I'd seek help in readjusting to my old life a lot sooner and learn to accept and rightfully grieve how that old life was now just a previous chapter and not an obtainable reality.
^^^ I am retired for medical reasons after working for 15 plus years in the public school system working in maintenance. I now live in beautiful Enterprise with my childhood sweet heart and struggle with PTSD. I am searching for individuals who served from '71- 75 who can substantiate the intense pressure our ship was under as I am working with the VA to verify that my medical problems are a direct result of the prolonged combat the USS Oklahoma was under. Medical doctors intitially contributed my mental health issues to being Schizoid- effective disorder, with paranoid ideations and compulsive disorder ( which professionals in the MH field admit mimics PTSD) I had what's commonly known as a mental breakdown at work after leaning the USS Stark had been hit by a suicide bomber resulting in numerous casualties. Never talked about my years in the navy, too painful... had to after that incident. What happened to those guys would never have happened on our watch... but it was a constant threat. I am now drawing SSD - got it without question thanks to my heavy meds and long length of psychiatric care - working now on opening the eyes of the VA to have them admit that men and women can and do develop PTSD symptoms with very little warning doing so years after the traumatic incident. Its called Complex PTSD. Some of us are still in a war and now its a battle with the VA.

HANTHORN, Roger - Salem, OR 71-73mail
*** RM3 - CR Division

HAYS, Phillip - Corvallis, OR 69-72 mail
*** LtJg - Nuc/Special Weapons Officer (GM Div)/Weapons Control & CIC Watch Officer
^^^ Now doing electronics design for oceanographic instrumentation and industrial process control

HOLMES, James "Jim" - Gresham, OR 76-79 #01080 mail
*** BM3 - 2nd div 5" gun upper handling room/ lived for unrepping, rigging, like to hang with BMC R.F.Wood, BM2 Joe Powers, BM1 Dawsey, SN Howard Lake, Craig Will. And the rest of Big 2
^^^ married with two children. My son is an Junior in H.S.+ my little girl is in 5th grade. My wife teaches H.S. + I am a HVAC tech. Hobbies are boating, fishing, golfing, paintball, ect.

JOHNSON, Gary R. - Dundee, OR 60-63mail
*** Lieutenant,Jg - Came aboard as Legal Officer, moved to Operations in '61. After ship, Naval Security Group, retired as CDR when XO at NAVCAMSEASTPAC Wahiawa, HI, September, 1981
^^^ Presently Information Systems Manager for Oregon State Police

KELLY, David L - Pendleton, OR 60-62 #1221 mail
*** MM2 - Engine room and evaporators. My G.Q. station was aft steering. I'm an aircraft machanic working for an aerial applicator. not retired yet.

KIRK, John - Corvallis, OR 70-74mail
*** FTM1 - FM Division - AN/SPG-49 Radar (Rm 5)
^^^ Now an Engineering Specialist for Hewlett Packard for over 20 years, married to Kathy for over 30 years and have three "kids:" Justin(76), Kylene(79) and Karalee(82).

LEE, Daniel A. - Roseburg, OR 60-62mail
*** BT2 - Spent most of my time in the Oil Shack.
^^^ Retired after 30+ years in wood products industry. Met my wife of 38 years aboard the ship during an open house.

MacKENZIE, Alexander "Bewkes" - Portland, OR 68 mail
*** BMSN - 1st Division - Crossed to the Providence in Dec 68. Left Navy as BMC in 76 and went into Merchant Marine. Retired as Captain, USNR in 97
^^^ Owner of American Veterans Specialized Security and have a very successful career as a major film and television actor, writer, producer and director

MARTIN, Ken - Tillamook, OR 71-74 mail
*** HT1 - R Div
^^^ Now retired. Worked for INTEL Corp as Sr HVAC Tech. I have two children and a granddaughter from a previous marriage. My wife Deb and I have a 19 year old son and best friend.

McQUAY, James M. - West Linn, OR 60-62 mail
*** FT2 - MK49 Fire Control Radar and Foreward Battery.

MICHELS, Lee - Eugene, OR 71-73 mail
*** Asst Medical Officer
^^^ Now a diagnostic radiologist

MILLER, Robert - Portland, OR 70-72 #1251 mail
*** PH3 - Staff photographer w/Chuck Pedrich, Mac McBride, two others - will have to jog my memory and get back to you. Along with photographic duties, lso served watch on the bridge and routed messages to officers from Communications.
^^^ Chair of the Photography Department at Lewis & Clark College - 24 years. Married with one son. Still love the sea.

MOORE, Barclay "B" - Portland, OR 74-77 mail
*** RM1 Comm. Dept. Technical Control Facilities. Retired '93 as RMCS.

ORR, Jerry Lee - Central Point, 72-75 OR #1104 mail
*** SH3 - ran ship's store, laundry, small stores and storerooms. Best buddy was Jack Newkirk. ^^^ Married with 5 grown kids + 5 grand + 1 on the way! Work for school district but spent my younger years as a bartender and bar/owner in Reno, Nevada before settling here in Oregon

PALOMINO, David J - Portland, OR 68-70 #1178 mail
*** SM2 - CS Div
^^^ Wife Nancy & I have 2 married sons, no grandkids yet. I recently retired from the Portland F.D. after 30 yrs. I play music and enjoy singing. I also build and sell Rustic wood furniture. Great crazy memories. Would do it all over again if I could.

ROWLANDS, Richard - Milwaukie, OR, 1964-67, mail
*** RD3 - OI Division, Radar Gang

SANTO, Don - Forest Grove, OR 64-67 #439 mail
*** FN - BT Gang

SHORB, Mark - Grants Pass, OR 77-79 mail
*** RM3

ULRICH, John R. - Salem, OR 77-79 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division - Com7Flt Staff
^^^ Work for the Dept. of Corrections since 1981. Married in '82 and have two children

WILKIE, Douglas H - Glendale, OR 68-70 mail
*** QM3 - N Division
^^^ 28 years a custom cabinet maker. Happily married to Marjie with a 24 y/o daughter Emily. Enjoy the mountains, hunting deer and elk and yeah, I finally grew up

WITTENBERG, Lawrence (Larry) James - Portland, OR 67-69 #1358 mail
*** LTjg - While on active duty aboard this 1st and 7th Fleet flagship I served as the ship’s Public Information Officer and Third (Deck) Division Officer. My battle station was in CIC where I was the Gunfire Liaison Officer (GLO). My best friends were LTjg Arthur Purinton who was the ship’s Gunnery Officer and Ltjg Mike Dressel who was Second (Deck) Division Officer.
^^^ I retired from a 36 year career in local government management on June 30, 2006. Though nobody would care to read it, attached is a pdf of my professional resume. On June 17, 2013, I underwent open heart surgery and had my malfunctioning aortic valve and aortic root replaced. I was not expected to survive the operation, but here I am because I was in good health going into the hospital. My wife of 45 years, Patricia, and I love living in Portland, Oregon and we have four amazing grandchildren (2 boys & 2 girls).

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