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CATLETT, Victor L - Broken Arrow, OK 73-77 #1203 mail
*** IC3 - Started as ETSN, OE Division calibration/repair. Was cross rated to IC, E Division, phone system/gyro compass. Shared an apartment in Japan with crew mates IC3 Eddie Hansel, EM3 Charles Pike and EM3 Michael Alexander.
^^^ 30 years telephony, currently Technical Architect for AT&T, 2nd marriage, four kids, six grand kids, one muscle car, a 1970 Buick GS 455.

CHAPIN, Dwight - Porum, OK 63-66 mail
*** SH3 - Ships Service - Worked in Laundry Division
^^^ Retired Police Officer from Modesto, CA. Living in OK past 10 years with wife & 3 sons. Now work at Gerber and live in the country on 10 acres. Helping my sons build their own homes. Also a grandpa.

EASTWOOD, Robert "Chumly" - Bartlesville, OK 78-79 mail
*** BMSN - First Division, took care of mtce and appearance of forward part of ship. GQ station was 6" turret. Buddies were Dave Rettinger, Steve Kyle and Larry Haggard
^^^ Member of the Decomm crew

FIELD, Johnny - Edmond, OK 71-72 mail
*** OS
^^^ Married, with all the kids out of the nest. Currently working within the Postal Service. Living just north of Oklahoma City.

GRAHAM, Joseph - Sapulpa, OK 64-65 #1215 mail
*** RD3 - CIC Div cleaning, equipment mtce etc. associated with C I as required. Joined the CLG-5 when she was deployed to Wespac. Experienced change of command, assignment as Com7Flt, visiting Singapore (ended up living there for 2 years later in life), participation in shore bombardments of South Vietnam installations, visiting Japan, Okinawa and Saigon...to mention a few areas plus....and who could forget...."The Order of the Shellback" ceremony! Remember a few of the "mates" like Rudd RD1 and Dalton as well as Ltjg Gilhuly but not many others.
^^^ Living in retardation (retirement) in Oklahoma after having my own business (import/export consulting organization) in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Sold company in 1990, returned to the U.S. traveled a bit and ended up in Arizona (2 years) and then in Oklahoma. Widowed (wife was of Singaporean nationality) in 1990 & 2 daughters + 5 grand.

HARDICK, Willis T. - Choctaw, OK 64-67 mail
*** RD2 - OI Division
^^^ Deputy Sheriff for 23 years in Oklahoma City area. Three children and a beautiful wife.

HOUPT, Jeff - Yukon, OK 92-96 #1224 mail
*** EM2(ss)
^^^ Currently part owner of a Building Automation Company. Married for almost 14 years with four kids.

HOWARD, Larry L. - Oklahoma City, OK 77-79 mail
*** MS3 - 3rd Division
^^^ Now Civil Aviation Security with FAA. Married with a 24 year old son and two grandchildren

JONES, Ray "Okie" - Watts, OK 62-65 mail
*** FTMSN - AN/SPS 49 #5 Fire Control Radar, retired as BMC
^^^ Am now a Bos'n in Merchant Marine working for Military Sealift Command. Married to a wonderful woman from the Philipines and have two sons; one is GMC in Navy other works for Pentium Intel in Arizona

JONES, Rick - Choctaw, OK 65-68 #1270 mail
*** OL Div, 3rd Div - Best Buddies were Danny Mehaffey, Jimmy Bowen, Johnny Knopp
^^^ I'M still working driving a truck for the same company for 36 years

LOPEZ, Randall - Alderson, OK 71-75 mail
*** QM2 - OL Division - Stood watches in after steering and on the Quarterdeck.

MADDOX, Ronald R. - Mustang, OK 61-62 mail
*** SFM3 - Shipfitter Shop, 01 Deck
^^^ Work for the county, married 36 years with 3 daughters, 3 grandsons and a granddaughter on the way. Looking forward to reunion as I live only 15 mi. from OKC.

McCOLLUM, Daniel - Haskell, OK 69-71 mail
*** ETR2 - Com7Flt, assigned to OE division. Repaired radio and crypto equipment

MEDLEY, Donald E - Oklahoma City, OK 77-79 mail
*** BM2 - TAD to NAVSURFPACDAT - finished Navy career in 82

NOLAND, Phillip A. - Beggs, OK 68-71 RockinN@aol.com
*** HTCM

ORTENDAHL, Robert - Tulsa, OK 73-77 mail
*** HM2 - Medical Department; best buds were Steve Cordes and Rich Donnelly, learned the most from chief Smith and chief Malenofski
^^^ Working in Vocational Employment for people with developmental disabilities and also teach in this field for the State of Oklahoma. Married 28 years to Paula, a registered nurse

QUIGEL, Don - Oklahoma City, OK 62-67 mail
*** BMSN - Retired

ROBERTS, Bob - Enid, OK 68-71 #1374 mail
*** BMSN - Bosnia

SCHLEGEL, Lodie - Oklahoma City, OK 76-79 #1098 mail
*** OS2 - I retired from the Navy in 1997 and of all the commands, the USS Oklahoma City was my fondest. OI div was an extension of my own family. Notable friendships included Adrian Sims, Brett Purvis, Charlie Powers, Charlie Williams, Bill Rich, Mike Nemick + Vernon McFadden
^^^ I live in Oklahoma City + work for the Fed Motor Carrier Safety Admin of the US Dept of Trans. Married with 4 sons + 5 grand

SHAEFER, George - Oklahoma City, OK 68-78 #1106 mail
*** FTM1 - FM Div 49 Radar and System Test - Ran the Honcho with Burton + Whittington
^^^ Now a PMEL Tech for Raytheon at FAA Logistics Ctr in OKC

WARD, Lawrence - Tulsa, OK 67-70 mail
*** FTM3

WATSON, Henry - Antlers, OK, 60-62, mail
*** MM3 - A Division
^^^ Best buddy David "Hawkeye" Hawkins and I went on to the USS Vammende (DD644) and then to the USS Arnold J Isabel (DD869). Started as a Radiographer (X-Ray Tech) in 64 and still at it

WHEELUS, Thomas L Jr - Norman, OK 70-73 mail
*** SK2 - When not doing inventory, I enjoyed playing music. Buddies were Jeff Brown, Dave Girdner and Mike Reno
^^^ Work as a registered music therapist and continue to play guitar, bass, tuba and recorder at every opportunity. I camp out over 30 days a year and take my Rottweiler with me. Still in touch with shipmates in Denver and American friends in Japan

WHITFIELD, Dean - Chandler, OK 64-66 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division

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