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BALL, Harold E - Columbus, OH 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SN - First Div lookout, best friends were Jesse W. Bulick and Leon Banks
^^^ Retired Conductor (1986) from Norfolk and Southern Rail Road

BEATTY, John R - Dayton, OH 73-75mail
*** FT3 - Talos Computer System (when a computer was as big as your family room and only had to do a few simple equations; Good times with Chopper, Whit, Sams, Gullette, Sanchez, Dubi
^^^ Currently VP of HR with three grown sons and a granddaughter. Still married to Mernieko (31 years)

BERNINGER, Harold "Bernie" - Milan, OH 67-71 mail
*** FTM1 - Came aboard in 67 and left for the USS Long Beach in 71.
^^^ Married with a son and daughter, both in college. Now manufacturing manager for Lennox International.

BRAMER, Ken - Cols, OH 64-67 kenbramer@aol.com
*** GMG2 - 3rd Division, then Gunnery and in charge of 6" 47 turret.

DITZLER, Thomas F. - North Ridgeville, OH 70-72 mail
*** YN3 - Ships Personnel Office
^^^ Now a purchasing agent for Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Married 28 years with twin sons, both school teachers.

DODSON, Robert Lee - Toledo, OH 44-45 PLANKOWNER mail
*** Seaman First Class - leading seaman, 3rd Division.

DOMINICK, Douglas - Canton, OH 73-75 mail
*** FTMSN - 2nd and F Divisions. Played guitar and sang with buddy Robert Johnson; we actually won All Navy Talent Contest at Atsugi in 1973.
^^^ Work at Aultman Hospital and also am a One Man Band that entertains aroun NE Ohio. Very happily married and always want to hear anyone who was on the Okie.

DONALDSON, Charles R. "Bob" III - Columbus, OH 76-78 mail
*** MM3 - M Division, foreward engine room messenger, throttleman and watch stander.
^^^Worked for GE for 6 yrs, followed by 3 as a Physical Ed major at Ohio State, then truck driver for 13 yrs and now at DeVry Institute for a degree in Electrical Eng. Went to Philippines in '93 to marry a year-long pen pal - been happy ever since

EALY, Steve - Columbus, OH 76-78 mail
*** FTM-3 - FM Div; worked on guidance radar for Talos Missile System. Best friend was GMM3 Bill Archibald
^^^ Live about 20 miles outside of Columbus with my wife of seven years, Ruth, and two dogs and a lizard

ELLING, Kevin - Napoleon, OH 75-77 mail
*** FN - A Division

ENGELTER, Hal - Cleveland, OH 67-70
*** SM3 - OC Division - JX Talker on bridge during GQ

GLOVER, William - Garfield Heights, OH 75-78 mail
*** MMC - In charge of Forward & After Engine Rooms and "A" Div before Don Longstreet
^^^ Retired '86 as CWO3. Now have a National Board Commission and inspect boilers and pressure vessels in Ohio

GOLDEN, Richard L - Elyria, OH 76-79 mail
*** BM1 - Started in 2nd Div, then to MAA. Changed rate to MA then xfered to CFAY Brig. Retired as E7 in San Diego and worked for SDPD until moving to Ohio.
^^^ Now married and a Sgt in Ohio Prison System

GRANT, Stephen - Hamilton, OH 77-79 mail
*** Lieutenant - 4th Div Officer, FM/GM Div Officer, Ship's First Lt. and last CDO who closed the log on decommissioning.
^^^ Now Equip/Plant Mtce Mgr for Facilities Mtce Co. in OH. Married with three children. Left the Navy in 85 and continued in reserves until 1990.

KEMELIOTIS, Pete - Wintersville, OH 71-73 mail
*** RD - OI Division

KINDELL, Jack - OH 72-74 mail
*** FTM3 - FM Div. Talos Guidance and Telemetry
^^^ 12 years active, 14 yrs USNR. Retired as FCC.

KREIDER, J N - Middletown, OH 68 mail
*** Ensign - 3rd Div Officer - crossed the deck to the Prov
^^^ Now Finance Director, Huffy Corp

LUDE, Gregory A. - Kettering, OH 75-78 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Division, worked on Talos guidance radars and UHF telemetry gear.
^^^ Now a school teacher, I'm an Electrical Engineer, retired from D.O.D.

MEADE, James F. - Marion, OH 76-78 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Division, Bowhook on the Captain's Gig
^^^ Retired BMC(SW) - now an auto maker

MENUEZ, Peter - Walton Hills, OH 76-78 mail

MILLER, Jerry - Cincinatti, OH 70-73 mail
*** GMGSN - 6" Turret - memories of crossing the Equator, and port visits to Subic, Taiwan & Hong Kong. I remember Bill Phillips, John Shirow & John Bullard among others
^^^ I have three kids, girls 25 & 16, and a son 15. I am one of the Vice Presidents of Manufacturing for the Ford Motor Company

NETTING, Ryan - Byesville, OH 01-03 #1235 mail
^^^ Now that I'm back home with an ex-wife and a son really makes me wish I hadn't got out of the navy and the sub fleet. Maybe when I drop some weigh I'll see ya'll once again, in the bridge, mid-January, 18 knots on the surface, waves crashing in your face that instantly turn to ice. As bad as it sounds, you instantly don't care once you hear the nav telling the OOD that Ches Light is approaching and then you eventually see old pier 3 and hear all the subs welcoming you home with very long blasts of their whistles, seeing family on the pier welcoming their boys home. Think about that and you'll be a bubblehead for life!

NOURRCIER, Brett - Pataskala, OH 88-92 mail
*** LT - Caught the boat just after PSA. I rode her through 2 Med runs and had the time of my life
^^^ After the Navy, I joined GE and am now the Master Black Belt in their Quartz business

PHILLIPS, Robert - Westlake, OH 72-76 #1359mail
*** FTM1 - SPG49 Radar - Director 5 FM Division - Does anyone remember Saylors? You know, the one who cut off the heads of all my soldiers in my 3M Bookshelf game Feudal because I won every game? Other friends:Kennedy, Hammond, Prenares, Orm, Philippi, Sanchez, Kindell, Pero
^^^ USCG Microwave Systems Product Line Management and Adjunct Instructor Electronics Engineering Tech ITT-Tech. Beautiful Irish Wife Karen Five great children (now adults of course). Two are Captains in 101st Airborne Fort Campbell - Afghan Vets; One is Arizona Nat Guard Captain One USAF at Bagram and one Defense Contractor at Lockheed Martin Virginia.

SCHLEITH, Michael T. - Chillicothe, OH 60-64 tmichael@zoomnet.net
*** RM3 - Radio Central and Crypto - retired as CPO in 1988.

SELBY, Todd - Chillicothe, OH 03-05 #1211 mail
*** MMC(ss) - Now retired - Made some wonderful friends & enjoyed a great Westpac, one of a kind on an Atlantic submarine
^^^ Now work for the world'leading supplier of enriched uranium, USEC, Inc. & I enjoy life in Southern Ohio.

SULEWSKI, Edward A - Toledo, OH 66-68 mail
*** PFC - USMC Ship's Security, Brig and Landing Force
^^^ Retired in '86 but recalled for Gulf War. Working for Pinkerton Security. Married to same gal for 31 years, 2 grown children and 3 grand-children

TEREMI, Dennis - South Point, OH 74-76 mail
*** EN3 - A Div - proud to have served under Capt. Paul D Butcher

WHITED, Patrick J. - Columbus, OH 72-73 mail
*** FTSA - Plot 5
^^^ Now repair aircraft interiors for Executive Jet Aviation. My wife and I have a son and daughter. Still play the drums part time.

WIECEK, Raymond J. - Independence, OH 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SM - C Division

WINE, Jerry - Sidney, OH 74-76 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division, Com7Flt
^^^ Now second shift for Burns Security. Married with 3 children from a prior marriage. My wife and I have a small giftware business and are in the process of buying our home. I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT

WOLF, Steve - Columbus, OH 72-76 #01053 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt Staff
^^^ Now working for Uncle Sam as a civilian computer programmer

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