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New York

ANDERSON, Gerard F. - Kings Park, NY 60-63 mail
*** MM3 - A-Division, N2 Plant - Pre-Commissioning Crew.

ANGERMANN, Henry M - Lynnbrook, NY 63-66 #1254 mail
*** EM3 - I was an electrician in the E-DIV and enjoyed the experience. My best buddy was and still is Artie Collins. We still keep in touch.
^^^ I retired in NOV-06 after 36 years as an electrician in LOCAL UNION # 3 in NYC. Being an electrician, I had the opportuniy to work for 16 years on Navy Ships in the old Brooklyn Navy Yard.
The next 20 years involved working on printing presses, and in the construction industry.
On 9-11-01 I happened to be working at the World Trade Center Tower Two, on the 53 floor, when Tower One was hit. I was able to reach the 30 floor when Tower Two was hit. I am one of thousands who were able to get out of the building and survie the attack. I am truly blessed and fortunate.
My wife Dorthy and I went to our first reuion in Buffalo NY 2007 and had a great time. We are looking foward to this years reuion cruise. We are enjoying our retirement.

BAILEY, Roger - Rochester, NY 64-66 mail
*** CT3 - Com7Flt

BARTHOLOMEW, O.W. "Bart" - Gerry, NY 61-62 mail
*** RD1 - Pre-Commissioning Crew and Plankowner (CLG-5), Made CPO at Long Beach Naval Station, Sept '61

BEX, Ellis "Bud" - Manilus, NY 44-46 PLANKOWNERmail
*** WT1 - B Division
^^^ Retired from Monarch Liquor in '85 after 44 years. Have held many positions in V.F.W. and still active member

BICKAL, Charles G. - Union Springs, NY 77-79 mail
*** BT3 B Division, After Fire Room
^^^ Now New York State Corrections Officer (17 years)

BLUMENTHAL, Norm - W. Hempstead, NY 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SM3 - C Division.

BOONE, Daniel - Rochester, NY 74-77 mail
*** BMSN - Worked for BM2 Campbell. I was one of the side boys wearing the period naval uniforms used to celebrate the bicentenial

BUCK, Robert A. - Croton-On-Hudson, NY 73-75
*** OS3 - OI Division, looking for best buddy Randy Block
^^^ 21+ Years at AT&T, never married, no kids, no pets

BUCKLEY, Gene - Kings Park, NY 65-68 mail
*** RD3 - Radar Operator, OI Division

BUONAIUTO, Leonard A - Lake Grove, NY 70-71 mail
*** PCSN - Postal Clerk Striker, OL Div
^^^ Now in Communications Industry

CAPANZANO, Charles - NY, 77-79 #1259 mail
*** BM3 - Served for 2 1/2 years in first division. Had a great time in westpac. Some of the best years of my life. Met alot of good people. I would love to hear from anybody from first division or the ship that remembers me. I have hundreds of pictures of the first division and westpac to share. Hope every one is well.

CICCARIELLO, John - Smithtown, NY 70-72 mail
*** BMSN - Third Div leading seaman
^^^ Owner of Delta Transmissions for over 25 years. I am happily married with 2 wonderful children

FARLEY, Nicholas Warren - Smithtown, NY 43-46 #1287 mail
*** SN1C - Captain C.B. Hunt, sending up shells, John Armstrong and Quinn
^^^ Worked Kings Park State Hospital, Bohack grocery, retired 1985. Married and had 5 children, 21 grandchildren.

FELSHEIM, Wayne C. - Johson City, NY 68-69 mail
*** CYN - Com7thFleet

GONZALEZ, Roque A. - S. Otselic, NY 72-74 mail
*** USMC - Marine Corps Security and 5" Gun - Looking for Peter L. Douglas. Check out my personal website.

HANSEN, Neil E. - Elba, NY 71-74 mail
*** GM2 - GM Division - Missile House

HOWE, Ray - Ballston Spa, NY 69-72 #01051 mail
*** MM2 - Aft Engine & Fwd Generators
^^^ I remember Tennessee Tommy, PC Smith, Gino, Budda, and so many of the "Rascles in Paridise." Retired from the Navy in 1995 in Sasebo. Now living in N.Y. State with lovely wife Kimiko. Still in touch with some of the shipmates

HUNTER, Chuck - Monroe, NY 71-74 mail
*** FTG3 - FG Division.

KING, William R Sr. - East Amherst, NY 76-78 #1293 mail
*** FTG3 - I'm signing in on behalf of my Dad, who served on USS OKLAHOMA CITY. I know he'd be more than happy to hear from old shipmates. Dad lives in Buffalo, where CLG 4 LITTLE ROCK is a museum - had lots of great tours on that ship from Dad, remembering his time on the "Okie Boat".
^^^ I was commissioned on CLG 4 in front of the 6" turret in 2006 in honor of his service on CLG 5. Submitted by William R. King, Jr. LTJG, USN - US Fleet Forces Command mail

MANNING, Leslie - Rochester, NY 68-70 mail
*** SHL3 - S Division - Best buddy was HM3 Kolb. (S-3)Division Ship's Laundry, and Small Stores (clothing) Hey Russell Roe, Smithy C. Sayler and the others Great Guy's.
^^^ Married with 3 grown children and 4 grand. Working at Copier Div of Heidelberg and enjoy carpentry and working in my yard

McNAMARA, A J "Salty Mink" - New York City, NY 60-63 mail
*** Cpl - Marine Det, brig chaser, XO, CO & Flag orderly, then Sgt of the Guard. Worked in 5/38 guns, all stations
^^^ Retired USMCR as LtCol. Wall Streeter and Investment Manager, US and Europe, for over 30 yrs

MONTORO, Anthony "Tony" - Angola, NY 70-72 #1177 mail
*** BMSN - I was deck hand in 3rd div, leading seaman, and phone talker for flight quarters. Helped order supplies. I do remember Jim White, Marv Perrin, Yearta , Collins, Rhodes, Ciccarelli and a lot of faces but not names
^^^ Today i am retired after 30+ yrs in the postal service, 23 of which I was a Postmaster

NEIDRAUER, Tom - Lancaster, NY 68-71 #01081 mail
*** MU3 - Com 7th Fleet Band Piano Player
^^^ I have been a music teacher and band director for 31 years. Married for 32 years with three sons

PENFIELD, Edward - East Northport, NY 69-72 mail
*** CT2 - Communications Watch Supervisor
^^^ Retired from Airborne Express after 25. Two daughters, one working one in college. Looking forward to relocating to Florida in about a year.

SMITH, Ralph W. - Cattaragus, NY 63-67 mail
*** MMFN - M Division, best buddy was Gregory Eck
^^^ Met my wife of 32 years when ship returned to San Francisco in Dec. 1966. I am a retired skilled tradesman (tool & die).

STEIN, Al - Bronx, NY 64-69
*** SM2 - CS Division, Com7Flt.

UHLINGER, Tom - Cutchogue, NY 66 mail
*** CT2 - Com7Flt staff
^^^ Sold pleasure boats for 25 years, now a Real Estate broker on Long Island

VANDENBURG, Keith A - Liverpool, NY 63-65 mail
*** FTM2 - T Div, Missile House Stbd test bay
^^^ Retired from Gen Electric Co

WHITESIDE, Bob - Pittsford, NY 69-70 mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt ComCenter Supv - bunked with the C7F Musicians
^^^ Now a College Professor, studio painter and also a student for a second Master's Degree. My wife and I own and breed Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

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