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AHERN, Patrick H. - Las Vegas, NV 59-64 mail
*** SKC - Logistics - Com7Fleet

ALTOMONDO, Robert - Las Vegas, NV 64-65 #01068 mail
*** Entertaining the troops and being the Admiral's personal band took us to many ports but the best one was Hong Kong where band members played at the caberet's. It was too bad the war had us roaming the Gulf of Tonkin 22 days out of the month. I guess that's why it was so great when we did finally pull into port
^^^ Ret IT Director, re-located from California to Las Vegas and enjoying the sights and sounds of the Vegas environment. I have kept in touch with some of the band members throughout the years

BAZAR, Kenneth E - Henderson, NV 60-61 mail
*** BMSN - Time on board was spent on the Capt's Gig (Capt Sarver). Best buddy was Bill Spencer, aide to Capt Sarver. Xferred to USS Vammen DE-644 as BM3
^^^ Now retired after 37 yrs in the oil industry with Baker Oil Tools. Married to Judy for 42 years. We met while on OK City and Bill Spencer was our best man. We have 2 children and 3 grandsons. I am involved with American Legion and Elks Club. Love to fish and camp

BENTLEY, Bill - Las Vegas, NV 73-75 mail
*** PO2 - 1st Division Deck Force - Retired 1993

CAMPBELL, Lesley B. - Sparks, NV 76-78 mail
*** MCPO - Served as the Chief Master At Arms, CPO Mess President, and brief stint as "X" Division Officer.

CLARK, Michael L - Las Vegas, NV 74-76 #1112 mail
*** JO3 - Public Affairs Office - great pals!
^^^ Stayed in journalism for 25 yrs mostly here in Vegas. Sold a small community newspaper a few years ago and now own a used bookstore

COLLINS, Blaine S. - Las Vegas, NV 76-Decom mail
*** FTG2 - Mark 25, Mod 3 Gunfire Control Radar
^^^ Married in 1979 and have a son and daughter. Still working on radar for EG&G Tech Svcs

DIEZ, Roger - Dayton, NV 64-66 mail
*** RM2 - Control Operator and TTY/Crypto repair tech
^^^ Now Sales Manager for a Human Resources Co and on weekends I'm and Auto Racing Announcer

DODD, Thomas D "Okie" - Las Vegas, NV 68-72 #1202 mail
^^^ I moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1974. Iíve been in Commercial Printing for the past 20 yrs

HEIDT, Henry - Carson City, NV 68-70
*** SN

HULL, Gary B. - Las Vegas, NV 75-77 mail
*** RM1 - CR Division, leading petty officer

IVES, Fredrick T Jr - Las Vegas, NV 66-70 mail
*** RD3 - OL/OI Div - Best friends were Smitty & Frenchy
^^^ Married 28 yrs with 2 sons. Interested in woodworking, hunting, fishing, barbeshop singing, computers and photography

KERSHAW, Michael R - Las Vegas, NV 78 mail
*** GM3 - Came aboard for Summer "Cruise" but only spent 3 days at sea due to Typhoons. Worked in GM - Missiles
^^^Now I'm an IBM S/390 Systems Prog. Married with a boy & girl

LANDRENEAU, G.W. - Las Vegas, NV, 72-74, mail
*** RM1 - Tech Control Radio, retired in 1984 as RMC.

MAESTAS, Gregory A - Las Vegas, NV 60-63 mail
*** MT3 - 5th Division - Mike Mathers and I joined together and stayed together through our enlistment
^^^ Now a partner in a nationally recognized Consulting Engineering firm. Married 31 years to my wonderful, beautiful wife Ruth. We have adult children and three grandsons

McCOMB, John - Reno, NV 75-77 #1350 mail
*** SN - I was in A divison my best friends were John C Barrrow III (Cowpie) and Dean Richardson (Richy)
^^^ Work for AT&T in Reno

McDANIEL, Larry - Las Vegas, NV, 69-70, mail
*** RD2 - CIC Watches; came aboard after decommissioning USS Falgout (DER324). ^^^ Attended UNLV, now Insurance Agent, married and have two kids, a boy and a girl. McGILLIVRAY, Jeff - Las Vegas, NV 77-79 mail
*** BT3 - After Fireroom

MITCHELL, Tom - Henderson, NV 61-63 mail
*** Lieutenant JG - Asst. Navigator, A Division Officer, Main Engines Officer (I wrote those crazy water conservation poems in the ship's newspaper).
^^^ Married with three grown children. Have my own business in the energy conservation field.

NOTT, Gerald E - Lake Tahoe, NV 62-64 #1093 mail
*** MM3 - Eng Div
^^^ Own & Operate a home remodelling Co. + commercial store. Avid boater + skier with wife, 6 children + 4 grandchildren

OROSCO, Andy - Henderson, NV 60-64 mail
*** MM3 - Forward fireroom (generator gang) & fwd engineroom
^^^ Work for city of Henderson Public Works. I have been in construction work for 39 yrs. We have 3 adult children and 8 grand and 1 on the way

SHELLEY, Kenneth O - Sparks, NV, 63-65 mail
*** YN3 - Captain's Office

TURNER, Raymond T., Jr. - Henderson, NV 64-67 mail
*** BM1 - Retired Dec '89 after 30 years as Lt. Commander

WAELBROCK, Richard "Red" - Carson City, NV 73-77 mail
*** ET2 - OE Division, then Com7Flt staff in CE Division. Retired 1991.
^^^ Now work for Bently Nevada Corp for 6 years in equipment repair

WOOD, Robert F. - Las Vegas, NV, 62-66 & 74-79, lv41wood@aol.com
*** BMC - Decommissioned the OKC after 10+ years aboard

ZETTEL, Bruce L - Carson City, NV 63-64 mail
*** SA - 3rd Division, Deck Crew
^^^ Now retired with back injury

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