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New Mexico

BACHICHA, A. - NM 68-70 abach38323@aol.com
*** BT3 - Oil Shack and Foreward Fireroom.
^^^ Married with three kids. Work for National Lab.

CONJURSKE, Ray A. - Albuquerque, NM 70-73rmcretd@aol.com,
*** RM2 - CR Division, Radio 2 - retired as RMC
^^^ Currently working for US Postal Service and have two children and two grand children.

FLUKE, Richard - Grants, NM 68-72rfluke@uswest.com
*** ETR2 - OE Division, Maintained radar and ECM equipment.

GARCIA, L S - Albuquerque, NM 78-79luissangar@hotmail.com
*** FTM3
^^^ Now with Lockheed Martin

KRYSINSKI, Charles - Truth or Consequences, NM 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** GMSN
^^^ Retired with his wife, he has 2 children, 1 granddaughter and 3 great-grandchildren

PFLIBSEN, Derrick - Las Cruces, NM 91-94 #1102 mail
*** EM1
^^^ Now work as Contract Manager for General Electric

ROE, Russell A - Rio Rancho, NM 68-71 #1185 mail
*** SH2 - I started as an SK but switched to ships serviceman early on. I was the ships Tailor and Dry Cleaning Plant Operator, Ships Store Clerk plus other jobs. My best buddies were John Vogt, Dale McMinn, R.J. "SKI" Nadolski and all of the SKs and SH guys
^^^ Now retired "Building Contractor." My wife is Elisa and I have 1 son & 3 grand children. Would love to hear from any old shipmates that I had a drink with or got a tattoo with

RIGGS, Joe - Albuquerque, NM 73-74 ab5yc@msn.com
*** PO2

SANDIN, Dennis R - Albuquerque, NM 60-62 sandin11@msn.com
*** BTSA - B Division, mostly in after fireroom
^^^ Now self-employed building inspector and general contractor

TORREZ, Edward G. - Los Lunas, NM 74a-iwarehouse@thuntek.net
*** RM3

VOIERS, Cleve - Las Cruces, NM 72-74mail
*** YN3

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