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New Hampshire

ALLBRITTON, Steve - Nashua, NH 77-78 mail
*** RM1, Seventh Fleet Staff

BAJOWSKI, Frank - Hampton, NH 74-76 #1372 mail
*** LT(jg) - 2nd Division Officer & OI Division Officer; Sailing team with ENS Chris MacMurray & LT(jg) Steve Parfet
^^^ Attained rank of CAPTAIN (USNR); continued to crew for Chris MacMurray until his untimely death in January 2014; sailed as Master for Maersk Line Limited; civil servant for U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & U.S. Department of Treasury.

D'ANGELO, Ken - Northwood, NH 70-74 mail
*** RM2 - worked in Tech Control - nickname was WOP
^^^ My wife is a veterinarian and we own and operate a Vet Hospital in NH. One son in college and doing great

HEBERT, Paul J - Merrimack, NH 66-71 #1197 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Div
^^^ Work for Fidelity Investments in NH

MAYER, Jeffrey - Nashua, NH 76-Decom mail
*** Lieutenant - 1st and 4th Division Officer and briefly, 2nd Division
^^^ Married to a woman I met in Japan while aboard OKC. 2 kids. A GS-15 civil servant working for the Navy

PIMENTAL, John - NH 77-79 mail
*** OS3 - Operation Specialist, OI Division. Went over to the Blue Ridge after the Okie boat was retired. Really enjoyed my time on board.
^^^ Happily married. 2 daughters now grown. Pres of ARC Technology Solutions.

PIMENTEL, Joseph John "Lucky" - E.Hampstead,NH 1945 #1248 mail
*** S1C - 3rd Div - I remember my time on the ship and many of the guys I served with and have lots of photos I like to look at. Some of the photos I have are with my shipmates,Raccaro,Veerland, R.M.Bowman, G.M.Pratt,Reynolds,Passino,Gellhouse,Dalton,R.D. Wollert and many more.I have several photos of Nagasaki,Japan in 1945 and remember it all so well.
^^^ I have been married for 57 Years,have 4 children,2 grandsons,2 great grandaughters.I am retired from the Town Of Saugus in Ma..I raised German Shepards and loved deer hunting.I moved to NH 7 years ago from Saugus,Ma..I would love to hear from my shipmates.

SULLIVAN, Don - Sharon, NH 44-45 #1130 mail
*** RT1 - Eye Div - main battery fire control aft where I could keep an eye on the Mark 8 main battery fire control radar
^^^ Retired Electrical Engineer

WHITTEN, Frank - Windham, NH 74-76 mail
*** OS2 - Seventh Fleet Staff

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