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North Carolina

BERNARD, Angelus J - Elizabeth City, NC 60-63 mail
*** EMC - Now fully retired

BRAMMER, J.C. - Elon College, NC 45 mail
*** MM, Mike Division - looking for buddies W.H. Everhart and C.E. Blackmore
^^^ Retired from Western Electric Co. E-mail address is to my son, John

BREWER, Doug - Greensboro. NC 76-77 #1368 ^^^ Work for large telecommunications company in Raleigh as senior network engineer

FOWLER, William Gregory - Raleigh, NC 68-70 #01041
*** SN - 1st + 3rd Div. Was duty driver, side boy, bridge watches, powder loader and section leader. Best friend Max Stange, R Romano, R Matareese, BM1 Lee, LTJG B W Shreue
^^^ Married 27 years. retired from IBM as Financial Analyst.

GEORGE, Jim - Raleigh, NC 66-67 mail
*** HM1
^^^ Retired as Lt Cdr (MSC) USN. Married 40 years to the same woman

GREEN, Dennis - Beaufort, NC, 75-77, 1364 mail
*** BM3 - I did a lot of chippin and painting on her, gotta love the spit and polish part of being the com 7th fleet boat. I was looking at the ships log and recognized 1 name of Bruce Widener, I remember he reported to her not long after I did....the things I remember were the long cruises followed up by visits to some great ports like Subic Bay, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia.....those were some good times, I also remember missing the 4th of July 1976, we were outrunning the typhoon in the south china sea instead of being in Hong Kong..... but we did get to stone the decks to entertain the adm.!!!!....LOL
^^^ As of now I am retired from 28 years in the auto business, well forced retirement due to a work related accident in 2004, and as of dec of 2012 battling cancer.

HUGHES, Mark A. - Beaulaville, NC 74-75 mail
*** USMC - Retired as First Sgt.
^^^ Now teaching High School Social Studies. Married with one child

JOHNSON, Brown L. - Franklin, NC 45-46 mail
*** RM2 - C-Division, Main Radio Room/Emergency Radio Room/Bridge.

KUZMINSKI, Stanley J. - Pinebluff, NC 44-46 PLANKOWNERmail
*** SN - 2nd Division

MANUEL, Virgil "Larry" - Graham, NC 72-73 mail
*** PN3 X-Division Personnel Office

MORGADO, Jay - Charlotte, NC 64-65 mail
*** Lieutenant, JG - 7th Fleet Staff - Communications Watch Officer.

NIMAN, John W = Concord, NC 70-72 #1252 mail
*** RM1 - Served in Radio Tech Control with some great sailors. Trying to locate RMC Joe Tarrant and RM1 Ron Carron if anyone knows where they may be. Was at the Yoko Comm Sta. and got orders to USS Galveston. Checked aboard and received msg that decommissioning was moved up. Stayed on USS Galveston for 3 mos. Got orders to Long Beach Ca. and swapped with a shipmate that got orders to the OK City. He wanted to stay in California and I was real happy to get back to WestPac. Know Paul Dillon from OK City and again in New London Ct. Just joined the Association.

PAGE, Alvin James {DECEASED}- Wilmington, NC 44-45 PLANKOWNER
*** GM3 - Turret 4
### Died 15 Feb 01

PORTER, Anthony L. - Charlotte, NC 67-69 mail
*** MM2 - A Division
^^^ Looking for buddy named Brian "Robbie" Robertson.

PRICE, George - Elizabeth City, NC 64-66 mail
*** BM2 - First Division
^^^ Semi-retired, on-line investing. Wife Judith and I have 2 grown children. I also maintain my boyhood home on Hatteras Island

SIMS, Adrian C - Cherryville, NC 77-79 #01033 mail
*** OS2

STEWART, Jesse - Havelock, NC 74-76 mail
*** NC1 - Command Career Counselor. We won the Golden Anchor Award in 76 for best retention program. Best friend was PN2 Frank Bebe
^^^ Now a civilian working at Cherry Point, NC doing computer drawings for the H-53 helicopter. My wife Remy and I are interested in missionary work

UMAYAM, Fred - Richlands, NC 75-78 mail
*** MSCS - In charge of Flag Mess

WILLIAMS, Herman C. - Knightdale, NC 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** RM3 - buddies were Jim Crowley and Fred Gore
^^^ Retired from Exide in '91 after 33 years

VICTA, Orlando G - Wilmington, NC 74-77 mail
*** MS1 - Attached to Com7Flt, Admiral's Mess
^^^ Retired

ZIECINA, Tom - Butler, NC 73-75 mail
*** BMSN

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