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State Of Missouri Honors Vietnam Vets

Vietnam War medallion program created--eligibility--veteran defined. 42.220. 1. There is hereby created within the state adjutant general's office the "Vietnam War Medallion Program". Every veteran who honorably served on active duty in the United States military service at any time beginning February 28, 1961, and ending May 7, 1975, shall be entitled to receive a Vietnam War medallion, medal, and a certificate of appreciation under sections 42.220 to 42.226, provided that:

(1) Such veteran is a legal resident of this state or was a legal resident of this state at the time he or she entered or was discharged from military service or at the time of his or her death; and

(2) Such veteran was honorably separated or discharged from military service or is still in active service in an honorable status, or was in active service in an honorable status at the time of his or her death.

2. The Vietnam War medallion, medal, and a certificate shall be awarded regardless of whether or not such veteran served within the United States or in a foreign country. The medallion, medal, and the certificate shall be awarded regardless of whether or not such veteran was under eighteen years of age at the time of enlistment. For purposes of sections 42.220 to 42.226, "veteran" means any person defined as a veteran by the United States Department of Veterans' Affairs or its successor agency. (L. 2006 H.B. 978)

Go to Missouri Veterans Commission for more information and applications.

Thanks to shipmate Robert Fitzsimmons, MM3 68-70 for the heads-up.

BORLAND, Brice - Raytown, MO 66-67 #12036 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div Deck Seaman, Boat Coxwain OMB, Captains Gig, Utility boat. Favorite PO-B F McCullough
^^^ Own my own small business for 30 years; concrete work, foundation repair & waterproofing. Married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren

DENNING, James E - Dixon, MO 65-67 mail
*** FTM2 - Talos Computer Room.

DUNHAM, Harold - Alton, MO 64-68 #1187 Deceasedmail
*** BMSN - B Division
*** Died 06 NOV 2009 of Mesothelioma, survived by his bride Marilyn (reported by Ken Lewis, ETNSN 64-65)

FITZSIMMONS, Robert - St John, MO 68-70 mail
*** MM3 - A Division - Steam Heat, Evaps.
^^^ Now a supervisor at Pohlman, Inc, making auto A/C and Air Bag parts. Married with 2 grown children.

HOWARD, Jim - St. Charles, MO, 1974-76,
*** PNSN - X - Division, Personnel Office

JOHNSON, Paul - Columbia, MO 64-66 mail
*** MM3 - A Division Evap Rm
^^^ Retired in 2002. Two grown children. My wife and I enjoy traveling, lively concerts, plays, golf, bowling and cards.

LAMPE, Mark S - Saint Louis, MO 72-75 #1204 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt - The tightest group of guys I have ever known
^^^ Married with 4 Children. Union Electrical Contractor

MARCHAND, Craig - St. Louis, MO 75-80 mail
*** 2nd Division

McKENZIE, William S. "Bill" "Mac" - Columbia, MO 64-66 #01028 mail
*** RM2 - CR Div - My best buddies: A.J. "Bo" Sparacino, Doug (Johnny) Johnson, Ron (Bear) Luginbill, Tim (Moose) Burns, Ed Jarvis and lots of others
^^^ After the Navy and college, I spent about 30 years practicing law but am now mostly retired and spend a lot of time playing my bagpipes, fiddle and banjo. I have been married for 37 years and we have two grown children. MORRIS, Larry E - Bland, MO 68-70 mail
*** SFP3 - R Division - buddies were Tamachico, Chief Nolan, Pfiefer and Zellener
^^^ Retired after 18 years (army and navy) and ten years as a Federal Officer. Have lost portions of both lungs due to failing health but I'm still kicking and miss the good times on board the ship

MURPHY, Michael Leroy - Steelville, MO, 68-69 #1351 mail
*** SN - Deck Force
^^^I am retired out of labor local for 12 years for bad heart

NIEHAUS, Vincent Jr. - Union, MO 68-71 mail

NULL, Jody - Defiance, MO 70-72 mail
*** Aviatian Electrician's Mate - Helo crew (Blackbeard 1)

PATTAVINA, Tim - Kansas City, MO 68-70 #01057 mail
*** SM3

PIKE, Charlie E. - Joplin, MO 73-77 #1283 mail
*** EM-3 - E Div., Carl Steinburg was my running mate. All I can say about my time is that I grew up and learned to be responsible. I will never regret my time on board.
^^^ I am currently the Maintenance manager for a metal fabrication company in Joplin Missouri. I have 3 children (1 boy & 2 girls) and 5 grandchildren (3 boys & 2 girls). I am living just outside Joplin Missouri and enjoy fishing, camping, woodwork and just helping others. Currently single and don't care much for that.

SHEPHERD, Steven G - Winfield, MO, 76-78, shepd1@juno.com
*** HTFN - Metal and Carpenter shops. Retired USN in 98 as HTC
^^^ Over the road trucker for Witte Bros, Troy, MO. Married 22 years to Rosa my Filipino bride

SMILEY, Thomas O. - Marshall, MO 64-68 mail
*** GMC - In charge of Armory
^^^ Retired on small farm, maried with two daughters.

SMITH, Jim - Springfield, MO 71-76 mail
*** HMCS - Leading Chief, H Division.

SOUTH, Gene - Unity Village, MO 65-66 mail
*** A Division, looking for shipmate John Kay.

SPITLER, Ron - St. Louis, MO 63-66 mail
*** FTM3 - T-Division, Port Missile Check-out, then Special Weapons Office

TALBOTT, Robert - Kansas City, MO 73-75 mail
*** BMSN
^^^ Married with two grown children. Own a printing business and enjoy golf and camping

VENARDOS, Lamont - Deepwater, MO 71-75 mail
*** OS3 - A lot of long days and nights in CIC.
^^^ Now a Structural Engineer, divorced with a sixteen year old daughter, Elizabeth. Life is good!

VERMILLION, Charlie - Springfield, MO 68-72 mail
*** RD2 - OI Division, all the time in CIC.
^^^ Retired from USN in '74 after 20. Now work in scrap metal recycling facility as Non-Ferrous Supervisor

WILLIAMS, Warren O "Willie" - MO 68-70 mail
*** FTM1 - Talso Missile Division
^^^ Able to retire early and enjoy time at our second home in rural Mo

YATES, Skip - Rocheport, MO 69 mail
*** Lieutenant - Helicopter Pilot
^^^ Retired after 31 years. Single Dad raising two boys. Former BM and PN. Got commission thru old NavCad program

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