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APKARIAN, Martin - Southgate, MI 66-70mail
*** RD3 - OL and later OI Division
^^^ Now with Northwest Airlines in Control Tower. Not married, like to travel

APKARIAN, Terry - Southgate, MI 69-72mail
*** FTM2 - AN/SPG-49 Radar Director 6.
^^^ Now Radar Manager for FAA

AULTMAN, Blaine F - Lansing, MI 60-61 #1116 mail
*** ET2 - Maintained the SPS-8B radar. Striker was Jerry Sandin. Location: radar 6, aft, above missile control
^^^ Retired after 38 yrs at Burroughs/Unisys corp. as field engineer on mainframe computer system hardware and software

BIANCO, Bob - Clinton Township, MI 62-66mail
*** YN3 Logroom Yeoman

BRINKMAN, Don - Swartz Creek, MI 71-73mail
*** PC2 - Postal Clerk

BULIK, Wesley S. - Troy, MI 70-74 mail
*** DK3 Disbursing Office S-4 Division

BUTLER, William - East Lansing, MI 72-75 #1223 mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt - N-1 office. I processed awards for the 7th Fleet. I remember the guys in the office. CDR Wayne Case was an outstanding officer to work for. Mark Brock was an office mate for a couple of years. I have good memories of Paul Weishaupt, who was roving about the WestPac, but was attached to our office.
^^^ I used to be an art museum curator. I work on projects of personal interest now. I'm married to my first wife, 25 years. She's a law professor. Our daughter is going to school in Chicago.

CARPENTIER, Kevin - Ypsilanti, MI 77-78mail
*** SN - 3rd Division Helmsman - Bridge Watches

GAVIN, Timothy - Grand Rapids, MI 78-79 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Division GMG. Worked in the 6 Turret. Qualified up to Turret Captain under GMG1 Otten. Retired from the Navy 1 APR 2012 as a Surface Warfare CDR. Currently XO of the University of Michigan NROTC Unit (until Mar 2012).
^^^ Married with a 24 year old son. 25 years as a SWO serving mostly in Engineering Billets and 2 XO Afloat tours on CRUDES ships.

GLANERT, Gary - Waterford, MI, 73-74, mail
*** GMG3
^^^ Now a Product Engineer at DaimlerChrysler. Still married to Reiko whom I met while stationed in Yokosuka

HEINZ, Jon B "JB" - Saginaw, MI 68-70 No E-Mail
*** MMFN - Oil Shack
^^^ Married, Own a landscape Company

JANOYAN, Steve M. - Farmington Hills, MI 78-79 #1314 mail
*** ENFA - was assigned to boat shop and worked for EN-1 Cain / cheif Blumenshine; buddy from ship FN Willie Taylor
^^^ Today I work as machine tool builder (automotive automation) in suburban detroit

JOHNSON, John F - Morenci, MI 78-Decom #1192 mail
*** PN3 - x Div
^^^ I live outside a little town in Michigan just over the Ohio border. I work in Toledo, Ohio as a probation officer for the felony court. After the OKC I went to the USS Worden CG-18 which was still in Japan at the time. Took it back to Pearl and left the Navy in Oct 80. Home to Ohio and several jobs, went to University of Toledo, more jobs and finally into corrections for the past 12 yrs. Was married but....now born again single. 2 sons, both are living at a distance from me. See, once a sailor, always a sailor.

KALEMBKIEWICZ, Mike - Kentwood, MI 73-76mail
*** AG3 - Com7Flt.
^^^ Weather forecaster for the National Weather Service

LAWSON, Donald Odis - Belleville, MI 73-74 mail
*** MM3 - Served in A-Division in After Steering & Turbine Generator
^^^ Now working for Pace Mechanical Services

LEQUIRE, Verne - Zeeland, MI 73-75mail
*** RM3 - Worked in SatCOM
^^^ Single Dad with 3 sons, eldest getting married 10/2000. Now a Single's Pastor at a Vineyard church and a singer/songwriter. Looking for Ed Howland.

MALCOLM, Paul - Southgate, MI 71-75 #1220 mail
*** FTG2 - Greatest Duty ever. Found ot what the navy was reallly about on the USS Valdez FF1096. We didn't know how good we had it on the OKI boat until you experience duty on a can. I remember GJ (Getz) Ltjg Luckum, Ensign Schrader, Bob Reynolds, Bertrand (I spoke to him not long ago), Conway, McGraw, Kerls, Vaughn (running mate), Hunter, Wong, Lovelace, Chief Grose, Chief Bachman, Marchellata, Occasion, Streeter, Schmitka, Murphy, Nakiamahardgraves, Neusome. I have a copy of the 1971-1972 Cruise book
^^^ Still mariied to Mila (30+ years) 2 kids all grown up now, one grand daughter so far

PURALEWSKI, John S - White Lake, MI 76-78 mail
*** EM3 - E Division, i/c/o forward board in forward boiler room
^^^ Now a Journeyman Electrician for Detroit Diesel

QUINN, Gregory - Hartland, MI 68-70 #1310 mail
*** BMSN - I worked under 1st class Brombeck in the deck division. What a character.
^^^ I have 4 children and 7 grand children. Retired 3yrs now from road construction.

RAMSEY, Everett M. Jr. - Otisville, MI 68-71mail
*** MM3 - Forward Engine Room and Aft Generators
^^^ Currently work for Delphi Automotive (G.M.) in Flint and married a Japanese from Yokosuka. We have 4 children.

REIMINK, Mike - Belmont, MI 76-78mail
*** RMSN

RIPPBERGER, Randy - Traverse City, MI 75-78mail
*** RM2 - CR Division, Watch Supervisor - Retired 1993 as RMCS(SW)

ROSE, Thomas A. - Rochester Hills, MI 60-63mail
*** MT2 - 5th Division, Missile Test Room. Ret after 22 yrs as CWO3.
^^^ Now work as Electronics Buyer for an Automotive Supplier

SALISBURY, Brent C. - Adrian, MI 91-95 #1216 mail
*** MS3
^^^ Food Service Supervisor at the Chelsea SAI Boot Camp in Michigan. I have 3 children, Kayleigh (soon to be 14), Emileigh (soon to be 13), and Brentson (8)I have been marrired for 14 years to Jennifer

SHOCKCOR, James - Troy, MI, 1965-67, mail
*** FTM

VANDER ZWAAG, Wayne Eugene - Nuncia, MI 75-79mail
*** BT3

WEZENSKY, Michael - White Pigeon, MI 67-68 & 70-71 mail
*** FTM3 - GM Division, retired as NCC(SW)
^^^ Employed in manufacturing quality assurance. My son retired as an MTCS(SS) and wife retired as an HMC.

WOODLEY, Randy - Saint Joseph, MI 76-78mail
*** MM3 - A Division, A/C and Refrigeration shop
^^^ I'm married with two daughters and work as a Technical Writer for the Whirlpool Corporation

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