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ALVAREZ, Luis - Owings Mills, MD, 78-79, mail
*** FT2 - AN/SPG-49B Talos Fire Control Radar

EHRENSBERGER, Wayne C - Mount Airy, MD 77-79 #1232 mail
*** RMSN - CR Div Com7Flt. Got out in 1982 as an RM2
^^^ Working for what is now Verizon Communications ever since. Married my girl and we have a son and daughter.

GALLAGHER, Thomas K. - Mitchellville, MD, 77-79, mail
*** FTM3 - FM Division, W2 Missile Guidance Radar

HANSON, Bob - Patuxent River, MD 68-71 mail
*** IC2 - E Division - spent the whole time at Yokosuka. Dave Walbridge was Chief and "shorty" Dundore was Div. head
^^^ Currently with Naval Air Systems Command, NAS Patuxent River, MD

JONES, James M. - Gaithersburg, MD 78-79 mail
*** CTO3 Comm7Flt, retired 1998 as CTO1 (SW)
^^^ My wife, Lena, is a Commander in the Navy Nurse Corps, my daughter Andrea, is a science tutor at Montgomery College, Germantown, MD. Lena is stationed at NNMC Bethesda, and I work at Safety and Security at Montgomery College, Germantown. Our son Patrick lives in Zirconia, NC.

MacDONALD, James E. - Northeast, MD, 70-73, No E-Mail
*** RD2

MARCH, Joseph - Prince Frederick, MD 87-90 PLANKOWNER mail
*** ET1 - NAV / ESM Tech - LPO (Yes Chief, you control the liberty, see you guys tomorrow)
^^^ Retired July 03 - Was habitat tech / research diver for UNCW/NURC Aquarius undersea habitat now ROV pilot/tech for Phoenix Intl. Perform search and recovery of military and commercial aircraft.

MASON, John Thomas (Tom) III - Frederick, MD 78-79
*** MM3 - Forward Fireroom, SSTG's. LPO was MM3 John Baldwin (John Boy), M-Div LCPO was MMC Dave McCallister (Chief Mac), M-Div Officer was CW03 Andrejewsky (Mr. "A"), MPA was LT Barnett. Played on ship's soccer team with memorablel games against Filipino Marines (we won) and against Korean War College (we lost). Injured right knee badly during festivities with JSDF Flag Ship Akizuke, went to Fleet Training Group, Yokosuka O2/N2 School in Portsmouth, VA, and received medical separation (RE-3P) due to issues with right knee. Have been involved as a Contractor for the U.S. Navy or as a Civil Servant in the DoN ever since.
^^^ Married thrice, divorced twice. Have 2 children, son 23 & daughter 14. Now working as Research and Systems Engineer for Team Submarine at Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) HQ onboard the Washington Navy Yard in SE Washington, DC.

MURRAY, Thomas F IV - New Market, MD 78-79 #1357 mail
*** ENS - My first ship after Surface Warfare Officer School (SWOS). Broke in under Steve Kreutner. OI Division Officer and Typhoon Action Officer (Typhoon Tom IV). Brought the ship back for decommissioning and preparation for safe stowage.
^^^ Program Manager for government contractor. Married, two children.

NAUDUS, Stan - Brookeville, MD 75-78 mail
*** FTM2
^^^ Married for 30+ years to a Chinese lady that I met in Calculus class while getting my BS in Computer Science. We have 5 children. The OKC was the best and worst of times for me. But, I think about her often. Hope you are all doing well.

PERCICH, Mark - Ellicott City, MD, 75-78, mail
*** Lieutenant, JG - Boilers and X Division Officer.
^^^ Now VP Marketing of Digital Systems Int'l Corp. Married to the lovely Patricia with one grown daughter flown the nest

PILGER, A.C. - Catonsville, MD 65-66 & 1969 #01044 mail
*** AG1 - C7F Weather Office - whole gang was great to work with
^^^ Fully retired, enjoying being single

PUGATSKY, Joel - Pikesville, MD 69-71 #1115 mail
*** LI3 - 1st Div then X Div Print Shop
^^^ Printing Specialist U.S.Census Bureau, married 37 yrs, one 23yo son

ROGERS, Ron - Denton, MD, 1969-71, mail
*** CTO3 - Attached to Com7Flt - same bearth as the band.
^^^ Worked for D.O.D., Raytheon and Honeywell. Still work for DOD at Naval Research Labs in Wash, DC. My son is now in the Navy, married and stationed at Norfolk as an Aviation ET

SLACK, Don - Millersville, MD mail
*** FTM2 - Fox Division, worked in WDE and MK152 Talos Computer. Retired as FCC in 1989.
^^^ Retired 20 Years as FCC(SW). I now live in Millersville, MD with my Wife Sonho and two dogs. I work for NOAA controlling GOES Weather satellites. Check out my website: Donís Weather Zone:

SOMMER, Oscar Leo - Hanover, MD 77-79 mail or mail
*** MS3 - Com7flt - Personal cook and staff person for V.Adm Robert Baldwin
^^^ Received 2 degrees since leaving Navy. Now with Maryland State Highway Admin as Agency Procurement Specialist IIOffice of CHART & IT Development

TAYLOR, Wayne - Crofton, MD 76-78 #1140 mail
*** MU3 - I was with Com7flt band called Orient Express. I also played in a band called The Stateside Ramblers. Our big hit was Jeepney Driver. We did a lot of ship hopping back then. We got requests to travel with just about any ship in the Pacific. We would inevitably wind up in the Philippines. Our hang out was New Sunnyís Place, on Georgia St.
^^^ Married Merrie, a former RM2, stationed in Yokosuka. 2 children, Wayne Jr., an ex-Marine, and Terra, an HM3 stationed in Sasebo, Japan. I was discharged in 1978. I went to school and earned a bachelorís of Music from Univ of Pacific. Re-enlisted in 87 to serve with the US Navy Band in Washington, DC. Been here ever since. Presently Unit Leader of a specialty band called ďCountry CurrentĒ. Iím a Master Chief Musician with 22 years. I have a new CD out on the Raincoe Music Label. Itís bluegrass music; one of the songs is listed on the Bluegrass Unlimited National Survey Charts. My web site is Wayne Taylor

TSACOUMIS, Theofolus P. - Silver Spring, MD, 44-46, PLANKOWNER mail
*** PO3

WILLETTE, Malcolm - Baltimore, MD, 63-66, mail
*** FT3 - 42 Radar

YEAGER, Tom - Lanham, MD, 73-75, mail
*** SN - Bow Hook and Driver on Admiral's Barge. Sometimes worked as DJ on ship's radio station

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