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BARRY, Ronald W - Beverly, MA 66-68 mail
*** RM3 - Buddies were Paul Moffat and Barry Mahaffery
^^^ Currently work for the town of Danvers, MA assisting senion citizens. Have 3 sons and 4 grandchildren. My wife and I have discovered cruising and will soon make our 3rd trip to the Caribbean

BECKWITH, Steve - Bolton, MA 77-79 mail
*** FTM2 FM-Division - W2 Missile Guidance Radar

BOLSTER, David F - Jefferson, MA 77-Decom mail
*** GMGSN - Worked in 6" turret. Best buddy was Randy Koontz
^^^ Now doing Computer Support, Website Design and Woodturning. Divorced twice, daughter in college, Harley rider. Visit my site for more information.

BURNS, Ray - Marblehead, MA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** GM2 - Gun Captain, 3rd Division, Mount One.

EVANS, Al - Andover, MA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail

HARRIBINE, Don - Peabody, MA mail
*** YNCS USN(Ret)

HOLBROOK, Alan - Groton, MA 69-71 mail
*** DS2 - CR Division, worked on maintenance crew for NTDS computer system. Managed the "Grandma Mule" CR Div. band
^^^ Married with two children; now Product Manager at Compaq Computer in New Hampshire

HUSS, Richard C - Fitchburg, MA 76-78 mail
*** MSSN - Worked as a cook in S-2/5 Div. Buddies were Jerry Ginsko & Jerry Horne. Best times were in the Philippines
^^^ Married to a Filipina I met while on board the Okie. Two kids, one has made me a grandpa and the other has graduated with an Engineering degree. I have made my career in semiconductor and hi-tech work

LAMONT, William J - Hyannis, MA 69-70 #1225 mail
*** RM2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Today I am a personal care attendant for a man with multiple sclerosis. I haven't a family though I did go back to PI to marry a girlfriend there in 1983. We have since lost touch. I live on Cape Cod in Hyannis, MA in elderly/young handicapped housing. My interests are running and family history. MILITELLO, Anthony J - Gloucester, MA 62-65 #1193 mail
*** SN - 3rd Div
^^^ Retired National Marine Fisheries Observer & GORTON'S of GLOUCESTER - 4 years of duty on the OK CITY loved her

MORTON, John E - N. Brookfield, MA 69-71 mail
*** DC2 - R Div - bect buddies were Ed Stemmer, James Johnson, Daniels, Stevens, Zellener, Piefer & Morris
^^^ Took medical retirement from teaching in Public Schools. I still teach part-time. Divorced but have been with Candy for over 14 years now. Spend most of my time at our 2nd home in Cape Cod trying to buy a sailboat and rid Candy of her fear of being out of sight of land

PERRY, Richard E. - Gloucester, MA 44-48 PLANKOWNER mail
*** CS3 - Ship's Baker

ROWE, Jack - MA 69-72 mail
*** CTR2 - Com7Flt Communications Intelligence
^^^ Married with three kids 16, 21 & 24. Now a securities specialist on the Boston Stock Exchange.

RUBIN, Morton S. - Newton, MA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** Lieutenant - CIC, formerly on the Corry, DD463(43-44)

SILVA, Anthony - Quincy, MA 75-77 mail
*** EN3 - A Division

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