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ANTLEY, Loye H. Jr. - Benton, LA 75-78 mail
*** QM2 - 1st Division, then QM Gang
^^^ Retired as QMC in 1998. Still going to sea as US Merchant Marine Officer.

CARTER, William "Bill" - Monroe, LA 72-73 send mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt, worked in Awards Office.
^^^ Presently working with the Morehouse Parish Sales Tax Commission. Married with one daughter, one step-son and a 5 year old granddaughter. Enjoy camping, fishing and spending time with our grandchild. I try to play golf.

GREIG, Douglas - St. Martinville, LA 71-73 #1241 mail or mail
*** BM3 - 3rd Div - I was broken in quickly. Scullery, mess deck, deck force, etc. I was humbled. Later as a Seaman, I became a lead guy for the 3rd division. At sea, look out was one of the duties. I enjoyed being on deck or outside. I made an attempt at becoming a Yeoman, but short lived. I couldn't take being inside all day.
^^^ I'm now with Halliburton Energy Services. HES is an oilfield service company. I have been with this company for 32 years. My home town is Lafayette , Louisiana. I reside about 12 miles away in St.Martinville, La. I am divorced with 4 grown children and 4 grandsons, one with each child. 2 of my children live in Japan, as my 1st wife is Japanese. I have recently visited them there. My interest is traveling, hunting, fish, skiing, riding. I am 55 years old in fairly good shape. I hope to retire at 60 and travel around the world again. I really miss the port calls that we had the USS Oklahoma City CLG-5.

HILEY, Nigel C. - Baton Rouge, LA, 1988-92, send mail
*** ET2 - I was a forward ET (ESM) on SSN-723.
^^^ Now working as a Field Engineer for an X-Ray Company.

JORNS, Albert F - Westwego, LA, 1966-68, send mail
*** BM3 - Utility Launch Operator
^^^ Now in Law Enforcement, married 31 years, 2 kids

LEMOINE, Charles A. - Lake Charles, LA 64-66 send mail
*** Lieutenant - 2nd Division Officer, then Asst. Flag Secretary.

MYERS, Isaiah - Baton Rouge, LA 60-64 #01055
^^^ Teaching for 30 years

PERRODIN, Stephen J. - Lake Charles, LA, 1968-69, no e-mail
*** CYNSN - CR Division, Com7Flt Flag Allowance

RICHARD, Paul - Lafayette, LA 60-64 send Mail
*** GM3

SEVIN, Louis Jr. - Slidell, LA 67-68 send mail
*** FN - Mess Cook for 3 mos. then worked in after engine room.
^^^ Married with 4 kids. Foreman for USG, been there 29 years.

TROXEL, Emery K. - Kirkville, LA 74-76 send mail
*** Corporal - Marine Detatchment, Missile Security

VINCENT, Joseph P (Pete) Jr - Baton Rouge, LA 68-71 #01050 mail
*** SK2 - I rode the Okie over to WestPac from San Diego. I got an early out in May 72 to return to LSU Baton Rouge, LA where I graduated in Accounting.
^^^ I am a CPA with a small firm in Baton Rouge. I am also a 4th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. My son and I own the largest Martial Arts school in the Baton Rouge area (see our website). My first wife, Pat, (David's mother) died of pancreatitus in November 1975. I remarried a short time later and have a daughter, Nicole, from that marriage.

WININGER, Chuck - Mandeville, LA 62-64 #1206 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div & Personnel Office
^^^ Married 38 years, two daughters 4 grand children. Marketing Rep. I enjoy Golf, Fishing, Hunting and Traveling.

WISENBAKER, Kenneth A. - Dry Creek, LA 69-70 #1285 mail
*** YN3 - Admiral's secretary
^^^ Now a cattleman

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