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BARHAM, Perry - St. Charles, IL 68-71send mail
*** ET1 - Calibration Lab and AN/SPS-30 Radar
^^^ Now Electrical Engineer with BP Pipelines - Safety and integrity of pipeline facilities nationwide.

BOBICH, Philip - Orland Park, IL 68-71send mail
*** RD2 - OI Division
^^^ Director of Adult ED and Literacy at a Community College and my wife is a Chicago school teacher. Got a son 16 and a daughter 13 both in high school. Go sox and bears!

BOYSEL, William - Zion, IL 72-74 #1365 mail
*** CS3 - Enjoyed my time in S-2 div started out mess cooking then became a cook and baker
^^^ Retired in 1992 as a MS1 worked as head baker at the cake box bakery, head baker at lamb's farm, then became head baker at naval hospital great lakes till they closed it. Now I work at the commissary Great Lakes in the produce dept. Married 38yrs 1 daughter 2 sons oldest one an E-7in the army.

BROADFOOT, Ron- Belleville, IL 72-77send mail
*** MM2 - A Division, A/C and Refrig and steam heat. Helped put the centrifugal units on board. Best friend was "Stick" Kiesendahl
^^^ Retired as LCDR in 95. Now in Information Systems as director & mgr

COOPER, Dave - Danville, IL 70-74mail
*** RD - OI/OW Divisions(CIC) Import-switchboard/duty driver

DUFFY, Ken - Montgomery, IL 65-68mail
*** RD3 - OI Division
^^^ Retired from Ameritech and now employed by Alarm Detection Systems. Married, 2 sons, 6 grandchildren & 2 dogs.

EICHINGER, Steve "Ike" - Wooddale, IL 75-77 mail
*** RMSN - Started in messdecks and then to Comm Center. Crossed the Equator 5 times!
^^^ Work for AT&T for 21 years. Never married 'cause I quit drinking

ELLIOTT, Gary K - Taylor Ridge, IL 69-71 #1108 mail
*** SN - 3rd Div - later changed to airman and got to return to the Okie carrying stores and mail by helicopter
^^^ I have a lovely wife of 34 yrs, 2 daughters, 1 son. Also 8 grandsons and 1 granddaugter. I am a member of the VFW and past Commander of post 1303 in Rock Island, IL

FAIR, Robert S. - St. Charles, IL 71-74mail
*** AG2 - Com7Flt Weather Office - N36 Division.
^^^ Now part owner of an electronics company responsible for purchasing and inventory control

GAUDIO, Tony - Glendale Heights, IL 75-77mail
*** Corporal, USMC - Marine Detatchment
^^^ Wishing the best to all my fellow Marines and other shipmates who served aboard the "Okie Boat" from Jan 75 to Jan 77. Semper Fi

HEINDSELMAN, Bob, Peoria, IL 67-69 mail
I was a CYN assigned to Comseventhflt staff. I was on the USS Providence and then transferred to the USS Oklahoma City. I was attached to Comseventhflt staff from 1967 to 1969. I know Tom Lamson and Billy Johnstone. I know there are others but can't remember all of their names.

HERMES, James - Oregon, IL 62-64 mail
*** FT3 - Operated and maintained the MK-25 Radar

HOGAN, Patrick J - Zion, IL 72-76 #1157 mail
*** YN3 - Com7Flt Plans Office
^^^ Retired in 92. I have worked last 14 years for Vernon Hills PD as the Evidence/Property Officer

JACOBSEN, Bruce - Machesney Park, IL 68 mail
*** HM3 - Remember the Blood Drive after TET. Tried skydiving with crew mates
^^^ Married, no kids. Active in Vet's groups

JELINEK, Terrence - Naperville, IL 69-71 mail
*** RM3 - Fleet Flash Network
^^^ Married to Susan (27 years) and have 3 sons. I am now District Chief for the Naperville F.D. and also Commander of VFW post 3873

JOINER, Ross - Fairbury, IL, 72-73 No E-Mail, contact webmaster for more information.
*** YN3 Ship's Library, X-Division

MARINAK, Bill - Lake Villa, IL 69-70 mail
*** FTG1 - Topside Fire Control Equipment - FTGC, USN RET

MARTIN, Joseph A - Rock Island, IL 68-71 mail
*** ETR3 - worked in Radar IV - AN/SPS-30 Long Range Radar
^^^ Retired

MORRIS, Henry R - Belleville, IL 61-64 mail
*** BT3 - Foreward Fireroom
^^^ Construction pipefitter for 33 years. Divorced with 3 children and 4 grandchildren

MOYER, Kenneth - Fairview Heights, IL 60-62 mail
*** RM2

MUMMERT, Todd S. - Lanark, IL 72-74 mail
*** BTSN - Both Firerooms
^^^ Now a Truck Driver, married, 5 children.

OBRIEN, Terry - Chicago, IL 61-64 #1289 mail
*** BT2 - I believe I was on Board for about 3 years from 1961 until I got out on Aug.4th 1964. The navy gave me an early out as the ship was going over to relieve the St. Paul.
^^^ I am now retired after 34 years on the Chicago Fire Dept. I retired as a Battalion Chief. I split my time between Ft. Myers Fl.& Chicago. Is there any way I can find out what happened to the ship?

RAKERS,David - Quincy. IL 67-69 #1294 mail
*** BMSN - side cleaned, ran gear locker, 3rd division deck force. stood port starboard watches in nam in 5 inch magazine.
^^^ Now work in seed sales, grass and pasture. Like to golf, umpire baseball and bowl.

RAMBO, James - Carpentersville, IL 69-73 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Division, Weapons Control.
^^^ Now Lead Engineer for Motorola Cellular Division. Navy training sure came in handy!

RICE, Roger A - Park Ridge, IL 63-67 #01026 mail
*** BM3
^^^ Born in Greenville, TN, lived in Marshall, NC. Moved to Il in June 67 after Navy. Married with four children age 32, 29, 27 and 25. I own an insurance agency.

SANDIN, Gerald R - Hampshire, IL 60-63 mail
*** ET3 - Part of Recom crew. Went to Pearl Harbor for 20th Anniv & had 7 survivors on board to watch the ceremonies
^^^ Now CEO of a small industrial services support co. 3 children & 7 grandchildren. Looking to retire in next three years

SCHERER, David L. - Gurnee, IL 78-79 mail
*** HTFN - R Division, retired 1998

SEIVERT, Richard - Rockford, IL 78-79 #1131 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt staff. Okie Boat was the best - I was attached 7 Flt staff with staff ID cards. We could wear civies anytime, use the foward brow all the time. Me and Jeff Bumbaugh Rm3 took a week vacation from Singapore to Pattaya beach Thiland, we had a blast. Also climed Mt. Fugi with a bunch of shipmates. ^^^ Out for 24 yrs - have worked that long at UPS as a route driver. Married with 3 kids

SHAW, Ernest T. - Cahokia, IL 76-79 mail
*** SN - 1st Division. Best friend was and is Brian Pate. Still trying to find BM2 "Tugboat" from 1st Div.
^^^ Married with 3 sons & 2 grandkids

SHAW, Ernest T "Baby Huey" - East St Louis, IL 76-78 mail
*** BMSN

SMITH, Patrick T. - Rantoul, IL 69-71 mail
*** BMSN
^^^ Owned and operated a small pawn shop for 25 years, have 2 sons, 22 & 20; collect Japanese Swords and tend Bonsai trees

TIPPIE, Ron - West Dundee, IL 61-63 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Division, worked on IFF systems that were part of OK City's radars. Buddies were Sandin brothers, Gerald Romine, Paul Slattery, Don Craig, et al
^^^ Now work for Maersk Logisitcs in Oak Brook, IL. Father of 3 grandfather of 6

TUCKER, Terry - Park Forest, IL 69-71 #1315 mail
*** BMSN
^^^I'm now retired from driving a redimix truck for the last 20 years

WALTERS, Ronald L. - Chicago, IL 1971 #1360 mail
*** CPL - Marine Detachment - Guarded Missile House, Brig Duty, Honor Guard Best Friends - Mickey, Jordan
^^^ Married 43 years, 4 children, Practiced Law, Educator, Asst. Pastor - 32 years and currently

WRIGHT, Greg - Great Lakes, IL 77-79 mail
*** PO3

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