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BEECHER, Dan - Col Island, GA, 63-66 & 68-69 mail
*** SH1

BELL, John R. - Dacula, GA 71-74 mail
*** YN3 - Com7Flt, Flag Operations / Plans

BENSON, Dr. James H. - Gainesville, GA 75-76 #1323 mail
*** CAPT - USMC. I was the CO of the MarDet and the coach of the ship fastpitch softball team for Capt Butcher
^^^ Today, I am the President of Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, GA. I retired as a Colonel from the Marines in 1995

BROWN, Willie Hugh - Rome, GA, 1946, mail
*** SA

CADWALADER, Jeffrey S. - Kingsland, GA 93-98 #1342 mail
*** FT2(SS) - FT Div with Tom Moore and Chris Miller whose brother came onboard as a striker. It was an awesome boat and the reason I got married due to a trip to Oklahoma City. CDR Sneed was an awesome CO and we had fun. Daryl Herrman was the LPO who came to the boat as a FT3 and left as a FTC going to ODU for an officer program. FTC Wade Ellis was my first chief followed by FTCS Henry Chavez then ending with FTCS Quattro.
^^^ Brought the last SSGN alive the USS GEORGIA ran the strike division for 3.5 years and now working at Subbase Kingsbay while I get ready to retire come March 2012.

CLARK, Craig J - Woodstock, GA 75-78 #1089 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Engineering Dept as Electrical Officer, M Div and A Div officer. Shared house in Hayama with Marty Opitz and Mark Percich. Friends with Tom Collins.
^^^ Systems Analyst with FICast Data Corp

CRUSE, Dale - Rocky Face, GA 68-70 mail
*** CYN3 - Com7Flt banker and radio

HOOD, Chip - Dunwoody, GA 76-78 #1213 mail
*** ETN2 - CE Division / SSC-6 SatCom. Terrific tour of duty with some great shipmates!
^^^ Working in Medical Imaging since my 7 year hitch. Tinker with 60s/70s cars in my spare time.

JOHNSON, Bruce C Jr - Alpharetta, GA and Ontario, CANADA 64-65 #1227 mail or mail or mail
*** Ensign, Lt (jg), Honorable Discharge from Reserves in 1972 as LT. Legal Officer and JOOD at GQ for first year. Public Information Officer in late 1965. With the Life and Time magazine guys in the helicopter when the Life Mag cover photo was taken in Aug 1965 of shore bombardment. Captain's talker on the bridge going up and back the Saigon River in 1964. Left for Swift Boat OIC duty in Aug 1965.
^^^ Retired in 2001 to summer home on north shore of Lake Erie. Long time club sailboat racer (Lake Erie PHRF) 30 years Manufacturer's Rep distributing production equipment to the Printer Circuit Industry. Six grandchildren keep me going. Swimming family. Daughter was member of the 1988 Olympic swim team to Korea in the 100M Breaststroke and NCAA National Champion in 100 yd breaststroke. Grandkids into soccer, tennis and hockey. Our retirement hobby is to hike and visit all 391 units of the National Park Service. Started in 2002 and in March 2008 with our visits to American Samoa and Guam we will have visited all 391 including all the remote fly-in parks in Alaska (2 months there and over 50 bush plane flights). Not sure what next - still negotiating with my wife, Letty. Letty and I celebrated our 40 wedding anniversary in Alaska this past June just after flying into the Aniakchak Caldera in the Aleutian Islands. Probably some trips to Europe to visit homes of grandparents. Family pictures on Flickr - Google "BruceandLetty Flickr Photos" Family history photos at Ancestry.ca/Ancestry.com

JOHNSON, Dave - Acworth, GA 63-66 mail
*** EM2 - Electrical Shop - My time on OKIECITY was the high point of my career. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and was sorry to see it end. Good ship and good crew! Best friend was EM2 Dennis A Yost. If anyone has information on him, PLEASE let me know.
^^^ I am retired here on Lake Allatoona in Bartow County Georgia. I retired in 1981 as an EMC in Charleston, SC.

MERRILL, Will - Canton, GA 77-79, mail
*** Sgt - Marine Detatchment
^^^ Now a Police Officer with Woodstock P.D. (Ga) and licensed Real Estate Agent

PLUMMER, Curt W. - Lawrenceville, GA 73-76 mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt Watch Supervisor

POLEFRONE, Phil - Atlanta, GA 91-94 mail
*** Privledged to serve with the crew 91-94. Currently in Atlanta, GA working in commercial utility industry

PRICHARD, Robert D - Buford, GA 64-66 mail
*** FTG3 - FG Division
^^^ Retired from USNR as LtCDR. Have a son and daughter; both have server 10+ years in naval reserve, and three grandchildren. Retired from Royal Insurance where I was an Industrial Safety Specialist

RENARD, Edward E - Jessup, GA 77-79 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Div, 5" mount
^^^ Loving life in South Georgia

ROBERTS, Ellis "Robbie" - Conyers, GA 68-70 mail
*** FTCM (USNR-Ret) - FM Division, Talos Weapons System test conductor and AN/SPG 49B Radar Maintenance
^^^ Now work at A.T.&T. Technology Center in Georgia

ROCKWELL, Dennis C. - Warner Robins, GA 72-73 mail
*** SKSA - Slept in the Cooks Quarters since it was near the Drystores
^^^ Medical Retirement - Married 3 times, 7 kids, 3 grandkids.

SYKES, F.G. "Rick" - Augusta, GA 68-69 mail
*** DS1 - LPO Data Systems Gang, maintained MPDS Communications System. Retired 1998 after 36 years service.

TEEL, Eldon - Hortense, GA 61-64 mail
*** FTM1 - AN/SPG-49 Radar Director #6, Talos Weapons System.
^^^ Retired 9/75 as FTCM, also served on CG10(Albany) and CG12(Columbus)

TRACEY, Ron - Newnan, GA 67-72 mail
*** RD2 - Rotated thru all CIC watch stations, was NGFS target plotter and spot net talker; eventually made Surface Watch Supervisor. Retired as OSCM(SW) in '89
^^^ Retired from American Airlines in '99; worked for AMR as Instructional Designer. Now work for local funeral home where I enjoy helping people

WATTERS, Rich - Alpharetta, GA 69-70 mail
*** AN - Loved all the ports of call, especially the week-long stop at Expo70 in Osaka. After the Okie, I went to Operation Deep Freeze at the South Pole
^^^ Today I work for a major cell phone company, and my wife and I own a shoppe called Angels All Around where we sell all things Angel. Visit our website Angels to see what we do. Looking forward to retiring to Belize in 2006

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