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BIRGE, Richard - Pensacola, FL 73-75 #1268 mail
*** BM3 - I came aboard and made BM3 while there. In 1st Div, and my GQ station was first in the 6" shell deck and then as GQ Bo'sn mate of the watch. Some of the names I can remember were "Buddha belly Hood" BM2 and Dominic Cooler SN. I bought a car and a tape deck from my LPO but can't recall his name. I have a handful of pictures from those days including crossing the line. Perhaps I can scan them and post them some day.
^^^ I work as a Tug Boat Skipper for Crowley marine svcs in Valdez. We dock and undock the tankers here, and escort them to sea. See a bos'n mate who actually kept in his rate. One of the first jobs I had for Crowley as a deckhand was to go over to Bremerton Naval shipyard and rig the Canberra for towing down south. Right next to her was the OK City laid up and still had the Quarterdeck Awnings rigged. They were in terrible disarray, and it broke my heart looking at the old girl. This was in Aug of 1980. A final note, this summer we trucked our sailboat from Pensacola back up to Puget Sound and are now moored in Port Orchard, looking right at Bremerton NSY.

BOSSONE, Anthony "Tony" - Pasco, FL 62-65 #1219 mail
*** MM3 - M Div - after engine room, throttle 3. John Madison was 1st class in charge After engine room... had Sam moody, Winston Baliou, Tom Hardcastle,,brother ray, Bobby Cade... can't remember all the guys. I was also assigned to landing party boats with the on board Marines..search and rescue...road up dwn that river many nights. Signed up for 2nd tour
^^^ retired Fire Sprinkler fitter 37 yrsnow equipment operater Pasco County ,Fl

BUSCH, Gerry - Clearwater, FL 72-73 send mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt Staff - best bud was Gary Kunz
^^^ Happily married with 2 kids. Now a CPA, health care consultant

CAMP, William J. III - Naples, FL 64-66 mail
*** ET3 - Radar Gang

CAMPITELLI, Richard - Jacksonville, FL 77-79 #1205 mail or mail
*** AD2 - HC-1 DET 6 - BLACKBEARD ONE. I was an aircraft mechanic and sometimes flew as an aux crewman when they were short
^^^ I spent 21 yrs til retirement in 92 aboard USS Arthue W Radford, after last Desert Storm cruise. Married the woman I met while on CG5. We have 2 daughters in the military, 1 in USAF, stationed in Yakota, JP + 1 in USMC,who just returned from her 2nd 10-mo tour in 2 yrs. I work at a Golf & Yacht Club as head mechanic for past 21 years.

CANNON, Thomas E - Naples, FL 62-66 #01049 mail
*** BM3 - Deck Force 2nd Div. Worked on small boats & rigging. Best Buddies-- Dennis J. Daigle, Joe W. Crain, George S. Cavender, Dennis D. Morgan, Randy L. Price, Philip C. Sneed
^^^ Own my own Business in Site Development. Came back to Naples in 66, married to same woman since 68, have 3 Daughters & 4 Grandchildren. All live in Naples

CARUSO, Joseph L. - Delray Beach, FL 1969 #00001 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Division, SatCom Specialist and UHF Gang
^^^ Now Business Manager for Auto Dealer. Wife Lewanna works at Farm Bureau and daughter Nicole is a Florida State Graduate

. CAVELL, George H - Cape Coral, FL 60-62 mail

CHEESMAN, David - Clearwater, FL 73-74 mail
*** CTR(OS)3 - Combat Information Center, later Operations Office
^^^ Now work for Treasury Department, as National Bank Examiner. I have been married for 10 years to a great gal, no kids. I was originally from Westfield, PA. Moved to Fla in 88 + lived in Ft Myers, Miami & Clearwater before moving to Wesley Chapel (just outside of Tampa) in 2003.

COTTRELL, Barry L. - Apopka, FL 76-79 mail
*** PO3 - X Division, Command Career Counselor
^^^ Retired USN in '85 as NCC(SW) CPO. Now a dispatcher for VecTour, a Charter Bus Company in Orlando

CURRIER, Michael I. - Bay Harbor, FL 63-66 mail
*** GMG3 - Talos Missile System

D'AMATO, Joseph - Ft Lauderdale, FL 44-46 #1245 PLANKOWNER mail
*** S1C - Worked everyday, ate, read books and stood watches. Had a friend named Crowley
^^^ I am from Long Island, NY and I am 80 years old. I am retired from my own company in '82 called Colonial Press and now I play the stock market. I have 5 kids and 6 grandkids. Went through 4 wives while building my business and now I am happier married for 7 years to a 26 year old. I am just extremely happy to see that I still have shipmates out there that are still alive. Hope to talk to some of you soon.

DAVIDSON, Billy A - Pensacola, FL 65-67 mail
*** CYN3 - Teletype Operator and Class E Messenger
^^^ Now a LtCdr and instructor at Naval Aviation Tech Training Center. Married to Lorraine for 35 years. Three grown children and six grandchildren. Love golf and showing off my 1930 Ford Roadster

D'HUYVETTERS, John - Boynton Beach, FL 87-91 #1373 mail
*** STS2(ss) - Buds were J. Breen, S. Riggs, T. Bonnin, G. Posniak, R. Springer, S. Hinefeld, P. Halford, M. Friese, J. Bishop and so many more. We had a great crew.
^^^ Sr. SAP Basis Admin. Interests are Cycling, Running, Woodworking & Target Shooting.

DIEHL, Don - Deltona, FL 73-74 mail
*** RM1 - Worked in Radio
^^^ Retired in '92 as RMCS. Now work for an electronics company

DODGE, Charles "Chas" C. - Orange Park, FL 74-78 mail
*** OS2

DUNN, Gary - Florida 76-79 #01037 mail
*** MU3 - I was the ship's drummer
^^^ Now a Math teacher; my son is a Marine in Japan

EVANS, Edward T Sr - Port Charlotte, FL 46-47 #01060 mail
*** SN - Deck Div then to O Div to a 5" 38 mount - best buddy was Tom Walsh. After Navy joined Air Force for 18 yrs
^^^ Been ret 12 good and bad yrs. I stay in an elect wheel chair all day. I can't walk too well, sometimes not at all, but that's life. I have the best wife in the world; she helps me all the time. I have 3 girls, 2 boys & 9 grandkids

FORTIER, Robert - Lady Lake, FL 61-63 mail
*** RD3 - Combat Information Center
^^^ Now retired in Central Florida

GALLAGHER, Jack W. - Pembroke Pines, FL 44-45 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SM

GIELSTRA, Simon W - West Palm Beach, FL 85-89 #1168 PLANKOWNERmail
*** ETR2 (SS) - RC Division REACTOR CONTROLS. Mike Nealy and Pat Grady were good friends, many more. Put the Sub together.
^^^ Work for ASCO, Emergency Standby Power Systems (Paralleling Systems and Transfer Switches)

GORISS, Leo - West Palm Beach, FL 62-64 mail
*** FTM2 - I served aboard the OK City in the Missile division as MT2 which was changed to FTM2 prior to my discharge
^^^ Retired...looking for work though. Need help???? Building a 1932 Roadster

. HARAYDA, Robert D - Delray Beach, FL 71-74 #1209 mail
*** SN - 2nd Div

HARVEY, Richard - Land O' Lakes, FL 68-70 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Married to Sharlotte 20 yrs (Kidney transplant recipient). Volunteer work for LifeLink of FL & Tampa Gen Hosp: Organ Donor & Transplant issues. Asst Scoutmaster, troop-21. Now hotel manager for Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

HECKT, Dennis - Jacksonville, FL 75-77 mail
*** RM3 Com7Flt, CR Division

HOFFMANN, Maurice M. - Palm Coast, FL 68-71 mail
*** SK2 - S-1 Division, retired July '88 as SKCS.
^^^ Quality Control / Technical Support Analyst working with special projects programming

HOLCOMBE, Jim - Titusville, FL 72-73 #1276 mail
*** LT - I was OK City�s First Lieutenant in 1972 � 1973. CWO-4 Hal Black, the Ship�s Bos�n, and I, along with 210 fine sailors managed and ran the ships Deck Department during some of the most demanding time the ship served in Viet Nam. We were re-arming every other day and refueling every third day for most of the latter half of 1972. When I first got to the ship, we were undermanned. For the first three months onboard, I was standing 6-hour, Port & Starboard Gunnery Liaison Officer (GLO) duty in CIC, and when not in CIC during daylight hours, I was manning the flight deck as one of 3 FDOs. Over the first six weeks onboard, I lost 15 lbs eating 4 � 5 meals a day. Long hours � YES. Overall, I served 23 years in the Navy, and OK City was my finest duty station by far. The memories are vivid in my mind to this day. Great ship � even greater crew.
I retired from the Navy in October, 1989 as a Supply Corps Commander.
^^^ Today, I own and operate two small companies in central Florida: a Aerospace & Defense consulting company ( http://www.jholcombe.com ) and a biometrics technology company ( http://www.ambiometrics.com ).I�m single now, but have two lovely daughters that live here in FL � one in Jacksonville and one in Tampa; both are married, have one child and successful careers.

HUGHES, Alvin - Titusville, FL 86-91 #1352 mail
*** FTC(SS) - Plankowner - Came aboard as an FTG1 during NEWCON and made chief onboard in the Med
^^^ Retired after 30 years active duty CWO4 in 2009. Still working for the Navy and going to sea on USNS ships

HUNNICUTT, Jack J. - Molino, FL 77-79 send mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt Staff, retired CTOC in '73
^^^ Now software engineer for Anteon Corp. in Pensacola

KING, Carl W. - Orlando, FL 68-70 mail
*** PC1 - Ship's Postal Clerk

KNIGHT, Ronald W - Port St. John, FL 60-61 #1098 mail
*** SHB3 - S3 Div - I was on nucleus crew to put the Oklie in commission. I went on in early 60 - left in 61. Ran the Crew's Barber Shop with 3 beginners. My drinking buddy was Scott SHB3. Lt. Commander Wingo was my Div Officer + I still have my Liberty Card signed by him

LAMBERT, Forrest "Moe" - Jacksonville, FL 71-73 {DECEASED}
*** AG1 - Flag Weather LPO.
^^^ Died 2001 of Leukemia

LARSON, Lewis C. DMD - Milton, FL 1961 #1370 mail
*** Midshipman
^^^ On board for NROTC midshipman cruise. Very busy learning everything I could in the short six weeks. Became a Marine Corps Naval Aviator, flying helicopters during the Vietnam War. Later, became a Navy Periodontist, retired military as a CDR. Worked 26 years more as a civilian Periodontist.

LARSON, Todd M - Pensacola, FL 68-72 mail
*** BT2 - Assigned to Fwd Fireroom all 4 yrs and hung out with many guys from B, M and E Divs
^^^ Retired after 30 as Lt Cdr. Now Exec VP of Operations for a Facilities Service Co. In my free time I'm on my sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico somewhere, sailing out of Pensacola, Florida

LOACH, H Alex - St. Augustine, FL 68-69 mail
*** SN - XO Division, Chaplain's Asst, Librarian, Choir Dir, Organist and Capt's Telephone Talker; best buddy was Steve Flowers
^^^ Now CFO at Auglink Communications (ISP)

MAGOUTAS, George "Magoo" - Oviedo, FL 63 mail
*** SM1 - Relieved Providence then to Com7Flt
Stayed in Yokosuka 'till 1970

MALENOFSKI, Henry J "Ski" - Orlando, FL 76-79 mail
*** HMCS - Leading Chief, H Division
^^^ Retired in '84 and went to work for USPS - will retire from there in Aug 01

MATULA, George - Margate, FL 73-78 mailor mail
*** GMG2 FG-Division - Worked in Turret, Mount 51. Transferred to USS Worden (CG-18) also out of Yokosuka
^^^ US Navy retired; Working for Watson Labs; New York City born at Astoria, Queens, New York City.

McDONALD, Michael E. - Royal Palm Beach, FL 73-75 mail
*** FNSN - After Fire Room, retired fron USNR as SK1
^^^ Best buddy was Michael Walden; I am married with an 8 year old son; now a correctional officer for State of Florida.

MEADOWS, Fred - Vero Beach, FL 1945 #1280 PLANKOWNER mail
*** BM3 - Coxwain - 2nd Division LT Jones Div Cmdr
^^^ Retired living with daughter

MILSTEAD, Rick - Jacksonville, FL 61-64 mail
*** RD3 - CIC / Switchboard watchstander
^^^ Retired Jan 87 in Jacksonville Fl. with 26 years as OSCS- retired from the post office July 04. Travel a lot with the wife of 45 yrs. Just returned in Aug 07 from Scotland. Have 2 sons, one in Army - All you guys remember RDC Crowley and wildman Chief Casey?

MILTENBERGER, Larry - Pensacola, FL 64-65 mail
*** CR Division, Com7Flt
^^^ Retired as RMCM(SS) after 30 years. Currently a Sheriff's 911 operator and dispatcher for Escambia County

MOLLER, Delmer D - Pensacola, FL 73-76 mail
*** YNCS - Admin Office - Retired

MOORE, William F. - Ormond Beach, FL 68-71 mail
*** PO2

MOORHOUSE, Jack - Homosassa, FL 69-72 mail
*** MU2 - OK City Band

MUNRO, Charles L III = Tampa, FL 73-78 #1256 ,ail
*** EN1 - best time of my life my - bud is Terry Gillihan - P.O. Smith my mentor
^^^ laid off from work but getting by

MURPHY, Edward T - Largo, FL 44-46 mail
*** ACMM - Victor Division, aviation machinist mate working on the three aircraft on board
^^^ Hometown is Everett, MA. Have a wife, daughter and two granddaughters. Now retired, formerly a Pharnacist and then a lawyer

PAGAN, Jose - Pembroke Pines, FL 78-79 mail
*** SN

PARENT, Ed - Crestview, FL 77-79 mail
*** RM3 - Radio Tech Control, CR Div, buddies were Steve Simon, Skip Roe, Nick Ricks and Pete "Jughead" Jones
^^^ Retired in 98 as RMC after 22 years, spent the last 4 on USS Nimitz (CVN-68). Originally from Willimantic, CT

PATRICK, Jim - Stuart, FL 76-79 #1298 mail
*** QM2 - Quartermaster in NS Division
^^^ Sail 2nd Mate in the Merchant Marine, still in the �West Pac�

PATTEE, James N - Eustis, FL 72-76 #1278 mail
*** ET2 - OE Division Radar Tech worked on AN./SPS-30, IFF JR Palmer, 98, FAT Charley, Helie (Bad Bob), Terry Gallent, Wink, JJ, Art Balfour --just some of many very good friends
^^^ Retired USN 1990 as ET1 from Sub Base Bangor, WA. Worked on SSBN in RADCON. Married, two kids, one grand kid. Now operate small auto shop building custom Ford Focus with V8 installed

PENFIELD, Edward - Hernando, FL 69-72 mail
*** CTO2 - Communications Watch Supervisor
^^^ Retired from Airborne Express after 25. Two daughters, one working one in college

PLASKETT, David Michael - Green Cove Springs, FL 73-74 mail
*** SA - Ops Dept, supply clerk, duty lookout
^^^ Now a level 4 Telecom installer for ADC Telecom & Broadband. Married 23 years but soon to be divorced

POLIS, John - Tampa, FL 70-72 mail
*** JO2 - Com7Flt Public Affairs Office. Worked for Lt Baker and Cdr Wright
^^^ Work in the newspaper business, sports and public relations. Traveled worldwide, mostly with Professional Soccer. I have attended six different world championships with USA teams

PRESSON, Geoffrey F - Umatilla, FL 73-76 #01084 mail
*** LTjg - assigned ship's co + Com7flt. CR div Officer, then CS div Officer + CMS Custodian. Then served as the Asst Navigator. Enjoyed every second aboard the Oklahoma City! Capt Butcher was a great skipper!
^^^ Left OK City in 76, to Pensacola for Naval Aviator wings. Flew the A-7 Corsair from 77-86. Left active duty in 86 + retired from the reserves in 01. I have been a pilot for Northwest Airlines since 1987. I love my job!

PRESTIGIACOMO, F D - Deltona, FL 68-70 mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt Staff
^^^ Now working for US Gov't Federal Civil Service

PRICE, Bob - Pensacola, FL, 75-79, mail
*** BM2 - 1st & 3rd Divisions
^^^ Currently MACM at NAS Pensacola.

ROGER, Ivan Dale - Pensacola, FL 60-62 mail
*** PN3 - X Div, buddies with Dennis Mahoney
^^^ Wife Kathleen, 6 children, 3 grand. Work for Defense & Finance Ctr and will retire Dec 03

SANDERSON, Carl L. - Pensacola, FL 77-79 mail
*** MAC - Running mates with John "Easy" Moore, Tom Shrader and MAC McCormick. Retired as MACS in '89.
^^^ Married to a wonderful Japanese lady (Kiyo) from Atsugi

SHAY, John S Sr - Pensacola, FL 69-70 mail
*** AGCS - Com7Flt Weather
^^^ Gleefully retired from organized chaos!

SHERMAN, Jerry S - Tamarac, FL 60-64 mail
*** QM3 - Navigation Div
^^^ Married to Emily for 20 yrs, I own a trucking business in Miami. I collect die cast cars and coke collectibles. Best bud was Lance Breckenridge and we're still close. We'll both be at the 2003 reunion in Jacksonville

SMITH, Kenneth R - Jacksonville, FL 70-74 send mail
*** RM3
^^^ Retired from Navy in '92 as Sr. Chief Career Counselor, married to Nancy 31 years, with 3 teenagers. Now Bakery Sales Mgr for Winn Dixie

SPURR, Tim - Sugarloaf Key, FL 69-71 mail
*** CT3 - Worked on classified stuff
^^^ Now operate a fishing charter service in Key West

STERN, Steve - Winter Park, FL 86-89 mail
*** ET2 - Foreward (navigation) ET on pre-comm crew
^^^ Now Systems Administrator for Boeing at Kennedy Space Center - Shuttle Payloads

STYRING, Richard G. - Destin, FL 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** EM2 - Main Generators in Engine and Firerooms.
^^^ Retired for 14 years and recently moved to Florida from Southington, CT. Right now (Aug 00) keeping busy putting new cabinets in my kitchen.

SUFFRIDGE, Richard - Pensacola, FL 74-77 mail
*** BMSN - Worked in 3rd and 4th Divisions. Landed Blackbeard 1, drove all the small boats and was the coxwain that beat the USS Midway in a Motor Whaleboat Race
^^^ Self employed, work at home and go to sea every chance I get

SCHWEINBERG, Karl M - Winter Park, FL 78-79 mail
*** HM3 - Was the last Hospital Corpsman to exit the QD in '79. Also closed the sick call log. Good friends were Dave Brown, Tom Farrell, Malenofski
^^^ Now a Lt at NAVHOSP, Jacksonville, FL and retiring from USN in Aug, 2001. Will be living in Winter Park with wife and 2 children

STALNAKER, Gary W - Deltona, FL 87-89 mail
*** ST - Sonar Tech & plank owner - best times were the shakedown cruises - best friend was PO Hinnington and "Stoney" was the best cook in the Navy
^^^ Now a support eng for a military supplier. Married 6 years with 5 children. Hobbies are flying and music

STORMENT, William - Davie, FL 64-65 #1110 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div - best bud was James Tayros
^^^ Never married no children. Born in Florence, AL - moved to Orlando FL in 69 looking for Drafting work at Disney. Moved to Ft Lauderdale in 73. Now work at a Vehicle Surveillance Co as a CAD/Designer

THOMPSON, Carroll "Okie" - Brandon, FL 68-70 #1183 mail
*** ETN2 - UHF Technician
^^^ Retired as ETC after 22 years. About to retire again from Power Co. here in FLorida

TURNER, Michael R. - Melbourne, FL 72-74 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division, Tech Facilities Control

TYSON, Bill - Pensacola, FL 76-78 send mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division - TACAN Technician
^^^ Retired as LCDR

WARREN, Troy M III Palmetto, FL, 78-79 mail
QM2 -I swapped over to the OKC from the USS Ouellet as a QM3. I made QM2 while onboard. I was there in 1978 - 79. Almost crossed deck to the Blue Ridge in Yoko but realized I was sailing on a piece history, so I rode her back to the US for decommissioning. It was bittersweet. I got out of the Navy and went in the Merchant Marine. I sailed another 35 years and retired as second officer.

YAGHIJAN, Gordon - Bradenton, FL 69-71 mail
*** FTG3 - Current V.P. of USS Oklahoma City Association

ZACCARO, Frank A. - New Port Richey, FL 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** YN1 - 2nd Division, then Asst to Chaplain Merta. Also prepared the Cherokee Strip publication
^^^ Treasurer, USS Oklahoma City Association. Best buddy was Ray Palumbo and we are still in touch. Married to Frances for 56 yrs. Still a consultant for a woodworking machinery co

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