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Connecticut Flag

BRITTON, Robert C. - Griswold, CT, 69-72, rcbritton@hotmail.com
*** FTG3 - FG Division working mostly gun director and related radars.
^^^ Working as Electrician for a Connecticut Public Utility; Married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Looking foreward to early retirement to travel the open roads in a motorhome.

BURGH, James F. - East Haven, CT, 1943-45, PLANKOWNER, burgh@snet.net
*** PO2 - S Division

DILLON, Paul - Gales Ferry, CT, 1968-70, NavRet2@aol.com
*** RMC
^^^ Secretary of the USS Oklahoma City Association

ENCARNACION, Florentino "George" - Windsor Locks, CT 76-78 mail
*** BT2 - Fwd Fireroom - finished my hitch aboard USS Davidson, FF-1045
^^^ Currently a B&M Field Engineer w/ Factory Mutual. Married w/ 2 kids

FALK, Jeff "Mo" - Cheshire, CT 96-01 mo4477@aol.com
*** MS2

FRIESE, Mark - Lisbon, CT 85-88 #1375 mail
*** STS1/SS Plankowner
^^^ Great crew. We used to have some wicked basketball games over at Huntington Hall. Jason Breen, Patrick Milan, Lee B. Thompson were my running mates in addition to all of the sonar gang. Went on to make Chief in 1988, end up as an ACINT Rider. Retired in 2002. Became a math teacher and am currently the principal of Stonington High School in CT. Loving life.

KING, Robert C - Wethersfield, CT 44-45 bking4@aol.com
*** PVT - USMC, Division 7 - 20mm Anti-Airctaft
^^^ Best Buddy was M Mulle

MENO, Don - Wallingford, CT 65-66 #1250 mail
*** RMSN - Radioman 3 - Best Bud -Butch Howard --- Shell back once and pollywog twice. Loved Westpac
^^^ In Radio broadcasting for the last 48 years in Connecticut

REIFINGER, Glenn "Fingers" - Monroe, CT 74-76 mail
*** OS3 - OI and OW Divisions
^^^ Married, 3 children, live & work in CT, E-mail if you can

ROBERTSON, Raymond A. "Robbie" - Waterbury, CT, 1974-77, RaeRayJr@aol.com
*** BT3 - Machinist
^^^ Married, six children.

ROOKASIN, Gilbert Bridgeport - DECEASED mail to son in law Keith Deutsch
*** EM

SLOBODIAN, Stephen W - Brooklyn, CT 71-73 mail
*** CYN/RMSN - CR Div MainComm - Best Bud was Mac Rathbun

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