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Arizona Flag

AITON, Don - Tombstone, AZ 64-67 and 78-Decom mail1 or mail2
*** FTCS - GM Div Talos Missile House, later FM Div Weapons System Chief
^^^ Now a senior UAV Systems Analyst for Joint Interoperability Test Command at Ft. Hauchuca, AZ. Also serce on the City Council in Tombstone, the "Town too tough to die."

ARNETT, Alex - Phoenix, AZ 73-77 mail
*** MA1 - Master At Arms Force
^^^ Married with 2 grown children. I work as a security officer for a nationally known company awarded contracts with the federal government.

BARNEY, Brian - Phoenix, AZ 72-75 #1212 mail
*** EN2 - A Div
^^^ Now Vice President Information Technology

CAMPBELL, David - Mesa, AZ 73-79 mail
*** BMC - I retired in1985 as BMC
^^^ Have been employed by City of Mesa Arizona P. D. as a Collision Investigator since 86. Been married to Kiku for 30yrs. Wish I could make all the reunions. My website is Navy Bos'n

CONLEY, George - Scottsdale, AZ 92-94 mail
*** ET2(SS) - Best bud was Tim Grant
^^^ Now Dir of Business Development for a software co

COY, Stephen D - Tucson, AZ 74-75 #01078 mail
*** OSSN
^^^ Currently working as a software support engineer for QuickBooks by Intuit

ENG, Richard A. - Glendale, AZ 75-78 mail
*** ICSN - Electrician assigned to the Switchboard and Movies
^^^ Discharge after four as IC2. Completed 20 years a Detective in Phoenix, AZ. Also served in politics and retired on a disability. Married with two adult children.

HEXT, Jim - Phoenix, AZ, 1970-74, mail
*** RMC - Communications COW, CR Division - Made Chief in AUG 70 (along with a signalman whose name I can't remember) enroute from Yokosuka to Subic Bay 1970. Brother onboard same time, Val Hext EMCM
^^^ Lived in Hawaii until 95, now in Phoenix, AZ Wife is Japanese, and lived onbase H34 My last time in Japan was off and on from 86 to 92 while working as civilian on USNS SURTASS Vessels but wife sill makes yearly trips back

HEXT, Val D. - Phoenix, AZ 69-75 mail
*** Master Chief - IC Electrician

JERDEE, Barry M. - Phoenix, AZ 69-71 mail
*** BMSN - Mostly 3rd Division and Missile House.
^^^ Have a Stained Glass business in Phoenix, married to Pam, no kids. Enjoy camping and love to ride my Harley, boat and Seadoo

KIMMEL, Harve - Phoenix, AZ 66-68 mail
*** SH3 - Postal Clerk, Ship's Store & Gedunk. Also was lay leader for Jewish services. Best friends were Gary Weiser and Phil Lane
^^^ My oldest son is active duty Army

KIRCHHEINER, Paul L. - Cottonwood, AZ 68-70 mail
*** X-Division, Chaplain's Assistant and Ship's Librarian

LAURENT, Skip - Mesa, AZ 71-74 mail
*** RD3 Worked in CIC and ship's TV & Radio stations.

LIENARD, Jim - Peoria, AZ 63-65 mail
*** RM3 - Worked in radio shack, attached to Com7Flt. Best buddies were Willie Liston, Mike Ireland, Luginbill
^^^ Currently with Honeywell Commercial Aviation Sys as Principle Programmer Analyst

LORD, William J - Sun City, AZ 44-46 #1119 mail to son Bill
*** EN2
^^^ 84 years young and still married, although Parkinson is slowing me down some

MATHERS, Mike - Lake Havasu City, AZ 62
*** MT3 - 5th Division
^^^ Retired after 15 years as an educator and living with wife Sandy. Son Kevin was graduated from Colorado State and lives in Denver

MILSTEAD, Larry G - Yuma, AZ #1174 mail
*** YN2 - Checked onboard CLG-5 as a Deck Seaman and departed a YN2 serving in the Weapons Office
^^^ Retired 1 Jan 1990 as Command Master Chief of Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia

MUIR, Phil - Mesa, AZ 67-68 #1184 mail
*** YNSN - Engineering log room
^^^ Requested and received duty on the Oklahoma City

NELSON, Paul L - Mesa, AZ 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** RM1 - C-N Division - was aboard from Commissioning to moth balls
^^^ Now 81 and enjoying a healthy retirement

NICKERSON, William Pete - Chandler, AZ 77-Decom mail
*** MR3 - Worked in Machine Shop for Bob Nurmi
^^^ Still a Machinist in Defense mostly with Garrett Corp and now TRW for 10 years. My wife Sundra is a school teacher and we have two great kids, Matt and Lisa

PALMER, Steve - Litchfield Park, AZ 73-75, mail
*** BT3 - Forward Fire Room and Oil Lab>

PRESTRIDGE, William H. - Thatcher, AZ 60-62 mail
*** BT2 - Oil Shack, After fire room

THOMSON, Ray - Apache Junction, AZ 64-66 mail
*** ETR2 _ OE Div SPS-43 Radar and Repeater Gang
^^^ Using the GI Bill, I went into radio broadcasting in the Phoenix area. Buddies were Camp, Hulboy, Wheatley and Big Anthony Corrao

WADE, Simon - Heber, AZ 69-71 mail
*** GMG3 - 6"/47 turret

WARFIELD, Ron - Flagstaff, AZ 76-78, mail
*** A Gang, Boat Shop, Gas Turbine

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