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Alabama Flag

CARLISLE, Wes - Huntsville, AL 68-70 mail
*** SHB3 - Barbered along with Brad Rollison (Deceased), Patton Cody and Arnold Rodriguez
^^^ Now own a 6 chair shop, am a 32 degree Mason of Cahaba Shrine. Divorced, with a 24 y/o daughter. Have a 1958 26' Chris Craft in mint cond and ride a 99 K1200 RS BMW motorcycle

DILLINGHAM, David - Hawthorne, NV 77-79 mail or work mail
*** SN - 2nd Div - Helm watch underway and 5" Magazine for GQ. Best friend was Ken Isabel from Oklahoma
*** I have accepted a safety job with NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center and have moved to Huntsville.

MARSH, Richard W. - Huntsville, AL #1288 mailmail
*** FTM1 - FM Div - Lead FT for (later became FT in charge of) Weapons Control Station, assigned targets for Guns and Talos. Last year onboard I was 3M coordinator for Weapons Dept.
^^^ After being discharged in 1971, I returned to me home town, reenrolled in Ellsworth College, received my A.A. in Business, Enlisted in USNR / Reserve Officers Commissioning program. Transferred to University of Iowa, received BBA and returned to duty as Active Reservist in the Commissioning program. Was Commissioned Ensign Nov, 1974. Reported to USS Chicago CG11 in San Diego, served as DivOFF Gunnery, Engineering Admin Off. and 1st Division DEck Officer. Transfered to USS Forrestal as Electraonics Repair Officer for Intelligence Group. Left Active Duty July 1979. Was Military Sealift Personnel Officer, Admin Officer and later XO. Served until Apr 1996. I keep running into friends I served with over my career and really enjoy talking with them and reliving some of the great times. Worked for Cubic Corporation - Price Analyst, Boeing - Superviser Engeneering Program Management Group, Postal Service -Mail Handler Lead PIA. Thank God for Unions Currently Retired from Navy as LCDR, Boeing, U.S. Postal Service, SS --- Loving life and living like my hair is on fire.

MITTS, Jennings D. (Doc) - Boaz, AL 59-62mail
*** SK1 - Pre-comm Crew, then I/C/O machinery & electrical repair parts. Retired as Customer Service Chief, Nav Supply Center, San Diego, CA 1975

NULL, Douglas - Demopolis, AL 68-70 #1244 mail
*** HT# - Most HT's will remember me sharpening my blade all the time
^^^ Moved to Alabama, got married and am about to be a grandpa

SEALS, Mike - Pratville, AL 71-75mail
*** BM3 - 1st Division
^^^ Retired in 99 as CWO3 after 28.8 yrs. Working for a 150 year old door hinge co in AL. Married to a girl from the PI for 28 years and have 3 great, tax paying children. Enjoy taking care of our 10 acres

SKALA, George Jr. - Attalla, AL 69-72mail
*** FTCM - Talos Missile System.
^^^ Working for DOD as Telecom / Computer specialist

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