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Memories of the 723

OKC Webmaster,

I had the honor and pleasure to serve on OKC 1989-1992 under Captains Holloway and Polefrone and with one of the best submarine crews of my career. I hope all OKC crewmembers who read this note know how much their submarine camaraderie truly rewarded this Sailor. A special thanks to the XO, CDR Hopfinger and COB Cal Foster, for mentoring and forwarding my career and Commodore Holloway for selecting me as his Master Chief after OKC.

I reside in Hampton, Virginia with my bride Robin (married in 1982) and son Pete Jr. Robin is stuck with me retired from sea duty and our son in his first year of college.

All the Best,

Pete Thielen


ANTOINE, Eric - 03-06 #1210 mail
*** MMCM - Chief of the Boat from June 2003 to June 2006

BRINSON, Art - 89-90 #1132 mail
*** MS - made first med cruise on board SSN 723. Best buddy was Williams.
^^^ I am now a professional Actor. Married with four children. best memmory? Singing Reggae with live band in Ashdod Isreal. AAAAAOOOOOOGGGAAA!

BRODERICK, Robert E Jr - Corpus Christi, TX 86-87 mail
*** ETC(SS) - I was on the Pre-Commissioning crew of the USS OKLAHOMA CITY (SSN-723) at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Newport News, VA. Reported 8/86 as an ET1/SS. Made ETC/SS 9/87 and, as was the norm, transferred out, 12/87, to another boat, USS HAMMERHEAD (SSN-663), as a new CPO
^^^ Ret USN in 4/95. My wife Marilyn and I have retired to the Gulf Coast; Corpus Christi, TX.

BROWNING, Randy - Columbia, SC 87-90 95-95 #1274 mail
*** YNC(SS)Junior Yeoman 1st tour and Leading Yeoman 2nd tour
^^^ Today I am an HR Consultant with Paychex, Inc. and work with various clients around the state of SC.

CADWALADER, Jeffrey S. - Kingsland, GA 93-98 #1342 mail
*** FT2(SS) - FT Div with Tom Moore and Chris Miller whose brother came onboard as a striker. It was an awesome boat and the reason I got married due to a trip to Oklahoma City. CDR Sneed was an awesome CO and we had fun. Daryl Herrman was the LPO who came to the boat as a FT3 and left as a FTC going to ODU for an officer program. FTC Wade Ellis was my first chief followed by FTCS Henry Chavez then ending with FTCS Quattro.
^^^ Brought the last SSGN alive the USS GEORGIA ran the strike division for 3.5 years and now working at Subbase Kingsbay while I get ready to retire come March 2012.

CHAVEZ, Enrique F - Spring, TX 95-97 #1158 mail
*** FTCS(SS) - reported onboard just after the Oklahoma City bombing. I was in school in Groton, CT scheduled to come to the OKC. I was the Weapons Department Leading Chief. I guess Bubba Smith QMC was my buddy during the time on the OKC.
^^^ I work for Baker Hughes in the Houston Technology Center in Houston, Texas. I am the supervisor in charge of 19 assemblers and electronic technicians testing circuit boards. My hometown is El Paso, Texas

COLVARD, John Michael - Tomball, TX 1995 #1113 mail or mail
^^^ Currently work as a supervisor for EV1 Servers, webhosting company. Unmarried

CONLEY, George - Scottsdale, AZ 92-94 mail
*** ET2(SS) - Best bud was Tim Grant
^^^ Now Dir of Business Development for a software co

D'HUYVETTERS, John - Boynton Beach, FL 87-91 #1373 mail
*** STS2(ss) - Buds were J. Breen, S. Riggs, T. Bonnin, G. Posniak, R. Springer, S. Hinefeld, P. Halford, M. Friese, J. Bishop and so many more. We had a great crew.
^^^ Sr. SAP Basis Admin. Interests are Cycling, Running, Woodworking & Target Shooting.

FALK, Jeff "Mo" - Cheshire, CT, 96-01 mail
*** MS2

FRAISER, Michael - South Bend, IN 94-95 #1265 mail
*** MM2(SS) - Nuclear Operator (M-Division) Buddies are Andre Gerrard, Jim Hazen
^^^ Now an Industrial Engineer, married with 2 daughters. Home town was Grand Blanc, Michigan. Enjoy hunting and fishing.

FRIESE, Mark - Lisbon, CT 85-88 #1375 mail
*** STS1/SS Plankowner
^^^ Great crew. We used to have some wicked basketball games over at Huntington Hall. Jason Breen, Patrick Milan, Lee B. Thompson were my running mates in addition to all of the sonar gang. Went on to make Chief in 1988, end up as an ACINT Rider. Retired in 2002. Became a math teacher and am currently the principal of Stonington High School in CT. Loving life.

GARCIA, Paul - 89-94 mail
*** MM3(SS)

GIELSTRA, Simon W - West Palm Beach, FL 85-89 #1168 PLANKOWNERmail
*** ETR2 (SS) - RC Division REACTOR CONTROLS. Mike Nealy and Pat Grady were good friends, many more. Put the Sub together.
^^^ Work for ASCO, Emergency Standby Power Systems (Paralleling Systems and Transfer Switches)

GILBERTI, Riccardo - Stafford, VA 00-03 #1302 mail
*** MMCM(SS) - Quite possibly the best and hardest sea duty that I ever had. I was the EDMC (known as the Bull Nuke)
^^^ Today I am the Command Master Chief for NAVAL REACOTRS. Married with 2 children (the son will start as a junior at Virginia Tech and the daughter is a senior in HS). Originally I was born and raised in Cento Italy and Italian is still the language that we speak primarily at home.

GILLIAM, Kenneth M. - Jones Creek, TX 85-89 #1173 PLANKOWNER mail or mail
*** MMC(ss)Ret - I remember the very demanding time aboard trying to be part of a team to deliver the best submarine we could to the fleet. As the Auxiliary Division's LCPO the demands were great and the time spent was long. But that goes with Fast Attack tough and SSN --- Saturdays Sundays and Nights. Long Black and never come back. I miss my time on the boats, but most of all I miss the class of people we worked with. I will never be a good civilian, most of them are not very bright.
^^^ I work for Atlantic Scaffolding Co. as the SW Region Equipment Manager, where I plan and organize the equipage of scaffold material for chemical and petroliem plant outages.

GRIFFIN, Rowdy - Washington, DC 01-05 #1194 mail
*** SK2(SS) best buds STS2(SS) Keith Wolford and MM2(SS)Anthony Amato. Time spent on board were some of the best years in my life. Made outstanding friends that still today I always keep in touch with. Qualified all the way to DCPO import and DOOW at sea as a second class.
^^^ Today living in Washington DC working for the Director of Naval Reactors and counting down the days until I go to sea again.

GUMBINER, Don - 89-92 #1123 mail
*** YN - I have since retired as YN1(SS). I would love to hear from any of my old shipmates

HAGDORN, Jerry - Virginia Beach, VA 91-92 mail *** ET3 - SSN-723 was my first boat in the navy, and of all the ships I've ever been on since she had the tightest, hardest working crew.
^^^ Married 14yr with 2 kids. Now LCPO of Training Technologies Dept at Training Support Center Hampton Roads (TSC-HR).

HANSEN, George M Jr - 85-88 mail
*** MS2(SS) - Plankowner SSN723

HILEY, Nigel C. - Baton Rouge, LA 88-92 mail
*** ET2 - I was a forward ET (ESM) on SSN-723.
^^^ Now working as a Field Engineer for an X-Ray Company

HOUPT, Jeff - Yukon, OK 92-96 #1224 mail
*** EM2(ss)
^^^ Currently part owner of a Building Automation Company. Married for almost 14 years with four kids.

HUGHES, Alvin - Titusville, FL 86-91 #1352 mail
*** FTC(SS) - Plankowner - Came aboard as an FTG1 during NEWCON and made chief onboard in the Med
^^^ Retired after 30 years active duty CWO4 in 2009. Still working for the Navy and going to sea on USNS ships

JOHNSON, Armando - Pottstown, PA 94-97 mail
*** MM1(SS) - nuclear machinist mate
^^^ Now a Nuclear Engineer for Exelon Nuclear

KELKENBERG, Tom - Colorado Springs, CO 90-94 mail
*** QM2(SS) - Tried to keep the boat from running aground. Buddies were Speight, Mosty, Burchette and many more
^^^ Currently a Captain in the USAF working as a GPS Payload Engineer

KELLEY, Michael L - Aiken, SC 92-94 #1257mail
*** ET1(SS) - Reactor Controls Division. Fondly recall my time on the OK City. During the time of CDR Polefrone. My chief was ETC(SS) John Thomas. Great experience I will never forget. Buds were: Wisecup, Wark, Grant, Gerard, Pflibsen, Sorrensen, Mathis. I know there were more but names elude me.
^^^ Today I am an operations manager for Hubbell Power Systems and have been with the company for 12 years. I have a wife (20 yrs) and two kids. My son starts college this year and my daughter is a Junior in HS.

KRUKOWSKI, Anthony - Forked River, NJ 85-88 mail
*** EMCM(SS) - Precomm crew and Plankowner. On the day of Commissioning, I was transferred to Naval Nuc Power School and retired after 20
^^^ Currently maintenance manager at Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

LITTLE, Mark A - Norfolk, VA, 99-Present mail
*** ETC(SS) - Assistant Navigator

LUSK, Jeffrey W. - Floyd, VA 87-90 #1273 mail
*** TM1(SS) - I am on the plank owner plaque as TMSN Jeffrey W. Lusk. I served on the SSN 723 in the Torpedoman Division with Chief Pearson as the TMC from Oct 1987 thru Dec 1990. Was on the pre-commissioning crew, Participated in all the initial certifications all the way thru nuclear weapons certification. Went on all of the sea trials including the "60 degree down and still around" incident. I got my dolphins here and received 3 Battle E's on her. Upon leaving the OK City I was stationed at the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station where I served in the Facility maintenance department and became the Facility Manager upon making the rank of TM1/SS prior to finishing my shore duty. In 1993 I went on to serve as the LPO of the Torpedoman Division on the USS Cincinnati SSN 693 and left for the Med the day after reporting to her. Just when I thought I had it made, my Chief was, oh yes, TMCS Pearson. Unbelievable. Halfway thru the Med run I got sick and was medivac'd to Naples. Due to my medical condition I was separated from the SSN 693 and was finally honorably discharged in May 1995. My runnin buddies were TM3/SS John Bigelow, SK3/SS Ed Winsininski and MM2/SS Glen Stone
^^^ I am now Disabled 100% and live in Floyd, Virginia. If you have any questions for me, please call me at 540-745-5875(H) or 540-392-8475(C)

MARCH, Joseph - Prince Frederick, MD 87-90 PLANKOWNER mail
*** ET1 - NAV / ESM Tech - LPO (Yes Chief, you control the liberty, see you guys tomorrow)
^^^ Retired July 03 - Was habitat tech / research diver for UNCW/NURC Aquarius undersea habitat now ROV pilot/tech for Phoenix Intl. Perform search and recovery of military and commercial aircraft.

MARTIN, James M (Mike) - Castalian Springs, TN 88-92 PLANKOWNER #1275 mail
*** RM2(SS) - had a lot of great times while onboard the USS OKCity - made (2) Med Runs and every sea trial imaginable. What an experience - have lost touch with every one. Bob Lucenti (ET2) was my best friend while serving.
^^^ Work in sales for tw telecom (formerly Time Warner) in Nashville, TN

MASTERS, Gary - Arvada, CO 89-91 #01072 mail
*** MM1 - I was the LELT. Lived Med-run #1 and narrowly escaped Med-run #2
^^^ Left the Oklahoma City in 91. Joined Rocky Flats nuclear weapons production facility as mtce planner & xfered to radiological engineering a year later. Left Rocky in 97 for "the private sector". Now in charge of computer systems engineering for McKesson Corp
Still with the woman I married while on OKC (15 years 9/04). We have a daughter and son

MOSTOLLER, Thomas - Haymarket, VA 91-95 #1172 mail
*** MM2(ss) - Was an A-Ganger by trade who probably spent too much time smoking and joking with TJ, Speight and Burchette.
^^^ My home of record is Haymarket, VA, but I currently reside in Iraq working for the DOS. Will be moving to Frankfurt, Germany next year. I got married in 2004 and have two great stepsons and beautiful daughter.

NETTING, Ryan - Byesville, OH 01-03 #1235 mail
^^^ Now that I'm back home with an ex-wife and a son really makes me wish I hadn't got out of the navy and the sub fleet. Maybe when I drop some weigh I'll see ya'll once again, in the bridge, mid-January, 18 knots on the surface, waves crashing in your face that instantly turn to ice. As bad as it sounds, you instantly don't care once you hear the nav telling the OOD that Ches Light is approaching and then you eventually see old pier 3 and hear all the subs welcoming you home with very long blasts of their whistles, seeing family on the pier welcoming their boys home. Think about that and you'll be a bubblehead for life!

NIMMO, Christopher P - Hendersonville, TN 95-97 #1114 mail
*** ETSN(SS) - I was one of the first 14NOs for the new rate combining Forward Navigation ET (ET, QM, IC). I served at squadron 8 in Norfolk, working radio after sub school, then met the boat in Italy January 1996. Earned my Dolphins in March of 97. Served under Commanders Snead & Cooke
^^^ Today I'm an ops mgr & database administrator at 1st Tenn Bank. I work in downtown Nashville, still have a love for all things submarine and miss the ocean

NOURRCIER, Brett - Pataskala, OH 88-92 mail
*** LT - Caught the boat just after PSA. I rode her through 2 Med runs and had the time of my life
^^^ After the Navy, I joined GE and am nowthe Master Black Belt in their Quartz business

PALMERTON, Ron - Omaha, NE 86-89 #1253 mail
*** MM2(ss) - Plankowner on the 723 - Served in A Gang
^^^ I currently live in Omaha, NE and am an IT Project Manager.

PFLIBSEN, Derrick - Las Cruces, NM 91-94 #1102 mail
*** EM1
^^^ Now work as Contract Manager for General Electric

POELLNITZ, Carl David - Norfolk, VA 96-02 mail
*** ET2 - Worked as a Nav ET; qualified ESM to support Comm Div. Best buds were ET2s New, Owens and Alley
^^^ Help the boat win the 2000 Battle E and enjoyed helping junior sailors in areas I struggled in

POLEFRONE, Phil - Granbury, TX 91-94 mail
*** CDR - Commanding Officer - Privledged to serve with the crew 91-94. Currently working in commercial utility industry

RICHARDSON, Joe - Jermyn, PA 86-90 #1151 PLANKOWNERmail
*** MM2/SS now CM - 10yr broken service and deploying in '06 as a Navy Seebee, points unknown. Apparently no one showed a-gang where the computer connects to the wall sockets. Holy rusted metal, god bless that hull if it still sinks and floats right. Hey to Stern, Riggs, Herminio Hernandez, Palmerton, Randy Browning & Stoner, steer clear of plankowners selling real estate. My little sis Mrs Dennis just certified as a reactor operator, all aft types be aware and take care.
^^^ I am currently working for Lockheed/Dayzim as an electronics supervisor at Tobyhanna, Pa, divorced, living with my son, Shane, 13

SALISBURY, Brent C. - Adrian, MI 91-95 #1216 mail
*** MS3
^^^ Food Service Supervisor at the Chelsea SAI Boot Camp in Michigan. I have 3 children, Kayleigh (soon to be 14), Emileigh (soon to be 13), and Brentson (8)I have been marrired for 14 years to Jennifer

SARGENT, Bradford D - Virginia Beach, VA 96-97 #1261 mail
*** ETCM(SS) - COB: Took her to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME for DMP. Medical condition that lead to my retirement in 1999 saw me transferred before getting underway out of yards.
^^^ Married to my beautiful wife of 29 years, Mary Cay. Three children: Robin – Married and expecting our first grandchild in March 2009; John – Graduated from College Of William & Mary. Currently at Navy OCS, going to Intel school following commissioning; Mary J – Student at ODU.
Work as Military Affairs representative for USAA. Yes, if you have heard the rumors they are true. Anyone who ever retired from military service is now eligible for USAA.

SELBY, Todd - Chillicothe, OH 03-05 #1211 mail
*** MMC(ss) - Now retired - Made some wonderful friends & enjoyed a great Westpac, one of a kind on an Atlantic submarine
^^^ Now work for the world'leading supplier of enriched uranium, USEC, Inc. & I enjoy life in Southern Ohio.

SNODGRASS, Scot - Houston, TX 96-98 mail
*** ET3 Navigation

STALNAKER, Gary W - Deltona, FL 87-89 mail
*** ST - Sonar Tech & plank owner - best times were the shakedown cruises - best friend was PO Hinnington and "Stoney" was the best cook in the Navy
^^^ Now a support eng for a military supplier. Married 6 years with 5 children. Hobbies are flying and music

STERN, Steve - Winter Park, FL 86-89 mail
*** ET2 - Foreward (navigation) ET on pre-comm crew
^^^ Now Systems Administrator for Boeing at Kennedy Space Center - Shuttle Payloads

STONE, Glenn "Stoner" - Mt. Juliet, TN 86-89 PLANKOWNER mail
*** MS2 - One of the first cooks on the boat (while it was still under construction at Newport News).
^^^ Married with 4 kids and now work as a dispatcher. Check out my web site at: Navy Cook

TAYLOR, 'Smokin' Joe - 92-95 #1295 mail
*** FTG2

THIELEN, Pete - Hampton, VA 89-92 #1103 mail
*** MCPO - I had the honor and pleasure to serve on OKC 1989-1992 under Capts Holloway & Polefrone and with one of the best submarine crews of my career. I hope all OKC crewmembers who read this note know how much their submarine camaraderie truly rewarded this Sailor. A special thanks to the XO, CDR Hopfinger and COB Cal Foster, for mentoring and forwarding my career and Commodore Holloway for selecting me as his Master Chief after OKC
^^^ Married Robin in 1982. Robin is stuck with me retired from sea duty and our son Pete, Jr is in his first year of college.

TROXEL, Travis - Nesbit, MS 96-98 mail
*** MMFN(TM)
^^^ Now in school to be a Physical Therapist

WARNER, Ian - 03-05 #1133 mail
*** YN1
^^^ I got out of the Navy after the OK City and I'm pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.

WILLIAMS, Scott A. - Zionsville, IN 90-92 mail
*** RM2 - OPS Division

WRIGHT, Mark (Doc) - 90-94 #1214 mail
*** I served as the IDC on the OKC SSN-723 from late 1990 to 1994. Had lots of best buddies. Fished in every port in the med, and played Mom to all that I could. My last ship in the Navy was the USS CONSTITUTION, OLD IRON SIDE. From nuclear power to sail power, missiles to cannon balls .... what a ride!
^^^ We retired in 2005 and now live in a log house on 80 acres in the catskills. I am in up state ny because I love Beth more than I love TEXAS ... and we all know that's a lot. Still suck at admin Captain Polefrone, but I am still great at taking care of people so that is what I still do for a living ... taking care of people, not admin. Everyone drop me a line if you get a chance. TAKE ER' DOWN!, DOC WRIGHT.

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