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USS Oklahoma City


ALBORNOZ, Carlos J - Barstow, CA 71-72 #01061 mail
*** YN2 - Came aboard as deck seaman / mess cook, then to Capt's Office with YNCS Bailey, CWO Nededog, YN2 Squires, YNSN Joe Dunne, YNSN J. P. Janes and later WO1 Williams & YN1 Price
^^^ Retired as YNCS(SW) 30 Sep 93. Sec'y at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX then moved to CA working with the INS as examiner until 2000. Now in Environmental Div sect at USMC Logistics Base, Barstow, CA

AYALA, Richard H. - Weslaco, TX, 66-68, mail
*** YN2 - X Div, worked in ship's office with Capt Bagley
^^^ After Navy, 5 years as Texas St Trooper & 25 with US Border Patrol, retired '99. My wife Helen is an RN, we have a son & daughter. I now own a PI business in Texas

BAILEY, James G - Carrollton, TX 69-72 mail
*** YNCM - Capt's Off under CWOs Nededog & Williams
^^^ Xferred to Fleet Res in '76, fully ret from civilian jobs in '97. Still miss the feeling of the ship under my feet

BATCHELOR, Bob "Batch" - Bella Vista, AR 69-70 #1366 mail
*** CYN3 - Jul '69-Aug'70 - Went tad to NAVCOMSTA Yokosuka until Jan '71 then transferred to NSC Oakland to finish my 4 years. I was assigned to the CR Division and worked in the COMMCENTER. Best friends were RM2 Kerry Henderson and CYNSN Darrell Cluck but had many other friends on board. I would like to get in contact with any of therm. ^^^ I have been married to the same wonderful woman for almost 41 years, have two sons, two daughters in law and three grandchildren. I have been retired for about two years.

BELL, John R. - Dacula, GA 71-74 mail
*** YN3 - Com7Flt, Flag Ops / Plans

BIANCO, Bob - Clinton Township, MI 62-66 mail
*** YN3 Logroom Yeoman

BONGIOVANNI, Frank 72-74 #1122 mail
*** YNSN - Fond memories of the Tonkin Gulf when the world was in turmoil

BRADFORD, Lee - Virginia Beach, VA 71 mail
*** YN3
^^^ Ret Cdr. SC USNR, now GS11 MILPERS Officer - FISC Norfolk

BROWNING, Randy - Columbia, SC 87-90 95-95 #1274 mail
*** YNC(SS)Junior Yeoman 1st tour and Leading Yeoman 2nd tour
^^^ Today I am an HR Consultant with Paychex, Inc. and work with various clients around the state of SC.

BUTLER, William - East Lansing, MI 72-75 #1223 mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt - N-1 office. I processed awards for the 7th Fleet. I remember the guys in the office. CDR Wayne Case was an outstanding officer to work for. Mark Brock was an office mate for a couple of years. I have good memories of Paul Weishaupt, who was roving about the WestPac, but was attached to our office.
^^^ I used to be an art museum curator. I work on projects of personal interest now. I'm married to my first wife, 25 years. She's a law professor. Our daughter is going to school in Chicago.

CAREY, James E - 68-69 mail
*** CYN3 - CR Div, Com7Flt TTY Operator

CARTER, William "Bill" - Monroe, LA 72-73mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt, worked in Awards Office.
^^^ Presently working with the Morehouse Parish Sales Tax Commission. Married with a daughter, a step-son & a 5 year old granddaughter. Enjoy camping, fishing, spending time with our grandchild. I try to play golf

COOK, Dan - Fort Mill, SC 67-68 #1111 mail
*** CYN3 - 7th Flt Staff, crossed the deck to the Prov - then to Navsuppact Saigon where I served at Nha Be, Dong Tam, and ATSB Phouc Xuyen in support of the river boats. I operated a 60mm and 81mm mortar putting out H and I fire on the river. I pretty much ran with Ben Finley
^^^ I have been employed with the 3M company for 25 years. Married 35 yrs with 3 grown children who selected military careers. For my midlife crisis, I took flying lessons and earned my private pilots license last May

CORNWELL, James - Walnut, CA 69-71 mail
*** CYN3 - CR Div - best friends were Terry and Paco
^^^ Now a conductor for Union Pacific RR, my run is from Los Angeles to Yuma. Married going on 29 yrs to the lady I was writing while aboard the okie. We have 3 boys

COSTELLO, Ronald E - Cottonwood, CA 66-68mail
*** YNSN - Legal Yeoman

COTTRELL, Barry L. - Apopka, FL 76-79mail
*** PO3 - X Div, Command Career Counselor
^^^ Ret USN in '85 as NCC(SW) CPO. Now a dispatcher for VecTour, a Charter Bus Company in Orlando

CRUSE, Dale - Rocky Face, GA, 68-70, mail
*** CYN3 - Com7Flt banker and radio

CRUSO, John - Saucier, MS 68-70 #01088 mail
*** CYN4 - Comm Shack - message handling & computer screen
^^^ Now with Northrup Grumman Shipyard in MS doing Quality Control - Enjoy bowling in spare time with girl friend and in leagues

DAVIDSON, Billy A - Pensacola, FL 65-67 mail
*** CYN3 - Teletype Operator & Class E Messenger
^^^ Now a LtCdr & instr at Naval Aviation Tech Training Ctr. Married to Lorraine for 35 yrs. 3 grown children & 6 grandchildren. Love golf & showing off my 1930 Ford Roadster

DITZLER, Thomas F. - North Ridgeville, OH 70-72mail
*** YN3 - Ships Personnel Office
^^^ Now a purchasing agent for Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Married 28 yrs with twin sons, both school teachers

DODD, Thomas D "Okie" - Las Vegas, NV 68-72 #1202 mail
^^^ I moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1974. Iíve been in Commercial Printing for the past 20 yrs

ELAM, David - Merced, CA 78-79
*** YN3 - Engineering Log Room and Captain's Off

ELSBERRY, Marvin F - Republican City, NE 1965 #01063 mail
*** CYN3 - Com7Flt - handles fleet traffic for Adm Hyland. Crossed the deck to the Prov and then to the Canberra in '67
^^^ Wife Linda & I retired to the lake for gardening, hunting & fishing. Spent 31 yrs in Aerospace with Gen Dynamics & Martin Marietta

FAUSS, Ken - Rapid City, SD 69-71mail
*** CYN3 - Com7Flt

FELSHEIM, Wayne C. - Johson City, NY 68-69mail
*** Comm Yeoman, Com7thFlt

GROW, Ken - Downey, CA 69-71 #1156 mail
*** CYN3 - worked in Comm, then Flag Admin in Awards - reported on board when ship was in dry dock
^^^ Today I own a small business and sell insurance

GUMBINER, Don - 89-92 #1123 mail
*** YN - I have since retired as YN1(SS). I would love to hear from any of my old shipmates

HAGMANN, Neil - Park Falls, WI 69-70 #1267 mail
*** CYN3 - I was attached to Com7thFlt assigned to the CR Div. I was a CRT Operator in comm. I enjoyed working with the Message Processing Distribution System very much. My best buddy was CYN3 Jim Carey. He was also in CR Div as a TTY Operator. We spent all 4 of our years in the Navy together. We both had been with ComNavAirPac staff prior to being assigned to the OK City.
^^^ I have been retired for a little over a year and a half. I was my hometown's City Clerk-Treasurer for 37 years. I also officiated high school sports (baseball, softball, and basketball) for 34 years. I now spend alot of my leisure time golfing.

HARRIBINE, Don - Peabody, MAmail
*** YNCS USN(Ret)

HAWKES, Bob - Salt Lake City, UT 68-69mail
*** CYN3 - Com7Flt, went from Providence to OKC to S. Vietnam.
^^^ Now work for Salt Lake City Fine Arts Div. I have a step-son and a daughter. Wife died in 1987.

HOGAN, Patrick J - Zion, IL 72-76 #1157 mail
*** YN3 - Com7Flt Plans Office
^^^ Retired in 92. I have worked last 14 years for Vernon Hills PD as the Evidence/Property Officer

IHDE, Darrell - Lincoln, NE 60-63mail
*** YN3 - Driver for Cdr Tuttle and later Capt's Off
^^^ 34 years with an Insurance Co - now sell Real Estate. Past Master of a Lincoln Masonic Lodge - active with the Shriners. Wife Betty & I are empty-nesters

JACKSON, Mike - 71-73 #1341mail
*** YN3 - Served in the Captain's Office - I celebrated my 19th birthday while standing bridge watch on April 19, 1972 while we participated in the battle of Dong Hoi Gulf, North Vietnam.

JAMES, Terry - Diamondhead, MS 73-75 #1228 mail
*** YN1 - Served with 7th fleet staff N-2 division. Friends were Capt Hoskins, B.J. Blackerby and Dave Vandyke.
^^^ Retired YNCS. Retired civil service after 11 years at U.S. Naval Retirement Home - worked in the admissions office. Served on quite a few ships, but none, no not one, held a candle to the OK City.

JOINER, Ross - Fairbury, IL, 72-73 No E-Mail, contact webmaster for more information
*** YN3 Ship's Library, X-Div

KISSINGER, Kerry - Federal Way, WA, 70-74, mail
*** YNC - Com7Flt Staff

LANE, Benjamin Charles - Stafford, VA, 64-66, mail
*** YN2 - Weapons Dept Yeoman assigned to FG div. Later, Capt's Off Yeoman. Retired as LCDR in '91
^^^ My wife & I have lived in Stafford 21 years. Presently work for Dept of the Army in Alexandria, VA

LOACH, H Alex - St. Augustine, FL 68-69 mail
*** SN - XO Div, Chaplain's Asst, Librarian, Choir Dir, Organist & Capt's Telephone Talker; best buddy was Steve Flowers
^^^ Now CFO at Auglink Comm (ISP)

LOPATE, Mitch - Nashville, TN 78-79 mail
*** YN - Com7Flt War Plans then Public Affairs. Crossed to the Blue Ridge in 79

MACK, Dennis - Stafford, VA 70-75mail
*** YN1 - Com7Flt, Flag Admin Unit; transferred to BUPERS in Oct. 75.
^^^ Now work for US Army (Civil Svce) as Treas of DeWitt Army Community Hospital at Ft. Belvoir, VA. My wife Haruyo and I have 3 sons: Terry, Scott and Dale

MAPES, Dennis - Orcutt, CA 61-63mail
*** YN3 - Worked in the Capt's Office for Lt(jg) Vern Smith
^^^ Married with 4 grown daughters & an 18 y/o son

McCLOSKEY, Robert - #1292 mail
*** YN3 - Operations Clerk under Commander Cooper

McFANN, Roger - Benbrook, TX 72-75 mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt Ops Office. Best bud was John Bell also of OPS
^^^ Now Command Master Chief at Commander, Naval Reserve Readiness Command South in Fort Worth. 3 wonderful children; my oldest is a Corpsman in New Orleans

MENDOZA, Leonardo F - Las Pinas, PI 60-62 #1264 mail
*** YN1 - Assigned in the Captain's Office as Assistant Ship Secretary. My best buddy was CWO3 Dardi.
^^^ I am an Elder in the Bread From Heaven Christian Fellowship church.

MEYERS, Craig S. - Aiea, HI 75-79 mail
*** YN1 - Seventh Fleet Staff, Retired 2001 as YNCM(SW)
^^^ Now civil service working for USAF at Hickam AFB
MILSTEAD, Larry G - Yuma, AZ #1174 mail
*** YN2 - Checked onboard CLG-5 as a Deck Seaman and departed a YN2 serving in the Weapons Office
^^^ Retired 1 Jan 1990 as Command Master Chief of Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia

MOLLER, Delmer D - Pensacola, FL 73-76mail
*** YNCS - Admin Office - Retired

MUIR, Phil - Mesa, AZ 67-68 #1184 mail
*** YNSN - Engineering log room
^^^ Requested and received duty on the Oklahoma City

NEWELL, George F. - Anaheim, CA 71-73 mail
*** YN1 - Com7Flt Flag Ops. Drove NEX base taxi for last 7 months of tour

NOLAN, J Danny - Indianapolis, IN 65-67 mail
*** CYN3

OVIATT, Donald - Omaha, NE 69 mail
*** CYNSN - Communications Yeoman, assigned to Flag Staff CR-CS Division
^^^ Still shuffling paper but now for a railroad in Omaha

PERRODIN, Stephen J. - Lake Charles, LA 68-69 no e-mail
*** CYNSN - CR Div, Com7Flt Flag Allowance

PFEIFER, Joseph R - Arvada, CO 69-71 #1344 mail
*** YNSN - Yeoman in the Engineering Log Room.. Best buddies Bill Pittman and Joe Reynolds
^^^ Mortgage Loan Broker, married, 2 sons, 1 stepson, 1 stepdaughter and 4 grandchildren.

PIETZ, Mark B. - Sacramento, CA 72-73 mail
*** YN3 - X Div, Capt's Off

PRESTIGIACOMO, F D - Deltona, FL 68-70 mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Now working for US Gov't Federal Civil Service

REYNOLDS, Joseph D. - Spring, TX 69-71 mail
*** YN3 - Engineering Log Room, Xferred to Fleet Reserve in '92 as YNCS.
^^^ I am currently a Navy Junior ROTC instructor at Spring High School, Spring Texas, just N of Houston. Met my wife Merle in Manilla while on the Okie. We have 4 children & 2 grandchildren

SCHOMMER, Cliff - Neenah, WI, 71-74, mail
*** YNSN - 7flt Staff, Fleet Admin Office, Radio Rm + Flag Ops
^^^ Now shift supv in a Paper Converting Co

SHELLEY, Kenneth O. - Sparks, NV, 63-65, mail
*** YN3 - Capt's Off

SLOBODIAN, Stephen W - Brooklyn, CT 71-73 mail
*** CYN/RMSN - CR Div MainComm - Best Bud was Mac Rathbun

SQUIER, Bob - Salt Lake City, UT 67-70 #01058 mail
*** YN2 - Worked in Operations, Legal & Captain's Offices
^^^ 32 years in trucking. Worked 16.5 yrs with American Freight System before they went out of business in 88. Been with ABF Freight for 15.5 years now. Have a son in North Carolina and a daughter in New York City. One grandson in N.C. After Navy, I lived in Minneapolis for 17 years, then NC for 7.5 years and have been in Salt Lake City for 8 years now

STAIRS, Joe - Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada 73-75 #01018 mail
*** YN3 - Started as SA in 2nd Div, then to weapons and later X Div, Capt's Office and Dependents Asst Team in Yokosuka
^^^ Now working as Maintenance Supervisor at the local Community College

STRAND, Glenn - Sioux Falls, SD 65-67 #1207 mail
*** CYN3 - Com7Flt - I enjoyed the experience of being part of a great communications group.
^^^ Married with three sons. Twins are freshman in college. After active duty I joined the reserves and retired in 91 as RM1. Started drawing my navy retirement pay in 2006. Now employed as a credit counselor.

VANCONANT, Claude III - Lancaster, CA, 72-74, mail
*** YN1 - Capt's Off

VOIERS, Cleve - Las Cruces, NM 72-74 mail
*** YN3

WARNER, Ian - 03-05 #1133 mail
*** YN1
^^^ I got out of the Navy after the OK City and I'm pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.

WIPPERMAN, Bill - Lenexa, KS 68-70 mail
*** YN1 - Com7Flt in Legal Office under Captain Allen. My wife worked as a nurse on the base in Yokosuka. My son Jeff was born there
^^^ I now sell Real Estate, have 2 grandchildren

WISENBAKER, Kenneth A. - Dry Creek, LA 69-70 #1285 mail
*** YN3 - Admiral's secretary
^^^ Now a cattleman

ZACCARO, Frank A. - New Port Richey, FL 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** YN1 - 2nd Division, then Asst to Chaplain Merta. Also prepared the Cherokee Strip publication
^^^ Treasurer, USS Oklahoma City Association. Best buddy was Ray Palumbo-we are still in touch. Married to Frances for 56 yrs. Still a consultant for a woodworking machinery co

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