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USS Oklahoma City


BEECHER, Lowell E - Tulare, CA 72-75 #1092 mail
*** SMSN - Signalman - James Randall was my best buds
^^^ I'm a Harley Davidson tech at Custom Chrome Inc. Formerly worked for H-D for 17 years

CHILDERS, Gary - Bonita, CA 60-64 mail
*** SMC - Leading PO then Chief of OS Division. Retired as a Lt after 26 yrs.
^^^ Now fully retired, my wife & I travel a lot in our 40' motorhome

CLAYTON, Al - Newport News, VA 78-79 mail
*** SM3 - Crossed the deck to the Blue Ridge prior to Decom. Served along with my brother Dave, SM3, (77-79)
^^^ Still on active duty - now Navigation LCPO on USS Nimita (CVN-68)

CONWAY, John - Newport, RI 75-77 mail
*** SM3 NS-Division
^^^ Discharged in '80, worked as a radio broadcaster while attending Culinary School. Received my degree and am now working at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut

ENGELTER, Hal - Cleveland, OH 67-70 mail
*** SM3 - OC Division - JX Talker on bridge during GQ

GALLAGHER, Jack W. - Pembroke Pines, FL PLANKOWNER mail
*** SM

GERINI, Philip E. - Craig, CO 60-64 mail
*** SM3 2nd Division then OS/CS Division

HESS, John - Honolulu, HI 70-75 mail
*** SMC - Ran signal bridge, then Dependent's Assistance Team in Yokosuka, Japan

KOENIG, James Mark - Bicknell, IN 70-71 mail
*** SM Striker - 3rd Div Deck Force

LONGSTREET, Garret J - Boise, ID 70-72 #1243 mail
*** SM3 - Had fun
^^^ I am the broker/owner of Century 21 real estate company in Boise ID.

MAGOUTAS, George "Magoo" - Oviedo, FL 63 mail
*** SM1 - Relieved Providence then to Com7Flt
Stayed in Yokosuka 'till 1970

MOORE, Maurice E. - Allentown, PA PLANKOWNER
*** SM

PALOMINO, David J - Portland, OR 68-70 #1178 mail
*** SM2 - CS Div
^^^ Wife Nancy & I have 2 married sons, no grandkids yet. I recently retired from the Portland F.D. after 30 yrs. I play music and enjoy singing. I also build and sell Rustic wood furniture. Great crazy memories. Would do it all over again if I could.

PATTAVINA, Tim - Kansas City, MO 68-70 #01057 mail
*** SM3

PERSINGER, Rich - 1977 #01039 mail
*** SMSN - Signal Gang; Best bunch of guys I've worked with. Started out in the Deck Div under BM1 Haney
^^^ Currently Merchart Marine working near the coast from Nome, AK to San Diego, CA

ROSE, Joe - Aiea, HI 73-75 #1117 mail
*** SM3 - Best pals were SMC Crosby + SMC Hightower. Retired 1995
^^^ Great ship!

ROTHMIER, Gordon - Arvada, CO 70-74 mail
*** SM2 - CS Div

SHORE, Danny J. - Paris, TN 60-64 mail
*** SM1 - OL Division, which was later combined into OS Div. - Retired in March '88 as SMC
^^^ Settled down in Paris. Enjoy the lake and lots of fishing. I guess I can't get away from the water. Now site manager for Security Group at a food service distributor

SHRADER, Tom - Yokosuka, JAPAN 75-79 mail
*** SMC - LPO Signal Gang. Retired '93 as SMCM
^^^ Visit my website

STEIN, Al - Bronx, NY, 64-69
*** SM2 - CS Div, Com7Flt

SUFFRIDGE, Richard - Pensacola, FL 74-77 mail
*** BMSN - Worked in 3rd & 4th Div. Landed Blackbeard 1, drove all the small boats and was the coxwain that beat the USS Midway in a Motor Whaleboat Race
^^^ Self employed, work at home, go to sea every chance I get

WIECEK, Raymond J. - Independence, OH 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SM - C Division

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