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USS Oklahoma City


Store Keepers

AHERN, Patrick H. - Las Vegas, NV 59-64 mail
*** SKC - Logistics - Com7Fleet Allowance

BANTUG, Alex N - 79-Decom #1141 mail
*** SK1 - Supply Dept

COLLINS, Eugene - Virginia Beach, VA 71-74 mail
*** SK2 - S1 Division
^^^ Semi-retired now with my Japanese wife of 33 years

DEGUIRE, Bruce - Kenosha, WI 69-70 mail
*** AK3 - Aviation Storekeeper
^^^ Married to Sandra. Oldest son was born at Yokosuka Naval Hosp 1970
FOSTER, Craig P - Tripoli, IA 65-71 mail
*** SK2 - Was aboard when SK1 Frost made chief. Lcdr Bouchard was the Supply Officer. Best buddy was Andy "Graz" Grosdnoff

GARRETT, Larry D - Amarillo, TX 62-94 mail
*** SK3 - S1 Division
^^^ Wife Brenda and I have a 34 year old step-son

GRIFFIN, Rowdy - Washington, DC 01-05 #1194 mail
*** SK2(SS) best buds STS2(SS) Keith Wolford and MM2(SS)Anthony Amato. Time spent on board were some of the best years in my life. Made outstanding friends that still today I always keep in touch with. Qualified all the way to DCPO import and DOOW at sea as a second class.
^^^ Today living in Washington DC working for the Director of Naval Reactors and counting down the days until I go to sea again.

HOFFMANN, Maurice M. - Palm Coast, FL 68-71 mail
*** SK2 - S-1 Division, retired July '88 as SKCS.
^^^ Quality Control / Technical Support Analyst working with special projects programming.

JONES, Leo - Newport News, VA 78-79 #01031 mail
*** SKSN - It was a wondrous time for an 19 year old kid, so far from home for the first time in his life. It was frightening and exhilarating seeing the wonderful ports that I now only visit in my memories. She was the best ship in my 26 yr naval career
^^^ I am planning my retirement from the Navy and am going to work for EG&G, installing and removing sonar systems from submarines

LE BLEU, Bobby - Rangely, CO 69-71 mail
*** SK3

McKENNA, Jim - Arkeny, IA 68-70 mail1 or mail2
*** SK3 - S1 Div - Supply Office. Buddies were Bob LeBleu, Ken Hermann, Bob Marsh, Chuck Hiatt, Russell Roe and others
^^^ Married to Suzie for 31 yrs, children Matt & Mollie both on their own and doing well. We love to travel and plan to attend a reunion if possible

MITTS, Jennings D. (Doc) - Boaz, AL 59-62 mail
*** SK1 - Pre-comm Crew, then I/C/O machinery & electrical repair parts. Retired as Customer Service Chief, Nav Supply Center, San Diego, CA 1975

NELSON, Robert - Tustin, CA, 62-64, mail
*** SK3

RENO, Michael 'Mike' - Lakewood, CO 71-73 mail
*** SK3 - S1 Div - best buddies were Tom Wheelus, Jim Taylor, Tom Wheelus, Bob Mandt & Al Kampanga
^^^ I'm a retired Systems Analyst from the US Government Bureau of Reclamation. I'm married with 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter

ROCKWELL, Dennis C. - Warner Robins, GA, 72-73, mail
*** SKSA - Slept in the Cooks Quarters since it was near the Drystores
^^^ Medical Retirement - Married 3 times, 7 kids, 3 grandkids.

TAYLOR, Jim - Lakewood, CO 71-73 #01073 mail
*** SK3

VINCENT, Joseph P (Pete) Jr - Baton Rouge, LA 68-71 #01050 mail
*** SK2 - I rode the Okie over to WestPac from San Diego. I got an early out in May 72 to return to LSU Baton Rouge, LA where I graduated in Accounting.
^^^ I am a CPA with a small firm in Baton Rouge. I am also a 4th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. My son and I own the largest Martial Arts school in the Baton Rouge area (see our website). My first wife, Pat, (David's mother) died of pancreatitus in November 1975. I remarried a short time later and have a daughter, Nicole, from that marriage.

WHEELUS, Thomas L Jr - Norman, OK 70-73 mail
*** SK2 - When not doing inventory, I enjoyed playing music. Buddies were Jeff Brown, Dave Girdner and Mike Reno
^^^ Work as a registered music therapist and continue to play guitar, bass, tuba and recorder at every opportunity. I camp out over 30 days a year and take my Rottweiler with me. Still in touch with shipmates in Denver and American friends in Japan

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