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USS Oklahoma City


Ship's Servicemen

BEECHER, Dan - Col Island, GA, 63-66 & 68-69 mail
*** SH1

CHAPIN, Dwight - Porum, OK 63-66mail
*** SH3 - Ships Service - Worked in Laundry Division
^^^ Retired Police Officer from Modesto, CA. Living in OK past 10 years with wife & 3 sons. Now work at Gerber and live in the country on 10 acres. Helping my sons build their own homes. Also a grandpa.

CRUNK, Kenneth - Seguin, TX 61-63 #01043 mail
*** SHL3 - S3 Div - Laundry, barber shop, ship's store - buddies were Vasquez, Irvin, Lazard
^^^ Ret Civil Service 37 years at Randolph AFB TX. Supervisor Supply Div. Now Master Barber shop in Seguin

CUMMINGS, Gordon - Tonganoxie, KS 73-74mail
*** SH3 - Worked in laundry and ship's small store.
^^^ Worked on and off for Government for 24 years. Married with a son and daughter. Son is now in the Navy Seabees.

DAW, Duglis - Deltona, FL 64-66 mail
*** SH3 - Ship's Laundry - crossed to the Providence in 66
^^^ Retired as SHCS in 84. Now with USPS, married with one son who recently graduated from Law School and is going into the Marine Corps as a JAG officer

FAY, Michael "Fernando" - Carlsbad, CA 71-75mail
*** SH2 - Worked in all aspects of the Ship's Serviceman position. Also had a daily radio show with the call name of Fernando Fay.
^^^ Currently Information Systems Manager for a major insurance company with a B.S. in management. Married with two children 11 & 14.

HARRIS, Doug - Bettendorf, IA 71-73mail
*** SH2 - S3 Division, ran ship's store and laundry

HEUSSMAN, Lewis W. - Loveland, CO 65-66mail
*** SH3 - S3 Division

HOPKINS, Chris - Port Orchard, WA 71-75mail
*** SH1 - 3rd Division, all aspects of ship's service including barber
^^^ Currently a salvage diver and sometime truck driver. Married 27 years, 3 kids, 5 grandchildren. Met my wife in Tokyo; changed rate to MA in '88

KIMMEL, Harve - Phoenix, AZ 66-68 mail
*** SH3 - Postal Clerk, Ship's Store & Gedunk. Also was lay leader for Jewish services. Best friends were Gary Weiser and Phil Lane
^^^ My oldest son is active duty Army

KNIGHT, Ronald W - Port St. John, FL 60-61 #1098 mail
*** SHB3 - S3 Div - I was on nucleus crew to put the Oklie in commission. I went on in early 60 - left in 61. Ran the Crew's Barber Shop with 3 beginners. My drinking buddy was Scott SHB3. Lt. Commander Wingo was my Div Officer + I still have my Liberty Card signed by him

MANNING, Leslie - Rochester, NY 68-70 mail
*** SHL3 - S Division - Best buddy was HM3 Kolb. (S-3)Division Ship's Laundry, and Small Stores (clothing) Hey Russell Roe, Smithy C. Sayler and the others Great Guy's.
^^^ Married with 3 grown children and 4 grand. Working at Copier Div of Heidelberg and enjoy carpentry and working in my yard

NEWKIRK, Jack - Aledo, TX 73-75 #1103 mail
*** SHSN - Started in 2 Div then to S3 in Supply. Best buddies were Jerry Orr + Al Covault. They were like brothers to me.
^^^ Today my wife & I own a small used car lot in Granbury Tx. My wife has 2 children + we have 6 grandkids

ORR, Jerry Lee - Central Point, 72-75 OR #1104 mail
*** SH3 - ran ship's store, laundry, small stores and storerooms. Best buddy was Jack Newkirk. ^^^ Married with 5 grown kids + 5 grand + 1 on the way! Work for school district but spent my younger years as a bartender and bar/owner in Reno, Nevada before settling here in Oregon

PHILLIPS, Shorty - Philippine Islands, 70-73 mail
*** SHC
^^^ Retired from Atsugi, Japan Dec '82

ROE, Russell A - Rio Rancho, NM 68-71 #1185 mail
*** SH2 - I started as an SK but switched to ships serviceman early on. I was the ships Tailor and Dry Cleaning Plant Operator, Ships Store Clerk plus other jobs. My best buddies were John Vogt, Dale McMinn, R.J. "SKI" Nadolski and all of the SKs and SH guys
^^^ Now retired "Building Contractor." My wife is Elisa and I have 1 son & 3 grand children. Would love to hear from any old shipmates that I had a drink with or got a tattoo with

SCHRADER, Kenneth - Wilmington, DE 70-74 mail
*** SH2 - S3 Division, laundry, soda fountain, ship's store
^^^ Retired SHCM - Now retail store manager and married to the same great ladyI met 27 years ago in Japan. Two children, Margie and Shawn (who still miss Japan)

SMITH, Benedict "Ben" - 68-70 #1324 mail
^^^ SH3

VASQUEZ, John - Copperas Cove, TX 63-61 mail
*** SH3 - Ship's Barber - S3 Division, started in laundry and then to crew's barber shop and then staff barber
^^^ Now Civil Service in Fort Hood, TX, will retire in 2 years and love to vacation in the beaches of Mexico

VOSATKA, Steve - 78-Decom #01022 mail
*** SH3 - Barber
^^^ Now working for ADM (Archer-Daniels-Midland)

WRONA, Ed - Chico, CA 71-73 #1361 mail
*** SH3 - Ship Services Division; ran the gee-dunk and then the ship's store; best friends: Mike Johnson; Mike (Fernando) Fay; Mike Reno; also a number of friends in the Marine contingent on board.
^^^ Married for almost 42 years, I recently retired after 40+ years of service with the Social Security Administration, in both management and non-management positions; worked mainly with disabled individuals wanting to return to work.

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