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USS Oklahoma City


Ship Fitters

BLANCHAT, Gary - Conroe, TX 65-67 mail
*** SFSN - R Division
^^^ Originally from Wichita, KS

BRUMFIELD, Tommy R. - Corpus Christi, TX 61-64 mail
*** SFM3 - R Division
^^^ Retired as MACS and now work for DOD Police

CLEETON, Larry T. - Sammamish, WA 66-70 #1371 mail
*** SF2 - R Div - aboard ship I did sheet metal work, damage control and plumbing.
^^^ For 17 years I was a sheet metal worker; went back to school, became an mechanical designer and designed mechanical systems for large buildings. I retired in May 2014.

JECK, John J. - Wichita, KS 61-64 mail
*** SF3 - R Division - Shipfitter
^^^ Technical Rep for Raytheon (Beech) Aircraft; Would like to contact Darryl (James) Stewart

LOZEN, Larry - 68-70 mail
*** SFP3 - R Div (best party group on board) - friends I can remember were Neil Milner & Gordon Thompson
^^^ Just retired after 30 years as a carpenter

MORRIS, Larry E - Bland, MO 68-70 mail
*** SFP3 - R Division - buddies were Tamachico, Chief Nolan, Pfiefer and Zellener
^^^ Retired after 18 years (army and navy) and ten years as a Federal Officer. Have lost portions of both lungs due to failing health but I'm still kicking and miss the good times on board the ship

PRIEST, David A Sr. - 67-68 #01056
*** SF3 - aboard when Okie was First Fleet Flagship

STEMMER, Ed - Suisun City, CA 70-75 mail
*** SFM3 - Pipe shop, metal shop and carpenter shop. Retired 1988 as HTC.

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