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USS Oklahoma City


AGUILAR, Edward - CA 73-75 #1247 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt - Looking For my Buddies Mark Lampe, John Diciaula,Bill williams,Tom S.Jones

ALLBRITTON, Steve - Nashua, NH 77-78 mail
*** RM1, Seventh Fleet Staff

AQUINO, David - Bakersfield, CA 71-73 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division
^^^ Now VP Human Relations for Sun World produce. Married, 4 children, 3 grandchildren and 2 on the way!

BARONE, David F - York, PA 68-70 #1347 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division. Served as asst. watch supervisor and traffic checker under RMCS Paul Dillon. Good friends with CYN3 Bill Johnstone and RM3 Tom Lamson.
^^^ Separated from active duty in July of 1970. Attended college on the GI Bill. Retired from a 33 year career with the US Forest Service in 2006. Retired as an RMC from the USNR in January of 1998. Met my wife Chris in college. Son Daniel and family live in Sterling, VA; daughter Vicky and family live in Raleigh, NC. One granddaughter and two grandsons. Enjoy visiting grandchildren; two three year olds and one newborn. Vacation with entire family every year on the Outer Banks of NC. Live adjacent to a county park rail trail and walk for exersice 5 miles in the morning and 5 miles in the afternoon, weather permitting. Enjoy reading and visiting historical sites with my wife.

BARRY, Ronald W - Beverly, MA 66-68 mail
*** RM3 - Buddies were Paul Moffat and Barry Mahaffery
^^^ Currently work for the town of Danvers, MA assisting senion citizens. Have 3 sons and 4 grandchildren. My wife and I have discovered cruising and will soon make our 3rd trip to the Caribbean

BENTON, Walter - Japan 77-79 mail
*** RM3 - Flag Staff - I had the job of delivering Top Secret messages to Adm. Foley and his staff. Best buddy was Bob Steinberg; we were both camera buffs and enjoyed the countryside of various ports we visited
^^^ Married a Japanese and bought a house here in Japan. Work for Memorex Telex as a security specialist

BERLINSKI, Lawrence - Beachwood, NJ 68-70 mail
*** RM2 - attached to Com7Flt
^^^ Best buddies were John Cruso and Lamont

BLACK, Jerry - Lomita, CA 78-79 mail
*** RMSN - Crypto, Com7Flt Staff

BLACKBURN, Jim - Salt Lake City, UT 68-71mail
*** RM3 - Teletype Repair Shop
^^^ I have recently retired from the D.O.D. at both Tooele Army Depot and at Fort Douglas. I now drive a school bus for a special needs pre-school here in Salt Lake City

BUMBAUGH, Jeffrey L. - Larwill, IN 78-79 mail
*** RMSR - CR Division - Ret 6/97 as RM1

CAHILL, Thomas - Alpine, CA 65-67 mail
*** RM1 - Com7Flt Staff, teletype and crypto rapair
^^^^ Retired from US Navy in 1973. Work for RCI Corp doing electronics installations on USN ships. Can't get away from the ships.

CARTER, Duane - Virginia Beach, VA 78-Decom #01042 mail
*** RM3 - Crossed over from USS Midway. Retired from NCTAMSPAC Honolulu Hi in Nov 2003 as ITCS(SW)
^^^ Now job hunting in VA

CHARBENEAU, Denis R - Memphis, TN 69-73 mail
*** RM3 - CRT Operator, Maincom
^^^ To all the guys I served with: "we made it!"

COURY, Gary - Kent, WA 1965 #1238 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Got out in '68 and spent time in So Cal hanging out with Bud Manter, Gary Thompson, Jack Walton and John McGann till I moved to Seattle in '76 and opened a Mexican restaurant in honor of Bone Ortiz and Boo Boo Luna. Sold the restaurant in '86 and did a Peace Corps stint in Ghana, West Africa, after which I went back to grad school and have spent the last ten years doing relief work in Bosnia, Kosovo, Nigeria, Montenegro, West Darfur, Liberia and am now living and working in the West Bank/Gaza Strip. Doing well, except that I have reached that stage of senility where the only thing that I am passionate about is the Pittsburgh STEELERS. The motley crew mentioned above and I get together every few years and would love to hear from some of the other guys that were so close for so long.

COX, Robert L - Charleston, SC 76-79 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division, Teletype Repair
^^^ After Navy, got BA Degree at USC, then Masters in Accounting. After six years in accounting, had a profound religious experience and call to the ministry. Got Masters in Divinity at Duke and now serve a United Methodist Pastor

D'ANGELO, Ken - Northwood, NH 70-74 mail
*** RM2 - worked in Tech Control - nickname was WOP
^^^ My wife is a veterinarian and we own and operate a Vet Hospital in NH. One son in college and doing great

DAVIS, Mac - 64-66 #1255 mail

DAY, Bobby - Easley, SC 72-73 #1163 mail
*** RM3 - worked in Main Comm, CR div office, shared a house with Tym Myers and Dave Keller outside of Yokosuka
^^^ Married 31 years, 1 son 21 still in college. Worked for Fluor Corporation for 29 years, Dir of Office Services, still play with radio as a ham operator (Wa4HSJ)

DEPAOLA, Ross - Madison, WI, 71-73, mail
*** RM3 - CR Div, Com7Flt, multiple jobs in radio shack
^^^ Married with a 19 year old daughter. Own my own energy consulting business

DICIAULA, John - Temecula, CA 72-75 mail
*** RM3 - Radio Shack, Com7Flt Staff.
^^^ Owner of John's Motorcycles in Murrieta, CA.

DIEHL, Don - Deltona, FL 73-74 mail
*** RM1 - Worked in Radio
^^^ Retired in '92 as RMCS. Now work for an electronics company

DIEZ, Roger - Dayton, NV 64-66 mail
*** RM2 - Control Operator and Teletype/Crypto repair tech
^^^ Now Sales Manager for a Human Resources Co and on weekends I'm and Auto Racing Announcer

DILLON, Paul - Gales Ferry, CT 68-70 mail
*** RMC
^^^ Secretary of the USS Oklahoma City Association

DIX, Wesley "Dixie" - 69-71 mail
*** RMSN - Worked in Control, attached to Com7Flt (most people would remember that I used to be clumsy and run into everything...including bulkheads)
^^^ married almost 30 years and have five children (one deceased). Just retired from yellow transportation as a 30 year teamster and am working part time for a local post office

DOUGLAS, Frank L - El Paso, TX 69-75 #1162 mail
*** RM2 - Messenger to supervisor, CR Division. Could have gone my whole career with the guys in MainComm
^^^ Retired from NCTAMS EASTPAC Wahiawa, HI. Returned to hometown of El Paso Texas. Married my girlfriend “Made in Japan”, have 3 grown boys. Now working for El Paso F.D. as a 911 Fire / Medical dispatcher

EHRENSBERGER, Wayne C - Mount Airy, MD 77-79 #1232 mail
*** RMSN - CR Div Com7Flt. Got out in 1982 as an RM2
^^^ Working for what is now Verizon Communications ever since. Married my girl and we have a son and daughter.

EICHINGER, Steve "Ike" - Wooddale, IL 75-77 mail
*** RMSN - Started in messdecks and then to Comm Center. Crossed the Equator 5 times!
^^^ Work for AT&T for 21 years. Never married 'cause I quit drinking

ELLIS, Lee - Plano, TX 60-63 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Got my Aerospace Engineering degree at UT Austin in '70 and have been working as a consulting engineer since then. Now doing forensic engineering for Rimkus

FARIAS, Jose - San Antonio, TX 71-74 #1155 mail
*** RM3 - Fleet Flashnet operator also TAD to Com7flt in Crypto - "They were all my best buds!!" They know who they are!!
^^^ I live on a small farm, semi-retired, raising exotic birds after too many years in the landscape/nursery business as a Horticulturist. Married 30+ yrs: son 30 & daughter 15 -- one granddaughter just born in '05

FERELL, Ronald - Smithville, TN 69 mail
*** RM - Com7Flt
^^^ I have worked for the local telephone company for 31 years

FITCH, Jimmy D. - Europe, 68-70 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Senior Systems Analyst with a DOD contractor in Europe.

FROMM, James - Waipahu, HI 64-66 mail
*** RM1 - OC Division, TTY Repair Shop
^^^ Retired as LT, USCG, 1986. Now run my own computer business. Married 33 years, no kids.

FULMER, John R. - Ashburn, VA 70-73 mail
*** RM2 - 7 Flt Staff

GORE, Robert M - Kennewick, WA 64-65 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt. Bset buddies were Gary Page and Richard Taylor, both RMs
^^^ Working as a Pipefitter/Welder since 1968

GREGORY, Art - Stockton, CA 64-67 mail
*** RM1 -
^^^ Now Senior Technician for Sprint with two college grad sons and am very involved in American Legion (past Commander 2x)

GREGORY, Don - Kelso, WA, 66-68, mail
*** RMSN - Ship's Company
^^^ Now Mayor of Kelso. Married with 2 grown sons and grandchildren

HALL, James E - York, PA 75-78 mail
*** RM1 7 Fleet Staff - Retired RMCS in 7/86.

HANTHORN, Roger - Salem, OR 71-73 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division

HARMON, Charles "Chuck" - Austin, TX 73-77 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division

HARVEY, Richard - Land O' Lakes, FL 68-70 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Married to Sharlotte 20 yrs (Kidney transplant recipient). Volunteer work for LifeLink of FL & Tampa Gen Hosp: Organ Donor & Transplant issues. Asst Scoutmaster, troop-21. Now hotel manager for Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

HASSELBRING, Kris - Houston, TX 73-75 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div Radio Shack
^^^ Retired from AT&T. Carpet and wood salesman for Jack's Carpet. Married to El Salvadorian.

HAZELTINE, John - Elkhorn, WI 61-62 send mail
*** RM3 - Radio Room #2

HEATON, Peter J. - Punaluu, HI 72-75 mail
*** RM1 - CR Division, Leading PO, Teletype Repair
^^^ Retired USN

HECKT, Dennis - Jacksonville, FL 75-77 mail
*** RM3 Com7Flt, CR Division

HEXT, Jim - Phoenix, AZ, 1970-74, mail
*** RMC - Communications COW, CR Division - Made Chief in AUG 70 (along with a signalman whose name I can't remember) enroute from Yokosuka to Subic Bay 1970. Brother onboard same time, Val Hext EMCM
^^^ Lived in Hawaii until 95, now in Phoenix, AZ Wife is Japanese, and lived onbase H34 My last time in Japan was off and on from 86 to 92 while working as civilian on USNS SURTASS Vessels but wife sill makes yearly trips back

HITT, R.S. "Bobby" - 71-73 #01030 mail
*** RM - CR Div Best buddy is still WS Parks

HOLLINGSWORTH, Jon - 71-73 #1134 mail
*** RM3 - Com7flt

HOWLAND, Edward L - Grand Junction, CO 72-75 mail
*** RM2
^^^ Now in new car sales, have 2 grown children and 2 grandsons and another on the way. Still riding motorcycles as I did in Japan

HULL, Gray B. - Las Vegas, NV 75-77 mail
*** RM1 - CR Division, leading petty officer.

HUMSTON, Robert J. - San Diego, CA 68-71 mail
*** RM1 - 7th Fleet Staff, i/c/o Teletype Repair under Lt. Brenton. Retired 30 Aug 80 and worked as Tech Rep for RCA/GE/Martin Marrietta.
^^^ Working at Titan/Eldyne doing Navy and Commercial installations. Played golf every chance I got with GMM1 Wagner (still do) and CS1 Deerstein

HUSTUS, Michael 76-79 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Medical discharge as RM1 in 89. Now a computer specialist for the Social Security Admin

IRVIN, Larry R. - Griffith, IN 61-62 #1353 mail
*** RMSN - I am Larry R Irvin, RM3 (536 3319),was graduated from Oliver P Morton HS in Hammond, IN June, 1959 and joined the US Navy on June 20, 1959. Attended 'boot camp' at Great Lakes, IL; sent to Class A Radio School in Norfolk, VA then assigned to NAS Corpus Christi, TX until March 1961.

Next duty assignment sent me to Long Beach, CA and served aboard the USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5) from about 3/61 to 9/62. She was just finishing the 'shakedown cruise' and preparing to become the Flagship of the 7th Fleet.

We set sail for Japan approximately Dec. 1, 1961, stopped in Hawaii for a ceremony with the Gold Star Mothers aboard on Dec. 7, 1961 commemorating the 20th anniversary of the bombing. We arrived at Yokosuka, Japan approximately Dec. 12th, 1961(?) and relieved the Heavy Cruiser USS St Paul(CA-73) and commenced our duties as Flagship of the 7th Fleet.

We participated in a SEATO operation somewhere between Okinawa and Japan. We visited many cities in the Far East; Took 7 days for R&R in Hong Kong, visited the Philippines during the tenure of President Diosdado Pangan Macapagal. We were relieved as flagship of the 7th Fleet by USS Providence (CLG-6) on 5/26/1962 and returned to Long Beach on 6/12/1962.

I was Honorably discharged on 9/20/1962 in Long Beach, CA. Best friends were: Larry D Morey from Cheyenne, WY, Larry D Grant from Lincoln, NE and our top 1st Class was Larry H VanGerpen from Walnut Creek, CA. The OR Division Officers were: Ens. Edward A. Fritz and Ltjg Claude K. Chappelear.

Married Mary L Keith on 5/23/1964; son Gregory A Irvin was born on 5/1/68 and daughter Paula M (Toren) Irvin was born on 9/25/1970 (my birthday present).

I have an email contact, Gene Woody, who also served on the Okie Boat at a later time now living in Arkansas. This is as much as I can remember at age 71. Whew....my head hurts - 'Anchors away my boy.....'

JARVIS, John "Ed" - Winfield, KS 64-66 mail
*** RM3 Transmitter supervisor,ships company / 7th Fleet Flag

JELINEK, Terrence - Naperville, IL 69-71 mail
*** RM3 - Fleet Flash Network
^^^ Married to Susan (27 years) and have 3 sons. I am now District Chief for the Naperville F.D. and also Commander of VFW post 3873

JOHNSON, Brown L. - Franklin, NC 45-46 mail
*** RM2 - C-Division, Main Radio Room/Emergency Radio Room/Bridge.

KEMMELING, Jim - Pine Bluff, AR 69-70 mail
*** RMC - OC Division, also Capt & Coach of OKC Pistol Team

KELLER, David B "Kid" - Lancaster, PA 71-74 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div, Com7Flt
^^^ Married with 3 grown kids, 3 grandkids, with 1 on the way. Still working as a Union Electrician (IBEW L.U. 743). Hoping to hear from any and all shipmates.

KESZLER, Robert "Bob" - Roseville, CA 65-66 mail
*** RM3 - Communications Section
^^^ Spent 31 years in Law Enforcement with CHP and Ca Medical Board. Retired as Supervising Investigator for CMB in Aug '98

KLOCINSKI, Robert - Fredricksburg, VA 78-80 #1236 mail
*** RM3 - Worked in message center for COM7FLT. Okie was my first ship and I had a great experience. Retired as ITC(SW).
^^^ Married with 3 daughters. Work and reside in Washington, DC area.

KLUG, Mike - Dover, DE, 73-75, zardoz72@yahoo.com
*** RM3 - Ships Company, TAD 7th Fleet Staff, worked in Crypto

LAMONT, William J - Hyannis, MA 69-70 #1225 mail
*** RM2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Today I am a personal care attendant for a man with multiple sclerosis. I haven't a family though I did go back to PI to marry a girlfriend there in 1983. We have since lost touch. I live on Cape Cod in Hyannis, MA in elderly/young handicapped housing. My interests are running and family history.

LAMPE, Mark S - Saint Louis, MO 72-75 #1204 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt - The tightest group of guys I have ever known
^^^ Married with 4 Children. Union Electrical Contractor

LAMSON, T.C. "Tom" - Hockley, TX 68-70 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division, Radio Central. Watch stander in Facilities Control (radio-1). Worked DC patch panel, receivers & crypto.
^^^ Historian for the USS Oklahoma City Association & always interested in hearing from any former shipmates

LANDRENEAU, G.W. - Las Vegas, NV, 72-74, mail
*** RM1 - Tech Control Radio, retired in 1984 as RMC.

LANE, James - Fort Wayne, IN, 75-77, mail
*** RM3

LEQUIRE, Verne - Zeeland, MI, 73-75, mail
*** RM3 - Worked in SatCOM
^^^ Single Dad with 3 sons, eldest getting married 10/2000. Now a Single's Pastor at a Vineyard church and a singer/songwriter. Looking for Ed Howland.

LIENARD, Jim - Peoria, AZ 63-65 mail
*** RM3 - Worked in radio shack, attached to Com7Flt. Best buddies were Willie Liston, Mike Ireland, Luginbill
^^^ Currently with Honeywell Commercial Aviation Sys as Principle Programmer Analyst

LUDLAM, Vincent O. - Everett, WA, 68-72, mail
+++ Deceased - Died 8 JUL 2011
*** RM1 - LPO CR Division, Communications watch supervisor, retired as RMCS.
^^^ Now aircraft mechanic at Goodrich Aerospace.

MANN, Charles A - Horicon, WI 64-64 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt, berthed in CR Division. Best bud was Bill Evans
^^^ Working as customer service rep for sheet metal manufacturer. I have 2 married daughters and 3 grandchildren

MARTIN, James M (Mike) - Castalian Springs, TN 88-92 PLANKOWNER #1275 mail
*** RM2(SS) - had a lot of great times while onboard the USS OKCity - made (2) Med Runs and every sea trial imaginable. What an experience - have lost touch with every one. Bob Lucenti (ET2) was my best friend while serving.
^^^ Work in sales for tw telecom (formerly Time Warner) in Nashville, TN

MAURER, Charlie - Waipahu, HI 77-79 mail
*** RMCS - Retired as RMCM on 01 December 199

MAYO, Bruce - Hardwick, VT 76-78 mail
*** RM3 - Comm Shack
^^^ Left Navy for reserves in 79. Went to college for 4 years, and am now a Tax Auditor for the State of Vermont. Transfered to Air Nat'l Guard will be retiring in Feb 02, after 26+ years

McHUGH, William "Bill" - Denver, CO 70-72 #1290 mail
*** RM2 - I worked in the back "Tech Control" area. I remember my time on the OK city as a great adventure. It was war, typhoons, sailing, grey and blue seas, R&R, and crazy radioman shipmates.I'm Glad I served.
^^^ I have lived in Denver since getting out of the Navy in 1976. I've been blessed to be married a great lady for 35 years, and have three great grown kids living in the area. I have a small label and printng distributorship.

McKENZIE, William S. "Bill" "Mac" - Columbia, MO 64-66 #01028 mail
*** RM2 - CR Div - My best buddies: A.J. "Bo" Sparacino, Doug (Johnny) Johnson, Ron (Bear) Luginbill, Tim (Moose) Burns, Ed Jarvis and lots of others
^^^ After the Navy and college, I spent about 30 years practicing law but am now mostly retired and spend a lot of time playing my bagpipes, fiddle and banjo. I have been married for 37 years and we have two grown children.

MEDLER, Ron - Naval Hospital, Yokosuka, 70-75, mail
*** RMCS - N-5 Division, ComSeventhFleet Staff

MENO, Don - Wallingford, CT 65-66 #1250 mail
*** RMSN - Radioman 3 - Best Bud -Butch Howard --- Shell back once and pollywog twice. Loved Westpac
^^^ In Radio broadcasting for the last 48 years in Connecticut

MILNER, Terry L - Yokosuka, JA 72-76 mail
*** RMCS
^^^ Safety Manager for MWR

MILTENBERGER, Larry - Pensacola, FL 64-65 mail
*** CR Division, Com7Flt
^^^ Retired as RMCM(SS) after 30 years. Currently a Sheriff's 911 operator and dispatcher for Escambia County

MODDRELL, Jeff - 72-74, mail
*** RMSN - CR Division
^^^ Now oil and gas lease broker

MOHR, Rich - Wakeeney, KS 71-73 #1094 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div - Best buddies Bill Koopman, Rufus Borders and Ron Schauf
^^^ Now a heavy equipment operator. Married to 2nd wife (5 yrs). I have 2 grown children, 2 grandchildren + 3 stepchildren. Still party a little bit but, not like the old Navy days

MONTGOMERY, Greg - Austin, TX 74-76 #1340 mail
*** RMSN - CR Div Com7Flt
^^^ Marketing Manager - Married, two daughters

MOSTUE, Bob - Spicewood, TX 63-65 mail
*** RM2 - OI Division
^^^ Was a fireman in Santa Barbara and now a commercial helo pilot in the Gulf of Mexico.

MOYER, Kenneth - Fairview Heights, IL 60-62 mail
*** RM2

MURPHY, J.M. "Mike" - Amarillo, TX 63-65 mail
*** RMSN

MYERS, Tym - San Antonio, TX 72-73 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div, Maincom, buddied were Dave Keller & Bobby Day
^^^ Captain for American Airlines; Wife, Kit, of 27 years, daughter in college; Hometown is San Francisco, moved to SA 12 years ago

NEELY, John - Madison, TN 76-78 mail
*** RMSN - CR Division, Com7Flt Staff

NELSON, Paul L - Mesa, AZ 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** RM1 - C-N Division - was aboard from Commissioning to moth balls
^^^ Now 81 and enjoying a healthy retirement

NIMAN, John W = Concord, NC 70-72 #1252 mail
*** RM1 - Served in Radio Tech Control with some great sailors. Trying to locate RMC Joe Tarrant and RM1 Ron Carron if anyone knows where they may be. Was at the Yoko Comm Sta. and got orders to USS Galveston. Checked aboard and received msg that decommissioning was moved up. Stayed on USS Galveston for 3 mos. Got orders to Long Beach Ca. and swapped with a shipmate that got orders to the OK City. He wanted to stay in California and I was real happy to get back to WestPac. Know Paul Dillon from OK City and again in New London Ct. Just joined the Association.

NUGENT, Charles "Chuck" - 75-77 #1137 mail
*** RM2 - I was onboard when we participated in the evacuation of Saigon in May 1975

OWEN, Tim - Krugerville, TX 73-74 #546 mail
*** RM3 - As a Radioman, I learned a lot in communication. Had a lot of fun with the guys I worked with. Going through these name on the “Look for Shipmates”, I found a lot of names that I have forgotten.
^^^ I work for Frontier Communications at the Network Operations Center at DFW Airport. I now live in Northern Texas with my wife from Canada. Married for 22 years. My home town is Reno Nevada. Have ridden Dirt bikes. Still ride a Street bike. Play racing on the xbox360. I have a ton of pictures and slides that I took while onboard ship. I would like to post them.

PARENT, Ed - Crestview, FL 77-79 mail
*** RM3 - Radio Tech Control, CR Div, buddies were Steve Simon, Skip Roe, Nick Ricks and Pete "Jughead" Jones
^^^ Retired in 98 as RMC after 22 years, spent the last 4 on USS Nimitz (CVN-68). Originally from Willimantic, CT

PARKER, Mark - Mukwonago, WI 72-74 mail
*** SN - Radioman

PARKS, W.S. - Streetman, TX 71-73 #01029 mail
*** RM2 - CR Div
^^^ Production technician for Chevron/Texaco - 1980 to present - Married, son & daughter - wife a Dental Hygienist, daughter an RN, Son an MM3 aboard the JFK in Jaxsonville FL

PATCH, Danny E - Mount Shasta, CA 73-75 mail
*** RMSN - Teletype Repair, trying to locate Tony Anthony
^^^ Now a Network Field Engineer for US Cellular

PEREGRIN, Richard - Olympia, WA 64-66 mail
*** IV2/RM2 - Ships Company Radioman. Retired from WA State as Detective with 26 years service. Remained in the Navy & CG reserve as Special Agent for 21 yrs.
^^^ Married with two grown daughters. Own a private polygraph business.

PEREGRIN, Ron - Sequim, WA 64-66 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division
^^^ Became a Fish & Wildlife Officer for Washington State and retired as Detective. Have been a Reserve Special Agent with CGIS for 22 years and now am Resident Agent in Port Angeles, WA, with the rank of IVC. I retired from USCG in 2007 and am now serving as the Undersheriff for Clallam County Sheriff's Office in Port Angeles, WA.

PIERSON, Walter - Yuba City, CA 77-79 mail
*** RM1
^^^ Retired RMC - Now working as a network administrator at the Sacramento County Public Law Laibrary

PROULX, Michael - Wales, WI 60-61 mail
*** RMSN - OR Division - went to precomm school
^^^ Still in touch with some of the crew from OR div

PULLING, Donald L - Aiea, HI 75-79 #1229 mail
*** RM2 - OC div - worked as a traffic watchstander, did mess duty and ended as Staff Division
^^^ Work for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in the Surface Fleet Maintenance Office with the Port Engineer Division

REIMINK, Mike - Belmont, MI 76-78 mail
*** RMSN

RIPPBERGER, Randy - Traverse City, MI 75-78 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division, Watch Supervisor - Retired 1993 as RMCS(SW)

ROARK, Allen - Brandon, MS 69-71 mail
*** RM2 - Watch Supv, Tech Control Com7Flt. Best buddy was Wes Dix
^^^ Married and working in auto sales and leasing; serve on my Church Council and play bass in our Celebration Band

RYAN, Dr. Joe - 72-74 #1189 mail
*** RM2
^^^ Had a great time running the honcho....drop me a line if my name rings a bell....raised 4 girls and a boy...still remember a little Nihongo..ki o tsukete....

SCHENK, John M. - Norfolk, VA 76-79 mail
*** RM1 - CR Division
^^^ Retired USN on '90 as RMCS (AW/SW). Civil Service Comm at CMIO Norfolk as GS-9. One son Joe is AF Capt stationed at Pentagon. Heavily involved with American Legion

SCHLEITH, Michael T. - Chillicothe, OH 60-64 mail
*** RM3 - Radio Central and Crypto - retired as CPO in 1988.

SCOTT, John B. - Aiea, HI 75-78 mail
*** RMC - Com7Flt Staff
^^^ Retired '94 as LtCdr(LDO) - USS OKLAHOMA CITY was/is a legend - best ship, Crew and Staff I ever had the privilege to serve with.

SEIVERT, Richard - Rockford, IL 78-79 #1131 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt staff. Okie Boat was the best - I was attached 7 Flt staff with staff ID cards. We could wear civies anytime, use the foward brow all the time. Me and Jeff Bumbaugh Rm3 took a week vacation from Singapore to Pattaya beach Thiland, we had a blast. Also climed Mt. Fugi with a bunch of shipmates. ^^^ Out for 24 yrs - have worked that long at UPS as a route driver. Married with 3 kids

SHEPPARD, Geof - Tacoma, WA 73-75 #01065 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div
^^^ I am now a commercial sign installer

SHORB, Mark - Grants Pass, OR 77-79 mail
*** RM3

SIMON, Steve - Belfair, WA 76-79 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division (Com7Flt), Communications & Facilities Control Watch Supervisor
^^^ Retired as ITCM(SW) 01 Feb 03

SLOBODIAN, Stephen W - Brooklyn, CT 71-73 mail
*** CYN/RMSN - CR Div MainComm - Best Bud was Mac Rathbun

SMITH, Kenneth R - Jacksonville, FL 70-74 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Retired from Navy in '92 as Sr. Chief Career Counselor, married to Nancy 31 years, with 3 teenagers. Now Bakery Sales Mgr for Winn Dixie

SMITH, Richard D "Smitty" - Stockton, CA 71-74 #1095 mail
*** RM3 - attached to maincom - communications router for all ship + flag coms. Involved in several major operations including the missile attacks on enemy radar installations, directed naval gunfire through ship to shore communications during the invasion of Quang Tri April of 1973. I had many fond memories. I left on emergency leave during a combat mission + was later attached to USS Hollister-DD-788.

SMITH, William H. - Ovett, MS 74-77 mail
*** RMSN - Com7Flt, Teletype Repair
^^^ Moving to Alaska to start my own Photography business

SONJU, Scott D - Washougal, WA 74-77 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div
^^^ Now Chief Prosecutor, City of Vancouver, WA. Married 18 yrs, one daughter age 9. Stay busy running 8/10/15K runs, riding horses, skiing and taking my daughter to whatever she has going on

SPRINKLE, John C. - Stockton, CA 72-75 #476 mail or mail
+++ Deceased - Died 01 SEP 2007 - Buried at Arlington
*** RM1 - Seemed as though the Okie Boat went from a liberty launch to a “Let’s go Fight” with Captain PD Bucher leading the charge. I was LPO of Tech Control in the CR division and it seems as though we always had the “O” looking over our shoulders even though then knew nothing of what we were trying to do. Had lots of hard times but many good times also.
^^^ I am fully retired (from the Navy 1992 as RMCM and San Joaquin County 2005) I recently found out I had stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Bummer huh!? I just recently sold my two sail boats, one of which I sailed to Mexico and back and bought a motor home. Hopefully I will put it to good use prior to…

STEPHENSON, Roger - Alhambra, CA 69-70 mail
*** RM2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Transferred to the Washoe County LST-1165 in 1970

THOMAS, Bobby J - 65-66 #01070 mail
*** RM1 - Com7Flt - Great Ship!

TORREZ, Edward G. - Los Lunas, NM 74 mail
*** RM3

TURNER, Michael R. - Melbourne, FL 72-74 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division, Tech Facilities Control

ULRICH, John R. - Aumsville, OR 77-79 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division - I was technically attached to C7FLT Staff. Had some great friends in Bill Jay (somewhere in St Louis), Tom Tate (Spokane WA) + Zane Cogdill, Micheal Hustus from Salina Ks and Chuck Dalmadge (Aurora Co).
^^^ On my 27th yr with the Oregon Dept of Corrections as a Sgt. Looking to retire soon. Married in '82 and have two children.

VALENTINE, David - Napa, CA 72-75 mail
*** RM2 - Worked as CR Div yeoman to get out of mess cooking. I was Dave Monday on the ship's radio; also did sports and weather on ship's TV. ^^^ Retired on disability as K9 handler. Now divorced and work as K9 trainer for law enforcement.

VYCE, Bryan - 77-79 vyce@msn.com
*** RM - CR Division

WHITFIELD, Dean - Chandler, OK, 64-66, mail
*** RM2 - CR Division

WHITEMAN, Ronald - Rosemount, MN 70-72 #1234 mail
*** RM3 - Worked in the top secret area inside the radio room.
^^^ Married with three grown children, one grandchild. Working as an electrician for 34 years, still working!

WILLIAMS, Herman C. - Knightdale, NC 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** RM3 - buddies were Jim Crowley and Fred Gore
^^^ Retired from Exide in '91 after 33 years

WILLIAMS, Scott A. - Zionsville, IN 90-92 mail
*** RM2 - OPS Division

WINE, Jerry - Sidney, OH 74-76 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division, Com7Flt
^^^ Now second shift for Burns Security. Married with 3 children from a prior marriage. My wife and I have a small giftware business and are in the process of buying our home. I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT

WOLF, Steve - Columbus, OH 72-76 #01053 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt Staff
^^^ Now working for Uncle Sam as a civilian computer programmer

WOODS, Stanton J - Pueblo, CO 70-74 #01082 mail
*** RM3 - I worked in CR Div. attached to COM7FLT and had a lot of great friends and great times in Japan and elsewhere. Enjoyed playing golf in Japan and other ports. Best friend was Ted Eckerson (Rookie); we are still great friends today
^^^ I work for Wells Fargo Bank for last 9 years and have been in banking since 1977. Happily married, play a lot of golf and travel. Looking forward to retiring in the near future

YUNKER, Edward N. - Brainerd, MN 60-61 PLANKOWNER mail
*** RM2 - OR Division

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