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USS Oklahoma City


Radarmen (Operations Specialists)

APKARIAN, Martin - Southgate, MI 66-70 mail
*** RD3 - OL and later OI Division
^^^ Now with Northwest Airlines in Control Tower. Not married, like to travel

BARTHOLOMEW, O.W. "Bart" - Gerry, NY 61-62 mail
*** RD1 - Pre-Commissioning Crew and Plankowner (CLG-5), Made CPO at Long Beach Naval Station, Sept '61

BEATY, Ray - Trinidad, CO 62-64mail
*** RD3

BRYANT, Harry - Raleigh, NC 68-72 mail
*** RD2 - Radar Nav, surface & air sup. later electronic warfare
^^^ Married, 2 adult children (1 girl, 1 boy) - now a consultant in print, on line & web documentation

BUTLER, Patrick - Graham, TX 67-68 No E-mail
*** RDSN - OI Division

CASHER, Norman "Tim" - Duncansville, PA 70-72 mail
*** RD3 - OI Division - Shaved, shined and shellbacked all in one day. Lived off base with Scott Frank and Carl Bauers.
^^^^^ 25 Years at VA Medical Center in Altoona, PA. Married with three daughters.

COOPER, Dave - Danville, IL 70-74 mail
*** RD - OI/OW Divisions(CIC) Import-switchboard/duty driver

CORT, Bobby E - Shasta Lake, CA 61-62 mail
*** OS1 - Senior radarman for 7th Flt staff. Used members of 7th Flt band to help with radar duties while at sea
^^^ Served my 20 and ret in Seattle from NRTC as OS Instructor. Worked as Corrections,Parking and Traffic control Officer in PD. Out board Mech. & parts mgr, Newspaper Circ mgr & the most fun of all Driving Charter Busses in the western US and Canada. Now retired again

COY, Stephen D - Tucson, AZ 74-75 #01078 mail
*** OSSN
^^^ Currently working as a software support engineer for QuickBooks by Intuit

CROWTHER, John E. - San Diego, CA 68-74 send mail
*** RD/OS2 - OI Division

DODGE, Charles "Chas" C. - Orange Park, FL 74-78 mail
*** OS2

DUFFY, Ken - Montgomery, IL 65-68 mail
*** RD3 - OI Division
^^^ Retired from Ameritech and now employed by Alarm Detection Systems. Married, 2 sons, 6 grandchildren & 2 dogs.

FIELD, Johnny - Edmond, OK 71-72 mail
*** OS
^^^ Married, with all the kids out of the nest. Currently working within the Postal Service. Living just north of Oklahoma City.

FITZGERALD, Tim - Roy, WA, 1968-71, mail
*** RD3 - Stood watches in CIC

FLEMING, Michael S. - Kawasaki, Japan 78-80 mail
*** OS3 OI-Division, cross decked to Blue Ridge (LCC-19)
^^^ Married, 2 boys and a girl ages 13, 15 & 16. Work for Avago Technologies Japan as Dir Sales Operations

FORTIER, Robert - Lady Lake, FL 61-63 mail
*** RD3 - Combat Information Center
^^^ Now retired in Central Florida

GRAHAM, Joseph - Sapulpa, OK 64-65 #1215 mail
*** RD3 - CIC Div cleaning, equipment maintenance etc. associated with Combat Information as required. Joined the CLG-5 when she was deployed to Wespac. Experienced change of command, assignment as Flag 7th. Fleet, visiting Singapore (ended up living there for 2 years later in life), participation in shore bombardments of South Vietnam installations, visiting Japan, Okinawa and Saigon...to mention a few areas plus....and who could forget...."The Order of the Shellback" ceremony! Remember a few of the "mates" like Rudd RD1 and Dalton as well as Ltjg Gilhuly but not many others.
^^^ Living in retardation (retirement) in Oklahoma after having my own business (import/export consulting organization) in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Sold company in 1990, returned to the U.S. traveled a bit and ended up in Arizona (2 years) and then in Oklahoma. Widowed (wife was of Singaporean nationality) in 1990 & 2 daughters + 5 grand.

HARDICK, Willis T. - Choctaw, OK 64-67 mail
*** RD2 - OI Division
^^^ Deputy Sheriff for 23 years in Oklahoma City area. Three children and a beautiful wife.

HOLLEMAN, Lynn D - Pearland, TX 70-72 mail
*** RD2
^^^ Retired as OSCS(SW) in '89. Currently a member of the Pearland P.D.

HOOVER, Max - 1968 mail
*** RD3 - Came over from USS Chicago (CG-11) and left for USS Askari (ARL-30) of the great green rivers of Viet Nam

HOPPENRATH, Ted - San Jose, CA, 1965-68, mail
*** RD2 - Radar Crew

IVES, Fredrick T Jr - Las Vegas, NV 66-70 mail
*** RD3 - OL/OI Div - Best friends were Smitty & Frenchy
^^^ Married 28 yrs with 2 sons. Interested in woodworking, hunting, fishing, barbeshop singing, computers and photography

KEMELIOTIS, Pete - Wintersville, OH 71-73 mail
*** RD - OI Division

LAURENT, Skip - Mesa, AZ 71-74 mail
*** RD3 Worked in CIC and ship's TV & Radio stations

LEE, Don - Oak Park, CA 69-73 mail
*** RD2 - OI Division, Combat Information Center.

MacDONALD, James E. - Northeast, MD 70-73 No E-Mail, contact webmaster for address.
*** RD2

MATHIS, Mike - New Braunfels, TX 67-71 mail
*** RD3 - OI Division, Surface SPA-10 Radar Terminal
^^^ Work for Oasis Pipeline Co. as Control Tech. Married 22 years to my 5th grade sweetheart.

McDANIEL, Larry - Las Vegas, NV 69-70 mail
*** RD2 - CIC Watches; came aboard after decommissioning USS Falgout (DER324). ^^^ Attended UNLV, now Insurance Agent, married and have two kids, a boy and a girl. MILLS, Jim - Greeley, CO 70-73 mail
*** RD2 - Spent my time in CIC
^^^ Now a tech rep for GE Transportation Systems. Retired in '96 after 19 yrs in Navy and USNR and 8 yrs in Army Nat'l Guard

MILSTEAD, Rick - Jacksonville, FL 61-64 mail
*** RD3 - CIC / Switchboard watchstander
^^^ Retired Jan 87 in Jacksonville Fl. with 26 years as OSCS- retired from the post office July 04. Travel a lot with the wife of 45 yrs. Just returned in Aug 07 from Scotland. Have 2 sons, one in Army - All you guys remember RDC Crowley and wildman Chief Casey?

NEWPORT, Gary - Memphis, TN #527 mail
*** OS3
^^^ After 22 years with IBM I have moved over to working for ServiceMaster Corporation. Very active in the Vietnam Veterans organization and held position of State Secretary for 5 years and brought them to the online world. Someday I will post pictures of Yokosuka. Was there in 2009. PAULSON, Ernest R - {DECEASED} - 69-71 mail to his daughter, Angela
*** RD3 - CLG-5 - Died 26 Sept 89

PIMENTAL, John - NH 77-79 mail
*** OS3 - Operation Specialist, OI Division. Went over to the Blue Ridge after the Okie boat was retired. Really enjoyed my time on board.
^^^ Happily married. 2 daughters now grown. Pres of ARC Technology Solutions.

RASOR, Doug - Dallas, TX 69-72 #1125 mail
*** RD2 - OW Div - Did “Electronic Warefare” Data collection. Had LOTS of great friends; probably was closest to Dennis Jerke (OW Div), Benny Baker (OW), Keith Schmeding (OW) Jim Jenkins (RM), Dennis Buteau (RM) and Howard Swindle (RM)
^^^ VP Marketing for Texas Instruments (Semiconductor Division), Still married to my childhood sweetie (lived with me in Yokusuka), One son (born in Yokosuka), three grandkids

REIFINGER, Glenn "Fingers" - Monroe, CT 74-76 mail
*** OS3 - OI and OW Divisions
^^^ Married, 3 children, live & work in CT, E-mail if you can

RICH, Bill - Hayward, CA 76-78 mail
*** OS2 - OI Division

ROBINSON, Richard "Robby" - San Bernardino, CA 68-73 mail
*** RD1 - OI Division LPO
^^^ Married 32 years, with 2 kids, 1 grown & 1 almost grown

ROSEMA, Gary - Waukesha, WI 70-73 #1355 mail
*** OS3 OI Division, Rotated through Radars, Radio Nets, Bridge, NavPlots, PRC25, & Olongapo City.
^^^ Working for the Risk Control Group of a large insurance company. Married with 2 dogs and no kids. Hobbies reduced to 3: motorcycles, guitars and tennis.

ROWLANDS, Richard - Milwaukie, OR 64-67 mail
*** RD3 - OI Division, Radar Gang

SCHLEGEL, Lodie - Oklahoma City, OK 76-79 #1098 mail
*** OS2 - I retired from the Navy in 1997 and of all the commands, the USS Oklahoma City was my fondest. OI div was an extension of my own family. Notable friendships included Adrian Sims, Brett Purvis, Charlie Powers, Charlie Williams, Bill Rich, Mike Nemick + Vernon McFadden
^^^ I live in Oklahoma City + work for the Fed Motor Carrier Safety Admin of the US Dept of Trans. Married with 4 sons + 5 grand

SIMS, Adrian C - Cherryville, NC 77-79 #01033 mail
*** OS2

SKOWRONSKI, Daniel E. - Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 63-64 #478 mail
*** RDSN - OI Division
^^^ Drove and Owned Tanker Trucks, also drove for Greyhound and Red & Tan Lines in NJ. Semi-retired with 6 children and 6 grandchildren. Now take life easy at the Jersey Shore

SQUIRES, William - 69-71 #1097 mail
RD - Radar gang

THRUSH, James G. - Dalian, China 75-77 #1303 mail
*** OS - Some very fond memories of time on the boat - especially remember a watch in the 'wheelhouse' post typhoon seas - green water over the bow and holding on to the grease board - not so fond but vivid memories of 'Wog breakfast' returning from Perth Australia - the apartment in yoku - the girls and the smells in Alongapo.
^^^ After a career in Emergency medicine I have returned to Asia and have been teaching English in China for 3 years now - have a beautiful (and young) Chinese wife and we have a pretty little 1 year old daughter. Would love to get in contact with old shipmates and possibly swap old war stories and pics.

TRACEY, Ron - Newnan, GA 67-72 mail
*** RD2 - Rotated thru all CIC watch stas, was NGFS target plotter and spot net talker; eventually made Surface Watch Supervisor. Retired as OSCM(SW) in '89
^^^ Retired from American Airlines in '99; worked for AMR as Instructional Designer. Now work for local funeral home where I enjoy helping people

VENARDOS, Lamont - Deepwater, MO 71-75 mail
*** OS3 - A lot of long days and nights in CIC
^^^ Now a Structural Engineer, divorced with a sixteen year old daughter, Elizabeth. Life is good!

VERMILLION, Charlie - Springfield, MO 68-72 mail
*** RD2 - OI Division, all the time in CIC
^^^ Retired from USN in '74 after 20. Now work in scrap metal recycling facility as Non-Ferrous Supervisor.

WHITTEN, Frank - Windham, NH, 74-76 mail
*** OS2 - Seventh Fleet Staff

WILSON, Charles L - New Church, VA 72-75 mail
*** OS2 - OI and OW Divisions

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