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USS Oklahoma City



ANTLEY, Loye H. Jr. - Benton, LA 75-78 mail
*** QM2 - 1st Division, then QM Gang
^^^ Retired as QMC in 1998. Still going to sea as US Merchant Marine Officer.

BROWN, Jerome - 71-73 #1200 mail
*** QM3 - Command Center
^^^ I went from active duty, to working for the Army as a civilan. I have 36 years Gov't sevice now, looking to retire some time in 2008

CARPENTIER, Kevin - Ypsilanti, MI 77-78 mail
*** SN - 3rd Division Helmsman - Bridge Watches

FARWELL, Jim - Auburn, WA, 69-73, mail
*** QM2 - Com7Flt Flag Allowance on staff of three different Admirals
^^^ Now a programmer and analyst for Boeing. Married 28 yrs to Yoko, a Japanese nurse I met while on the Okie. 3 kids Sage, Don and Laura. Hope to retire this year

GUY, Greg - Escondido, CA 77-79 mail
*** QM3 - Quartermaster of the watch, NX Div. Buddied were Norman ("Wild Man")Wildenman, Mike Ling and Hugh Darlington
^^^ I'm a single father of an 8 y/o working with a construction engineering firm

JOSEPH, Garry M. - Oxford, IA 71-74 & 76-78 mail
*** QM2 - Quartermaster, N/S Division, retired from reserves in '94 as QM1
^^^ After service, worked for D.O.D. in Hawaii as Police Officer, two years as PO in Macon, GA, and then as Investigator for Vet's Affairs in Memphis, TN. Now doing the same in Iowa City for VA. Married, 2 grown children & 2 dogs

KELKENBERG, Tom - Colorado Springs, CO 90-94 mail
*** QM2(SS) - Tried to keep the boat from running aground. Buddies were Speight, Mosty, Burchette and many more
^^^ Currently a Capt in USAF working as a GPS Payload Engineer

KELLOGG, Jim - Port Orchard, WA 76-78 mail
*** QM-2-QM Gang
^^^ Now Lt Commander

LOPEZ, Randall - Alderson, OK 71-75 mail
*** QM2 - OL Division - Stood watches in after steering & Quarterdeck

LUHRS, George A. - Chula Vista, CA 72-75 mail
*** MCPO - Cmd Master Chief, Asst Navigator

MAGILL, Roger - Kennett Square, PA 71-74 mail
*** QM3 - 7th Flt Command Center, Asst. Fleet Scheduler.

PATRICK, Jim - Stuart, FL 76-79 #1298 mail
*** QM2 - Quartermaster in NS Division
^^^ Sail 2nd Mate in the Merchant Marine, still in the “West Pac”

RICE, Dave - Fargo, ND, 1970-73, mail
*** QM3 - Nav Div, retired Dec 99 as QMCS

SANTOYO, Trino - Walnut Creek, CA 70-72 mail
*** QM3 - N Division - Started with MAAs and was discovered by Qms. After Okie, I went to USS DeHaven (DD727)

SHERMAN, Jerry S - Tamarac, FL 60-64 mail
*** QM3 - Navigation Div
^^^ Married to Emily for 20 yrs, I own a trucking business in Miami. I collect die cast cars and coke collectibles. Best bud was Lance Breckenridge and we're still close. We'll both be at the 2003 reunion in Jacksonville

SUFFRIDGE, Richard - Pensacola, FL 74-77 mail
*** BMSN - Worked in 3rd and 4th Divisions. Landed Blackbeard 1, drove all the small boats and was the coxwain that beat the USS Midway in a Motor Whaleboat Race
^^^ Self employed, work at home and go to sea every chance I get

WEBB, Donald R - Grand Junction, CO 73-77 #1169 mail
*** QM2 - My Boss actually found this page. He's interested in the Navy and was looking at my cruise book
^^^ Today I work for US AIRWAYS EXPRESS in Grand Junction as a Customer service/Ramp agent (watch the program airline). Still married to the same wonderful woman I met back in 1975 we have three grown boys and are going to the reunion from now on. The friendships I made on the Oklahoma City are very special to me.

WILKIE, Douglas H - Glendale, OR 68-70 mail
*** QM3 - N Division
^^^ 28 years a custom cabinet maker. Happily married to Marjie with a 24 y/o daughter Emily. Enjoy the mountains, hunting deer and elk and yeah, I finally grew up

WISMAN, Ron - Visalia, CA 68-69 mail
*** QM2 - Attached to C7Flt, worked as scheduler in warroom.
^^^ Mgr for 16 yrs at Longs Drug Store; youngest son is a "Tanker" in US Army.

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