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USS Oklahoma City


ALTOMONDO, Robert - Las Vegas, NV 64-65 #01068 mail
*** Entertaining the troops and being the Admiral's personal band took us to many ports but the best one was Hong Kong where band members played at the caberet's. It was too bad the war had us roaming the Gulf of Tonkin 22 days out of the month. I guess that's why it was so great when we did finally pull into port
^^^ Ret IT Director, re-located from California to Las Vegas and enjoying the sights and sounds of the Vegas environment. I have kept in touch with some of the band members throughout the years

DUNN, Gary - Florida 76-79 #01037 mail
*** MU3 - I was the ship's drummer
^^^ Now a Math teacher; my son is a Marine in Japan

FLORES, Sam - Oakland, CA 72-75 mail
*** MU2 - Com7Flt Band
^^^ Retired USN in 1990 - now owner of Jon's Music & Repair in Oakland

FRY, Bob - Antelope, CA 74-77 mail
*** CWO2 - Com7Flt - Director of 7th Fleet Band ^^^ Now a computer engineer, divorced with 2 children and 1 grandchild

GRINDLE, Robert Owen "Boomer" - Everett, WA 76-78 #1118 mail
*** MU2 - I was a Trumpet instrumentalist (3806) attached to the COMSEVENTHFLT Band
^^^ Divorced with 2 adult children. I work for USPS, my daughter is with Comcast and my son attends Daytona Beach College in Florida and lives with his mom. He will graduate this December with multiple degrees

HOLDEN, Michael P. - Hawaii 64-79 mail
*** MUC - I first played the OKI Boat into port in 1964. Later was LPO with Com7Flt band then on to LCC-19 as MUCS 83-85
^^^ Captain Butcher is still my best memory along with the FAMILY that was the OKI Boat for over 14 years

HOLDSWORTH, Rick - Virginia Beach, VA, 1978-79, mail
*** MU1 - Seventh Fleet Band

KEMEJUK, Jack - Norwalk, CA, 1968-74, mail
*** MU2 - Seventh Fleet Band

McGARIGLE, Dan - El Segundo, CA 64-65mail
*** MU3 - Drummer, Com7Flt Band
^^^ Now retired (by events of 9/11/01) programmer. In retirement I live in El Segundo, CA and enjoy anything I want to do, every day. I have two fabulous grown children, both with college degrees, and both married, and two fine granddaughters

MOORHOUSE, Jack - Homosassa, FL 69-72 mail
*** MU2 - OK City Band

NEIDRAUER, Tom - Lancaster, NY 68-71 #01081 mail
*** MU3 - Com 7th Fleet Band Piano Player
^^^ I have been a music teacher and band director for 31 years. Married for 32 years with three sons

OAKES, Joseph - Moon Township, PA 77-79 mail
*** MUC - Com7Flt Band
^^^ Now District Loss Prevention Supvr, Wal-Mart

PRICE, Steve - Colorado Springs, CO 71-74mail
*** MU3 - Seventh Fleet Band, Flag Staff.
^^^ Now Manager for Best Buy in Colorado Spgs. Rejoined USNR in '90 and now SK1 with SeaBee Bat. 17

RAINS, Keith - Denver, CO 74-76mail
*** MU3 - Com7Flt Band
^^^ Two wonderful kids and an ex-wife on speaking terms. Work at Denver VA hospital as an Infection Control Practitioner

SANDIDGE, Glen - San Antonio, TX 75-76mail
*** MUCS - Com7Flt Band

TAYLOR, Wayne - Crofton, MD 76-78 #1140 mail
*** MU3 - I was with Com7flt band called Orient Express. I also played in a band called The Stateside Ramblers. Our big hit was Jeepney Driver. We did a lot of ship hopping back then. We got requests to travel with just about any ship in the Pacific. We would inevitably wind up in the Philippines. Our hang out was New Sunny’s Place, on Georgia St.
^^^ Married Merrie, a former RM2, stationed in Yokosuka. 2 children, Wayne Jr., an ex-Marine, and Terra, an HM3 stationed in Sasebo, Japan. I was discharged in 1978. I went to school and earned a bachelor’s of Music from Univ of Pacific. Re-enlisted in 87 to serve with the US Navy Band in Washington, DC. Been here ever since. Presently Unit Leader of a specialty band called “Country Current”. I’m a Master Chief Musician with 22 years. I have a new CD out on the Raincoe Music Label. It’s bluegrass music; one of the songs is listed on the Bluegrass Unlimited National Survey Charts. My web site is Wayne Taylor

VERMIGLIO, Andy - Los Angeles, CA 74-76 #01066 mail
*** MU2 - Com7Flt Band, Orient Express, Far East Edition, Hard-shell Shellback
^^^ Now a Research Audiologist, Musician

VILLARD, Robert - Laredo, TX 65-66mail
*** MU2 - Com7Flt Band, Tenor Saxophone

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