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USS Oklahoma City

Machinist's Mates

ANDERSON, Gerard F. - Kings Park, NY 60-63 mail
*** MM3 - A-Division, N2 Plant - Pre-Commissioning Crew.

ANTOINE, Eric - 03-06 #1210mail
*** MMCM - Chief of the Boat from June 2003 to June 2006

ASHBY, Ronald E - 64-67 mail
*** MM3

BALDWIN, John W - Waipahu, HI 76-79 mail
*** MMCM - Forward Engine Room / Main Control
^^^ Currently Command Master Chief at NCTAMS PAC in Hawaii. Plan to retire here and preach the gospel. See you in church

BARNHART, John - Sunbury, PA 75-77 mail
*** MM3

BOSSONE, Anthony "Tony" - Pasco, FL 62-65 #1219 mail
*** MM3 - M Div - after engine room, throttle 3. John Madison was 1st class in charge After engine room... had Sam moody, Winston Baliou, Tom Hardcastle,,brother ray, Bobby Cade... can't remember all the guys. I was also assigned to landing party boats with the on board Marines..search and rescue...road up dwn that river many nights. Signed up for 2nd tour
^^^ retired Fire Sprinkler fitter 37 yrsnow equipment operater Pasco County ,Fl

BRAMMER, J.C. - Elon College, NC 45 mail
*** MM, Mike Division - looking for buddies W.H. Everhart and C.E. Blackmore.
^^^ Retired from Western Electric Co. E-mail address is to my son, John.

BROADFOOT, Ron- Belleville, IL 72-77 mail
*** MM2 - A Division, A/C and Refrig and steam heat. Helped put the centrifugal units on board. Best friend was "Stick" Kiesendahl
^^^ Retired as LCDR in 95. Now working in Information Systems as director and manager

CARPENTER, Don - Bremerton, WA 66-74 mail
*** MM1 - After engine room - did it all from bilge cleaning to POIC. I remember Mike Foster, PC Smith, Geno Scrivani, Rocky Shore, TJ faulkner, Tommy Sowell, Marty Martinez, Bret Workman & Brian Reeves
^^^ Now work for a large Insurance Co supervising Boiler Inspectors and loss control reps

COLLIS, Charles W - Yokosuka, JA 73-75 #1120 mail
*** MM2 - A Gang Center Line Evaps. Duty Reefer, Port Evap Room - best bud was Tommy Shrader - Knutuson was my running mate...McQuirk was my watchmate...Tommy Cooper...Stan Tryba sometimes..Never forget the introduction to my wife in Seaside Club Area 1 Yokohama
^^^ Still in Yokosuka...VFW Post 1054 Canteen Manager...81-46-823-9004

DIRKS, Darren - Ephrata, WA 79-80 mail
*** MM3 - A-Div, Main Evaps until decom trip. Xferred to Fwd Engine Room.

DONALDSON, Charles R. "Bob" III - Columbus, OH 76-78 mail
*** MM3 - M Division, foreward engine room messenger, throttleman and watch stander.
^^^ Worked for GE for 6 yrs, follower by 3 as a Physical Ed major at Ohio State, then truck driver for 13 years and noe at DeVry Institute for a degree in Electrical Eng. Went to Philippines in '93 to marry a year-long pen pal - been happy ever since

ELMORE, Harold - Sweet Home, OR 67-68 #1308 mail
*** MM3 - Went aboard while ship was in dry dock -Hunters Point, Calif. - Went to San Diego, Calif. - Was a great Ship to be on, was with a great bunch of guys in M Div. - Replaced floor on Mess Deck while in Dry Dock - Worked in FWD Engine Rm after that.
^^^ Moved from Iowa to Oregon in 1987

FITZSIMMONS, Robert - St John, MO 68-70 mail
*** MM3 - A Division - Steam Heat, Evaps.
^^^ Now a supervisor at Pohlman, Inc., making auto A/C and Air Bag parts. Married with 2 grown children

FLAHERTY, William "Bill" - Bremerton, WA 70-73 mail
*** MM1 - Aft Engine Room with Ignacio, "Pappy" Booth, T.J. Faulkner and all the rest.
^^^Retired as CWO3 in 1993

FRAISER, Michael - South Bend, IN 94-95 #1265 mail
*** MM2(SS) - Nuclear Operator (M-Division) Buddies are Andre Gerrard, Jim Hazen
^^^ Now an Industrial Engineer, married with 2 daughters. Home town was Grand Blanc, Michigan. Enjoy hunting and fishing.

GILBERTI, Riccardo - Stafford, VA 00-03 #1302 mail
*** MMCM(SS) - Quite possibly the best and hardest sea duty that I ever had. I was the EDMC (known as the Bull Nuke)
^^^ Today I am the Command Master Chief for NAVAL REACOTRS. Married with 2 children (the son will start as a junior at Virginia Tech and the daughter is a senior in HS). Originally I was born and raised in Cento Italy and Italian is still the language that we speak primarily at home.

GILLIAM, Kenneth M. - Jones Creek, TX 85-89 #1173 PLANKOWNER mail or mail
*** MMC(ss)Ret - I remember the very demanding time aboard trying to be part of a team to deliver the best submarine we could to the fleet. As the Auxiliary Division's LCPO the demands were great and the time spent was long. But that goes with Fast Attack tough and SSN --- Saturdays Sundays and Nights. Long Black and never come back. I miss my time on the boats, but most of all I miss the class of people we worked with. I will never be a good civilian, most of them are not very bright.
^^^ I work for Atlantic Scaffolding Co. as the SW Region Equipment Manager, where I plan and organize the equipage of scaffold material for chemical and petroliem plant outages.

GLOVER, William - Garfield Heights, OH 75-78 mail
*** MMC - In charge of Forward & After Engine Rooms and "A" Div before Don Longstreet
^^^ Retired '86 as CWO3. Now have a National Board Commission and inspect boilers and pressure vessels in Ohio

GOW, Randy - Paynes Creek, CA 75-76 mail
*** MM2 - "M" Division
^^^ Work: Pilot, Air Traffic Controller - Hobbies: Boating, SCUBA diving, Harley riding

HANSEN, Gordon A - Federal Way, WA 66-68 #1320 mail
*** MMFN - I was a Machinist Mate in engineering, working mainly in the Steam-Heat shop and Evaporators.
^^^ I'm a retired tax accountant from The Boeing Company. I've been blessed with 4 great children and 10 grand-children. I remember, so years ago, seeing the OK City in Bremington shipyard after she was retired. I was visiting the USS Missouri, and the OK City was docked across the pier from her. I was so surprised to see her, and shocked about all the memories that came back to me. I could even remember, at the time, where many of the hatchways led to from the main deck.

HAWKINS, David "Hawkeye" - Ft Worth, TX 60-63
*** MM3

HEINZ, Jon B "JB" - Saginaw, MI 68-70 No E-Mail
*** MMFN - Oil Shack
^^^ Married, Own a landscape Company

HENDERSON, Dave - Mandan, ND 61-64 (Deceased)mail to his son Lonnie Wertz
*** MM2
^^^ Died 12 NOV 2009

HONSTAIN, Vern - Selton, WA 60-61 #1160 mail
*** MM3 - A Div I/C/O steam heat & hydration - buddies were Dave Woods, Dave Kelly & Ray LaVasseur - I left the ship in Dec, 61 as I didn't have enough time to make west pac cruise
^^^ I retired from truck driving three years ago and I love it

HOWE, Ray - Ballston Spa, NY 69-72 #01051 mail
*** MM2 - Aft Engine & Fwd Generators
^^^ I remember Tennessee Tommy, PC Smith, Gino, Budda, and so many of the "Rascles in Paridise." Retired from the Navy in 1995 in Sasebo. Now living in N.Y. State with lovely wife Kimiko. Still in touch with some of the shipmates

JACOBS, Jim "Generator Jake" - Edmonds, WA 77-79 mail
*** MMFN, M-Division, Foreward and After Generators (SSTG's)

JAMIESON, Bill - Alexandria, VA, 61-65, mail
*** MM2 M-Division, Main Control

JOHNSON, Armando - Pottstown, PA 94-97 mail
*** MM1(SS) - nuclear machinist mate
^^^ Now a Nuclear Engineer for Exelon Nuclear

JOHNSON, Paul - Columbia, MO 64-66 mail
*** MM3 - A Division Evap Rm
^^^ Retired in 2002. Two grown children. My wife and I enjoy traveling, lively concerts, plays, golf, bowling and cards.

JONES, Bob - Columbus, NE 71-73 mail
*** MM2 - A Division N2 Plant.

KELLER, Larry - Fulton, TX 68-69 mail
*** MM2 - Generator Gang

KELLY, David L - Pendleton, OR 60-62 #1221 mail
*** MM2 - Engine room and evaporators. My G.Q. station was aft steering. I'm an aircraft machanic working for an aerial applicator. not retired yet.

KRANZ, James - Longview, TX 73-75 No E-Mail
*** MMFN - A Gang, Evaps, Refers, Machine Shop, etc.
^^^ Now Mtce Supv/Ops Mgr at Gregg County Airport. Married 26 years with a 20 yr old daughter

KEVAN, Kim - Fairfield, CA 75-78 mail
*** MM2 - Aft Engine Room
^^^ Retired MMC '94 - now work at Shell Oil Refinery Martinez, CA

LAPKE, Tom - Camby, IN 61-62 #1129 mail
*** MM2 - came from the USS COLLETT DD730 as MM3

LAWSON, Donald Odis - Belleville, MI 73-74 mail
*** MM3 - Served in A-Division in After Steering & Turbine Generator
^^^ Now working for Pace Mechanical Services

LONGSTREET, Don - Vallejo, CA 75-78 mail
*** MMCS - Asst. A-Division Officer. Retired as CWO4 in '89
Now Facilities Operations Supervisor in Richmond, CA, for Chevron Corp.

LYZOHUB, Brian Edward - Virginia Beach, VA 78-Decom mail
*** MMFN - Eng Dept, Main Control, Engine Room 1 and finished up in A Div working on A/C
^^^ Now MMC and Force Equal Opportunity Advisor for SUBLANT in Norfolk. Planning on retiring in '02

MASON, John Thomas (Tom) III - Frederick, MD 78-79
*** MM3 - Forward Fireroom, SSTG's. LPO was MM3 John Baldwin (John Boy), M-Div LCPO was MMC Dave McCallister (Chief Mac), M-Div Officer was CW03 Andrejewsky (Mr. "A"), MPA was LT Barnett. Played on ship's soccer team with memorablel games against Filipino Marines (we won) and against Korean War College (we lost). Injured right knee badly during festivities with JSDF Flag Ship Akizuke, went to Fleet Training Group, Yokosuka O2/N2 School in Portsmouth, VA, and received medical separation (RE-3P) due to issues with right knee. Have been involved as a Contractor for the U.S. Navy or as a Civil Servant in the DoN ever since.
^^^ Married thrice, divorced twice. Have 2 children, son 23 & daughter 14. Now working as Research and Systems Engineer for Team Submarine at Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) HQ onboard the Washington Navy Yard in SE Washington, DC.

MASTERS, Gary - Arvada, CO 89-91 #01072 mail
*** MM1 - I was the LELT. Lived Med-run #1 and narrowly escaped Med-run #2
^^^ Left the Oklahoma City in 91. Joined Rocky Flats nuclear weapons production facility as mtce planner & xfered to radiological engineering a year later. Left Rocky in 97 for "the private sector". Now in charge of computer systems engineering for McKesson Corp
Still with the woman I married while on OKC (15 years 9/04). We have a daughter and son

MOSTOLLER, Thomas - Haymarket, VA 91-95 #1172 mail
*** MM2(ss) - Was an A-Ganger by trade who probably spent too much time smoking and joking with TJ, Speight and Burchette.
^^^ My home of record is Haymarket, VA, but I currently reside in Iraq working for the DOS. Will be moving to Frankfurt, Germany next year. I got married in 2004 and have two great stepsons and beautiful daughter.

MURPHY, Edward T - Largo, FL 44-46 mail
*** ACMM - Victor Division, aviation machinist mate working on the three aircraft on board
^^^ Hometown is Everett, MA. Have a wife, daughter and two granddaughters. Now retired, formerly a Pharnacist and then a lawyer

NETTING, Ryan - Byesville, OH 01-03 #1235 mail
^^^ Now that I'm back home with an ex-wife and a son really makes me wish I hadn't got out of the navy and the sub fleet. Maybe when I drop some weigh I'll see ya'll once again, in the bridge, mid-January, 18 knots on the surface, waves crashing in your face that instantly turn to ice. As bad as it sounds, you instantly don't care once you hear the nav telling the OOD that Ches Light is approaching and then you eventually see old pier 3 and hear all the subs welcoming you home with very long blasts of their whistles, seeing family on the pier welcoming their boys home. Think about that and you'll be a bubblehead for life!

NOTT, Gerald E - Lake Tahoe, NV 62-64 #1093 mail
*** MM3 - Eng Div
^^^ Own & Operate a home remodelling Co. + commercial store. Avid boater + skier with wife, 6 children + 4 grandchildren

NURMI, Bob - mail
*** MM1 - Machine Shop

OROSCO, Andy - Henderson, NV 60-64 mail
*** MM3 - Forward fireroom (generator gang) & fwd engineroom
^^^ Work for city of Henderson Public Works. I have been in construction work for 39 yrs. We have 3 adult children and 8 grand and 1 on the way

PATERNO, Simon - San Diego, CA 75-78 mail
*** MM2 - M Division with Chief Grover, MM2 Miller, MM1 Blumenschein
^^^ Now Major, Engineer, US Army reserves. Married with 5 children

PALMERTON, Ron - Omaha, NE 86-89 #1253 mail
*** MM2(ss) - Plankowner on the 723 - Served in A Gang
^^^ I currently live in Omaha, NE and am an IT Project Manager.

PORTER, Anthony L. - Charlotte, NC 67-69 mail
*** MM2 - A Division
^^^ Looking for buddy named Brian "Robbie" Robertson.

QUINTUS, William - Eagle Grove, IA 78-80 mail
*** MM3 - Foreward Engine Room
^^^ Married with 7 children and live in my hometown. Would love to hear from shipmates

RAMSEY, Everett M. Jr. - Otisville, MI 68-71 mail
*** MM3 - Forward Engine Room and Aft Generators
^^^ Currently work for Delphi Automotive (G.M.) in Flint and married a Japanese from Yokosuka. We have 4 children.

RETSLAFF, James - Waupaca WI 68-71 #1297 mail
*** MMFN - I worked in the forward engine room. I reported aboard in late Aug 1968 or early Sep 1968. I went back to the states for basic propulsion engineering school in the summer of 1969 After school I returned to the ship until the summer of 1971 when my duty station was changed to the USS Lang in Long Beach.

RICHARDSON, Joe - Jermyn, PA 86-90 #1151 PLANKOWNERmail
*** MM2/SS now CM - 10yr broken service and deploying in '06 as a Navy Seebee, points unknown. Apparently no one showed a-gang where the computer connects to the wall sockets. Holy rusted metal, god bless that hull if it still sinks and floats right. Hey to Stern, Riggs, Herminio Hernandez, Palmerton, Randy Browning & Stoner, steer clear of plankowners selling real estate. My little sis Mrs Dennis just certified as a reactor operator, all aft types be aware and take care.
^^^ I am currently working for Lockheed/Dayzim as an electronics supervisor at Tobyhanna, Pa, divorced, living with my son, Shane, 13

RODGERS, David - 68-72 #1326 mail
*** MM3

SCHRIMSHER, Jerry - Castro Valley, CA 60-63 mail
*** MR2 - Machinery Repaiman

SELBY, Todd - Chillicothe, OH 03-05 #1211 mail
*** MMC(ss) - Now retired - Made some wonderful friends & enjoyed a great Westpac, one of a kind on an Atlantic submarine
^^^ Now work for the world'leading supplier of enriched uranium, USEC, Inc. & I enjoy life in Southern Ohio.

SOMERBY, Randy - Paradise, CA 71-74 mail
*** MM - Main Control, Foreward Engine Room. Years later, rejoined Navy and switched rates to SK2. Medical retirement in '88.

STRATTON, William E "Ed" - San Diego, CA 68-77 mail
*** MMCM - A Division; best buddy was Harry Byers

TRENT, Geary - Clovis, CA 72-74 mail
*** MM3 - M Division, forward engine room
^^^ Married 25 years. 2 sons (24 & 22) 1 daughter (20). Learned body and paint work on the GI Bill and continue at the same shop for 18 years

TROXEL, Travis - Nesbit, MS 96-98 mail
*** MMFN(TM)
^^^ Now in school to be a Physical Therapist

VEGA, Hector - Caribbean 76-78 mail
*** MMFN - Throttle man, messenger, in main control. Left Navy in '90 as MM1 at Sub Base Pearl Harbor
^^^ Working for Lockheed Martin in Satellite Telecom field as resident mgr living in the Caribbean

VILLARRIAL, Oscar - Robinson, TX 76-79 mail
*** MM3 - Main Evaps and Steam Heat Shop

^^^ Currently working for AAFES as Dist. Tech. for last 13 years. My wife Mika and I have three grown children and three grand children

WATSON, Donald W. - Houston, TX 65-68 #1300 mail
*** MM3 - Worked and stood watch duty ln the aft engine room and on the aft boiler room generators.
^^^ I did most of my running with C. A. Mitchell. I am presently working ( 6-1/2 years )for Harris County in the building maintenance dept. I spent 34 years in a chemical plant, 8 years as a unit operator, 13 years as a journeyman pipefitter and 13 years as a maintenance supervisor. I am married with 3 children, 8 grand children and 1 great grand child. I plan on retiring in August of 2011.

WATSON, Henry - Antlers, OK 60-62 mail
*** MM3 - A Division
^^^ Best buddy David "Hawkeye" Hawkins and I went on to the USS Vammende (DD644) and then to the USS Arnold J Isabel (DD869). Started as a Radiographer (X-Ray Tech) in 64 and still at it

WIJERS, Eduard C. - Silverdale, WA 78-79 mail
*** MM2 - A Division, EM05 Evaps - Retired 5/99 as MMCS(SW) - Now a Marine Machinery Mech at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

WILLIAMS, Robert - Great Falls, MT 64-68 mail
*** MM2 - Main Control, After Engine Room, spent many hours working on #7 spring bearing in after fireroom. On 1966 return from Yokosuka was Mess Decks MAA while in San Francisco .
^^^ Retired as MMCM(SW)(AW) after 30 years in 1993. Managed and operated a campground in the Sequoia National Forest for ten years and in 2004 moved back home to Montana where I am now living the retired life.

WILSON, Bobby - Midland, TX 61-64 mail
*** MM2 - A Division - Evaps, Steam and Hydraulics. Best Buddy was Fernando Lugo
^^^ Now a widower, I was an ironworker for 27 years and work for a steel fabrication co. I have 3 sons, 5 grandchildren, 3 stepchildren, 7 stepgrandchildren and 6 stepgreatgrandchildren

WOODLEY, Randy - Saint Joseph, MI 76-78mail
*** MM3 - A Division, A/C and Refrigeration shop
^^^ I'm married with two daughters and work as a Technical Writer for the Whirlpool Corporation

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