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USS Oklahoma City

Marine Detatchment


BARRETT, John W. - Santa Monica, CA 63-65 mail
*** Marine Detachment - USMC

BENNETT, Gene - mail
*** USMC
^^^ Ready to retire from Consolidated Freightways

BENSON, Dr. James H. - Gainesville, GA 75-76 #1323 mail
*** CAPT - USMC. I was the CO of the MarDet and the coach of the ship fastpitch softball team for Capt Butcher
^^^ Today, I am the President of Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, GA. I retired as a Colonel from the Marines in 1995

CAMMACK, Robert L - Hayward, WI 67-69 mail
*** Cpl - USMC Originally a loader in 5" gun mount and assistant to Admirals Moore and Bringle
^^^ Today at 52 I am disabled with Parkinson's and Spinal Cervical Muscular Dystonia. I founded a national organization for disable in 1986 called "Fishing Has No Boundries" which places disabled persons on the water in many states

CRAWFORD, Raymond L. - Ridgecrest, CA 76-78 mail
*** U.S. Marine Corps

DAVIDSON, Robert H - Memphis, TN 60-62 #1369mail
*** 1st SGT USMC - Marine Detachment
^^^ retired Realtor-Home Builder

DELGADO, Eliseo "Bob" - Winchester, CA 75-77 #01034 mail
*** SGT - USMC Mardet
^^^ Retired USMC as 1st SGT. Proud to have served with some of the best Marines the corps had to offer. Semper Fi

DORR, Houston - Biloxi, MS 77-79 #01064 mail
*** CPL - Marine Detatchment - Brig NCOIC and fuse setter for 5" guns
^^^ Now a Troop Commander with Mississippi Highway Patrol

EIDSON, Thomas - Crosby, TX 71-74 #1233 Daughter Jenny's Mail
*** USMC
^^^ Now a Diesel Mechanic for Central Frieght Lines

ETRINGER, Ken - Green Bay, WI 77-79 mail
*** Marine Detatchment - One of the last 6 marines aboard during DECOM at San Diego 15 Dec 79.
^^^ Retired USMC as 1st Sgt after 23 years.

GARRETT, Danny A - Osburn, ID 67-69 mail
*** Sargeant, USMC - Gunfire Support Post #1
^^^ Retired from Corps as Sargeant Major. Currently work as a Marine ROTC H.S. instructor in Kellogg

GAUDIO, Tony - Glendale Heights, IL 75-77 mail
*** Corporal, USMC - Marine Detatchment
^^^ Wishing the best to all my fellow Marines and other shipmates who served aboard the "Okie Boat" from Jan 75 to Jan 77. Semper Fi.

GONZALEZ, Roque A. - S. Otselic, NY 72-74 mail
*** USMC - Marine Corps Security and 5" Gun - Looking for Peter L. Douglas. Check out my personal website.

HARRITT, Tom - Fairland, IN 65-67 mail
*** Lance Corporal - USMC Security and 5"38 Gun Mount
^^^ Married 20 years to 3rd wife. 2 daughters 4 grandchildren. Working for Clark Forklift dealer in Indianapolis

HENNESSEE, James - Tennessee 1979 mail
*** PFC - USMC - Served until Blue Ridge took over
^^^ Married, with 4 kids, and own a jewelry store

HILL, Robert S. - O'Neals, CA 75-77
*** Corporal, USMC - Marine Detatchment

HUGHES, Kevin - 73-75 #1229 mail
*** 1st SGT - Mardet
^^^ Retired USMC

HUGHES, Mark A. - Beaulaville, NC 74-75 mail
*** USMC - Retired as First Sgt.
^^^ Now teaching High School Social Studies. Married with one child

HUNT, Charles I - Roanoke, VA 68-70 #01069 mail
*** CPL - Mardet USMC
^^^ Today I'm a 100% disabled vet with lung cancer due to agent orange

HUTSON, Billy - Irving, TX 70-71 mail
*** L/Cpl, USMC - Captain and Admiral's Orderly; Missile Security

KERKER, Terry - #1335 65-66 mail
*** CPL - MARDET - I served in all areas from COM7FLT, Capt. of the ship, set fuses on 5 inch gun, missile house, Cpl. the guard. Thank you, I found this very interesting.

KIEFER, Ron - 70-72, mail
*** Corporal, USMC Detatchment

KING, Robert C - Wethersfield, CT 44-45 mail
*** PVT - USMC, Division 7 - 20mm Anti-Airctaft
^^^ Best Buddy was M Mulle

KIRK, Richard D - Kokomo, IN 77-79 mail
*** Sgt - Marine Detatchment
^^^ Currently flying a helicopter for Indianapolis Colts Football Team. Retired (23 yrs) helo pilot for Indiana State Police

KROH, Thomas - Blair, NE 73-75 #1296 mail
*** CPL USMC - Missile House security, brig watchstander/supervisor, Cpl of the Guard, Sgt of the Guard
^^^ Superintendent for Electrical Contractor, Married 36 yrs, Two sons (one born in Yokosuka) the younger killed in car accident in 2005, one grandson and two ganddaughters. Interests include soccer, golf and shooting.

LOWE, Michael E - Colorado Springs, CO 71-72 #01048 mail
*** 1st LT - USMC - I was the Executive Officer of the Marine Detachment and the Mount 51 Gun Director Officer at Battle Stations. I remember Captain Jerry D. Chase, USMC, CO of the MarDet and GySgt W. K. Hoagland, USMC, the MarDet Gunnery Sergeant & all the Marines who served with me. I wonder where my good friend, Lt(jg) Marc G. Hynes, the ship's Legal Officer is today and hope that he is well. I remember another good friend & liberty partner, CWO Hal Black, ship's Bos'n + hope that he is doing well. I retired from active duty as a Colonel
^^^ Today: I am living with wife, Joan, & sons Christopher & Jonathan in CO. I have 3 other children, Ashley, Meghan and Michael Sean & 3 grandchildren. I am a Senior Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who served with me

MAJSTOROVIC, John Robert - Franklin, WI 65-67 #1175 mail
*** LCpl USMC - Spent first few months with the wonderful Brigg security. Running through the halls at full speed during missisle security alarms. After 3 months, I became orderly / security for Com7Flt.
^^^ I am retired after spending 33 years in the construction field. I am married to Joanne and we have 2 sons, and 7 grandchildren.

MARKS, R.D. (Bob) - Missoula, MT 72-74 mail
*** Sgt - USMC, always wondered what happened to Joe McHaney, McCarthey, Bruce Deeble and Moua.
^^^ Got out in '75 and went to Med School. Now practice in MT. Two sons 21 and 14. Semper Fi.(UPDATE) I retired from my practice in the USA and have ventured out to new adventures. My two years in Qatar is about complete and am looking to go to Botswana to help with the opening of a new hospital there. If that doesn't work out, I will return to Montana, hang up my shingle, and go back to ranching and outfitting...the latter is probably the better choice.

McNAMARA, A J "Salty Mink" - New York City, NY 60-63 mail
*** Cpl - Marine Det, brig chaser, XO, CO & Flag orderly, then Sgt of the Guard. Worked in 5/38 guns, all stations
^^^ Retired USMCR as LtCol. Wall Streeter and Investment Mgr, US + Europe, for 30+ yrs

McWILLIAMS, Steve - 70-73, mail
*** CPL - USMC

MERRILL, Will - Canton, GA 77-79, mail
*** Sgt - Marine Detatchment
^^^ Now a Police Officer with Woodstock P.D. (Ga) and licensed Real Estate Agent

MOORE, Gary - Arlington, WA 76-78 mail
*** LCPL - USMC Quaeters Supv for brig. Jim Sukeena where are you?
^^^ Married - 2 grown boys, 19 & 22. Snowboarding, Jet Skiing, Mountain Biking and Camping

NIEHAUS, Vincent Jr. - Union, MO 68-71 mail

OSTER< Richard E. - #1284 mail
*** CPL - DCPO for the Marine Detachment, Worked in the Brig, manned the 5Ē guns, and loved those security alerts. OHHHH- RAHHHH!!! Friends: Randy Wosnick, Jackson, Morse & Gunny McGraw
^^^ I work for Young Life in the IT department. Iím also a Colorado Mounted Ranger (volunteer law enforcement) not quite as much fun as the days on the Okie Boat but Iíve had a couple of exciting moments. I have a grown daughter and a granddaughter as well as a 2 year old Marine in training (grandson). Happy Birthday Marines!!!

PENNY, Kevin L - 77-79 mail
*** LCPL - Marine Detatchment

PLOGER, James E - Longmont, CO 63-64 mail
*** Sgt - USMC, Honors and Ceremonies. Manned the 5" 38's with Underwood, Bangayon, Lipsey and Taylor
^^^ Now work for Qwest in Denver

REASONS, Charles - Crowley, TX 70-72 #1199 mail
*** CPL - Marine Guard Detatchment under Capt J.D. Chase and V. Adm Mack

RECTOR, D. - Plano, TX 75-77 mail
*** Lance Corporal - MarDet
^^^ Presently retiring from US Navy after 20 years service- moving to Plano from New Orleans

RINGLEE, Neil - Apple Valley, CA, 72-74 #1367 mail
*** SGT USMC - Com7flt -Referred by Sgt Tommy Eidson (best battle bud)
^^^ Retired Marine. I hunt and fish to justify my existence.

SMITH, Stan - San Diego, CA 67-68 mail
*** Gun Director Officer & X.O. of MarDet

SMITH, T.L. - Katy, TX 76-78 mail
*** Corporal - USMC Detatchment, Missile Security, Brig Rat, Capt's Orderly, Cpl & Sgt of the guard.
^^^ Followed my father and grandfather into police work in Houston. Son Austin, who graduates HS this year want to join the Naval Service.

SULEWSKI, Edward A - Toledo, OH 66-68 mail
*** PFC - USMC Ship's Security, Brig and Landing Force
^^^ Retired in '86 but recalled for Gulf War. Working for Pinkerton Security. Married to same gal for 31 years, 2 grown children and 3 grand-children

THOMPSON, Brian - Seattle, WA 74-76 #1319 mail
*** LCPL USMC - I served in MarDet on the Okieboat when it was a flagship. I shipped aboard with Troxel, Miller and Portman, who later took me to the Yokosuka base redneck bar and got me so drunk I passed out in the head, so they left me there and went back to the boat. Thanks guys! I still can't drink whiskey to this day. My buddies were Duane Grey (the Ozark biker), Fred Browne (RIP), Mark Jeppertinger (RIP), Mark Zenk (To whom I gave the nickname "Cumbubble" for no good reason), Moose Miller, Scott and Alvarado (I'm sewing up my knockwurst, Sir!). I also often hit the beach with Elmer Whitten (who I went skinny-dipping with and have pictures to prove it), Rector (again, pictures) and Gaudio (pictures!). What an awesome time that was (except for the drudgery and misery)!
^^^ I worked for 20 years in publishing, doing freelance illustration and comics on the side. Lived in NY and LA, now settled in Seattle. Currently working on another round of graphic novels. I'm married to my second wife and have no offspring.

TOULOUSE, Chuck - Winona, MN 70-72 #1149 mail
*** Sgt - USMC Com7Flt orderly for Adms Wiesner, Mack and Holloway
^^^ Now employed by TRW Automotive NA as Engineering Manager

TROXEL, Emery K. - Kirkville, LA 74-76 mail
*** Corporal - MarDet Missile Security

WALTERS, Ronald L. - Chicago, IL 1971 #1360 mail
*** CPL - Marine Detachment - Guarded Missile House, Brig Duty, Honor Guard Best Friends - Mickey, Jordan
^^^ Married 43 years, 4 children, Practiced Law, Educator, Asst. Pastor - 32 years and currently

WEEKS, David - 71-73 mail
*** USMC - Marine Detatchment

ZENK, Mark - USMC 75-77 #1153 mail

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