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USS Oklahoma City

Masters At Arms

ARNETT, Alex - Phoenix, AZ 73-77 mail
*** MA1 - Master At Arms Force
^^^ Married with 2 grown children. I work as a security officer for a nationally known company awarded contracts with the federal government.

BADDERS, C.D. - Brighton, TN 79roroandme@aol.com
*** CPO - MAA Force and Decom Crew - Retired 1988 as MACS

CAMPBELL, Lesley B. - Sparks, NV 76-78 mail
*** MCPO - Served as the Chief Master At Arms, CPO Mess President, and brief stint as "X" Division Officer.

CLARK, James Jeffery (J.J. or Jeff) - Round Rock, TX 78-79 mail
*** MASN - Supply Division, crew's mess and then wardroom. Best bud was Rick "Hollywood" Thompson, MU3 - 7th Fleet Band
^^^ Presently working as a Residential Consultant for an Architectural Firm in Austin. Married and have 1 daughter that is 21 and a Junior at Texas A & M University. Retired from the Navy Reserves after 22 years as a MA1

DES FORGE, James - Waianae, HI 78-79 desforgej001@hawaii.rr.com
*** MAAC - Chief Master-At-Arms
^^^ Single now and the kids are all grown

GOLDEN, Richard L - Elyria, OH, 76-79, rkgolden@mediaone.net
*** BM1 - Started in 2nd Div, then to MAA. Changed rate to MA then xfered to CFAY Brig. Retired as E7 in San Diego and worked for SDPD until moving to Ohio.
^^^ Now married and a Sgt in Ohio Prison System

PERILLO, Rogelio P. - Waipahu, HI 74-78rogelio_perillo@hotmail.com
*** MA1 - Started in the galley and changed rates to MAA. Retired as MAC
^^^ Working in Hawaii as Police Officer, DOD, Naval Magazine, Lualualei. If you stopover in Hawaii, call me at 471-5141

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