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USS Oklahoma City

Interior Communications

ASSELIN, Ed - Eau Claire, WI 70-72 mail
*** IC2, E Division

BROOKS, Chuck - Rutherfordton, NC 61-63 #1195 mail
^^^ Today I am retired after 42 years in the carpenters union

CATLETT, Victor L - Broken Arrow, OK 73-77 #1203 mail
*** IC3 - Started as ETSN, OE Division calibration/repair. Was cross rated to IC, E Division, phone system/gyro compass. Shared an apartment in Japan with crew mates IC3 Eddie Hansel, EM3 Charles Pike and EM3 Michael Alexander.
^^^ 30 years telephony, currently Technical Architect for AT&T, 2nd marriage, four kids, six grand kids, one muscle car, a 1970 Buick GS 455.

ENG, Richard A. - Glendale, AZ 75-78 mail
*** ICSN - Electrician assigned to the Switchboard and Movies
^^^ Discharge after four as IC2. Completed 20 years a Detective in Phoenix, AZ. Also served in politics and retired on a disability. Married with two adult children.

GILBERT, James - Roseburg, OR 64-66 #1356 mail
*** IC3 - My job was to take care of the ships communications system. Sound powered phones, ships public address system, ships service telephones gyro compasses and a host of other systems. My best friend, at least for a short time was Burt Morgan. We had many good times and visited a lot of ports that other ships never got to see because we were the flagship of commander of the seventh fleet. I am especially interested in hearing from any sailors who onboard the ship in Sept. 1964 when we did a long tour in the Tonkin Gulf.
^^^ I am currently a retired mailman living in southern Oregon, Roseburg and love it here. I enjoy travel fishing and the fact that I am still standing, breathing, and still alive. I would enjoy hearing from any of my CLG5 shipmates.

HANSON, Bob - Patuxent River, MD 68-71 mail
*** IC2 - E Division - spent the whole time at Yokosuka. Dave Walbridge was Chief and "shorty" Dundore was Div. head
^^^ Currently with Naval Air Systems Command, NAS Patuxent River, MD

HERVIG, Gary - Houston, TX 78-79 mail
*** IC2 - E Div
^^^ Now in Technical Service for Oil Industry

HEXT, Val D. - Phoenix, AZ 69-75, mail
*** Master Chief - IC Electrician

LINDBLOM, Ron - Allen, TX 78-79 mail
*** ICSN - E Division, transferred to USS Blue Ridge in '79, got out in '91.
^^^ Evening Manager at Grocery Store, have 5 kids;4 boys and a girl, married Suzann in '91.

LITTLE, Clint - Everett, WA 76-78 mail
*** IC3

MICHALK, Robert E - Calistoga, CA 61-64 mail
*** ICFN - E Div - Best buddies were, and still are, Donald D. Craig and Gerald R. Sandin, both served in OE Div

MILSTEIN, Ken - Palmdale, CA 73-78 #1128 mail
*** IC3 - E Div
^^^ Running Elec. contracting biz in CA

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