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USS Oklahoma City

Hospital Corpsmen

Navy Medical Department Needs Your Help

Dear Mr. Caruso:

I am the Historian of the Navy Medical Department at the Office of the Navy Surgeon General. We are currently conducting interviews for our oral history program focusing on the Vietnam War. I understand that USS Oklahoma City participated in Operation Frequent Wind and helped rescue Vietnamese refugees at the end of the war. We are trying to locate any members of Oklahoma City's medical staff who might be willing to tell how they cared for these refugees. Are any physicians or corpsmen from that era members of your organization?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Jan Kenneth Herman
Navy Medical Dept.

AASKOV, Charles "Charlie" - Lyman, ME 61-64 #1266 mail
*** HM2 - Leading PO in H Div. Made 1st West Pac cruise as CLG-5. On way to Japan hit worse typhoon in years. Ship was top heavy Ship could take 37 degree roll and we took 35 degree roll.
^^^ Had a variety of careers. Clinical laboratory manager at hospitals, retired from Prudential Insurance, opened own insurance/financial services agency and started own construction business. Retired at age 60. Still married to same gal 52 years. Two children, five grandchildren.

BROWN, David H. - Salem, OR 78-79mail
*** HM3 - Sick Call and Flight Quarters
^^^ Retired in 1994. Now work for Regence BC/BS of OR. Wife died in 97 and I have a son 20

DONNELLY, Richard "Painless" - Coos Bay, OR 73-76mail
*** HM1 - Sick Bay

FISHER, James - Portland, OR 68-69 #1239 mail
*** HMSN - Started as mess cook for Terlaji in Chief's Mess x 4 mos, then went to Sick Bay as striker for Doc Tasto, Fry, Havlik, Fong, Jury etc. Did a nightly radio show on CLGM-5 for BB Moore. You guys changed my life, whether you know it or not, and I want to thank you for it. I owe you all a lot. Honorable Discharge 72 as HM2, 3 tours in C.G. Reserve in Portland, OR.
^^^ Graduated from college. Worked as a volunteer counselor at local Vet Center for eleven years. Have two boys, one girl plus two step sons and best of all, three wonderful grandchildren. Currently work at a tour company selling travel to Europe, planning to retire, travel and write in just a few years. Hobby is writing fiction.

FRY, Havard Robert - Texas 65-70 mail
*** HM1 - Had a wonderful time - did the radio show Country At CLGM-5.
^^^ Getting ready to retire and travel; very happy with my new bride of 7 years

GEORGE, Jim - Raleigh, NC 66-67 mail
*** HM1
^^^ Retired as Lt Cdr (MSC) USN. Married 40 years to the same woman

HAYES, James - Woodbury, TN 72-74 mail
*** HM3 - Black Sheep of OKC Sick Bay 72-74. Looking for buddies Jack Smith, WC Barnes, Glen Elliott, Yasana and Mochizuki
^^^ Married 26 yrs, 3 children, 3 grandchildren. Registered Nurse and part owner of a rural hospital in Tennessee (www.stonesriverhospital.com) and live on a 41 acre farm in the foothills

HAVLIK, Joseph L - Hillsboro, WI 67-69 #1091 mail
*** HM2 - Spent over a year aboard while in San Diego and another in Yokosuka

IRWIN, Hugh - Harrisburg, PA 74-76 mail
*** HM3 - Medical Dept, laboratory tech
^^^ Stayed in Reserves made Warrant then Commissioned. Will retire in Dec '02 as an O-4

JACOBSEN, Bruce - Machesney Park, IL 68 mail
*** HM3 - Remember the Blood Drive after TET. Tried skydiving with crew mates
^^^ Married, no kids. Active in Vet's groups

JOHNSON, Steven C "Doc" - San Antonio, TX 69-70 mail
*** HM2 - In charge of Sick Bay Lab and Pharmacy. OK City was best of 30 yr Navy career. Great crew, great friends, good chow, interesting job, great liberty (especially in Manila), gunline ops were always exciting. A picture of the ship still hangs in my bedroom!
^^^ I am a full line Independent Insurance Agent/Safety Consultant/Alternative Health Products Rep. - Wife, Sally, and I love to fish in Rockport, TX and gamble(most anywhere).

JURY, Len "Doc J" 68-70 mail
***HM2 Came on board in San Diego after completion of OR School, just prior to WestPac Deployment, Held daily sickcall, Ran the Operating Room, and did minor surgeries.

MacQUEEN, John - Vista, CA 61-64 mail
*** HMSN - Corpsman

^^^ Now Service Manager for Honda

MALENOFSKI, Henry J "Ski" - Orlando, FL 76-79 mail
*** HMCS - Leading Chief, H Division
^^^ Retired in '84.Went to work for USPS - will retire in Aug 01

McCRERY, Lyn - 70-73 & 75-77mail
*** HMC - Medical Department
^^^ Retired from military. Now sail as a merchant mariner with Military Sealift Command

MARDEN, Jason - San Geronimo, CA 75-78 mail
*** HM2
^^^ Now married with 3 kids and work as a construction supt

ORTENDAHL, Robert - Tulsa, OK 73-77 mail
*** HM2 - Medical Department; best buds were Steve Cordes and Rich Donnelly, learned the most from chief Smith and chief Malenofski
^^^ Working in Vocational Employment for people with developmental disabilities and also teach in this field for the State of Oklahoma. Married 28 years to Paula, a registered nurse

KRILL, William "Doc" - Imperial Beach, CA 70-74 {Deceased 2001} For further information, contact John Sprinkle
*** HM1

SMITH, Jim - Springfield, MO 71-76 mail
*** HMCS - Leading Chief, H Division.

SCHWEINBERG, Karl M - Winter Park, FL 78-79 mail
*** HM3 - Was the last Hospital Corpsman to exit the QD in '79. Also closed the sick call log. Good friends were Dave Brown, Tom Farrell, Malenofski
^^^ Now a Lt at NAVHOSP, Jacksonville, FL and retiring from USN in Aug, 2001. Will be living in Winter Park with wife and 2 children

VAN DAMME, Richard - Bartlett, TN 62-63 mail
*** HM3 - Medical Dept

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