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Chief Donates Helo Patch

Helo Patch

Retired Chief Dave Campbell 73-79, has found two patches worn by the Black Knights of our Helicopter Crews HC-1 Det 6 (Call Sign = Blackbeard 1). Dave was a BM2 back then and was the Landing Signalman (LSE) for Flight Operations. He is donating one of the patches to the USS Oklahoma City Association for use in their extensive library of OKC memorabelia which can be seen at the reunions.

Dave wants to donate the other patch to someone who was aboard while he was doing flight ops. If you're interested, send him a note and tell him why at his e-mail address Dave Campbell or his web page Navy Bosn

USS Oklahoma City


Helicopter Crew

BROWN, Ken - San Diego, CA 75-77 mail
*** ADJ2 - Helo Crew Blackbeard 01, ADCS in HSL 47 at NASNI
^^^ Will retire in Mar 01 - bunked in CR Div. Looking for OK City name tag emblem/logo for my shadow box if anyone has a spare.

CAMPITELLI, Richard - Jacksonville, FL 77-79 #1205 mail or mail
*** AD2 - HC-1 DET 6 - BLACKBEARD ONE. I was an aircraft mechanic and sometimes flew as an aux crewman when they were short
^^^ I spent 21 yrs til retirement in 92 aboard USS Arthue W Radford, after last Desert Storm cruise. Married the woman I met while on CG5. We have 2 daughters in the military, 1 in USAF, stationed in Yakota, JP + 1 in USMC,who just returned from her 2nd 10-mo tour in 2 yrs. I work at a Golf & Yacht Club as head mechanic for past 21 years.

DEGUIRE, Bruce - Kenosha, WI 69-70 mail
*** AK3 - Aviation Storekeeper
^^^ Married to Sandra. Oldest son was born at Yokosuka Naval Hosp 1970

GANNER, Herb 71-72 mail
*** Lieutenant, Pilot for Blackbeard One

HALTOM, John - Trenton, TN, 1965-67, mail
*** ADJ3 - HC-1 Detatchment 7, Helo Crew

KLEIMENHAGEN, William F - Southhampton, PA 1969 mail
*** CRA- Combat Rescue Airman, Helicopter Combat Support, Squadron 7 (HC-7), DET 101 - I was the Admirals aircrewman flying in a UH2 Seasprite. We steamed from Danang to Korea after the EC-121 shootdown.

LEWIS, Don - Mathis, TX 75-76 #1190 mail
*** AECS - was 1st det cpo and only designated aircrewman for blackbeard one for first 8 1/2 months of our existence. Was quite a hassle forming the det. Being the only airdale chief on the OKC, I was given quiet a time by my fellow chiefs in the mess. I donated the HC1 det 6 plaque and possibly the patch that is being offered.
^^^ Retired in 1980

NULL, Jody - Defiance, MO 70-72 mail
*** Aviatian Electrician's Mate - Helo crew (Blackbeard 1)

REECE, Lanny "Towbar" - 75-76 mail
*** AE3 - Blackbeard One crew
^^^ I have PD, don't do much

ROCKEY, Richard - 64-65 #01047 mail *** ADJ3 - Helo crew HU-1 Det-1 Japan

SKRZYPEK, Joe - 1967-68, mail
*** Co-pilot - Blackbeard One

YATES, Skip - Rocheport, MO 69 mail
*** Lieutenant - Helicopter Pilot
^^^ Retired after 31 years. Single Dad raising two boys. Former BM and PN. Got commission thru old NavCad Program.

YOUNG, Kerry - 72 mail
*** Pilot - SH-2D Helocopter

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