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USS Oklahoma City


Gunner's Mates

ALLBAUGH, Jim - Hemet, CA 71-74 mail
*** Gunner's Mate - 6" Guns

ALLEN, John J. - San Diego, CA 70-77 mail
*** GMM1 - Talos Missile House - Best Bud was Jim Rainford
^^^ Married, one boy 23 y/o. Now on-line assistance agent for several different companies

ALMAZAN, Ernesto - 68-70 #1228 mail
*** GMSN - 5" Mount

BILLINGSLEY, Elmus, Jr. - San Marcos, CA 73-78 mail
*** GMG2 - Gun Captain - 6"/47 Turret
^^^ Married, 2 kids, 21 & 22, I'm a grandfather. Security Officer part-time in San Diego, full-time college. Retired as GMG1

BOLSTER, David F - Jefferson, MA 77-Decom mail
*** GMGSN - Worked in 6" turret. Best buddy was Randy Koontz
^^^ Now doing Computer Support, Website Design and Woodturning. Divorced twice, daughter in college, Harley rider. Visit my site for more information

BRAMER, Ken - Cols, OH 64-67 mail
*** GMG2 - 3rd Division, then Gunnery and in charge of 6" 47 turret.

BROADWATER, Wayne W. - Bristow, VA 67-69 mail
*** GMCM - Left ship to complete 30 years service as Chief Recruiter of Washington District. Retired 02 Feb 72.
^^^ Founded equipment rental business which I sold after 25 yrs. Now Chairman of Cardinal Nat'l Bank of Manassas.

BRONOWICZ, Ed Jr - Pittsburgh, PA 75-77 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Division - Worked in the 5" Mount with Chas Knowlton, Zoe Carr, George Matula, Heavy Hardy, Dozo Adams, etc. Would like to hear from all shipmates from 1975 to 1977. Great times, great memories. Chas Knowlton is my hero!!
^^^ Married 23 years (Diane), two kids Brittany and Garan, she's a teacher/ he's in college. Retired from the USPS after 34 years of employment. Residing in Pittsburgh, PA (hometown).

BURNS, Ray - Marblehead, MA 44-46 PLANKOWNER send mail
*** GM2 - Gun Captain, 3rd Division, Mount One.

CARR, Charles J., Jr. - Sasebo, JP 73-76 send mail
*** GMG2 FG Division, 5&6" Mount Captain
^^^ Originally from Connecticut, retired 1993 as GMC in Sasebo. Safety inspector for Sasebo base Safety Office

CONSALVO, Armondo "Monte" - Martinsville, NJ PLANKOWNER mail
*** SN - 3rd Division, horizontal gun trainer for forward, starboard dual 5" mount. Also whaleboat coxswain.
^^^ Maried 54 years, 5 children, retired from Johns-Manville.

CREAGER, Jack - Glenrock, WY 44-46
*** SN - 3rd Division, 5" gun turrett
^^^ Retired - will be attending reunion in Mobile

CROWLEY, Paul - Port Arthur, TX 78-79 mail
*** Gunner's Mate (Talos Missle House)

CURRIER, Michael I. - Bay Harbor, FL 63-66 mail
*** GMG3 - Talos Missile System

DIBLASI, John - Lake Forest, CA 62-64 send mail
*** Gunner's Mate - Missle Division

DRAPER, David - Vista, CA 73-76 mail
*** SN - 2nd Division / FG Division
^^^ Working for Gov't at Camp Pendleton. Have a 13 y/o son Jeremy, beautiful girlfriend Sue and her beautiful daughters Sheremy, 21 and Shana, 20

FOWLER, Joey E - Trinity, TX 61-64 mail
*** GMM3 - Worked in Missile House; best bud was Joe Robinson
^^^ Now waste water operator for Trinity River Authority and self employed for past 20 yrs as mold / die engraver

GAVIN, Timothy - Grand Rapids, MI 78-79 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Division GMG. Worked in the 6 Turret. Qualified up to Turret Captain under GMG1 Otten. Retired from the Navy 1 APR 2012 as a Surface Warfare CDR. Currently XO of the University of Michigan NROTC Unit (until Mar 2012).
^^^ Married with a 24 year old son. 25 years as a SWO serving mostly in Engineering Billets and 2 XO Afloat tours on CRUDES ships.

GENTRY, Edward W Jr - Natalia, TX 59-63 #1127 mail
*** GMG3 - Served with and looking for Calvin Murphy, Dallas Good and Guadalupe Gaitan. Award for good conduct and (E) for Excellence, (Guns).

GLANERT, Gary - Waterford, MI 73-74 mail
*** GMG3
^^^ Now a Product Engineer at DaimlerChrysler. Still married to Reiko whom I met while stationed in Yokosuka

HANSEN, Neil E. - Elba, NY 71-74 mail
*** GM2 - GM Division - Missile House

HAMPTON, Steven M. - Bettendorf, IA 971-73 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Division, Mount 51. Currently GMC, N&MCRC, Rock Island, IL, attached to Phib CB-1, Coronado, CA.

JAMES, Thomas - 45-46 mail
*** GM3 - Fox Div - Armory

JOHNSON, Harry J. - Perkiomenville, PA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SN - Gunner's Mate - 6th Division

KERSHAW, Michael R - Las Vegas, NV 78 mail
*** GM3 - Came aboard for Summer "Cruise" but only spent 3 days at sea due to Typhoons. Worked in GM - Missiles
^^^Now I'm an IBM S/390 Systems Programmer. Married with a boy and a girl

KIRBY, John - Long Beach, CA 70-73 #01052 mail
*** GMG2
^^^ Just about to finish a 27 yr career with the Long Beach, CA Fire Dept

KNOWLTON, Charlie - Puyallup, WA 70-74 & 76-79 mail
*** GMCS - 2 Tours, worked Mt 51 both times.

KOOP, Donald - Fort Wayne, IN 68-73 mail
*** GMM2 - Talos Missile System

KRYSINSKI, Charles - Truth or Consequences, NM 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** GMSN
^^^ Retired with his wife, he has 2 children, 1 granddaughter and 3 great-grandchildren

MATULA, George - Margate, FL 73-78 mailor mail
*** GMG2 FG-Division - Worked in Turret, Mount 51. Transferred to USS Worden (CG-18) also out of Yokosuka
^^^ US Navy retired; Working for Watson Labs; New York City born at Astoria, Queens, New York City.

MILLER, Albert - Plymouth, CA 63-64 mail
*** GMSN - Came aboard in Long Beach and joined the deck force and later the gun gang. Buddies were Paul Richard and Seaman Martinez
^^^ I have worked as a maintenance man for the school district for 39 years and will retire in the fall of '03

MILLER, Jerry - Cincinatti, OH 70-73 mail
*** GMGSN - 6" Turret - memories of crossing the Equator, and port visits to Subic, Taiwan & Hong Kong. I remember Bill Phillips, John Shirow & John Bullard among others
^^^ I have three kids, girls 25 & 16, and a son 15. I am one of the Vice Presidents of Manufacturing for the Ford Motor Company

MORROW, Steven J - Valparaiso, IN 77-79 #1107 mail
*** GMM3 - Talos Missile System
^^^ Today I'm a truck driver and live with and care for my mother

MURPHY, Gary A. - Colorado Springs, CO 71-73 mail
*** SN - 6" Mount Loader, Phone Talker for Flight Ops.

OTTEN, Robert F. - Silverdale, WA 77-79 mail
*** GMG1 - 6"47 Turret Captain and LPO. Now LDO Lt.CDR, AOIC of Naval Weapons Station, Port Hadlock, WA.

PAGE, Alvin James {DECEASED}- Wilmington, NC 44-45 PLANKOWNER
*** GM3 - Turret 4
^^^ Retired Captain from Piedmont Airlines, wife Betty and I are blessed with 4 children and 8 grandchildren
### Died 15 Feb 01

PREFUME, Tim - China Spring, TX 76-79 #1180 mail
*** GMGSN - I was they guy always in trouble that wanted only to get out of the Navy...which I did, 20 years later!
^^^ Married to (Yuko) for 28 years. Have a daughter who is married and an Attorney in Dallas, a son who is a Retail Store Manager, another son whos is in outside sales, and a 17 yo daughter in HS

RENARD, Edward E - Jessup, GA 77-79 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Div, 5" mount
^^^ Loving life in South Georgia

RHYNE, Allie - Georgetown, TX 66-68 mail
*** GMM3 - Ultimately retired as a Major in the Marine Corps
^^^ Lived in Tulsa, OK for 12 yrs until Cathy & I retired for goo. We live in Sun City, TX where we golf, travel, spoil the grandkids and just have fun

RICHARD, Paul - Lafayette, LA 60-64 mail
*** GM3

ROCCO, Robert - Hollywood, CA 77-79 mail
*** GMG2 - 5" mount & 6" turret crew. (Who says 6 inches ain't enough?) Had a great time on the 'Okie Boat'.
^^^ I've been self employed for the last 20 years - custom painting and pinstriping. The job's fun, but my boss is a jerk. No overtime pay, and I can't call in sick. Hey, kinda sounds like the Navy! Carry on!

RUDDER, Charlie H. - San Ysidro, CA 75-78 mail
*** GMGC - Leading PO, FG Division

SLAUGHTER, Mervin - Little Rock, AR 64-67 mail
*** GMGSN - First Division, then FG Division

SLUSSER, Jerry D. - Yermo, CA 73-75 mail
*** GMSN - Deck Division, Mess duty and then GM Division.
^^^ Sante Fe Railway since 78; now with BNSF Railway.

SMILEY, Thomas O. - Marshall, MO 64-68 mail
*** GMC - In charge of Armory
^^^ Retired on small farm, maried with two daughters.

SMITH, Danny E. - San Angelo, TX 69-71 mail
*** GM3 - 5" and 6" Guns, duty in the Armory

TESSMER, Mark L. - New Hope, MN 68-69 mail
*** SN - Six Inch Gun Loader
^^^ Married with 5 married daughters and 6 grandkids.
I'm a Vets Employment Rep. with Minn. Dept of Econ Security and I've been serving Veterans for over 27 years.
I also enjoy bicycling (I average between 4-6K miles a year) and have been for the last 20 years.
I've also restored a 1965 MGB Roadster and have been enjoying that for the last 10 years.

TRAGLIA, James - Pittston, PA 68-72 mail
*** GMM3 - Talos Missile House
^^^ Married with three children.

WADE, Simon - Heber, AZ 69-71 mail
*** GMG3 - 6"/47 turret

WAGNER, Leon - Chula Vista, CA 68-71 mail
*** GMM1 - Worked in Missile House
^^^ Retired and living the good life?

WATERMAN, Gordon - Kennebunk, ME 69-73 mail
*** GMM2

WEAVER, Raymond P - Gulfport, MS 68-70 mail
*** GMG2 - Worked on 6" in armory
^^^ Retired in 1983 as GMCS. I have 2 children and 2 grandsons. Move to MS to be near the family. Now have a handyman and lawn business and am a Mason and Shriner Clown (Smiley)

WILKIE, William - Manahawkin, NJ 42-46 PLANKOWNERmail
*** GM3 - F Division, Armory

ZACHARY, Jamed D - Danville, IN 64-67 mail
*** GMM3 - T Division, Talos Missiles. Worked on FAST gear and Missile Magazine
^^^ Divorced with 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Now an account specialist for Schwan's Ice Cream

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