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USS Oklahoma City

Fire Control Technicians

AITON, Don - Tombstone, AZ 64-67 and 78-Decom mail1 or mail2
*** FTCS - GM Div Talos Missile House, later FM Div Weapons System Chief
^^^ Now a senior UAV Systems Analyst for Joint Interoperability Test Command at Ft. Hauchuca, AZ. Also serce on the City Council in Tombstone, the "Town too tough to die."

ALVAREZ, Luis - Owings Mills, MD 78-79mail
*** FT2 - AN/SPG-49B Talos F.C. Radar

ANDERSON, Terry L - Mt. Pleasant, IA 76-79 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Division - AN/SPG 49A radars & MAA force
^^^ Retired from USN in Aug '96. Now working in electrical repair and Bio-Med department of local hospital

APKARIAN, Terry - Southgate, MI 69-72mail
*** FTM2 - AN/SPG-49 Radar Director 6
^^^ Now Radar Manager for FAA

BACHMAN, Lawrence J. - Monroe, VA 74-76 mail
*** FTGC - Lead Chief of FG Div - Retired as CWO4
^^^ Currently Dep Sheriff in Lynchburg, VA & Firearms instr at Central VA Criminal Justice Acad. Wife Chiyoko and I live in Blue Ridge Mts of Amherst Co. - All children are grown & we have 2 grandsons

BEATTY, John R - Dayton, OH 73-75mail
*** FT3 - Talos Computer System (when a computer was as big as your family room and only had to do a few simple equations; Good times with Chopper, Whit, Sams, Gullette, Sanchez, Dubi
^^^ Currently VP of HR with three grown sons and a granddaughter. Still married to Mernieko (31 years)

BECKWITH, Gary - Oxnard, CA 76-79 mail
*** FTM1 - Missile house

BECKWITH, Steve - Bolton, MA 77-79 mail
*** FTM2 FM-Division - W2 Missile Guidance Radar

BENTZ, David L. - McMinnville, TN 76-77 mail
*** FT1 - Aft Missile House
^^^ Retired from Navy and then the Army

BERNINGER, Harold "Bernie" - Milan, OH 67-71 mail
*** FTM1 - Came aboard in 67 and left for the USS Long Beach in 71
^^^ Married with a son and daughter, both in college. Now mfg manager for Lennox International

BOUCHER, John T. - Sunnyvale, CA 62-64 mail
*** FTM3 - AN/SPG-49 Talos Tracking Radar

BRITTON, Robert C. - Griswold, CT 69-72 mail
*** FTG3 - FG Division working mostly gun director and related radars
^^^ Working as Electrician for a Connecticut Public Utility; Married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Looking foreward to early retirement to travel the open roads in a motorhome

BUTLER, Frank A - Charleston, SC 60-64 mail
*** FTMC - Was the first person in charge of the AN/SPG-49, Dir 5 later on to the Chicago and Long Beach. Made Senior and Master Chief and then LDO Commussion
^^^ Retired after 21 as LtCdr. Went to college and Law School and practiced law for a while - got bored, went sailing with wife for 12 years on a 32' sailboat

CADWALADER, Jeffrey S. - Kingsland, GA 93-98 #1342 mail
*** FT2(SS) - FT Div with Tom Moore and Chris Miller whose brother came onboard as a striker. It was an awesome boat and the reason I got married due to a trip to Oklahoma City. CDR Sneed was an awesome CO and we had fun. Daryl Herrman was the LPO who came to the boat as a FT3 and left as a FTC going to ODU for an officer program. FTC Wade Ellis was my first chief followed by FTCS Henry Chavez then ending with FTCS Quattro.
^^^ Brought the last SSGN alive the USS GEORGIA ran the strike division for 3.5 years and now working at Subbase Kingsbay while I get ready to retire come March 2012.

CAMPBELL, John L. - Glendale, CA 75-78 mail
*** FTGC - in charge of MK-37 Gun Fire Control System and Assistant 3M Coordinator

CASTELLI, John - Orange, CA 66-68 mail
*** FTMSN - Talos Missile Division, was also ship's DJ under the name "Lallapolluzza"
^^^ Single Dad, son Gabriel is 25. Now a teacher & coach (basketball & volleyball) at a Catholic School (22 years)

CAVELL, George H - Cape Coral, FL 60-62 mail

CHAVEZ, Enrique F - Spring, TX 95-97 #1158 mail
*** FTCS(SS) - reported onboard just after the Oklahoma City bombing. I was in school in Groton, CT scheduled to come to the OKC. I was the Weapons Department Leading Chief. I guess Bubba Smith QMC was my buddy during the time on the OKC.
^^^ I work for Baker Hughes in the Houston Technology Center in Houston, Texas. I am the supervisor in charge of 19 assemblers and electronic technicians testing circuit boards. My hometown is El Paso, Texas

CLUETT, Chris - 77-78 mail
*** FTM3

COLLINS, Blaine S. - Las Vegas, NV 76-Decom mail
*** FTG2 - Mark 25, Mod 3 Gunfire Control Radar
^^^ Married in 1979, have a son and daughter. Still working on radar for EG&G Technical Svcs

CURTIS, George - Covina, CA 67-70 mail
*** FT3 - Technician on the MK-111 Mod 0 fire control computer

DECK, Warren D - 71-73 mail
*** FTG2 - Worked mostly on FC Director; battle station was plot 5

DENNING, James E. - Dixon, MO 65-67 mail
*** FTM2 - Talos Computer Room.

DEWOODY, Ralph C. - Virginia Beach, VA 67-68 mail
*** FM2 - GM Division

DOMINICK, Douglas - Canton, OH 73-75 mail
*** FTMSN - 2nd and F Divisions. Played guitar and sang with buddy Robert Johnson; we actually won All Navy Talent Contest at Atsugi in 1973
^^^ Work at Aultman Hospital, also am One Man Band that entertains around NE Ohio. Very happily married and always want to hear from anyone who was on the Okie

DOWTY, Frank - Monroe, WA 63-66 mail
*** FTM1 - AN/SPG 49 radars and Talos computer system.
^^^ Went aboard in '63 and was in Pacific Missile Range on an exercise when JFK was killed. When the ship returned to the States, I was the driver that stayed in Japan

EALY, Steve - Columbus, OH 76-78 mail
*** FTM-3 - FM Div; worked on guidance radar for Talos Missile System. Best friend was GMM3 Bill Archibald
^^^ Live about 20 miles outside of Columbus with my wife of seven years, Ruth, and two dogs and a lizard

ENSTAD, Paul A. - Santa Maria, CA 68-71 mail
*** FTM2 - Ejoyed my time on the OK City very much.
^^^ Have a gas station, two wonderful kids & a crochety old wife that I love very much. Send me some mail!

FREEMAN, Jim - 76-78 #1146 mail
*** Worked on the Mk 25 Gun Radar for 2.5 years...Looking for former FG Div. shipmates

GALEONE, Chris - Maple Shade, NJ 78-79 #1343 mail
*** FTG2 - FG Division. Worked on the MK37 GFCS
^^^ Software Engineer for Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, NJ. Married my high school sweetheart in 1980. Raised 2 great daughters and have 1 awesome grandson. Living in South Jersey.

GALLAGHER, Thomas K. - Mitchellville, MD 77-79 mail
*** FTM3 - FM Division, W2 Missile Guidance Radar

GARCIA, L S - Albuquerque, NM 78-79 mail
*** FTM3
^^^ Now with Lockheed Martin

GARDOCKI, POhilip - Royersford, PA 77-79 mail
*** FTM2 - AN/SPG 49A Directors 5 & 6
^^^ Married with one child. Occupations include CatScan/Magnetic Resonance Engineer and currently a .NET computer programmer

GASSOWAY, Dan - Portland, OR 71-73 mail
*** FTGSN - FG Division - I enjoyed the liberty ports. I loved skin diving in Grande Island during the day and then going animal in Olongapo at night. I equally enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the sea as well as the insanity of the typhoons. There was plenty to dislike, but I am grateful that has faded and the joys have grown larger. I am still in contact with many friends from that time, including Bob Britton, Jerry Rodgers, Greg Laedlein, Mark Pelnar, Ed Marcheleta, Daryl Streeter, to name a few.
^^^ I have had three heart attacks, two before I was 50, have died six times during them. Am healthier now than ever (well, ALMOST!). I am going to Marylhurst University, majoring in Human Studies. Currently talent scout for a music distribution company. I'm looking for Bob Reynolds, Bob McGraw and Terry Conway; any leads out there?

GOOD, Bruce L - Deerwood, MN 62-64 mail
*** FTM3 - Also served on USS Chicago & Columbus
^^^ Semi-retired working part-time for an engineering firm. I have 3 1/2 grandchildren

GORISS, Leo - West Palm Beach, FL 62-64 mail
*** FTM2 - I served aboard the OK City in the Missile division as MT2 which was changed to FTM2 prior to my discharge
^^^ Retired...looking for work though. Need help???? Building a 1932 Roadster

. GREGG, Bill - San Jose, CA, 67-68 mail
*** FT3 - FG Division

GREIMAN, David - Garner, IA 63-65 #1100 mail
*** FTM2
^^^ I own a construction company but I now have my youngest son as a partner and let him do most of the work. My wife and I have 4 children + 5 and one half grandchildren

GULLETTE, Steven - Monument, CO 73-75 mail
*** FTM3 - SPG-49 (Dir 5), then to STERF working for Rick "The Eggs" Hammond. Good times with Robert Sanchez, Ed "Edo" Terrell, Doughboy Wilter and I still owe Donnie Slack for Wog Day '73
^^^ Retired from Navy as LT in '95. Now part owner of 2 real estate companies in CO. Still blissfully married to "D", Gary Kemmerling's cousin

HARSHNER, Louis - Pascagoula, MS 76-79mail
*** FTM3 - Now FCCM on my twilight tour aboard the USS Thomas S Gates (CG- 51)

HASKETT, Joseph D - Camano Island, WA 63-65 #1159 mail
*** FTM2 - T3 Div - I was detached to USS Columbus CG-12 in Sep 65
^^^ Semi-retired from Boeing Aircraft, married for 39 yrs, living on a Small Island in Puget Sound abt 45 miles north of Seattle, Wa. Enjoying retirement and traveling

HAYES, Jim - Port Neches, TX 65-66 mail
*** FTG3 - Worked in Plot 5 & 6 and then mk25 radar on director 51 (where I was the day the LIFE magazine photo cover was taken)

HENSIEK, Leroy - Puyallup, WA 70-73 & 75-78
*** FTG1 - FG Division, Retired Navy
^^^ Managing VFW Post 2224, Puyallup, WA Phone (253) 841-9934 / 6362

HERMES, James - Oregon, IL, 62-64, mail
*** FT3 - Operated and maintained the MK-25 Radar

HIGBY, Thomas - Los Banos, CA 75-79 mail
*** FTM1 - FM Div SPG49s, Dir 5 & 6 - buddies were Randy Dugger, Larry DuBois, Albert (Skip) Pinney, Brian Donovan, Louis Harshner and Ron Parker, just to name a few
^^^ I've been a Mfrg/Product/Test Engineer & Production Supervisor for Hewlett-Packard and other semiconductor cos. However, I'm now a Farmers Insurance Agent with 2 kids, 1 grandson

HINES, Jim - Colorado Springs, CO 74-78 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Div, started in Missile House and finished in STERF lab
^^^ Buddies were Dough Boy (Don ?), Ed Terrell, Archer, Joey ?, Mike Danler, Skip Penny - Now programming customizations to help desk software

HUBBARD, A.L. - Vallejo, CA, 74-76, mail
*** FTM1 - Talos Computer Room
^^^ Favorite hobby: going to Subic City

HUGHES, Alvin - Titusville, FL 86-91 #1352 mail
*** FTC(SS) - Plankowner - Came aboard as an FTG1 during NEWCON and made chief onboard in the Med
^^^ Retired after 30 years active duty CWO4 in 2009. Still working for the Navy and going to sea on USNS ships

HUNTER, Chuck - Monroe, NY, 71-74, mail
*** FTG3 - FG Division.

JONES, Ray "Okie" - Watts, OK 62-65 mail
*** FTMSN - AN/SPS 49 #5 Fire Control Radar, retired as BMC
^^^ Am now a Bos'n in Merchant Marine working for Military Sealift Command. Married to a wonderful woman from Philipines, have two sons; one is GMC in Navy other works for Pentium Intel in Arizona

KEMERLING, Gary - San Diego, CA 67-79 mail
*** FTM1 - FM Division

KERZIC, Mike - Yuba City, CA 76-78 mail
*** FTM2 - Talos Missile House
^^^ Work for Caltrans as an Engineer

KINDELL, Jack - OH, 72-74, mail
*** FTM3 - FM Div. Talos Guidance and Telemetry
^^^ 12 years active, 14 yrs USNR. Retired as FCC

KING, William R Sr. - East Amherst, NY 76-78 #1293 mail
*** FTG3 - I'm signing in on behalf of my Dad, who served on USS OKLAHOMA CITY. I know he'd be more than happy to hear from old shipmates. Dad lives in Buffalo, where CLG 4 LITTLE ROCK is a museum - had lots of great tours on that ship from Dad, remembering his time on the "Okie Boat".
^^^ I was commissioned on CLG 4 in front of the 6" turret in 2006 in honor of his service on CLG 5. Submitted by William R. King, Jr. LTJG, USN - US Fleet Forces Command mail

KIRK, John - Corvallis, OR 70-74 mail
*** FTM1 - FM Division - AN/SPG-49 Radar (Rm 5)
^^^ Now an Engineering Specialist for Hewlett Packard for over 20 years, married to Kathy for over 30 years and have three "kids:" Justin(76), Kylene(79) and Karalee(82).

KURET, Anthony J. - Raymond, CA, 62-64, mail
*** FT3 - Talos computer room; my brother William was assigned to the G2 radar station
^^^ Retired from Contract Job Shop in '97 and my wife and I are building our retirement home in Raymond, CA, a small town in the foothills east of Madera

LIPPENCOTT, David - York Haven, PA 67-72 mail
*** FTM3 - GM Div, Talos Missile House
^^^ Work for Defense Info Sys Agcy (e-mail at work:David_Lippincott@mech.disa.mil

LUDE, Gregory A. - Kettering, OH, 75-78 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Division, worked on Talos guidance radars and UHF telemetry gear
^^^ Now a school teacher, I'm an Electrical Engineer, retired from D.O.D.

MacDONALD, John (Jack) M. Jr. - New South Wales, Australia 63-65 #1269 mail
*** FTM2 - I was assigned to FM Division and was responsible for the WCS or Weapons Control Station. Close friends were Ed Moyle, Sam Bonar, Ian Cunningham, Malcolm Willette, Donald Woods
^^^ I have recently retired from an Australian Engineering Firm which I formed in 1988 and sold in 2006. I was CEO of the company for 20 years. My wife and I bought a cabin on an inland property and I have been spending a lot of time there. Making the cabin liveable, as a family retreat, and reducing the bushfire hazards has kept me busy.

MacDONALD, Perry - 77-79, mail
*** FTM2

MAHAR, Tom - South San Francisco, CA 76-79 mail
*** FMC - Fire Control Div

MALCOLM, Paul - Southgate, MI 71-75 #1220 mail
*** FTG2 - Greatest Duty ever. Found ot what the navy was reallly about on the USS Valdez FF1096. We didn't know how good we had it on the OKI boat until you experience duty on a can. I remember GJ (Getz) Ltjg Luckum, Ensign Schrader, Bob Reynolds, Bertrand (I spoke to him not long ago), Conway, McGraw, Kerls, Vaughn (running mate), Hunter, Wong, Lovelace, Chief Grose, Chief Bachman, Marchellata, Occasion, Streeter, Schmitka, Murphy, Nakiamahardgraves, Neusome. I have a copy of the 1971-1972 Cruise book
^^^ Still mariied to Mila (30+ years) 2 kids all grown up now, one grand daughter so far

MARINAK, Bill - Lake Villa, IL, 69-70 mail
*** FTG1 - Topside F.C. Equipment - FTGC, USN RET

MAROON, Peter M - Seattle, WA 76-79 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Div/ AN-SPW2 Radar. Transferred to USS Dahlgren (DDG-43) and completed tour with rank of FTM1 - best bud was Harrison V (Witt) Whittington
^^^ Now with Boeing as Antenna Analyst

MARSH, Richard W. - Huntsville, AL #1288 mailmail
*** FTM1 - FM Div - Lead FT for (later became FT in charge of) Weapons Control Station, assigned targets for Guns and Talos. Last year onboard I was 3M coordinator for Weapons Dept.
^^^ After being discharged in 1971, I returned to me home town, reenrolled in Ellsworth College, received my A.A. in Business, Enlisted in USNR / Reserve Officers Commissioning program. Transferred to University of Iowa, received BBA and returned to duty as Active Reservist in the Commissioning program. Was Commissioned Ensign Nov, 1974. Reported to USS Chicago CG11 in San Diego, served as DivOFF Gunnery, Engineering Admin Off. and 1st Division DEck Officer. Transfered to USS Forrestal as Electraonics Repair Officer for Intelligence Group. Left Active Duty July 1979. Was Military Sealift Personnel Officer, Admin Officer and later XO. Served until Apr 1996. I keep running into friends I served with over my career and really enjoy talking with them and reliving some of the great times. Worked for Cubic Corporation - Price Analyst, Boeing - Superviser Engeneering Program Management Group, Postal Service -Mail Handler Lead PIA. Thank God for Unions Currently Retired from Navy as LCDR, Boeing, U.S. Postal Service, SS --- Loving life and living like my hair is on fire.

MARSH, Robert C - Mankato, MN, 68-72 #1186 mail
*** FTSN

McCLELLAND, Daryl "Mac" - San Diego, CA 75-79 #01087 mail
*** FG2 - FG Div - Great crew, outstanding port visits. My brother was an FTM2 in the missile house
^^^ Ret as a LCDR (Ordnance LDO) 2003. I work for NAVSEA Port Hueneme as a Strike Force C5I Interoperability Proj Eng at the Integrated Combat Sys Test Fac in San Diego

McMANAMA, Kerry "Mac" -Kenosha, WI 76-78 mail
*** FTM2 - Fire Control Computer Tech for TALOS missile sys

McQUAY, James M. - West Linn, OR 60-62 mail
*** FT2 - MK49 F.C. Radar & Foreward Batt

MELTON, Loren R. - Port Hueneme, CA 60-64 mail
*** FTMC - Fox Div, Master Chief of the Command

MITCHELL, Jack - Hattiesburg, MS 77-79 mail
*** FTM3 - W2 Missile Guidance Radar. Crossed over to Blue Ridge with 9 mos to go
^^^ Work in P.R. for Univ of So. Miss. Married to editor of local paper, have 3 kids and a bunch of dogs

MUELLER, Bill - Sheboygan, WI 67-71
*** FTM1 - Mostly FM Division with 6 mos. in X Div as MMA.
^^^ Married 29 yrs. Received degrees in Electronics and Computers, now work for Kohler Co. as project analyst

MURPHY, Peter F. - Spring Valley, CA 69-73 & 79-Decom mail
*** FCCS - Worked on radar and computers for main and 2nd battery guns
^^^ For last 6 years, working as contractor for Foreign Military Sale/Lease of Decommissioned US navy ships. Now semi-retired but planning to start a new job in San Diego

NAUDUS, Stan - Brookeville, MD 75-78 mail
*** FTM2
^^^ Married for 30+ years to a Chinese lady that I met in Calculus class while getting my BS in Computer Science. We have 5 children. The OKC was the best and worst of times for me. But, I think about her often. Hope you are all doing well.

NOEL, Bruce - Livermore, CA 76-78 mail
*** FTM2 - GM Division - Supply and Damage Control PO
^^^ Currently Senior Engineer with Seagate Technologies

PEELMAN, David - Pearl Harbor, HI 76-79 mail *** FT2 - Talos 49 radar
^^^ Now working for post office; still in pearl Harbor with wife Yoshiko

PHILLIPI, Brian - Temecula, CA 72-75 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Div, AN/SPG-49 Radar

PHILLIPS, Robert - Westlake, OH 72-76 #1359mail
*** FTM1 - SPG49 Radar - Director 5 FM Division - Does anyone remember Saylors? You know, the one who cut off the heads of all my soldiers in my 3M Bookshelf game Feudal because I won every game? Other friends:Kennedy, Hammond, Prenares, Orm, Philippi, Sanchez, Kindell, Pero
^^^ USCG Microwave Systems Product Line Management and Adjunct Instructor Electronics Engineering Tech ITT-Tech. Beautiful Irish Wife Karen Five great children (now adults of course). Two are Captains in 101st Airborne Fort Campbell - Afghan Vets; One is Arizona Nat Guard Captain One USAF at Bagram and one Defense Contractor at Lockheed Martin Virginia.

PRENARES, Photeos G. - San Jose, CA 72-76 mail
*** FT2 - AN/SPG-49 Radar.

PRICHARD, Robert D - Buford, GA 64-66 mail
*** FTG3 - FG Div
^^^ Retired from USNR as LtCDR. Have a son and daughter; both have served 10+ years in naval reserve, and three grandchildren. Retired from Royal Insurance where I was an Industrial Safety Spec

RAMBO, James - Carpentersville, IL 69-73 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Div, Weapons Control.
^^^ Now Lead Engineer for Motorola Cell Div. Navy training sure came in handy!

RENARD, Edward E - Jessup, GA 77-79 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Div, 5" mount
^^^ Loving life in South Georgia

RIDDELL, Jack - Spring Valley, CA 75-76 mail
*** WO2 - Maintenance Officer foe Talos Missile System and Asst. FM Div. Officer. Retired Nov. 76 as CWO3

RIVERA, Joe - Buena Park, CA 63-66 mail
*** FTM3 - FM Div, SPG-49 radar tech

ROBERSON, Eldon W. - Norco, CA 60-62 mail
*** FTM1 - Div P.O. & Weapons Control Sta Maint P.O. - first PO to report to pre-commissioning detail in San Diego
^^^ Married 35 years with 3 children and two grandchildren. Retired after 38 years in the Navy, 9 active, the rest as Weapons Systems Analyst

ROBINSON, Sam - 75-76 #1363 mail
*** FTM2

SANCHEZ, Robert - Rohnert Park, CA 73-75 mail
*** FTM3
^^^ Best bud was Steven Gullette. 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren.
Recently celebrated my 20th anniversary as Vice President of Investments and Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley

SHAEFER, George - Oklahoma City, OK 68-78 #1106 mail
*** FTM1 - FM Div 49 Radar and System Test - Ran the Honcho with Burton + Whittington
^^^ Now a PMEL Tech for Raytheon at FAA Logistics Ctr in OKC

SCHAEFER, Steve - Sterling, VA 72-73 #01046 mail
*** FTM3 - Talos Missile Tech (the new Smithsonian Air & Space Museum has a Talos Missile on display)
^^^ Currently doing software development for major defense contractor

SCHMIDTKA, Lyle - Chesapeake, VA 70-74 mail
*** FTG1 - Proformed every task in FG Division
^^^ Now an Engineer for LockHeed and still married to Atsuko my Japanese bride of 28 years. We have 2 children and 1 grandchild. Thanks for the memories.

SHEFFIELD, Jim - Fairfax, VA 68-72 mail
*** FTM1 - Talos Missile System
^^^ Now an Engineer for Raytheon supporting Navy's AEGIS System, MK111 Computer

SHOCKCOR, James - Troy, MI 65-67 mail
*** FTM

SIMON, Joseph - San Diego, CA 63-66 mail
*** FTG2 - FG Division

SKALA, George Jr. - Attalla, AL 69-72 mail
*** FTCM - Talos Missile System.
^^^ Working for DOD as Telecom / Computer specialist

SLACK, Don - Millersville, MD mail
*** FTM2 - Fox Division, worked in WDE and MK152 Talos Computer. Retired as FCC in 1989.
^^^ Retired 20 Years as FCC(SW). I now live in Millersville, MD with my Wife Sonho and two dogs. I work for NOAA controlling GOES Weather satellites. Check out my website: Donís Weather Zone:

SPITLER, Ron - St. Louis, MO 63-66 mail
*** FTM3 - T-Division, Port Missile Check-out, then Special Weapons Office.

STANSFIELD, Robert W - Parker, CO 65-68 #1291 mail
*** FTM2 - I came aboard straight out of AN/SPG-49A Fire control Radar school at Mare Island as a FTM-3. I was responsible for the 49A fire control radar associated with the Talos missle system. While aboard I became rated as FTM-2. We were home ported in Yukoska Japan as the flagship of the 7th fleet. I also was assigned to the MK 1 stable element for the 6" guns forward of the bridge and became the gun firing operator during our tours in Vietnam. I spent time lobbing shells into the highlands around DaNang from the harbor. I was also present in the fire control radar room when we shot down our first mig as it flew down from the North. I remember watching the radar screen as the fired Talos come onto the screen and hit the target.
I became a shellback as we crossed the equator. I still have my card. I was also aboard when we were steaming back to the states and was hit by a typhoon. The OK City was sent to sea trials after they installed the missile system aft. She had too much weight topside and almost turned turtle. (As I was told) She was brought back into the shipyard and 22 tons of steel was removed topside. She then had a critical list of 26 degrees I believe. We were hit by a wave broadside during that storm. I was in the radar room below decks and I remember a large tool box jump about a foot into the air and flew 3 feet or so across the deck. My friend, a coxin on the bridge told me that the inclinomoter on the bridge that showed roll (With a bubble) reached 24 1/2 degrees. The ship shuttered for a spell and slowly began to right herself. He said that the officers on the bridge were visibly white. During that storm I believe that the Admirals barge was damaged.
^^^ After I left the Navy I returned to college and became a Mechanical Engineer. I worked for the Boston company of Stone & Webster right after college. After a year or so I went to work for a Denver company called Stearns Rogers. It is now URS Corporation. I was just laid off the first part of December after 35 years. So now, I am doing consulting work in the area.

She was a good ship. I am saddened to know she was sunk as a target ship off of Guam.

STEGALL, James - Maryville, TN 66-68 mail
*** FTC - Made Chief the day I was transferred to the Topeka
^^^ Retired as FTCS in '76. Work in civilian life as Quality Control Manager until a heartattack forced me to re-retire

TAYLOR, 'Smokin' Joe - 92-95 #1295 mail
*** FTG2

TAYLOR, Larry M. - Cypress, TX 67-70
*** FT2 - FG Division

TEEL, Eldon - Hortense, GA 61-64 mail
*** FTM1 - AN/SPG-49 Radar Director #6, Talos Weapons System.
^^^ Retired 9/75 as FTCM, also served on CG10(Albany) and CG12(Columbus).

TERRELL, Edwin P. - APO 73-76 mail
*** FTM2 - I was a computer tech for the Talos missile system. We were a tight nit group, in fact the entire division was close. I will never forget my friends and shipmates from FM division. Nor will I forget the shaft-alley, it saved my life more than once!
^^^ I am currently a management consultant living and working in Egypt. I spend my free time riding my horse in the desert next to the Pyramids.

TOTH, Paul - Cypress, CA 70-72 mail

TYSON, Bill - Pensacola, FL, 76-78 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division - TACAN Technician
^^^ Retired as LCDR

UMBREIT, Keith - Riverside, CA 70-73 #1147 mail
*** FTM2 - Worked in Talos Missile computer room on Mark 111 computer the entire time aboard. Didn't know how good I had it on OK City until I transferred to the Uss Bagley DE1069. That was very different
^^^ Still working on computers. Got a degree from Cal State Long Beach. I've been working for Unisys 28 years now. Still like to get out in the ocean in a power or a sail boat. I do lot of sailing now

VANDENBURG, Keith A - Liverpool, NY 63-65 mail
*** FTM2 - T Div, Missile House Stbd test bay
^^^ Retired from Gen Electric Co

WARD, Lawrence - Tulsa, OK, 67-70 mail
*** FTM3

WEZENSKY, Michael - White Pigeon, MI 67-68 & 70-71 mail
*** FTM3 - GM Division, retired as NCC(SW)
^^^ Employed in manufacturing quality assurance. My son retired as an MTCS(SS) and wife retired as an HMC.

WHITED, Patrick J. - Columbus, OH 72-73 mail
*** FTSA - Plot 5
^^^ Now repair aircraft interiors for Executive Jet Aviation. My wife and I have a son and daughter. Still play the drums part time.

WILLETTE, Malcolm - Baltimore, MD 63-66 mail
*** FT3 - 42 Radar

WILLIAMS, Warren O "Willie" - MO 68-70 mail
*** FTM1 - Talso Missile Division
^^^ Able to retire early and enjoy time at our second home in rural Mo

YAGHIJAN, Gordon - Bradenton, FL 69-71 mail
*** FTG3 - Current V.P. of USS Oklahoma City Association

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