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USS Oklahoma City


Electronics Technicians

ET Shop Sign
ET Shop circa 1970
Left to right: Howard Kling, Don Villoni and Roger Muller in front of the ET shop/ Calibration Lab circa 1969

ALGER, Charles - San Diego, CA 75-78 mail
*** ET2 - Trying to locate James N Pattee. Best times were in Taiwan

ANDRESEN, John - Marysville, WA 78-79 mail
*** ET1 - Com7Flt Staff - LPO CE Div
^^^ Ret as CWO3
### My personal website

AULTMAN, Blaine F - Lansing, MI 60-61 #1116 mail
*** ET2 - Maintained the SPS-8B radar. Striker was Jerry Sandin. Location: radar 6, aft, above missile control
^^^ Retired after 38 yrs at Burroughs/Unisys corp. as field engineer on mainframe computer system hardware and software

BALFOUR, Arthur - Tokyo, JA, 75-78, mail
*** ET1 - OE / CE Division
^^^ Great times, especially the ports-of-call. Now Service Manager for Photonics Equipment company.

BARHAM, Perry - St. Charles, IL 68-71 mail
*** ET1 - Calibration Lab and AN/SPS-30 Radar
^^^ Now Electrical Engineer with BP Pipelines - Safety and integrity of pipeline facilities nationwide.

BRODERICK, Robert E Jr - Corpus Christi, TX 86-87 mail
*** ETC(SS) - I was on the Pre-Commissioning crew of the USS OKLAHOMA CITY (SSN-723) at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Newport News, VA. Reported 8/86 as an ET1/SS. Made ETC/SS 9/87 and, as was the norm, transferred out, 12/87, to another boat, USS HAMMERHEAD (SSN-663), as a new CPO
^^^ Ret USN in 4/95. My wife Marilyn and I have retired to the Gulf Coast; Corpus Christi, TX.

BROWN, John - CO 67-68 #1313 mail
*** ETR2 - I was an ET (OE Division) aboard the Okie City from November 1967 to November 1968 until I transferred to the Providence CLG-6 Yokuska Japan for the "ride" back to the states. I was a radar tech and also worked opn the repeaters on the bridge, flag bridge and CIC. I learned not only how to read backwards but to write backwards as well. It was my first duty station out of "A" school. I often look back on my time aboard ship and in the Navy. I am now retired from federal service and have started a new career (same type of work - electronics - only newer!) with the state of Colorado. I guess once on the gravy train - always at the trough. I first came aboard her when she had just come out of the yards and was tied to the buoys in San Diego harbor as all ships going through REFTRA. Oh how exciting that was and how scared I was. When I landed at the airport and took the taxi to 32nd St. pier to catch the "quarter snatcher" to the ship I also felt so proud and honored. I remember seeing her for the first time in the bright sun and tied to the buoys. Wow what a site for a young 18 year old. I miss the night when I was assigned the "mail buoy" watch. I knew that such a thing didn’t exist as I grew up as a Navy brat. But, I remember how clear the night sky was and the billions of stars. I've come close to seeing those stars in the bush in Alaska and on the mountain tops of Colorado, mostly I see them over and over again in my mind like it was yesterday.

CAMP, William J. III - Naples, FL 64-66 mail
*** ET3 - Radar Gang

CARINI, Ray - Maple Valley, WA 68-72 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Division, Maincomm, Radio 2 and Test Equipment Calibration Lab.
^^^ Now work for Boeing in Kent, WA. Married to an Aussie named Carol

CARUSO, Joseph L. - Delray Beach, FL 1969 #0001
*** ETN3 - OE Division - Satellite Communications Specialist - UHF Gang
^^^ Now Business Manager for Auto Dealer. Wife Lewanna works at Farm Bureau and daughter Nicole is a Florida State Graduate

CHOLERTON, Eric - Santa Paula, CA 68-72 #1249 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Div - The OK City, shortly after my transfer to it, left San Diego to become the flagship for the U.S. Seventh Fleet, with homeport in Yokosuka, Japan. Reason for my voluntary transfer was to serve the balance of my enlistment in the Far East. I reenlisted for 2 additional years (after signing up for 4 years). My rating was electronics technician, and I maintained the SPS-10 radar, the WLR-1 ecm gear, and miscellaneous other electronics equipment. I was the only ET to serve in the newly formed OW division (operations electronics warfare) during my service. A shipmate Radarman who was discharged two years earlier than me, was instrumental in helping me following my own discharge in Japan, where I lived before returning to the States to attend college under the GI Bill. Service aboard the OK City was appreciated due to its opportunity to visit more ports of call (than other fleet ships), in Japan and several other places in the Far East.
^^^ I am presently retired, but I provide emailed comments on current conditions facing the United States to a selected distribution, and would welcome adding others to my list, if they contact me.

CONLEY, George - Scottsdale, AZ 92-94 mail
*** ET2(SS) - Best bud was Tim Grant
^^^ Now Dir of Business Development for a software co

CRAIG, Donald - Santa Rosa, CA 60-62 mail
*** ETR3 - Buddies were Jerry Sandin and Bob Michalk
^^^ Retired from Pacific Bell in '96. 2 sons, 2 grandchildren and 1 wife

DAWID, Steven - San Diego, CA, 71-74, mail
*** ET2 - Worked on AN/WRT-2's.

DUGGIN, Jim - Brea, CA, 61-63, ail
*** ETN3 - OE Division

FLORES, Johnny - 65-67 #01062 mail
*** ETN3

FLUKE, Richard - Grants, NM, 68-72, mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division, Maintained radar and ECM equipment.

GALLANT, Terry - Port Orchard, WA 73-77 mail
*** ETN-3 - OE Division - UHF Radio and Navigation Electronics.

GIELSTRA, Simon W - West Palm Beach, FL 85-89 #1168 PLANKOWNERmail
*** ETR2 (SS) - RC Division REACTOR CONTROLS. Mike Nealy and Pat Grady were good friends, many more. Put the Sub together.
^^^ Work for ASCO, Emergency Standby Power Systems (Paralleling Systems and Transfer Switches)

GORBELL, Fred - Jacksonville, FL #1182 mail
*** ETR2

GREEN, Leslie "Skip" - Not Found
*** ETN3

HAGDORN, Jerry - Virginia Beach, VA 91-92 mail *** ET3 - SSN-723 was my first boat in the navy, and of all the ships I've ever been on since she had the tightest, hardest working crew.
^^^ Married 14yr with 2 kids. Now LCPO of Training Technologies Dept at Training Support Center Hampton Roads (TSC-HR).

HEBERT, Paul J - Merrimack, NH 66-71 #1197 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Div
^^^ Work for Fidelity Investments in NH

HEILI, Robert B - Port Orchard, WA 70-76 mail
*** ET1 - Beacon Keeper (TACAN Tech), UHF/VHF, Crypto.

HILEY, Nigel C - Baton Rouge, LA 88-92 mail
*** ET2 - I was a forward ET (ESM) on SSN-723.
^^^ Now working as a Field Engineer for an X-Ray Company

HOLDEN, William Galt, CA 79 mail
*** DS2 - Worked in Communications, MPDS System
^^^ Now Software Technical Mgr at Cascade Controls

HOOD, Chip - Dunwoody, GA 76-78 #1213 mail
*** ETN2 - CE Division / SSC-6 SatCom. Terrific tour of duty with some great shipmates!
^^^ Working in Medical Imaging since my 7 year hitch. Tinker with 60s/70s cars in my spare time.

HOUGH, Michael L - Fruit Heights, UT 68-69 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division, TDY from Com7Flt staff, admin asst. to the Division Officer
^^^ Married with 4 grown children. Degree in Elementary Ed., taught 5 & 6 grade for 20+...now School Technology Specialist -(LAN/WAN) systems operation and mtce.

KELLEY, Bob - Elk, WA 67-70 #01021 mail
*** ETCS - OE Division - Retired in 1973 as ETCM
^^^ I am retired from gainful employment and currently live with my wife in a little rural community about 20 miles north of Spokane, WA.

KELLEY, Michael L - Aiken, SC 92-94 #1257mail
*** ET1(SS) - Reactor Controls Division. Fondly recall my time on the OK City. During the time of CDR Polefrone. My chief was ETC(SS) John Thomas. Great experience I will never forget. Buds were: Wisecup, Wark, Grant, Gerard, Pflibsen, Sorrensen, Mathis. I know there were more but names elude me.
^^^ Today I am an operations manager for Hubbell Power Systems and have been with the company for 12 years. I have a wife (20 yrs) and two kids. My son starts college this year and my daughter is a Junior in HS.

KLING, Howard - Des Moines, IA 69-72 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division, worked on the AN/SPS30 Radar. Retired after 22 years as ETC in '89.
^^^ My Japanese wife of 28 years and I were married while I was on the Okie. We have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. I work for the Iowa State Patrol as a Comm Tech

KRATHAUS, Albert A. Jr., Temecula, CA 70-73 #1309 mail
*** ETR2 - I was assigned to OE Division Radar Group. Worked on all the radars, maintained the IFF system, and worked on the radar distribution group.
^^^ I retired from the navy 31 March 1989 as an ICC, worked for Atlantic Ordinance & Gyro for a couple of years. I went to work for San Diego Gas & Electric and retired from there May 2005 as a Gas Instrument Technician "A". Since then I've stayed close to home.

LACEY, John J. - Thornton, CO 68 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Division - worked on communications gear, LORAN, TACAN and URD4 direction finder.
^^^ I'm semi-retired but still teach computer networking in the evenings and consult for the company I helped start.

LEWIS, Ken - Mountain Home, AR 65-66 mail
*** ETSN
^^^ Now MIS manager for a manfacturing company

LITTLE, Mark A - Norfolk, VA 99-Present mail
*** ETC(SS) - Assistant Navigator

MAHAN, Bob - Round Rock, TX 69-70 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Division, Radio Central, 7th Flt Staff assigned to ship's crew

MARCH, Joseph - Key Largo, FL 87-90 PLANKOWNER mail
*** ET1 - NAV / ESM Tech - LPO (Yes Chief, you control the liberty, see you guys tomorrow)
^^^ Retired July 03 - Now habitat tech / research diver for UNCW/NURC Aquarius undersea habitat

MAROLD, J.J. - FPO, AP 75-79 mail
*** ET Chief - Communications, OE/CE Division.

MARTIN, Joseph A - Rock Island, IL 68-71 mail
*** ETR3 - worked in Radar IV - AN/SPS-30 Long Range Radar
^^^ Retired

MATZINGER, Dave - Strasburg, CO 79-80 #1166 mail
*** ETR3 - Worked in SatCom with Mac (Oren McElwain) and Jack Files
^^^ Married with one son

McCOLLUM, Daniel - Haskell, OK 69-71 mail
*** ETR2 - Com7Flt, assigned to OE division. Repaired radio and crypto equipment

McELWAIN, Oren Jr. - Freeport, PA 78-80 mail
*** ET2 - CE Division - worked for GS-7 Jack Files on SSC-6 Satcom...very privledged group.

NEWBERRY, Wayne H. - South Ogden, UT #242 66-67 mail
*** ETC - Radar and ECM repair chief.
^^^ Retired in Nampa, Idaho. 11 year volunteer with Nampa Police Department Property Crimes Division, 13 year volunteer with Northwest Nazarene University and avid RV camper, fisherman.

NIMMO, Christopher P - Hendersonville, TN 95-97 #1114 mail
*** ETSN(SS) - I was one of the first 14NOs for the new rate combining Forward Navigation ET (ET, QM, IC). I served at squadron 8 in Norfolk, working radio after sub school, then met the boat in Italy January 1996. Earned my Dolphins in March of 97. Served under Commanders Snead & Cooke
^^^ Today I'm an ops mgr & database administrator at 1st Tenn Bank. I work in downtown Nashville, still have a love for all things submarine and miss the ocean

PATTEE, James N - Eustis, FL 72-76 #1278 mail
*** ET2 - OE Division Radar Tech worked on AN./SPS-30, IFF JR Palmer, 98, FAT Charley, Helie (Bad Bob), Terry Gallent, Wink, JJ, Art Balfour --just some of many very good friends
^^^ Retired USN 1990 as ET1 from Sub Base Bangor, WA. Worked on SSBN in RADCON. Married, two kids, one grand kid. Now operate small auto shop building custom Ford Focus with V8 installed

POELLNITZ, Carl David - Norfolk, VA 96-02 mail
*** ET2 - Worked as a Nav ET; qualified ESM to support Comm Div. Best buds were ET2s New, Owens and Alley
^^^ Help the boat win the 2000 Battle E and enjoyed helping junior sailors in areas I struggled in

POMROY, Ervin L - Mountain View, CA 61-63 #1260 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Div

RADER, Bryan - Fayetteville, PA 64-67 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Division, repaired radio and navigation equipment.
^^^ Married Tomoko (Aramaki) Rader in January, 1966. Retired January, 86 as ETCM.

SADA, John - 67-69 #1136 mail
*** ETN2 - UHF, FAX and Weather electronics

SANDIN, Gerald R - Hampshire, IL 60-63 mail
*** ET3 - Part of Recom crew. Went to Pearl Harbor for 20th Anniversary and had seven survivord on board to watch the ceremonies
^^^ Noe CEO of a small industrial services support company. Three children and seven grandchildren. Looking to retire in next three years

SARGENT, Bradford D - Virginia Beach, VA 96-97 #1261 mail
*** ETCM(SS) - COB: Took her to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME for DMP. Medical condition that lead to my retirement in 1999 saw me transferred before getting underway out of yards.
^^^ Married to my beautiful wife of 29 years, Mary Cay. Three children: Robin – Married and expecting our first grandchild in March 2009; John – Graduated from College Of William & Mary. Currently at Navy OCS, going to Intel school following commissioning; Mary J – Student at ODU.
Work as Military Affairs representative for USAA. Yes, if you have heard the rumors they are true. Anyone who ever retired from military service is now eligible for USAA.

SCHMIDT, Tom - Bremerton, WA 64-65 mail
*** ETR1 - Radar Group Leader, OE Division - Retired as CPO
^^^ Working in Antenna shop at NSB, Bangor, WA. Have two grown daughters and a step-son to brighten my life. No grandkids yet. Like any good sailor I miss the sea

SMITH, Barry - Spooner, WI 63-64 mail
*** ETR3 - OE Division - ECM & Radar gear.
^^^ Retired after 30 yrs with IBM; now have a Real Estate appraisal company in northern WI

STERN, Steve - Winter Park, FL 86-89 mail
*** ET2 - Foreward (navigation) ET on pre-comm crew
^^^ Now Systems Administrator for Boeing at Kennedy Space Center - Shuttle Payloads

STURBAUM, Earl "Mike" - Not Found

THOMPSON, Carroll "Okie" - Brandon, FL 68-70 #1183 mail
*** ETN2 - UHF Technician
^^^ Retired as ETC after 22 years. About to retire again from Power Co. here in FLorida

THOMSON, Ray - Apache Junction, AZ 64-66 mail
*** ETR2 _ OE Div SPS-43 Radar and Repeater Gang
^^^ Using the GI Bill, I went into radio broadcasting in the Phoenix area. Buddies were Camp, Hulboy, Wheatley and Big Anthony Corrao

TIPPIE, Ron - West Dundee, IL 61-63 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Division, worked on IFF systems that were part of OK City's radars. Buddies were Sandin brothers, Gerald Romine, Paul Slattery, Don Craig, et al
^^^ Now work for Maersk Logisitcs in Oak Brook, IL. Father of 3 grandfather of 6

TYSON, Bill - Pensacola, FL 76-78 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division - TACAN Technician
^^^Retired as LCDR

VILLONI, Don - Grapevine, TX 68-72 #1126 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Div

WAELBROCK, Richard "Red" - Carson City, NV 73-77 mail
*** ET2 - OE Division, then Com7Flt staff in CE Division. Retired 1991.
^^^ Now work for Bently Nevada Corp for 6 years in equipment repair

WINKENWERDER, Edgar - San Diego, CA 67-70 & 73-76 mail
*** ETCS - OE Division, Cryoto Repair
^^^ Now working for Logicon, Inc, a Navy contractor

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