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USS Oklahoma City


Electrician's Mates

ANGERMANN, Henry M - Lynnbrook, NY 63-66 #1254 mail
*** EM3 - I was an electrician in the E-DIV and enjoyed the experience. My best buddy was and still is Artie Collins. We still keep in touch.
^^^ I retired in NOV-06 after 36 years as an electrician in LOCAL UNION # 3 in NYC. Being an electrician, I had the opportuniy to work for 16 years on Navy Ships in the old Brooklyn Navy Yard.
The next 20 years involved working on printing presses, and in the construction industry.
On 9-11-01 I happened to be working at the World Trade Center Tower Two, on the 53 floor, when Tower One was hit. I was able to reach the 30 floor when Tower Two was hit. I am one of thousands who were able to get out of the building and survie the attack. I am truly blessed and fortunate.
My wife Dorthy and I went to our first reuion in Buffalo NY 2007 and had a great time. We are looking foward to this years reuion cruise. We are enjoying our retirement.

BEAM, John C. - Bothell, WA 63-68 mail
*** EM1 - Electric Shop, but probably worked in every space on board

BERNARD, Angelus J - Elizabeth City, NC 60-63 mail
*** EMC - Now fully retired

CLABAUGH, Vic - Parnell, IA 66-67 mail
*** EM3

CORNMAN, A. "Butch" - Pittsburg, PA 68-71 mail
*** EM2 - Worked in power gand doing motor rewind. I was on the Forward Switchboard when we ran aground
^^^Now a product manager and sales supervisor for an Allen-Bradley distributor. Married 30 years with 2 sons

DOMMERT, James H. - Mountain View, AR 64-66 mail
*** ICCS/EMCM - E division supervisor Gyro, Telephones and Intercoms. Retired USN
^^^ Married, children and stepchildren, all married

EPPERSON, Earle A. - Sasebo, JA 74-79 mail
*** EMC - E-Div - trained under EMCM Troutmann, pitched for the fast-pitch softball team in Yokosuka
^^^ Now with NSRF Sasebo as ship Supt for USS Safeguard(ARS-50); no more softball, just golf & bowling

FLORA, Arno - Corpus Christi, TX 66-69 #1272 mail
*** EM3 - Was working in electric shop when ran aground in 1969, received a PANIC call from forward generator watch ( Butch). Ended up at aft generators and the MM and I hand jacked the governors up to get control of cycles on the "2" generators still running, had about 1.5 % of rated load on each generator. After that we shed load to get them down to the rated load.
^^^ After getting out worked at a power plant for 10 years and then 29+ years in a petro chemical plant as an operator. Now looking foward to retirement in 2-4 years. Have been happily married to the same gal for 39 years , have a son (38) who just got married in November and a daughter that is married and is the mother of my only grand daughter, who just turned 10 in January.

HOFFER, Ron - 71-73 mail
*** EM3 - Buddies were Bates, Mavar, Barbosa, many others. Great duty, many good memories.

JOHNSON, Dave - Acworth, GA 63-66 mail
*** EM2 - Electrical Shop - My time on OKIECITY was the high point of my career. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and was sorry to see it end. Good ship and good crew! Best friend was EM2 Dennis A Yost. If anyone has information on him, PLEASE let me know.
^^^ I am retired here on Lake Allatoona in Bartow County Georgia. I retired in 1981 as an EMC in Charleston, SC.

JONES, Charles - Lytle, TX 63-67 mail
*** EM3 - Bets Buddy was Tom Myers - we still make contact on a regular basis
^^^ I have been an appliance repairman for the last 25 ytears

HELBUSH, Tom - Fukuchiyama, Japan #1277mail
*** EM3 - E Div - worked for EM1 Stuhler, EM1 Pilcavage, EM1-EMC Epperson
^^^ retired and living in Japan

HOUPT, Jeff - Yukon, OK 92-96 #1224 mail
*** EM2(ss)
^^^ Currently part owner of a Building Automation Company. Married for almost 14 years with four kids.

KRUKOWSKI, Anthony - Forked River, NJ 85-88 mail
*** EMCM(SS) - Precomm crew and Plankowner. On the day of Commissioning, I was transferred to Naval Nuc Power School and retired after 20
^^^ Currently maintenance manager at Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

LAZUKA, Randy - 68-69 mail
*** EM3

MANSFIELD, Monty - Bayou Vista, TX 68-71 mail
*** EM2 - Ship's Company

MIZUKAMI, David "Buddha" - CA now Japan, 68-76 mail
*** EM1 - Main Engine Room later Distribution

MOORE, William R - Nashville, TN 60-63 mail
*** EMSN - OE Division, Electric Shop - Best buddy was William Huff
^^^ Now a bricklayer, married with 4 kids. Any old division mates please contact me

PFLIBSEN, Derrick - Las Cruces, NM 91-94 #1102 mail
*** EM1
^^^ Now work as Contract Manager for General Electric

PIKE, Charlie E. - Joplin, MO 73-77 #1283 mail
*** EM-3 - E Div., Carl Steinburg was my running mate. All I can say about my time is that I grew up and learned to be responsible. I will never regret my time on board.
^^^ I am currently the Maintenance manager for a metal fabrication company in Joplin Missouri. I have 3 children (1 boy & 2 girls) and 5 grandchildren (3 boys & 2 girls). I am living just outside Joplin Missouri and enjoy fishing, camping, woodwork and just helping others. Currently single and don't care much for that.

PILCAVAGE, Thomas - Chula Vista, CA, 968-78
*** EM1 - Electrician

PURALEWSKI, John S - White Lake, MI 76-78 mail
*** EM3 - E Division, i/c/o forward board in forward boiler room
^^^ Now a Journeyman Electrician for Detroit Diesel

ROGERS, Olice Ray "Newbreed" - Rio Vista, TX 68-71 mail
*** EM2

ROOKASIN, Gilbert - DECEASED mail to son in law Keith Deutsch
*** EM

STENBERG, Carl - Tiona, PA 73-75 #01079 mail
*** EM3 - Best 2yrs ever - E div - Stood watches in the fore + aft engine and boiler rooms. Made a lot of friends while hugging the fresh air supply vents. In 2004 I spent one weekend aboard USS Little Rock with my Boy Scouts of Troop 14 of Russell Pa. Brought back a lot of old memories. Would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Buffalo, Niagara Falls area.
^^^ Now maintenance manager at Blair Corp, Irvine PA

STUHLER, Edward - Shepherdsville, KY 69-76 mail
*** EM1
^^^ Now work for Kentucky Dept. of Ed. Met and married a Japanese in Yokosuka. Retired 1986 as EMC.

STYRING, Richard G. - Destin, FL 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** EM2 - Main Generators in Engine and Firerooms
^^^ Retired for 14 years and recently moved to Florida from Southington, CT. Right now (Aug 00) keeping busy putting new cabinets in my kitchen.

VOELKER, Rodney A. - Virginia Beach, VA 62-65 mail
*** EM1 - E Division LPO, ran rewind shop, tool shop and battery locker. Crossed the deck to the Providence and stayed in WesPac until 11/69

WILEY, John W. - Newport News, VA 73-79 #1306 mail
*** EM1 - Some of the best times of my life occurred aboard the Okie Boat.
^^^ Retired in 1992 and teaching today.

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