USS Oklahoma City


Data Systems Technician

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ACTON, Geoff - Parker, CO 72-75mail
*** DS1

BREHIO, Stephen - Cumberland, RI 76-78 mail
*** DS2 Communications

BROADWAY, Blake - San Jose, CA DPSN 68-70 mail
*** DPSN - X Div
^^^ CW4, ARNG Active, USNR Retired

DUGGER, Randy - San Jose, CA 76-79 send mail
*** DS2 - Comm Shack supporting MPDS system
^^^ Have a computer consulting company in San Jose. Married to Chris for 26 yrs. We have a 20 y/o son

DILLON, Paul - Gales Ferry, CT 68-70mail
*** RMC
^^^ Secretary of the USS Oklahoma City Association

DANIEL, William M. (Mike) - Lytle, TX 75-77 mail
*** DS2 - CE Division

EURICH, John P - Santa Clara, CA 68-71 #1040 mail
*** DS1 - Maintained MPDS computer, CR Div, 1st & 7th Flt Staff. One of my most demanding and rewarding jobs, and, because of my shipmates, sometimes enjoyable
^^^ Now Pres & CEO, Engineering DataXpress, Inc. Married 39 yrs, 25 yr old daughter

HARDWICK, Michael R - Santa Barbara, CA 68-69 mail
*** DS2 - Installed and maintained MPDS system from Naval Electronics Laboratory (San Diego). In charge of getting a full complement of spare parts on board for the experimental system before we left San Diego. We took the first MPDS (Message Processing and Distribution System) to sea and processed messages for COMSVTHFLT. LT(jg) Theodore (Ted) Struck was the Officer in Charge of MPDS; Others were DS2, John Eurich, SN Walter Hodge, Lou Carrasco, Al Holbrook, T. J. Zimmerman et al.
^^^ Now retired as Senior Systems Analyst from Auditor Controllerís Office of the County of Santa Barbara.

HOLBROOK, Alan - Groton, MA 69-71mail
*** DS2 - CR Division, worked on maintenance crew for NTDS computer system. Managed the "Grandma Mule" CR Div. band
^^^ Married with two children; now Product Manager at Compaq Computer in New Hampshire.

HOLDEN, William Galt, CA 79 send mail
*** DS2 - Worked in Communications, MPDS System
^^^ Now Software Technical Mgr at Cascade Controls

SYKES, F.G. "Rick" - Augusta, GA 68-69mail
*** DS1 - LPO Data Systems Gang, maintained MPDS Communications System. Retired 1998 after 36 years service.

TUELL, Randy - Buena Park, CA 77-78 mail
*** DS2 - Com7Flt Communications Center, maintained computer equipment
^^^ Have been working for Compaq but was laid off in June '01. Married and have 3 grandkids

WALSH, Michael - Spring Valley, CA 71-73 mail
*** DS2 - CR Div

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