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USS Oklahoma City


Cryptologic Technicians

AHLBERG, Jon A - San Marcos, TX 76-77 mail
*** CTO3
^^^ Best skedding buds were Jack Hunnicutt, Strama, Jeff Smith, Shonta, et al. Currently Assoc Dir of the Int'l Office at Southwest Texas State Univ and happily married to a beautiful Taiwanese, Kuei-Chin, with our beautiful daughter, Lanna

ARMSTRONG, John D - Wasilla, AK 61-62 mail
*** CTR1 - Com7Flt Suprad, Naval Security Grp
^^^ Xferred to Flt Reserve at Elmendorf AFB near Anchorage after 21 yrs. We liked Alaska and stayed here. Did some commercial Halibut fishing but found fishing guide to be safer and more lucrative. Retired for the 3rd time but still have my 100 ton masters license

BAILEY, Roger - Rochester, NY 64-66 chirrupy@juno.com
*** CT3 - Com7Flt

BECKER, Raymond J - 69-71 #1191 mail
*** CTO2

BUCKMAN, David - Benson, NC, 75-77, d_buckman@yahoo.com
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt Intelligence Staff, retired as CTOC in '97
^^^ Work for large telecommunications company in Raleigh as senior network engineer

BUSCH, Gerry - Clearwater, FL 72-73 gbusch@msn.com
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt Staff - best bud was Gary Kunz
^^^ Happily married with 2 kids. Now a CPA, health care consultant

CASIAS, Rudolpho "Guy" - Porterville, CA, 74-77, rcasias@transport.com
*** CTO2 - OS Division, Naval Security Group Detatchment. Best friend was Mike Hannon. ^^^ Retired in '85 and attained AA in Fire Tech, BS in Fire Admin and Vocational Ed Certificate. I am now a Lt. and Arson Investigator with the local F.D. My wife Mae is an RN, oldest son is a LTjg (NUC)(SS), next son was a NUC but got out after six and daughter Felicia is married to an HM.

CHEESMAN, David - Clearwater, FL 73-74 mail
*** CTR(OS)3 - Combat Information Center, later Operations Office
^^^ Now work for Treasury Department, as National Bank Examiner. I have been married for 10 years to a great gal, no kids. I was originally from Westfield, PA. Moved to Fla in 88 + lived in Ft Myers, Miami & Clearwater before moving to Wesley Chapel (just outside of Tampa) in 2003.

CLARK, Raymond P Sr - Middletown, PA 64-66 mail
*** CTR2 - Com7Flt Staff, worked on the upper level in SUPRAD, later crossed the deck to the Providence. Retired in '88 as CTRC
^^^ Presently working as a supervisor in the computer support division for the Rite Aid Corporation and own a coin dealership on the side with my son called Clarks Coins

GAN, Terry - 73-75 #1105 mail
*** CTR3 - Operation Frequent Wind - Looking for my old shipmate CT Ken Monette. Also looking for any remaining brain cells I left behind in Westpac

GATES, Bill - Garland, TX 64mail
*** CT2 - Com7Flt staff, Xferred from Prov in 64. Was Watch Supervisor during the Maddox-Turner Joy Incident.
^^^ Took early retirement from major semi-conductor firm. Married with a wonderful wife and daughter; I have become the ultimate couch potato.

GRESHAMER, David K - Newport News, VA 72-73 mail
*** CT3 - Com7Flt, N2 Division
^^^ Married for the second time around. I have a son and a daughter and a granddaughter.. I retired from the City of Newport News and now work as an inspector for James City County. I guess Iíll never get to fully retire. My time on the Okie Boat was great experience that Iíll never forget. Served with some great guys, Officer and enlisted. I was able to complete my degress thanks to GI Bill

HAAS, Harry - Narvon, PA 62 mail
*** CTR2 - Com7Flt - xferred to CLG6
^^^ Retired as CTRC in 75. Entered Law Enforcement & made Chief of Police in '80. Retired in '95. Found I had spinal cancer in Sept 00. Itís been a hard battle but I'm happy to say I have the upper hand & the outlook is good

HANNON, Michael J. - Indianapolis, IN 75-76mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt Staff. Retired from Navy 31 July 99 after 25 memorable and exciting years.
^^^ Relocated here from Tucson, AZ Now National Sales Manager for a National Cabling Services Company.

HUNNICUTT, Jack J. - Molino, FL 77-79mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt Staff, retired CTOC in '73.
^^^ Now software engineer for Anteon Corp. in Pensacola.

JONES, James M. - Gaithersburg, MD 78-79 mail
*** CTO3 Comm7Flt, retired 1998 as CTO1 (SW)
^^^ My wife, Lena, is a Commander in the Navy Nurse Corps, my daughter Andrea, is a science tutor at Montgomery College, Germantown, MD. Lena is stationed at NNMC Bethesda, and I work at Safety and Security at Montgomery College, Germantown. Our son Patrick lives in Zirconia, NC.

JUDAH, Buff - Lynnwood, WA 71-72 mail
*** CTR3 - Com7Flt / part of the NAVSECGRUDET, known as the "spooks"
^^^ Now going back to college to become a history teacher (we saw some!) Have wonderful wife, 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls), and 3 grandchildren. Life is good.

KILDAY, Joseph H - Greenville, TN 74-76mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt
^^^ Married - Now a Quality Assurance Engineer in the Automotive Supplier business

KLARICH, James "Jim" - Oregon, WI 68-70 #1346 mail
*** CTO2 - N2 Div (Spooks; I still won't tell people what I did. A CT never did! - Best Friends were Jesse Weber, Larry Friend, Chief Tom Haines. ^^^ I found this site while doing research for a book that I'm writing about my four years in the navy and almost two years aboard the OK City. Retired after 30 years with AT&T and 10 years with a local bank. Writing books. Adjutant and member of the Honor Guard for our VFW (We do walk thru's and fire M-1 volleys at Veterans funerals) I feel that it is a privilege and I'm honored to serve in this capacity.

METZGER, Allan S. - Belt, MT 72-73mail
*** CTR3 - OI Division, CIC - was assigned to Com7Flt, retired as OS Senior Chief.
^^^ Currently a Direct Response Tech for audio visual industry. Married 30 years June 01, with 2 grown boys. Enjoying retirement on my motorcycle.

PENFIELD, Edward - Hernando, FL 69-72 mail
*** CTO2 - Communications Watch Supervisor
^^^ Retired from Airborne Express after 25. Two daughters, one working one in college

PLUMMER, Curt W. - Lawrenceville, GA 73-76mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt Watch Supervisor

QUALEY, Arne - Fargo, ND 1964 #01023mail
*** CTR2 - Crossed the deck from CLG6 in '64, attached to Com7Flt, worked in SUPRAD as watch supv
^^^ Xferred to Fleet Reserve in '88 as CTRCS

RICHARDSON, Bill "Rich" - Scobey, MT 74-76mail
*** CTO1 - Attached to C7Flt Intelligence
^^^ Now retired doing drug testing for a Gov't Contractor. Still single

ROGERS, Ron - Denton, MD, 69-71mail
*** CTO3 - Attached to Com7Flt - same bearth as the band
^^^ Worked for D.O.D., Raytheon and Honeywell. Still work for DOD at Naval Research Labs in Wash, DC. My son is now in the Navy, married and stationed at Norfolk as an Aviation ET

ROWE, Jack - MA, 69-72, mail
*** CTR2 - Com7Flt Communications Intelligence
^^^ Married with three kins 16, 21 & 24. Now a securities specialist on the Boston Stock Exchange

SPURR, Tim - Sugarloaf Key, FL 69-71 mail
*** CT3 - Worked on classified stuff
^^^ Now operate a fishing charter service in Key West

STINSON, Tom - Victorville, CA 72-74 #1318 mail
*** CTO2 - Our division was about 18 CT operators with about 20 CT radio operators. We handled top secret communications with NSA and Navy Department. Assigned to Com7Flt. CT school Pensicola Florida, boot camp Great Lakes. One friend I remember is Chuck Ingreo from Detroit, MI
^^^ Today I am the manager of maintenance in a 800 megawatt power plant in Victorville, CA. I am married with 3 children & 10 grandchildren. My home town is Springfield , Oh.

STRAMA, John - Virginia Beach, VA 76-78 mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt Staff - buddies were Dave Buckman, Jack Hunnicutt and others
^^^ Retired from USNR in '95. Married 21 years and have two daughters in college. Work for Northrop Grumman which bought Litton PRC. Been with PRC since 1990

SWINDLE, Howard - Granbury, TX 71-72mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Now a journalist for the Dallas Morning News and moonlight writing books. have 1 daughter and two sons

UHLINGER, Tom - Cutchogue, NY 66mail
*** CT2 - Com7Flt staff
^^^ Sold pleasure boats for 25 years, now a Real Estate broker on Long Island

WALGENBACH, Neil - #1165 mail
*** CTA2 - Com7Flt -I joined the Fleet Intelligence department just after Thanksgiving of 72

WHITESIDE, Bob - Pittsford, NY 69-70 mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt ComCenter Supv - bunked with the C7F Musicians
^^^ Now a College Professor, studio painter and also a student for a second Master's Degree. My wife and I own and breed Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

WINBURN, Michael - Hartsville, SC 76-77 mail
*** CTO3 - Crypto, Seventh Fleet Staff

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