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USS Oklahoma City


Commissary Servicemen
Mess Management Specialist

ASHWORTH, Charles "Charlie" W - Baytown, TX 72-75 #1170 mail
*** MS3 - S2 Div - Was a cook for the crew and chiefs mess - buddies were Robert J. Taylor and John P. Neff
^^^ Medically disabled-waiting on a double lung transplant with help from wife and family doing pretty good. Have two daughters, one grandson, and one son-in-law, with youngest daughter who graduated from Texas A&M University.

BRINSON, Art - 89-90 #1132 mail
*** MS - made first med cruise on board SSN 723. Best buddy was Williams.
^^^ I am now a professional Actor. Married with four children. best memmory? Singing Reggae with live band in Ashdod Isreal. AAAAAOOOOOOGGGAAA!

BOYSEL, William - Zion, IL 72-74 #1365 mail
*** CS3 - Enjoyed my time in S-2 div started out mess cooking then became a cook and baker
^^^ Retired in 1992 as a MS1 worked as head baker at the cake box bakery, head baker at lamb's farm, then became head baker at naval hospital great lakes till they closed it. Now I work at the commissary Great Lakes in the produce dept. Married 38yrs 1 daughter 2 sons oldest one an E-7in the army.

BROWN, Z.K. - Jonesville, VA 69-70 mail
*** CS3 - Ship's Cook

CASSARIO, Patrick - Capr May, NJ 44-46 mail
*** SC1 - 6th Div. Lots of good buddies. I still see Archie Kelly once in a while
^^^ Now mostly fishing with a couple of buddies

CUNNINGHAN, Ron - Springdale, AR 69-72 mail
*** CS2 - S Div. Ret Oct 99 as CWO4, Supply Corps
^^^ Married with 2 grown children, 2 grown stepchildren, 4 grandchildren & 1 stepgrandchild. My son is an AC3 stationed in Puerto Rico. I am a contract specialist / computer sales, for a local corp

DAVIS, William - Orange, CA 60-64 mail
*** CS3 - Cook
^^^ Married with 3 grown children, 8 grandkids. Currently Dir of Facilities for Sanmina Corp

DENNIS, L.M. - WA 73-76 mail
*** MS3 - S2/S5 Div

FALK, Jeff "Mo" - Cheshire, CT 96-01 mail
*** MS2

GOFF, Richard - Oakley, CA 64-67
*** CS3 - Commissary

GORDON, Warren - El Dorado, AR 72-75 mail
*** CS3 - Cook
^^^ Now disabled. Looking for other men from the OKC with diabetes

HANSEN, George M Jr - 85-88 mail
*** MS2(SS) - Plankowner SSN723

HOWARD, Larry L. - Oklahoma City, OK 77-79 mail
*** MS3 - 3rd Division
^^^ Now Civil Aviation Security with FAA. Married with a 24 year old son and two grandchildren

HUSS, Richard C - Fitchburg, MA 76-78 mail
*** MSSN - Worked as a cook in S-2/5 Div. Buddies were Jerry Ginsko & Jerry Horne. Best times were in the Philippines
^^^ Married to a Filipina I met while on board the Okie. Two kids, one has made me a grandpa and the other has graduated with an Engineering degree. I have made my career in semiconductor and hi-tech work

JONES, Glenn G - Gulfport, MS 72-74 mail
*** MS3 - Baker & Cook, retired as MSCM in '94
^^^ Now civil service as Food Service Superintendent at Keesler AFB, Biloxi. Buddies were Ron Ostrom, Roland Demers, Jeff Wheeler & Steve Battiatio

KLAMFOTH, Dennis - Gridley, CA 75-77 mail
*** MS3 S-2/5 Div - worked in wardroom

PALMER, Robert "Bob" - Boiling Springs, SC 44-45 PLANKOWNER {DECEASED} mail
*** CSSN - Messcook seaman then Baker striker. Missed the shakedown due to scarlet fever. One of my buddies was Dick Perry
^^^ Originally from L.I. NY, I moved to SC after retirement from the Postal Service. Divorced with 2 children and one grandchild. Bob died on December 12, 2003

PERRY, Richard E. - Gloucester, MA 44-48 PLANKOWNER mail
*** CS3 - Ship's Baker

PETTERSEN, Mark (Pete) - Pacifica, CA 72-75 #01086 mail
*** CS3 - S2 Div
^^^ 3 years from retirement from public transportation business. Two sons, Nicholas (24) and Andrew (22)

PRESSWOOD, Robert - Boulder Creek, CA 76-78 mail
*** MS2 - Mess Mgt Specialist - worked in galley, storerooms, food service office, barber shop & Messdecks MAA
^^^ Now owner of Redwood Keg Liquors & Deli. Met my wife Jane while stationed in Christchurch, NZ, with VXE6 air wing of Operation Deep Freeze. My daughter Alexandra is 16

ROBERTS, William A - 59-64 #1282 mail
*** CS3 - served on board from recommissioning at Hunter Point until Jan 20 1964. Commissary[ships cook] 3rd class. Had too many friends to name.
^^^ - Today retired and holding on to some great memories I will never forget. Thanks for a excellent website remembering a gallant lady.

SALISBURY, Brent C. - Adrian, MI 91-95 #1216 mail
*** MS3
^^^ Food Service Supervisor at the Chelsea SAI Boot Camp in Michigan. I have 3 children, Kayleigh (soon to be 14), Emileigh (soon to be 13), and Brentson (8)I have been marrired for 14 years to Jennifer

SARNELLI, Mathew - Nutley, NJ 73-75 [See Web Master for contact information]
*** CS3 - Cook

SCHULTZ, Dennis L - Spokane, WA 69-71 mail
*** CS2 - CPO cook then Starboard Watch Capt
^^^ Disabled Firefighter (China Lake, CA). I build computer systems as a hobby

SLININGER, Russel - Rancho Cordova, CA 71-74 mail
*** MS2 - 1st Div
^^^ Computer Professional working for Deltanet; married 28 yrs, 2 grown boys. Best buddy was Cruz Guiterrez

SOMMER, Oscar Leo - Hanover, MD 77-79 mail or mail
*** MS3 - Com7flt - Personal cook and staff person for V.Adm Robert Baldwin
^^^ Received 2 degrees since leaving Navy. Now with Maryland State Highway Admin as Agency Procurement Specialist IIOffice of CHART & IT Development

TERLAJE, Richard - Alpine, CA 66-68 Mail
*** CS1 - CPO Cook & Jack 'O the Dust. Best bud was Harvey ????
^^^ Retired and enjoying life with my girlfriend. Do 4-wheeling in my 92 Wrangler & belong to the San Diego 4-Wheelers club

TUMA, Larry - Le Center, MN 75-76 mail
*** Cook - Wardroom
^^^ Currently Information Technology consultant for Fortune 500 Companies. Happily married to Adriana from Mexico City

UMAYAM, Fred - Richlands, NC 75-78 mail
*** MSCS - In charge of Flag Mess

VANCE, Ron - Fresno, CA 71-73 mail
*** MS3 - Was a cook in S2 Div. Best buds were Steve Updike and Deacon Lopes
^^^ An auto mechanic for past 25 years. I have four children and two grandchildren. Divorced 10 years ago but re-married 4 years ago and am very happy

VICTA, Orlando G - Wilmington, NC 74-77 mail
*** MS1 - Attached to Com7Flt, Admiral's Mess
^^^ Retired

WIEDEBURG, John F - Louisville, KY 75-76 mail
*** CSSA

WOOD, D.E. - Thousand Palms, CA 71-72 mail
*** CS3

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