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USS Oklahoma City

Boiler Technicians

ABUAN, Manuel A - Wilmington, CA 75-78 mail
*** BT3 - B Div, fwd fireroom, oil lab. ^^^ Ret as BTCS NJROTC instructor at Banning HS. Avid tennis and chess player

BACHICHA, A. - NM 68-70 mail
*** BT3 - Oil Shack, Fwd Fireroom.
^^^ Married with 3 kids. Work for National Lab.

BICKAL, Charles G. - Union Springs, NY 77-79 mail
*** BT3 B Div, Aft Fireroom
^^^ Now NY State Corrections Officer (17 years)

BIDAURE, Francis "Joe" - Yokuska, JA 79-Decom mail
*** BTFN - Aft Fireroom, buddies were Ron Reyes, Efren Callanta, Ed Reyes and the BT's of the Atf Fireroom
^^^ Now BTCS (MMCS) aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)

BLIX, Dennis - Cathlamet, WA 70-72 mail
*** B Div, Fwd Fireroom

CORPUZ, Demetrio - San Diego, CA 75-77 mail
*** BT3 - Aft Fireroom.
^^^ Retired BTC in 94. Now Personnel Officer for Assessor Office, County of San Diego. 2 children. Also a member of the ComSeventhFleet-USS Oklahoma City CG-5 Family Association in San Diego, California.

DRUECKE, Dennis L - Juneau, WI 68-73 mail
*** BT3 - B Div, Fwd Fireroom, oil lab. Buds were Jim Crowder & Jim Rice
^^^ Ret as BTCS in '88. Now QC & Parts Mgr for Chevy/Olds Dealer
Daughter Jackie is attending Law School

DUNHAM, Harold - Alton, MO 64-68 #1187 Deceasedmail
*** BTSN - B Division
*** Died 06 NOV 2009 of Mesothelioma, survived by his bride Marilyn (reported by Ken Lewis, ETNSN 64-65)

ELBAOR, Raymond K. - Griffith, IN 77-78 mail
*** BTFN - Fwd Boiler Room, 1st Div

^^^ After running boilers in the Navy, I got a Stationary Engineer's License and went to work at AMOCO's Whiting Refinery. Been here 23 years. Married with 2 kids

ENCARNACION, Florentino "George" - Windsor Locks, CT 76-78 mail
*** BT2 - Fwd Fireroom - finished my hitch aboard USS Davidson, FF-1045
^^^ Now a B&M Field Engineer w/ Factory Mutual. Married w/ 2 kids

FITZSIMMONS, Roy - 60-64 mail
*** BT3 - Fwd fireroom
^^^ Lots of memories

GRAHAM, Ralph - Camby, IN 77-79 mail
*** BTFN - Never made Master Chief but still steaming as Master Mechanic at a hospital (18 years)

GRUBB, Ron "Otis" - Westpac, 74-79 mail
*** BT2 Aft Fireroom, Oil Shack
^^^ Still in the Navy as Command Master Chief. Best friend & mentor was Mark Manis

HADDENHAM, Wayne - Puyallup, WA 75-77 #1222 mail
*** BTFN - B Div Fwd Fire Rm - it was a blast
^^^ Work at Boeing for past 30 yrs. Ret from Naval Reserve after 23 yrs as BT1

HARTMAN, Todd - Kalispell, MT 70-74 mail
*** BT3 - Aft fireroom, oil shack. Buddies were Darrel Vance, Wayne Stoddert, Pat Tyrell, the bug, Jerry Beardsly
^^^ Working for a food company for 27 yrs

HAWKINS, Jerry - Ft Worth, TX, (61-63)
*** BTFA

HERNANDEZ, Tom - South Hutchinson, KS 72-73 mail
*** BT2 - B Division - Fireroom
^^^ Operate a Power Plant for Kansas Power & Light. Kids are all grown but wife & I still do foster care

JOHNSON, Jerry L. - Lewiston, ID 76-78 mail
*** BT3 - B Div, Aft Fireroom
^^^ Self Employed in steel fabrication & machinery installation. Currently Steelworker 1C in Naval Reserve Fort Lewis, WA

KALL, Joseph - Duluth, MN 64-65 mail
*** BTFN - B Div
^^^ 26 Yrs in USNR & ret as BTC. 28 yrs at Univ of MN as Chief Engineer. At 5'2" was one of the shortest to serve on OK City

KEMP, James M. - Wichita, KS 68-71 mail
*** BT2 - 600 PSI Boilers
^^^ Currently working for Boeing. Married with 2 daughters, 1 son-in-law

KING, Steve - Lake Dallas, TX 68-70 #01083 mail
*** BT3 -Aft fireroom and oil shack - Buds were Beardsley, Bear & Drueke.We all became shellbacks together and crossed twice
^^^ Into off road racing 4X4s and have been racing drag boats with SDBA for past 18 yrs. Divorced with a wonderful daughter Lindsey

LACLAIR, Don "Egghead" #1196 mail
*** BTFN - B Div - On shore with Frank Petri,Dennis Noble, Darrel Vance,Petrullio,Reed,Dennis Blix,Jerry Beardsly. I miss the ship and the guys I served with
^^^ I've been doing asphalt paveing before and after discharge on Aug 28 1972. Married since 1995, but have a 21 year old son in college Wilminton N.C.

LANSFORD, Joe C. - 73-77 mail
*** BT2

LARSON, Todd M - Pensacola, FL 68-72 mail
*** BT2 - Assigned to Fwd Fireroom all 4 yrs and hung out with many guys from B, M and E Divs
^^^ Retired after 30 as Lt Cdr. Now Exec VP of Operations for a Facilities Service Co. In my free time I'm on my sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico somewhere, sailing out of Pensacola, Florida

LEE, Daniel A. - Roseburg, OR 60-62 mail
*** BT2 - Oil Shack
^^^ Ret after 30+ years in wood products industry. Met my wife of 38 years aboard the ship during an open house

LOGAN, Noel Robert C "Bobby" - Cleveland, TN 61-62 #1246 mail
*** BT3 - I have great memories of the Oklahoma City! I came to the Oklahoma City from the USS Preston DD 795, after being busted from BT3 by a BT1 who had transferred from the OK City, to the Preston. I don't recall his name?, but there were two first class petty officers who were transferred from the OK City to the Preston simultaneously, and the other's last name was Driver. Driver was a good guy. After I was busted, with four months left in my enlistment I was then transferred to the OK City. It turned out the first class who busted me had been quite unpopular aboard the OK City, and when I came aboard many B Division sailors looked me up in R&O and greeted me. As it turned out I got involuntarily extended six months due to the Berlin Crisis which gave me time to make one more westpac cruise. I had enrolled and been accepted to start college in CA upon my discharge, and tried to get the extension reversed, but to no avail. I was initially assigned to the forward fireroom, and soon, thanks to friends in the oil shack who learned of my previous experience as Oil King aboard the Preston, got me transferred to the oil shack.

^^^ I retired in 1996 after serving 30 years with the Teamsters Union as truck driver, job steward, organizer, business agent, president of Teamsters Local #515, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Director of Teamsters Joint Council #87, with jurisdiction over Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Two years following my retirement I lost my wife of 40 years and lifelong sweetheart to a fatal and unexpected heart attack. We had just celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary. We had been raised on the same old Georgia dirt road and neither of us had any memories that didn't include the other. Presently I live out in the country near Chattanooga, on 35 acres. I'm blessed with three children, seven grandchildren, and four, soon to be five, great grand children. I'm writing my first novel. I ride a Harley, and with son, cousins and friends enjoy annual road trips. I enjoy world travel and have visited many foreign countries. I have fond memories of my friends aboard the Oklahoma City, and would love to hear from any and all!

LUCHT, Jerry - Wausau, WI 73-75 mail
*** BT3 - Fwd Fireroom
^^^ 10 yrs in Navy, got out in '81 as BT1. Married 25 years with 2 children. Now working as a Shift Leader in Power Plant for Wisconsin Public Service Corp

McGILLIVRAY, Jeff - Las Vegas, NV 77-79 mail
*** BT3 - Aft Fireroom

MILLER, Michael T - Vista, CA 61-62 mail
*** BTSN - B div - Fwd Fireroom, Oil Shack. At 17, Dennis Sandin & I were the youngest in the Div & we both had the same tattoo.
^^^ Now father of 3, grandfather of 10, & an Engineering Tech at Osmonics, Inc. Fun time is Hang Gliding & Harley Davidson Bike

MILLS, Robert - Newbern, TN 74-76 mail
*** BT3 - Aft Fireroom

MORRIS, Henry R - Belleville, IL 61-64 mail
*** BT3 - Fwd Fireroom
^^^ Construction pipefitter for 33 yrs. Divorced, 3 children,4 grandchildren

MOSER, Ronald I - Nampa, ID 61-64 #1237 mail
*** BT3 - Worked as oil king, best buddies were Homer Lee BT3, and Jessie James Pujol BT2, in B-DIV.
^^^ Retired from boiler/airconditioning field

MUMMERT, Todd S. - Lanark, IL 72-74 mail
*** BTSN - Both Firerooms
^^^ Now a Truck Driver, married, 5 children

NOBLE, Dennis - Cottage Grove, MN 71-75 {Deceased} wife Jenny
*** BT2
^^^ Died 27 Aug 2001 of cancer

OBRIEN, Terry - Chicago, IL 61-64 #1289 mail
*** BT2 - I believe I was on Board for about 3 years from 1961 until I got out on Aug.4th 1964. The navy gave me an early out as the ship was going over to relieve the St. Paul.
^^^ I am now retired after 34 years on the Chicago Fire Dept. I retired as a Battalion Chief. I split my time between Ft. Myers Fl.& Chicago. Is there any way I can find out what happened to the ship?

PALMER, Steve - Litchfield Park, AZ 73-75 mail
*** BT3 - Fwd Fireroom, Oil Lab

PATRICK, Ronald - Grand Prairie, TX 75-76 mail
*** BT - Best friend was Craig Wilhite
^^^ Married w/ 2 sons, have worked for local utility co. for 23 yrs

PETRI, Frank - Dillsboro, IN 71-73 mail
*** BT3 - Fwd Fireroom, Oil Shack
^^^ Happily married, 3 great kids, all grown. Got out, went to school & have been bending wrenches ever since. Today I am a Master Auto Tech

PRESTRIDGE, William H. - Thatcher, AZ 60-62 mail
*** BT2 - Oil Shack, Aft fireroom

QUACKENBUSH, David II - Bettendorf, IA 73-77 mail
*** BT3 - Fwd Fireroom, Oil Shack

ROBERTSON, Raymond A. "Robbie" - Waterbury, CT 74-77 mail
*** BT3 - Machinist
^^^ Married, 6 children

RUDE, Gerald L. "Bug" - Cottage Grove, MN 71-74 mail
*** BT2 - Fwd fireroom
^^^ Married Deb, have 2 wonderful children, Leianna(14) and Daniel(10). Now work for USPS

RUSCIN, T.J. - Eau Claire, WI 77-79
*** BT - Fwd Fireroom, Engine Room

SANDIN, Dennis R - Albuquerque, NM 60-62 mail
*** BTSA - B Div, mostly aft fireroom
^^^ Now self-employed building inspector & gen'l contractor

SANTO, Don - Forest Grove, OR 64-67 #439 mail
*** FN - BT Gang

SOWELL, Tommy - Nashville, TN 62-66/68-76 mail
*** BT1
^^^ Living in Tenn and loving every minute

STODDART, Wayne "Bear" - Boothwyn, PA 68-74 mail
*** BT2 - Fwd Fireroom
^^^ Now a boiler operator for Boeing Helicopter. Divorced with a 25 y/o son still in school & living at home

THOMPSON, Ted W - San Diego, CA 77-79 mail
*** BT3 - Fwd Fireroom ^^^ Still in the Navy - CWO4 on USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62)

TRUMAN, Everett - WV #01024 mail
*** BT
^^^ Retired as BTCS. Still working with boilers, & machinery as a risk consultant for utility industry. Living in my home state of WV. Still married to a lovely Japanese Lady with two nice sons

TURNER, John T - Clifton, TN 63-66 #1338 mail
*** BT2 Served 1963-66, oil king AFT boiler rm. Brick mason for 45 yrs. Now own hardware store in Clifton, Tn. Love to hear from old friends and shipmates.

TUTTLE, Tony - Portage, IN 77-80 mail
*** BT2 - Fwd Fireroom
^^^ Now Gen'l Mgr for a Steel Mill

VANDER ZWAAG, Wayne Eugene, Nuncia, MI 75-79 mail
*** BT3

WALLS, Claudy (Ray) - 59-64 #01032 mail
*** BT1 - Oil Shack - Reported aboard 11 Nov 59
^^^ After the Okie, I served on 5 Destroyers and spent 3 yrs pushing boots at Great Lakes NTC. Retired from Navy on 5 May 75

WRIGHT, Richard "Orville" - 78-Decom #1321 mail
*** BTFN - Hard work , Hard Play and lots of growing up. Been locating Buds online through face book.
^^^ HVAC contractor. Work on high end high tech projects moving into the green arena.

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